Dragonball Z episode 168 title Goku to Gohan. Hero oyako kyuukyoku level up [Goku and Goha

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Dragonball Z episode 168 title: Goku to Gohan... Hero oyako kyuukyoku level up [Goku and Gohan... The hero father and son increase their level to the max] aired: 1992.12.09 Since Cell announced his Cell Game over the world wide TV, all humans were panicing. They were trying to get away from the city. Uron wanted to escape to, but Chaozu said that it was the same anywhere. Uron wanted to take Bulma's space ship, and go somewhere in space. Kuririn was thinking that it was his fault. He said, "I should have destroyed number 18." Then Kuririn got up and said that he was going to go fight Cell. But Kamesennin stopped him. He said that Kuririn couldn't beat him and he wouldn't let him throw his life away. He said that they should all wait for Goku. At Kamisama's place Trunks, Vejiita, Piccolo, and Tenshinhan were at the room of spirit and time. They were waiting for Goku to come out. There was about three hours left before it would be one day. Vejiita said they might stay in the room longer. Then Piccolo told Vejiita to wait since it's been less than one day since he and Trunks came out. Piccolo wanted to use the room next. Vejiita said ok, but he wanted the last four days to himself. Then Piccolo said that there was a 48 hour maximum limit for the room. If one stayed longer, the door would disappear and they would never be able to come out. Suddenly they all felt Goku's ki. Vejiita couldn't believe that they had come out so early. Then Goku and Gohan appeared. Both were in their Super Saiya form. Their clothes were all torn up. Piccolo saw Gohan and became shocked. Gohan had grown up a lot. Goku felt Cell's ki and wanted to hear what had happened. But he wanted to eat first. Mr. Popo made a feast and Goku and Gohan pigged out. Everyone was shocked to see them eat so much. When Piccolo asked if they had been eating in the room, Goku said that they had but the food wasn't as good as Mr. Popo's. Vejiita was wondering if Goku was a Super Saiya. He felt that Goku and Gohan were very calm, but stayed with their yellow hair. On earth many people were in a hurry to escape. The roads were full of cars. On one road in the desert, a lot of cars waited for a train. They got upset that they had to wait. Then when train passed, Cell appeared. All the humans got scared and ran away. Cell picked up a car and threw it at them. The explosion caught the people and killed them. Bulma was looking at her program on her computer. [looks like BASIC] She was looking through number 16's memory. It was all about Goku. Dr. Gero had created number 16 just to defeat Goku. Bulma was surprised. She wondered if number 16 still wanted to defeat Goku. After hearing the story, Goku changed back to his normal orange fighting clothes. Trunks said that Bulma would make another suit, but Goku wanted his own clothes. Gohan went to Piccolo and asked for new clothes, just like Piccolo's outfit. Then Piccolo created clothes for Gohan. Vejiita asked Goku if he could defeat Cell. Goku said that he didn't know. So Goku teleported to Cell, who was in his Cell Game ring. Goku and Cell stared at each other. They both let out enormous amounts of energy. Uron, Chaozu, and the others at Kame House felt it. They felt Cell and another person's ki. Then they felt that it was Goku. Goku said to Cell, "I will fight in the match. So until then, don't kill anyone." Cell thought that it was going to be a great match. Then Goku teleported back. When Goku returned Trunks asked, "How was it?" Goku said, "I won't know until I fight, but I don't think I could defeat him now." Then Piccolo said that Goku could use the room again. He told Goku that they had decided on the order. It was Piccolo, Vejiita, Trunks, and then Goku and Gohan. But Goku said he didn't have to go in again. Goku said, "With nine days left, that's enough. I'll train in the tournament itself." Everyone was shocked. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp]


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