Dragonball Z episode 175 title Cell ni idomu monotachi! Kessen no maku ake aired 1993.02.1

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Dragonball Z episode 175 ~title: Cell ni idomu monotachi! Kessen no maku ake aired: 1993.02.17 At home, Goku put on his orange fighting outfit and prepared to leave. Chichi went after him and said, "Be careful Goku. Please don't die." Goku said, "I know." Chichi also said, "Please promise that you won't let Gohan fight." But Goku didn't answer and ran off. Goku teleported to Kamisama's place. Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan, and Kuririn were there. Vejiita had left to go by himself. Everyone was very quiet. Goku asked what was up. Kuririn said, "Since you used the dragonballs to revive a lot of people, it can't be used any more to revive someone who had already died once." Goku laughed and said, "We just don't have to die." But Kuririn said that the opponent was Cell. Then Goku said, "Don't worry about it. Let's go." The TV announcer and cameraman were on a mountain near the Cell Game ring. A car drove up to the ring. It was Mr. Satan. The people watching TV all cheered for him. Mr. Satan walked up to the Cell ring. He stuck his finger at Cell, then pointed it down. (There were now only 20 minutes until the Cell Game.) Mr. Satan climbed into the Cell ring. He motioned to the TV announcer and cameraman to come closer. They were scared, but obeyed. Mr. Satan was standing across from Cell. The TV announcer went up into the ring too. He interviewed Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan said, "I fell sorry for Cell who miscalculated. He didn't know there was someone as strong as me on earth." Mr. Satan said that it was all a trick when Cell defeated the military before. Then Mr. Satan and the reporter started calling Cell names. The Z fighters were flying in the air toward Cell. Then they met Yamucha and Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan said that they would go, but probably wouldn't fight. At the Cell ring, the TV reporter spotted something in the air. Cell noticed it too. It was Vejiita. Vejiita then landed on the side of the Cell ring. The TV reporter went to Vejiita, but Vejiita said, "Get lost. Never talk to me again." The TV reporter got scared and went back to Mr. Satan's side. (There were now only 5 minutes until the Cell Game.) Then number 16 came flying and landed next to the ring. The TV reporter said that it seemed like he flew here too, but Mr. Saturn said that it was a trick. Cell noticed that number 16 had been fixed. Then Cell felt Son Goku, and the Z fighters became visible in the air. The Z fighters landed next to Vejiita. Chichi saw Gohan on TV and began screaming out. "Don't fight Gohan-chan! Don't die! Stop it!" The TV reporter said that it seemed like they all came flying through the air. Mr. Satan (now sweating) said, "It seems like that trick is very popular now." Number 16 walked over to the Z fighters. Kuririn spotted him and said, "Number 16, you got fixed." Number 16 smiled and said, "I wanted to thank you. Thank you Kuririn. Because of you, I got fixed." When Goku went up to him, number 16 said, "Son Goku, I was made to kill you. Don't forget that." Then Goku said that he wanted to fight first. Vejiita said ok, but he also said that he would be the one to finish off Cell. Mr. Satan came over to the Z fighters and said, "Hey don't decide the order by yourselves!" The TV reporter also came and asked, "Are you guys going to enter the Cell game?" Goku answered, "Yeah, but not everyone." Mr. Satan said, "What are you doing. This isn't a game! You don't know what you're doing." Kuririn said, "You're the one who doesn't know." Mr. Satan was shocked that the Z fighters didn't know about him (being the number one martial artist in the world). So Mr. Satan said that he would demonstrate. Mr. Satan picked up and broke a rock over his head. The Z fighters were all surprised by his stupidity. Kuririn said, "Goku, just let him fight first." Goku said, "Well, ok." Then Cell said that it was time to begin. -- Hitoshi Doi, Cell Hunter Toshi doi@jrd.dec.com Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Cell, number 16 [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp]


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