Dragonball Z episode 170 title Senshi no kyusoku. Shoujo to uso to Gohan no kesui [The rel

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Dragonball Z episode 170 title: Senshi no kyusoku.. Shoujo to uso to Gohan no kesui [The relaxation of the fighters.. The girl and the lie and Gohan's decision] aired: 1993.01.13 A little girl was climbing a tree near a river. She was trying to get an apple. But the branch that she was on broke, and she fell into the river. The current in the river was very strong and she got carried downstream. But Gohan came flying and saved the little girl. Gohan carried the girl to the shore. Since Gohan was carrying the girl from behind, his had was touching her breasts. The girl called Gohan "H" and ran off. Gohan didn't seem to know what the girl meant. Gohan flew up, and noticed a dome in the forest. But he didn't investigate it further and flew off toward the city to do some shopping for Chichi. At a small store, two tough looking guys were asking the store keeper to hand over the stuff to them. The store keeper was refusing. Then Gohan came to that store and asked for some cooking ingredients. The guys told Gohan that there was nothing left. But the store keeper asked Gohan what he wanted. The guys got mad and were going to destroy the store. Then a young girl's voice called out, "Cell is coming!" The guys hurried and ran off. Gohan was surprised that Cell had come. Then the girl that Gohan had saved earlier came into the store. The store keeper called the girl Lime, and told her that she shouldn't lie. Then the store keeper told Gohan the story. Cell had appeared in that town and killed a lot of people before. There was a rumor that Cell never went to the same town twice. So some people believed that it would be safe, and one rich guy started building a dome for extra protection. But the store keeper didn't believe it and he just wanted to live the last several days calmly. Then he went to chop some wood. Gohan offered to help. When Gohan split the wood with his invisible speed, the store keeper noticed that Gohan must be a martial artist. At Goku's house, Kuririn asked Goku if it was really all right to be so calm right before the big tournament. At the shelter dome, the rich guy Bourbon was making the people do a lot of work carrying in supplies and food. Bourbon had gathered a lot of money and power. In power, he had hired the mercenary Tao Pai Pai. Piccolo was in the room of spirit and time. Vejiita was getting restless. He said that he would go in and get Piccolo, if he stayed in the room even one second longer than 24 hours. Piccolo split himself into two and practiced fighting against himself. Gohan and Lime went into the woods and ate some fruits. Lime said that Gohan looked like a nice person who would never hurt anyone. But Lime said that she liked strong people. She said that her grandfather was very strong, and had even fought in the tenkaichi budoukai before. Then they heard some fireworks. Lime said that the shelter dome had probably been completed. Lime and Gohan went to see the ceremony. Bourbon was making a speech. Then Lime shouted out, "Cell is coming!" Everyone paniced. Bourbon ran into the dome and closed the door before the others could get in. Everyone got angry at Bourbon. Then the two guys who worked for Bourbon caught Lime. Bourbon came out and yelled at the girl. Gohan told Bourbon that the dome was no good. But Bourbon wasn't listening. Bourbon told his guys to get rid of the girl. Then Lime's grandfather came. He fought and easily defeated Bourbon's men. Then Bourbon called Tao Pai Pai. He told him to kill the old man. Tao Pai Pai and Lime's grandfather fought. Tao Pai Pai was a little stronger. Gohan was going to fight, but Lime's grandfather told him to stay back. Tao Pai Pai knocked Lime's grandfather down. Then Bourbon told him to finish him off. Tao Pai Pai pulled his hand out of his arm to reveal a cannon. He fired, and Lime cried out. But after the smoke cleared, Gohan was standing next to Lime's grandfather. Gohan said, "I'm your opponent now." Tao Pai Pai was surprised. He asked Gohan for his name, and when he heard "Son", he remembered what happened in the past when he fought against Son Goku. Tao Pai Pai then told Bourbon that he quit and took off. Bourbon then asked Gohan for help. Gohan just blasted the shelter dome. Gohan said, "Even I can destroy the dome. There's no way it can protect you from Cell." Then Gohan told everyone to relax and just live normal lives. He said that someone would appear that would defeat Cell. Then Goku appeared, calling for Gohan. He said that Chichi was upset because Gohan hadn't come home yet. Then Lime's grandfather asked Goku if he was going to fight Cell. Goku said that he would. Lime's grandfather told Goku to defeat Cell, and asked Gohan to come again. Then Goku and Gohan flew back home. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp] {gsusgi2:17}%


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