Dragonball Z episode 171 title Himerareta chikara! Gohan ga akanbo datta koro [The hidden

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Dragonball Z episode 171 ~title: Himerareta chikara! Gohan ga akanbo datta koro [The hidden strength! When Gohan was a baby.] aired: 1993.01.20 Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn were at Goku's house eating. Goku and Gohan were in their Super Saiya form. They couldn't control their powers too well and ended up destroying the tables and dishes and glasses. Chichi got very mad at them and told Goku to go out and get some fish for Gokan's birthday party. Chichi was going to hold a birthday party for Gohan. Gohan said that it wasn't his birthday, but Chichi said that he had already become 11 years old because he had trained for one year in the room of spirit and time. Kuririn said that he would go with Goku. Gohan wanted to go to, but Chichi made Gohan stay home and study. Goku then told Gohan to stay home and study too. Everyone was shocked. Chichi took Goku's temperature to make sure he wasn't sick, because Goku had never said something like that before. Then Goku and Kuririn went to a nearby river. In the river, Goku caught a big fish with his bare hands and rode it down a waterfall. Then he threw the fish to the shore where Kuririn was waiting. The fish was bigger than Kuririn. Kuririn asked Goku why he let Gohan stay home and study. Goku said that there were only 8 days until the tournament, and Gohan would have to go fight again. He wasn't sure that he would be able to win. He said that he wanted to let Chichi spend more time with Gohan now. Chichi was at home looking around for a tablecloth. Then she found an old album. It had pictures of when Goku and Chichi were married. It also had pictures of when Gohan was just born. Chichi then remembered what happened to give Gohan his name. Chichi was trying to think of names for her baby. She called him Einstein, saying it was a name of a great scholar. But the baby cried. Then she tried Alchemides. But the baby cried again. Then Chichi's father came with a long list of names. All of the names had something to do with "cow". But the baby kept crying. Chichi and her father asked Goku if he had any ideas. But Goku couldn't come up with anything. Goku just said that he was hungry. When Chichi complained that she just cooked for him and said the word "gohan", the baby laughed. Chichi's father noticed, and they found out that the baby laughed whenever he heard the word "gohan". Goku then decided to name the baby after his grandfather Gohan. So the baby was named Gohan. Chichi went up to Gohan's room. Gohan was studying. But Chichi told him that it was all right for him to stop studying and go out to his father. Gohan happily went out. A reporter wearing a helmet and lots of pads went to Cell. He tried to interview him. But Cell just punted him away. Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn were at an apple tree. Goku hit the tree, and the tree started shaking. Lots of apples started falling. Kuririn was waiting for the apples to fall to him. But Gohan went and caught all of the apples. Gohan moved so fast that he was invisible. Kuririn just heard some whizzing sounds. As they were going home, Goku looked up at the hole in the tree and remembered an incident in the past. Goku and Chichi went outside on a nice day. Gohan was a little baby and was sitting in the baby car. Then Chichi spotted some birds in a tree. She told Gohan to look at the birds. Goku also looked up into the tree. Since it was bright, he took his hands off of the baby car to shade his eyes from the sun. Then the baby car started rolling down the hill. Goku didn't notice at all. When Chichi noticed, the baby car was already very far away, and still rolling. Goku and Chichi ran after the baby car. The baby car kept rolling, and Gohan was crying. The baby car was headed right for a large tree. Then Goku used a burst of energy to catch up to, and pass up the baby car. The baby car had hit a bump and Gohan went flying. Goku tried to jump back to catch Gohan. The baby car crashed against the large tree and got crumpled. Gohan was still heading for the tree. Goku tried to reach him. But Gohan reached the tree first. Gohan had been crying a lot, but when he saw the tree in front of him, he suddenly changed. Gohan blasted his way through the tree. Then Gohan fell out of the other side into Goku's arms. Chichi thought that Goku had saved Gohan. But she blamed Goku for causing this to happen in the first place. Goku tried to say that he didn't save Gohan, but he didn't get the chance. After staring at the hole in the tree, Goku went home with Gohan and Kuririn. That night they had a birthday party for Gohan. (11 years old) When Gohan blew out the candles, he couldn't control his power and blew the cake all over the place. Chichi got upset, but said that it couldn't be helped as he was Goku's son. There were 7 days until the Cell game. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp] {gsusgi2:19}%


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