Dragonball Z episode 167 title Shichouritsu 100%! Shiwo yobu Cell game dokusen namahousou

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Dragonball Z episode 167 title: Shichouritsu 100%! Shiwo yobu Cell game dokusen namahousou [Viewer rating 100%! Live coverage of the deadly Cell game] aired: 1992.12.02 In a sparsely populated area, Cell created the setting for his tenkaichi budoukai. Bulma's father working with number 16. But he didn't understand it because it was so different from the other human based cyborgs. Number 16 said that he was created from nothing. He was completely machine based. So Bulma's father said that the plans that he had (number 17) were no good. When number 16 asked if there was no way to fix him, Bulma's father said Bulma could probably do it. In Bulma's house, Uron, Kamesennin, and Chichi were eating some cake. Then Uron and Kamesennin started fighting over the food. Chichi saw the way they were acting, and became determined to take Gohan away from these barbarians. Trunks, Vejiita, Kuririn, and the others were watching TV. They were waiting for Cell to make his announcement. Then Yamucha went outside to train. Kuririn went with him. They said that with the rules of the tenkaichi budoukai, they would be able of fighting. But Vejiita said that they didn't need to fight. Vejiita said that he would go train in the room of spirit and time again. He called Kuririn and Yamucha dirt. Then Bulma came home. She was worried about Trunks and ran to him. But she discovered that Trunks didn't have any damage. Trunks just said, "I'm sorry." [sounds just like Shun, Ashitahe Free Kick] Then baby Trunks grabbed Trunks' hair. Cell finished the setting of his tenkaichi budoukai. Then he flew toward a city with a TV station. He just flew straight and destroyed everything in his way. Cell went to TV station and broke in through the wall. He asked the information girls for the TV show that was being aired to the entire earth. They told him that it was on the top floor in B studio. So Cell slowly flew straight up to the studio. Yamucha and Kuririn were training outside. Kamesennin was watching the sexy aerobic exercises on TV. Uron called Kamesennin a dirty old man, but he watched it to. Then Cell appeared in the background, as he just flew through the studio on his way to the top floor. Cell just flew slowly up to the studio where they were broadcasting the news. When he got there, Cell grabbed the announcer and threw him away. Gohan was in his Super Saiya state and was training in the room of spirit and time. He was determined to go beyond a Super Saiya-jin. Then he saw Chichi come into the room. He couldn't believe that his mother came. Gohan asked, "Why did you come?" Chichi said, "To take you away. I'm going to make you a scholar. Piccolo is a bad person." Chichi looked around for Goku, but he wasn't anywhere around. Then Cell came and slapped Chichi away. Piccolo came, but Cell killed him too. Gohan was shocked and screamed out! Goku came and tried to wake up Gohan who was having a nightmare. Gohan woke up and jumped up on the bed. Goku checked Gohan's temp. Goku said that the fever had gone down. Gohan had been sleeping for two days. Gohan was still tired and went back to sleep. Cell started his announcement over the world-wide TV. Cell said, "I have great news for everyone living in peace, to add thrill and excitement to your lives." Cell told everyone about himself. He said that he did kill people for getting their energy, but he didn't need it any more. He announced his "Cell Game" which was like the tenkaichi budoukai. But he said he would fight against all challengers. The rules were like the tenkaichi budoukai too, but if the challenger died they would lose. Then Cell said, "If everyone loses, I will kill everyone on the planet. So if you have confidence in yourself, please come enter. I'm looking forward to it." Then Cell flew away. Yamucha said that there was nothing he could do about it. He said that even Vejiita, Trunks, and Goku couldn't. Vejiita said, "I don't care about earth people, but I want to kill him." Trunks was going to go off with Vejiita too, but Bulma said that she would cut his long hair. Goku and Gohan were training as Super Saiya-jin in the room. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp]


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