Dragonball Z episode 176 title Chotto matta! Satan gundan ooabare aired 1993.03.03 The tim

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Dragonball Z episode 176 ~title: Chotto matta! Satan gundan ooabare aired: 1993.03.03 The time for the Cell Game to begin came. All of the Z fighters appeared along with Mr. Satan. Cell said that it was time to start. Then Mr. Satan stepped up to the ring. Goku yelled out that he would get killed. But the TV reporter called Goku an idiot and showed him on TV. All of the people in the streets watching on the large screen TV also laughed at Goku. But there was a blue wolf guy who saw Goku on his TV and said that it looked like little Goku, who had saved them from the evil Piccolo Daimaou many years ago. But the wolf guy said that the eye color and hair color were different. Then he saw Piccolo in the background and said that it looked at lot like the evil Piccolo that he knew. Kuririn told Goku that Mr. Satan was too stupid. Also even if he got killed, they could use the dragonball to revive him. So Goku finally agreed to let him fight first. Just as Mr. Satan was going to fight, a very flashy helicopter came and said, "Wait master!" From the helicopter, a very "pretty" boy in a white outfit, a powerful fat guy a blue outfit, and their female manager came out. They said that they were the first and second strongest fighters behind Mr. Satan, and that they would take care of Cell. So Mr. Satan agreed and walked off the ring. The pretty boy, Quick Karony, fought first. He showed off by throwing roses and cutting them in mid air. Karony was the master of air battle. The rules of the Cell Game were: if you fell off of the ring, you lose; if you give up, you lose; and if you die, you lose. Karony jumped high into the air, and got ready to go down at Cell. Then Cell powered up a little bit. This force sent Karony flying high, and out of sight. Then Karony finally came down and crashed into the ground, out of the ring. So Karony lost. The big, strong guy went to fight Cell next. To show off his strength, he took off his metal mask, smashed it with his hands, and ate it. Then Piroshiki ran toward Cell with his arms waving in the air. But he suddenly stopped. Cell had used his ki to put up a force field. Then Piroshiki fell backwards and rolled off of the ring. The TV reporter asked Mr. Satan about what had happened. Mr. Satan said that it was all a trick. He said that Cell must have set something up in the ring. So Mr. Satan got up into the ring himself, and took off his cape and championship belt. He took out a capsule and expanded it. It turned into a bag which contained 15 tiles. Mr. Satan took the tiles out and set them up. Then he concentrated and chopped at it. Mr. Satan broke 14 of the 15 tiles. He hurt his hand, but he tried to hide the pain. The people in the streets watching this demonstration cheered. Mr. Satan then said to Cell, "Look at these broken tiles. This is what you will look like in one minute." Mr. Satan took his stance and told Cell to come. Since Cell didn't move, Mr. Satan inched toward Cell. Then he jumped and kicked Cell in the face. But Cell just stood there. Mr. Satan then kept kicking and punching Cell. When Mr. Satan was going to land his "final" punch, Cell slapped Mr. Satan away into the nearby mountains. (Mr. Satan was still alive.) The TV reporter and all of the fans watching were shocked at Mr. Satan's loss. Then Cell said, "Let's start the Cell game. Who's going to start? Son Goku is it you?" Goku slowly climbed up onto the ring and said, "Yeah." -- Hitoshi Doi, UFO catcher game addict doi@jrd.dec.com SS Goku, Gohan, SS Trunks, SS Vejiita, Cell [JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp] -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited by Steve Pearl- Moderator, rec.arts.anime.info Email submissions to anime-info@remus.rutgers.edu and questions to anime-info-request@remus.rutgers.edu {gsusgi2:6}%


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