Dragonball Z episode 174 title Goku ni nanmon!? Dragonball wo torimodose aired 1993.02.10

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Dragonball Z episode 174 ~title: Goku ni nanmon!? Dragonball wo torimodose aired: 1993.02.10 Goku was on earth trying to look for the dragonballs. At Kamisama's place, Trunks was flying around and training by himself. Gohan was studying, and Dende joined him. Kuririn saw both of them studying and left to go to Kame House. Piccolo was sitting and meditating by himself. Mr. Satan (the world champion martial artist) put on a show for his fans. He appeared in a ring pulling 4 buses, to show off his strength. Then he pulled out three phone books, and ripped them apart with his hands. The crowd was amazed and cheered for him. Then Mr. Satan said, "Cell. You'll regret it. You're life will be like the bus!" Mr. Satan punched a hole into the bus with his fist. Yamucha, Kamesennin, Chichi, and Kuririn saw this on TV. They were all amazed at the stupidity. Meanwhile Goku had just gotten another dragonball. At Kamisama's place, Vejiita had come out of the room of spirit and time. Vejiita just smirked when Trunks asked about his new power. Goku was flying around and saw two dragonballs moving on his dragon radar. Goku headed in that direction. Tao Pai Pai went to a fortress carrying two dragonballs. He went to the boss (Vodka) and sold them for 100 million credits each. Vodka wanted to use the dragonballs to create a gang empire after Cell destroyed the world. He asked for the other dragonballs, and Tao Pai Pai said that he would bring them later. Goku used his dragon radar to come to Vodka's fortress. When he was just outside, the alarms went off inside. Vodka and Tao Pai Pai saw Goku with the dragonballs on the security monitors. They opened the front entrance, and Goku went in. It was a trap and a lot of steel arrows shot at Goku when he was walking down a corridor. Vodka and Tao Pai Pai were happy, thinking that they could get the dragonballs. But Goku just stood there and the arrows broke. Goku said, "Oh. I broke them. Maybe I did something bad." Vodka was shocked. He blamed his men for not making sure the that the arrows were in good condition. Then he decided to try to lure Goku into his room. When Goku was walking down a corridor a door swung open. But Goku didn't notice it and just walked by. Then Vodka called out to him and Goku went into the room. Tao Pai Pai came out and threatened Goku. Tao Pai Pai didn't recognize Goku because he was in the default Super Saiya-jin state. But Goku recognized Tao Pai Pai. When Tao Pai Pai finally recognized Goku, he started to sweat. Vodka's two men surrounded Goku, and one of them tried to grab the dragonball away from Goku. But Goku hit the guy into the wall. Then the other guy shot at Goku. But Goku caught the bullet. Vodka and the two men were very scared and went into a special barrier. Tao Pai Pai went into it too. They said that nothing could touch them now. But Goku just tapped it and shattered the barrier. Then Vodka told Tao Pai Pai to fight Goku. But Tao Pai Pai refused, saying that he felt sick. Goku just walked up to Vodka and said (in a friendly way), "Oh no.. I need these dragonballs. But it seems you guys went to a lot of trouble to get it. And I don't have anything to exchange for it.." Then Tao Pai Pai came up with and idea. He took out three puzzles from his metal arm and put them on the table. He said that if Goku can solve them all by the next morning, Goku can have the dragonballs. Goku agreed to the deal and sat down to try the puzzles. While Goku was concentrating, Tao Pai Pai took all of the dragonballs, including the ones Goku had brought, and left the fortress with Vodka. They sped away in their car leaving one of the men to look after Goku. Goku tried the puzzle, but it was very difficult for him. But Goku finally got one of them. Goku then worked all night and eventually solved the third one just before dawn. Tao Pai Pai and Vodka were now very far away with all the dragonballs. They were relaxing near a lake and saying that Goku would never find them. After Goku finished the puzzles, he looked all around the fortress for Vodka and Tao Pai Pai. But he couldn't find them, so he just used his instantaneous teleportation to teleport to the dragonballs. Tao Pai Pai and Vodka were shocked to see Goku. Goku showed them the puzzles that he had solved and took the dragonballs. Meanwhile, Bulma and her father finally finished fixing number 16. Later, Goku found the last dragonball in a lake. There was now only one hour until the Cell Game was going to begin. -- Hitoshi Doi, Cell Hunter Toshi doi@jrd.dec.com Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Cell, number 16 [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp]


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