Dragonball Z episode 161 title Super Vejiita ayaushi! Kanzen muketsuno kyoufuga semaru! [S

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Dragonball Z episode 161 title: Super Vejiita ayaushi! Kanzen muketsuno kyoufuga semaru! [Super Vejiita in danger! The completely perfect terror draws near!] aired: 1992.10.21 Cell became complete. Kuririn got mad at Cell for destroying number 18 so he tried to pound Cell. But Cell easily kicked Kuririn away. Kuririn was down. Cell was just still testing his new body. Kuririn tried to get up. Kuririn said, "He's too strong. This is a first. I don't have time to feel the pain." His bones were all shattered. Kuririn fell down again. Trunks immediately flew to Kuririn and gave him a senzu medicine ball. Vejiita was still looking at Cell thinking he wasn't very strong. Vejiita went down to Cell. Cell said, "You can help me warm up." Vejiita said, "Ok. I'll finish you off with just the warm up." Kuririn ate the Senzu and recovered. Trunks said, "I thought you were finished." Kuririn said, "Vejiita's in danger. I know I'm no match for you Saiya-jin, but I know the terror of Cell. I felt it." Cell and Vejiita got ready to fight. Number 16 was scanning Cell's power with his scanner. He said that Cell had become very strong, but Vejiita was still much stronger. Kuririn said, "That isn't his real power. He's hiding it. Just like you, Trunks." Trunks was surprised. He asked, "You knew about it?" Vejiita became Super Saiya and attacked Cell. Cell was just flying backwards and blocking Vejiita's punches. Kuririn was talking to Trunks and said, "Vejiita's too proud, so he hasn't noticed it yet. But you went beyond him. Isn't that right?" Vejiita kept attacking Cell. Cell just blocked and didn't attack. Vejiita said, "What are you doing? Is that the power of a perfect being?" When Vejiita attacked again, Cell ducked and got behind him. Then Cell had Vejiita backed up against a mountain. Cell punched the mountain right next to Vejiita's face. The mountain exploded. Trunks replied to Kuririn, "My father went beyond the Super Saiya. He got great strength. But one day I went way beyond him. This is what Goku must have been talking about. But my father's pride is too high. I can't tell him." Piccolo and Tenshinhan were watching the battle from Kamisama's place. Tenshinhan said that Vejiita was fighting evenly against Cell. But Piccolo said that Vejiita was starting to worry. Bulma got mad because she didn't know what was going on. She asked Piccolo to explain it to her. But Piccolo just concentrated on the battle in fear. Gohan and Goku were still training in the room of spirit and mind. Gohan was in his Super Saiya mode. Goku said that he was making great progress, and would pass him soon. Vejiita and Cell started fighting again. Cell flew away and Vejiita went after him. Vejiita blasted Cell with a lot of energy bolts. But Cell avoided all of them. Vejiita got mad and blasted Cell again. Number 16 couldn't believe Cell had become this powerful. "What kind of monster did Dr. Gero create!" Vejiita attacked Cell again. But Cell was just smiling and blocking Vejiita's attacks. Vejiita said, "Don't take me too lightly. You're not fighting all out!" Cell said, "I told you I'm just warming up." Vejiita got mad and said, "Fight for real. Aren't you mad at me? Show me your real power." Cell said, "Then just a little." Cell flew at Vejiita. Then Cell vanished, and appeared just behind him. But Vejiita kicked Cell and landed a strong kick into his head. Cell just laughed. Kuririn was shocked and said, "That should have been it. Vejiita landed his kick in the right place. But there's no damage. He's really a monster. Trunks, aren't you going to help him with your secret power?" Trunks replied, "Father would rather die than be helped by me or Goku. That's the kind of person he is." Piccolo noticed that Vejiita was going to get beaten. Cell slowly walked toward Vejiita. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from Japan: doi@dec-j.co.jp]


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