Dragonball Z episode 173 title Dende no hatsu shigoto! Dragonball fukkatsu da [Dende's fir

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Dragonball Z episode 173 title: Dende no hatsu shigoto! Dragonball fukkatsu da [Dende's first job! The revival of the dragonballs] aired: 1993.02.03 Goku went to Kaiou's place to go look for the planet where the people from planet Namek went. Goku told Kaiou about Cell. Goku just asked Kaiou for the direction of the new planet. Kaiou said that he would try to feel for them. When Kaiou was trying to feel for the Namek-sei-jin, Goku kept talking. Kaiou got upset at Goku and told him to shut up. Then Kaiou found the direction. Goku was happy and quickly tried to feel for the ki in that direction. But Kaiou kept talking and Goku had to tell him to shut up. Then Goku felt the ki. Goku immediately teleported to the new planet. "There's a lot of Piccolo's!" Goku said when he saw all of the Namek-sei people. Goku went to the old man. Goku told them about Cell and asked if he can have one of them come to earth to become the Kamisama. Then the old man called for Dende. He said that Dende had always wanted to go to earth to see Gohan and Kuririn. When Goku saw Dende, he was a little worried because he was so small. But the old man assured Goku that Dende was capable of handling the dragonballs. So Goku teleported back with Dende. When Goku arrived at Kamisama's place, Mr. Popo was very happy to see Dende. Piccolo was surprised that it was Dende. On TV there was a world champion martial artists called Mr. Saturn. Mr. Saturn said that he would fight in the tenkaichi budoukai and defeat Cell. Kuririn, Gohan, and Yamucha were watching TV, and Kuririn said that Mr. Saturn was just stupid. Then Goku teleported to Kame House. Chichi got mad at Goku. But Goku quickly took Gohan and Kuririn back to Kamisama's place. Gohan and Kuririn were happy to see Dende. Piccolo asked if Dende can use the dragonballs. Goku said that he heard from the old man that Dende was capable. Dende said that it would take about 100 days for him to make the dragonballs. But they didn't have that much time. Then Dende thought and said that if there was a model of the dragon and the old dragonballs, he could do it right away. Mr. Popo said that he had a model of the dragon that he had made. Piccolo said that the old dragonballs were scattered over the earth as rocks. So Mr. Popo went to get the model. Then Dende used his power to make the old dragonballs active again. Beams of light went out to all of the old dragonballs. So Goku went to get all of the dragonballs. Goku told Gohan not to train any more and just play with Dende. Trunks asked Goku if he was very relaxed because he had found a weakness in Cell. But Goku said that Cell probably didn't have any weaknesses. Goku teleported to Bulma's place. Bulma was working on number 16. Bulma said that although Dr. Gero was a bad person, he was still a genius. Goku just asked Bulma for the dragon radar and took off. Bulma didn't have a chance to ask about the older Trunks. Trunks asked Gohan about Goku. Gohan didn't know what Goku was thinking about either. Goku had just told Gohan to wait for the surprise. Goku went to a desert. The dragon radar said that the dragonball should be there. But Goku couldn't find anything. Then Goku blasted the sand away and found the first dragonball. Then Goku went around looking for the other dragonballs. Cell was waiting in his ring. He was very bored, and said that he shouldn't have said 10 days. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp] {gsusgi2:23}%


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