Dragonball Z episode 169 title Goku no yoyuu!? Yasunde matou Cell game [Goku's composure!?

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Dragonball Z episode 169 title: Goku no yoyuu!? Yasunde matou Cell game [Goku's composure!? Just rest and wait for the Cell game] aired: 1992.12.16 After seeing Cell, Goku returned and said that he might not be able to beat Cell. But he also said that he wouldn't go into the room again. He said that the room was very rough on the body, and he needed to rest. Goku said, "But you can go in. There's room for improvement." Vejiita got angry and said, "I don't like the sound of that. You sound like you're saying you're stronger than me." Goku calmly said, "Yeah. I'm stronger than you. By a lot too." Goku said bye to everyone, and Goku and Gohan flew off. On the way home, Goku went to the white cat (Karin) in the room just below kamisama's place. Yajirobe was there too. Yajirobe got scared and said that he wouldn't fight. Goku asked Karin about Cell's strength. Karin said that Cell hadn't shown his full power, but he could make an estimate. Goku asked Karin the compare his power to Cell's. Vejiita, Trunks, Piccolo, and Tenshinhan were talking about Goku. They were wondering if he was a Super Saiya although he was very calm. Trunks wondered if Goku would transform into something much stronger to fight against Cell. But Vejiita yelled at him. Vejiita guessed that Goku figured out that the best body was the Super Saiya body. Also since Goku was able to stay that way in normal everyday life, the pressure on the body would be much less when he fought. Trunks remembered that he had lost to Cell before by just transforming to a stronger and large body. Goku increased his ki. Everyone felt his great ki. Goku kept raising his power. Yajirobe and Karin were shocked. The palace started to crumble. Yajirobe almost got blown out. Karin told Goku to stop. Goku stopped and said that it was about half of his power. Karin said Goku was incredible. Gohan still didn't know what his father was thinking. Goku asked Karin about the comparison to Cell. Karin said that he wasn't sure, but Cell was probably still stronger. Goku expected that answer. Then he thanked Karin and went off (instantaneous teleportation). Yajirobe was shocked and said that Goku wasn't human. Vejiita was upset at Goku. Just whenever Vejiita caught up to Goku, Goku passed him. He told Piccolo to hurry and go into the room. Goku and Gohan went back to Kame House. He told Gohan that they would go home. They were going to rest for three days, train for three days, and rest again for three days. Then they would go fight in the contest. Goku and Gohan went into the house. Everyone was surprised at them. They didn't recognize Goku nor Gohan. Everyone asked about Cell. Goku was very calm and said that he still didn't know if he could win. Then Goku called for Chichi. Chichi saw Goku and Gohan and was shocked. Chichi screamed when she saw Gohan. She cried out that Gohan had become a delinquent with the yellow hair. Cell went out into space to do some warming up. Cell pounded some asteroids. Then he found a large asteroid. He split it up and sent the many smaller pieces down toward the earth. Goku, Gohan, and Chichi went home. Goku took Gohan fishing. They just lied on the grass near a lake and rested. Gohan said that he was very happy. Goku had promised Gohan that he would take him fishing. Goku had forgotten about the promise, but Kuririn came and reminded him. Kuririn apologized to Goku for not destroying number 18 when he had the chance, and also for always getting helped out. Kuririn said that there was now so much difference between him and Goku. He said that it seemed like a long time ago when they were training together under Kamesennin. Goku was just sleeping on the grass. Kuririn wondered why Goku was so relaxed. He thought that Goku was actually doing training. Kuririn threw a rock at Goku, thinking that Goku would avoid it. But the rock hit Goku in the head. Goku said that it hurt. After returning to the house and eating, Chichi made Gohan study. Kuririn wondered if it was really all right for Goku to be taking it so easy with the big fight coming up. There were just nine days until the tournament. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp]


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