Dragonball Z episode 172 title Kamisama wo sagashidase! Goku, dai shunkan idou [Find the K

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Dragonball Z episode 172 title: Kamisama wo sagashidase! Goku, dai shunkan idou [Find the Kamisama! Goku, the great instantaneous teleportation.] aired: 1993.01.27 Vejiita and Mr. Popo was waiting for Piccolo to come out of the room of spirit and time. Vejiita said that he would go break the door down and get him if Piccolo was one second late. Then Piccolo came out. Vejiita hurried to go in. He walked by Piccolo and told him that nothing had changed. But Trunks noticed that Piccolo was much stronger than before. Bulma was still working on number 16. There was still a lot that she couldn't figure out about him. Goku, Gohan, Kuririn, and Chichi went to out on a picnic. But Gohan and Kuririn were worried that they weren't doing any training. Goku said that it would be all right, probably. He said that they had trained as much as possible. Then Chichi called them for lunch. Since Goku had driven them all, Kuririn asked when Goku had gotten his driver's license. Chichi said that Goku got it 3 years ago. Goku went to take the driver's license test [in episode 125] with Piccolo, but failed. Then Chichi asked the office and Goku got another chance. When Kuririn asked about the written exam, Chichi said that she made Goku pull an all nighter to study for it. While they were resting, they saw a lot of military jets flying by. The road was very crowded because everyone tried to get out of the city. Many people thought that it would be safer in the country than in the city. Goku and family drove into the city, because Goku wanted to buy something before going to Kame House. But the city was deserted, and the stores were all closed. Then the radio had a special news bulletin. The military was going to launch an attack on Cell. When the military arrived, Cell jumped up from the game ring onto a nearby mountain. He didn't want the ring to get destroyed. When the military got in position, they started the bombardment on Cell. They kept firing and firing. When the smoke cleared, the mountain was gone. The mountain had been totally destroyed. But Cell was still floating in mid air. Everyone became scared and tried to escape, but Cell blasted them all. Goku and family heard all of this on the radio. Goku got out of the car and told everyone to go ahead without him. Goku had to meet Piccolo, so he teleported to Kamisama's place. Goku noticed that Piccolo had gotten stronger. But Goku said that he was still no match for Cell. Then Goku asked Piccolo if he can separate himself again into Kamisama to revive the dragonballs. Goku wanted to revive all of the people that had been killed by Cell. Piccolo said that he couldn't. Goku then said that he would go find one of the Namek-sei-jin and bring them to earth. Then there would be a new Kamisama. Mr. Popo was very happy to hear this. But Piccolo said that it would take too much time. Then Goku said that he can try to feel for a ki similar to Piccolo and use his instantaneous teleportation. Goku tried, but he couldn't feel anything. The new planet of the Namek-sei-jin were too far away. Then Goku decided to go to Kaiou's place. He thought Kaiou might be able to help. So Goku teleported. When Goku arrived, Kaiou was sleeping. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp] {gsusgi2:21}%


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