Dragonball Z episode 162 title Super Saiya-jin no genkai toppa! Arashi wo yobu Trunks [Go

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Dragonball Z episode 162 title: Super Saiya-jin no genkai toppa! Arashi wo yobu Trunks [Go beyond the limit of Super Saiya-jin! Trunks calls on a storm] aired: 1992.10.28 Vejiita got mad that Cell was just playing with him. Then Vejiita landed his powerful kick into Cell's head. But Cell just took it. Vejiita was shocked. Number 16 said that Vejiita's kick hit Cell directly. He couldn't believe that there was that much difference in power. Cell called out for Vejiita again. Vejiita couldn't believe it. He was still in shock. Cell hit Vejiita away. Vejiita landed in the ocean. Vejiita struggled to climb out. Then Cell said, "I'll give these words back at you. There is too much difference between us." Trunks started to power himself up. But he was still controlling himself. Kuririn said, "Hurry up and help him. He'll die. If he dies, his pride is no good." But Trunks replied, "I have to do it when he is unconscious. I can't destroy his pride. Vejiita needs his pride. Without it it's not him. Maybe that is what attracted my mother to him." Cell was standing above Vejiita. He said, "Before we part, I have to say thanks for making me complete." Number 16 tried to sneak up to Cell. Without turning around, Cell said, "You know what the outcome will be. Don't do anything stupid. You're just a piece of junk." Vejiita built up his energy again. Vejiita flew up into the air and created the most powerful energy ball that he could. The island was starting to break up. Then Vejiita said, "Cell, no matter how complete you have become, can you take this?" Cell just stood there and got prepared to take Vejiita's blast. Vejiita smiled. Trunks yelled out, "Stop it! The Earth will get destroyed." Vejiita then blasted Cell. At the last moment, Cell thought, "Oh no!" The energy ball deflected off of Cell and went into outer space. The blast went off and created a huge explosion in space. Gohan was training in the room. He was a Super Saiya-jin. Goku was very hungry and went to the refrigerator to get some food. Then he called Gohan. Goku said that they had to eat to get energy. Then he threw up some raw ham, and told Gohan to cook it. Gohan blasted it. When Goku caught it and was about to eat it, it burned to a crisp. Goku told Gohan, "You better learn some control." When the smoke cleared, Cell's right arm and shoulder were gone. Vejiita started laughing. Cell couldn't believe it. Trunks realized that Vejiita had calculated and centered the blast so that the Earth would not get destroyed. But Cell regained his composure and said, "Did you forget I have a part of Piccolo?" Then Cell grew out another arm and shoulder. Vejiita, Trunks, and Kuririn were shocked. Cell said, "Ok, I'll kill you now." Vejiita blasted Cell. He kept blasting, but it didn't do anything. Cell just kept walking toward Vejiita. Then Cell punched Vejiita. Cell kicked Vejiita into the sky. Then Cell flew up and hit Vejiita down onto the ground. Vejiita landed on the ground unconscious. Cell was next to him and, was going to finish him off. Then Trunks, who was in the air nearby, started building up his energy. Cell noticed Trunks and turned to look. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from Japan: doi@dec-j.co.jp]


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