Dragonball Z episode 160 title Sentouryoku mugendai! Cell to iunano hakaishin tanjou [Infi

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Dragonball Z episode 160 title: Sentouryoku mugendai! Cell to iunano hakaishin tanjou [Infinite attack power! A god of destruction called Cell is born] aired: 1992.10.14 Cell had sucked up number 18 and was transforming into the complete Cell. Vejiita was watching. He didn't want to be disappointed this time. Kuririn was thinking that it was all his fault for not destroying number 18 when he had the chance. Trunks saw images of the future that he had come from. He remembered the hell. "I won't let the future be the way you want." Then Trunks tried to blast Cell while the transformation was going on. But it was no good. There was a very strong force field around Cell. Cell transformation was causing destruction all over earth. The waves swept over Kame House. There was water everywhere. Chichi wanted to go somewhere else where it was safe. But Yamucha said that it would be the same everywhere on earth. An evil force was covering the entire planet. Then there was an explosion of light as Cell finished his transformation. At Kame House, they thought that it was over. The water subsided. But Kamesennin said, "No, it's just beginning. The real terror." At Kamisama's place, Piccolo said Cell was complete. Bulma couldn't believe it and asked about her controller. "Didn't it work?" Piccolo told Bulma that Kuririn broke it himself. Then Piccolo said, "Vejiita, you better take the responsibility for this!" In the room of spirit and time, Goku was fighting with Gohan. Goku pounded Gohan and then asked if he was all right. Gohan silently got up and attacked to continue the training. Gohan said, "Before Piccolo was saying that you can't be a good trainer. You're too nice." Gohan attacked Goku, and said, "I finally understand. I've been taking your kindness for granted. Please fight hard enough to kill me. If I die, that's because I wasn't good enough. Otherwise I can't go beyond you." Then Goku turned into a super Saiya-jin. Gohan said, "If I don't risk my life, I can't be a Super Saiya-jin!" Then Goku used his kamehameha attack and balsted Gohan. Gohan tried to block the blast. Gohan stopped the energy ball with his hands. He remembered all of the past battles where he had not been strong enough and let down everyone. Gohan finally reflected the energy ball back at Goku. There was a yellow light around Gohan as he had made it to a Super Saiya-jin. Then he collapsed as his energy had been drained. Goku said that he had done it. He also said that they should rest now. He was also going to cut Gohan's hair, which had grown very long. Vejiita said that the complete Cell wasn't that great. Cell had even become smaller than before. Cell was flexing his muscles and trying out his new body. Then Kuririn attacked Cell. Cell was just standing there and taking the beating. Cell was adoring his new perfect body. Then Trunks joined in and attacked Cell. But Cell was still just standing. Then Kuririn used his "kienzan". (the move that chopped Freeza's head) It hit Cell's neck. Then it just went flying off. Kuririn couldn't believe it. Cell went to Kuririn. Cell kicked Kuririn and sent him flying. Kuririn just lay on the ground. Vejiita smirked.. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from Japan: doi@dec-j.co.jp]


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