Dragonball Z episode 165 title Super Trunks ni jakuten! Cell, shougekino bakudan hatsugen

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Dragonball Z episode 165 title: Super Trunks ni jakuten! Cell, shougekino bakudan hatsugen [A weakness in Super Trunks! Cell's very shocking statement] aired: 1992.11.18 Trunks had powered up and was fighting Cell. But Cell said that Trunks could not defeat him. The battle continued. Trunks attacked, but Cell avoided most of Trunks' punches. Trunks powered himself up even more. Cell said, "You can still raise your power more? But it's no good. You can't beat me." Kuririn was flying away carrying Vejiita. Vejiita started to come around. Kuririn took him down to an island. He gave the senzu to Vejiita. Vejiita got up and immediately got angry at Cell. At kamisama's place, Piccolo was very shocked. Piccolo said that he was much stronger than Cell. Bulma got upset because she didn't know what was going on. When Piccolo said it was Trunks, Bulma became very happy. In the room, Gohan was training as a Super Saiya-jin. Goku was sitting and meditating by himself. Gohan noticed that Goku wasn't doing anything except sitting for a few days. Then Gohan returned to normal to rest. Goku got up. He raised his power. He powered himself up like Trunks. Gohan said that Goku had gone beyond a Super Saiya-jin. Then Goku said that he can go up even more. Goku's muscles became very bulky. Gohan said that Goku could beat anybody, even Cell. Trunks and Cell were fighting. Trunks couldn't land his punches. He couldn't believe it. Cell said that he was disappointed in Trunks. Trunks attacked again. But Cell easily pounded Trunks. Trunks couldn't do anything to defend himself. Trunks got up and attacked again. Cell said, "You can try as many times as you like. You can't defeat me." Cell pounded Trunks and sent him crashing into the island. Trunks couldn't understand. His power was much higher than before and much higher than Cell. Goku was in his super muscular form, and thinking. Gohan said that Goku could defeat Cell. But Goku said, "No I can't defeat Cell like this. The muscles are too big. The movement is too slow. The Super Saiya-jin is the perfect size. From now on, stay as a Super Saiya-jin all the time except when you sleep. You have to make it so that a Super Saiya-jin is the default. You have to control your feelings when you are a Super Saiya-jin. Let's start over with our training." Cell told Trunks that a transformation with just power was very easy. Cell showed off his power transformation too. Trunks was shocked. Cell said that power doesn't mean anything. Cell said, "Even your father knows this. You're stupid." Trunks finally realized how foolish he had been. Trunks gave up and said, "I can't fight any more. Kill me." Kuririn felt Trunks' power go down. Cell's power was still very high. He couldn't believe that Trunks would lose. Vejiita got mad and took off toward Cell. Kuririn went after him. Piccolo and Tenshinhan felt Trunks' power go down. Piccolo said that Trunks would get killed. Bulma started worrying. Cell was about to kill Trunks. Trunks just stood there waiting for it. Cell said, "One last question. You and Vejiita raised your skills a lot in a short time. What did you do?" Trunks didn't say anything. Cell said, "I'll change the question. If I give you time, can you become stronger?" Trunks answered, "I won't know until I try." Cell said, "Ok, so there's some hope. Another question. What is Son Goku doing now?" Trunks said, "Goku is training so he can kill you. He will defeat you for sure." Cell said, "Good answer. Then I will open a martial arts tournament. I'll hold it in 10 days. I'll contact you later." Trunks couldn't believe it. Cell wanted to reopen the tenkaichi budoukai (the martial arts tournament to determine who is number one). Cell said that he would fight against everyone. Before Cell left, Trunks asked, "What's your reason? What's your final target?" Cell answered, "The tenkaichi budoukai is just for practice and to confirm my strength. My final target.. none. I'm not interested in world domination. My original programming of killing Son Goku isn't relevant any more. I'm just doing it for fun. I like to see the fear in people's faces. Just like yours now." Cell took off. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from Japan: doi@dec-j.co.jp]


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