Dragonball Z episode 141 title Katsutenai tekini mukete. Super Namek-sei-jin tanjou! [Agai

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Dragonball Z episode 141 title: Katsutenai tekini mukete.. Super Namek-sei-jin tanjou! [Against an enemy never faced before.. The super Namek-sei-jin is born!] aired: 1992.05.27 Trunks and Gohan were flying to Kame House. Trunks was thinking by himself and had no idea what that shell was. It didn't exist in his future world. According to the time machine's computer, it had arrived four years ago. Number 17 and number 16 were waiting in the truck as number 18 went into a clothes store. She asked the store keeper to bring out the best clothes in the store. She said that it was ugly, but there was nothing better since they were in the country. Then number 18 just walked out wearing the new clothes and went into the truck. The store keeper ran after her because she didn't pay, but got very scared when he saw number 16. After the truck went off, the storekeeper called the police. Some police air cars chased after the truck. Number 18 flew out and pounded the police cars, making them all crash. Buruma was flying home in her air plane. On the news, she heard that there was a mysterious disappearance of everyone in one city. That city was close to where they had found the time machine. Buruma quickly called Kame House. She told them to turn on the TV. The news said that all of the 15,000 people's clothes were lying on the ground. It was just like the bodies had melted. Kuririn thought it was the cyborgs. But Buruma said that it wasn't. She said that Trunks and Gohan would know. Trunks and Gohan arrived at Kame House. Kuririn quickly told them to watch the news. It was a live report. There was the sound of screaming and rifles firing. Then all of a sudden the sound vanished. The TV reporter said that he would try to go closer. Then the screen went blank. At Kamisama's place, Kamisama was looking down and trembling in fear. He said that a monster had appeared. Kuririn changed the TV to another channel. It had the news, but it was the same. Piccolo asked Kamisama about the monster. Then Kamisama said that he didn't have to say anything. He said that if they merged together, everything that he knew would go to Piccolo. Piccolo was happy that Kamisama had agreed to combine together. But Piccolo demanded that he be the "base". Kamisama agreed, saying that Piccolo was much younger and stronger than him. Then they got ready to merge. Kamisama told Mr. Popo that the Earth did not need a Kamisama now. It needed a warrior. Then Piccolo and Kamisama merged. Piccolo said, "I'm not Kami nor Piccolo. I'm just a Namek-sei-jin who had forgotten his real name." Then Piccolo flew down toward the city where the monster had appeared. Trunks explained to everyone what he and Gohan saw. Trunks said that it must be the monster that came out from the shell. He said that he would go check it out. Gohan said he would go too. Then Chichi said that he couldn't go. He had to stay and protect Goku. So Trunks went off by himself. Piccolo arrived in the deserted city. The monster was dragging a human. The mysterious monster appeared in front of Piccolo. Dragonball Z episode 142 title: Kamehameha!? Goku no kiwo motsu monster [Kamehameha!? The moster with Goku's ki] aired: 1992.06.03 The new Piccolo went to the city where the monster was going around doing something to all the civilians. Then the monster appeared in front of Piccolo. Piccolo felt some strange ki from the monster. The monster was dragging a man. The man, who said that he was the richest in the city, asked Piccolo to save him. He offered a lot of money. Piccolo then told the monster to let go of the man. The monster dropped the man. But immediately the monster stuck his tail into him and sucked out all of the life energy. When he was through, only the man's clothes remained. Then the monster said that Piccolo was next. Piccolo was surprised that the monster knew Piccolo's name. The monster increased his ki and created an explosion. The monster said that he was Piccolo's brother. At Kame House, Gohan said that he felt two of Piccolo's ki's. Gohan and the others went out and also felt Tenshinhan, Freeza, and Vejiita's ki's. They didn't know what was going on. Trunks, who was flying toward the monster, also felt it. Vejiita, who was training by himself, also felt it too. He couldn't believe it. Then they all felt Goku's ki. Gohan quickly flew to Goku's bed and saw the Goku was still sleeping. Piccolo asked the monster to tell his own identity. But the monster didn't want to talk. He just said that Piccolo would become his food. Piccolo increased his ki and got ready to fight. The monster started shaking at Piccolo's power. Piccolo also said that he wasn't Piccolo. Kuririn also flew off and caught up with Trunks. Trunks had no idea what going on. He noticed another huge ki, but didn't know who it was. Kuririn recognized that the new ki was Piccolo. Trunks said that it was too different. But Kuririn said that it was Piccolo who had combined with Kamisama. He said that he was a super Namek-sei-jin. Trunks was surprised that Piccolo had become so strong. Piccolo said, "It was lucky for me that you got rid of everyone in this city. Now I can fight all out." Then Piccolo created a huge energy ball and blasted the monster. The cyborgs were still driving in the mountains, but number 17 quickly stopped the car. He felt the power of an explosion. Number 16 used his power radar. Number 17 asked who was fighting. But number 16 said that the data was not in his memory. He also said that one of them was just as powerful as number 17. Then number 17 said that the power radar must be broken, because there was nobody as strong as him. They got back into the truck and drove off. The monster got out of the rubble. Then Piccolo started attacking him. The monster tried to protect himself but Piccolo was too fast. Piccolo kept hitting the monster. The monster flew up into the air to escape. Then the monster fired his energy at Piccolo. But it didn't have much effect and they started close range fighting again. The monster said that his power was not complete yet. Piccolo asked who had sent him in the time machine. The monster said that he did it himself, by turning himself into an egg. The monster was surprised that Piccolo knew so much. Then the monster said, "You probably don't know about this," and got ready for his next move. The monster got into the kamehameha stance! [kamehameha is Goku's move] Trunks, Kuririn, Gohan, and Vejiita all recognized Goku's ki. Dragonball Z episode 143 title: Zouoto hakaino seimeitai! Yatsuno naha jinzouningen Cell [The creature of hatred and destruction! It is the cyborg Cell] aired: 1992.06.10 The monster used the kamehameha move and fired at the very surprised Piccolo. Piccolo was shocked, but he flew away just in time to avoid the blast. But the monster quickly caught Piccolo in the air. Then the monster used his tail to try to suck out Piccolo's energy from his arm. Trunks and Kuririn, who were flying, had no idea what was going on. Trunks guessed that the monster must be the thing that came out from the egg in his time machine. But they had no idea how it could have the ki of Piccolo, Goku, Vejiita, and Freeza. At Kame House, Goku was still sleeping. But he was not in any pain. Kamesennin, Yamucha, and Uron were watching TV. The news said that the army had been called in. Many tanks with missiles were going toward the scene. Piccolo couldn't do anything about the monster's tail sucking out his energy. Then the tanks arrived. After the monster fired at the tank, the tanks started attacking. But the tanks and missiles had no effect on the monster. Then the monster fired at the tanks and blew them up. The monster then started sucking the energy from Piccolo again. Piccolo's left arm had shriveled up and become small. Then Piccolo hit the monster in the head with his own head and got away. The cyborgs were slowly driving through the mountains. Number 16 said that the fighting had ended. But number 17 said again that his radar had to be broken. He said that there couldn't be anyone with the same power as him. The monster and Piccolo were on the ground now. Piccolo agreed that it would be the monster who would win if they fought now. Piccolo asked again about the monster's identity. Since he thought that he could defeat Piccolo, the monster told Piccolo. The monster was a cyborg called Cell. He was born from Dr. Gero's computer. Dr. Gero had collected cells from the best warriors. Dr. Gero gave up on his experiment, thinking that it was a failure, but the computer kept doing it on its own. It used cells from Piccolo, Goku, Vejiita, Freeza, and Freeza's father. It didn't take the cell from Trunks because they had enough Saiya-jin's. Piccolo then asked how he got the cells. Cell said that there was a small spy robot watching all of the battles. He said that it was even watching them now. There was a small robot that looked like a bug. Piccolo blasted it right away. Piccolo said that they had destroyed Dr. Gero's lab. Cell said that the computer was still deeper underground. Then Piccolo asked one last question. He asked why Cell had returned to that time. Cell said that he needed two more special cells in order to become complete. It was number 17 and number 18. In his future, number 17 and number 18 had been killed by Trunks. So Cell killed Trunks and took his time machine. When Piccolo asked why Cell needed that much power, Cell said that the computer just gave the instructions to get more power. Cell also said that it might just be the cells of the Saiya-jin and Piccolo in his body asking for more power. Then Piccolo pulled out his shriveled up arm. A new healthy arm grew back in its place. Piccolo said that Cell made the mistake of forgetting that he can grow limbs. Then Cell and Piccolo got ready to fight again. Dragonball Z episode 144 title: Piccolo tsuukonno daishippai! Cell ga machini hanasareta! [Piccolo's regretful mistake! Cell escaped to the city!] aired: 1992.06.17 Vejiita didn't know what was happening, so he flew off toward the scene. Piccolo (who had just grown a new arm) was facing off against Cell. Piccolo was still stronger, even if Cell had sucked out one arm full of energy. Piccolo told Cell that he had combined with Kamisama. So Cell thought that there are no more dragonballs. Even if someone died, they cannot recover any more. The Piccolo said, "You don't know my true power. I'll show you." Cell jumped backwards. Just then Kuririn and Trunks arrived. Kuririn recognized Piccolo as the one who combined with Kamisama. Trunks figured that Cell must be the one from the egg. Kuririn asked about Cell. Piccolo said that he would tell them later. Piccolo said that Cell was at a big disadvantage. "You can't win, and I won't let you escape." But Cell said, "I'll get number 17 and number 18. You can't go anything about it." Then Cell flew up into the direction of the sun. He used the taiouken to temporarily blind Piccolo, Trunks, and Kuririn. Then Cell escaped by hiding his ki. Piccolo asked if taiouken was Tenshinhan's move. Kuririn answered that it wasn't a difficult move, and Goku and Kuririn could also do it too. Piccolo tried to feel for Cell but he couldn't, as Cell was holding his ki while escaping. At Kame House, Chichi called everyone up to Goku. Goku was sleeping and smiled in his sleep. Everyone said that he was going to recover soon. Then Kamesennin said that this smile was not a regular smile. It was the smile that meant that he was ready to fight a strong opponent. Yamucha started talking about Goku beating up the cyborgs to save the day. Then Chichi became VERY angry. She said that she would not let Goku fight right away. Cell was running through the forest. Then he came to a highway. He found a sign pointing to a nearby city. He wanted to suck more human energy to increase his power level. Since he was standing in the middle of the road, a bus almost ran into him. The bus was carrying a team of "battle ball" players. [looks like football] Since Cell didn't move, some of the players came out to challenge him. Cell then beat up the players and sucked out their energy. Vejiita was on his way to the scene of the battle. Piccolo got mad at himself for letting Cell escape. Piccolo increased his power level very much. Then Vejiita arrived at the scene. Vejiita was shocked at Piccolo's strength. Vejiita asked what had happened. Piccolo said that since Tenshinhan was on his way too, he would tell everyone when he arrived. Vejiita asked how Piccolo had become so powerful. Trunks told him that Piccolo had combined with Kamisama. Vejiita got mad that a Namek-sei-jin had become more powerful than himself. Piccolo was thinking that he couldn't defeat number 17, number 18, and number 16 even with his new power. So he felt that that only thing he could do was to defeat Cell. Then Tenshinhan arrived. Piccolo told everyone all about Cell. Number 17 was driving through a beautiful country side. Number 18 was still complaining about her clothes. She wanted new clothes as soon as they came to a new city. Piccolo told everyone that they had to defeat Cell before he becomes more powerful. Vejiita thought, "Everyone's becoming stronger. I'm pissed off. Aren't you Kakarotto?" [Kakarotto is what Vejiita calls Goku] Cell had finished off the battle ball team and arrived at another city. Dragonball Z episode 145 title: Cell tanjouno himitsu! Kenkyuujono chikani naniga aru!? [The secret of Cell's birth! What's in the basement of the lab!?] aired: 1992.06.24 Cell had escaped from Piccolo and was loose in the city. Everyone was determined to keep Cell from combining with number 17 and number 18. But Vejiita said that it didn't matter. He said that it would be just fewer opponents to defeat. Vejiita also said that he would make himself better by going beyond a super Saiya-jin and defeat everyone. Then he went off to train by himself. Kuririn asked Trunks, "Even if we go back in time and destroy number 17 and number 18, it won't change our history, right?" Trunks agreed. Kuririn said, "Then even if we go and destroy Cell now before he develops it won't change anything either." Trunks agreed, but he said that they should destroy it just so another Cell wouldn't get developed in this time line. Then Trunks and Kuririn went off to Dr. Gero's lab. Piccolo and Tenshinhan went to look for Cell. While they were flying, Trunks said to Kuririn that he had never thought about going beyond a super Saiya-jin. At Kame House, Gohan was training by himself outside. Then when his mother came calling, Gohan took out the desk that he had capsulized, and pretended like he was studying. Chichi brought some snacks for Gohan. Chichi was happy that Gohan was studying, and said that her dream was for Gohan to become a great scholar. But Gohan said to himself that he wanted to be strong just his father. Trunks and Vejiita arrived at the place where Dr. Gero's lab had been. Then they started blasting holes all over the place to look for the entrance to the secret room below. Trunks found a little hole and they went down to the room. They found the computer and the organism that would turn out to be Cell. Trunks also found the design plans for number 17. Trunks thought that they could find some weakness in number 17 if they showed the plans to Buruma. After grabbing the plans, Trunks and Kuririn destroyed the underground lab. While they were flying back, Trunks handed the plans to Kuririn and asked him to give the plans to Buruma. Trunks said that he wanted to go to Vejiita and train with him. He wanted to see if it was really possible to go beyond the super Saiya-jin. Kuririn said that Vejiita might not want to train with Trunks, but Trunks went off. Piccolo and Tenshinhan found the remains of the battle ball team that had been sucked dry by Cell. Tenshinhan tried to feel for Cell, but he couldn't find any trace. Cell had arrived in the next city. Cell started to suck the energy out from the citizens. Then Tenshinhan felt the ki of the humans that were being killed. Piccolo and Tenshinhan quickly flew to the city. But when they arrived, Cell had already escaped. Buruma and her father were looking over the plans for number 17. Buruma's father said that there were many things that he didn't understand. Buruma and her father said that they would do their best to look for a weak spot in number 17. Goku was still sleeping calmly at Kame House. When number 17 asked if they were close to Goku's house, number 16 said that they were very close. Cell had arrived at a new city. Dragonball Z episode 146 title: Goku tatakaiheno mezame! Super Saiya-jin wo koero! [Goku awakens for the battle! Go beyond the Super Saiya-jin!] aired: 1992.07.01 Cell had been going around different cities sucking up people's energies. Cell was at Basil airport. A guard man was shooting at Cell, but it didn't stop him. When the man ran out of bullets, Cell sucked the man's energy. The TV had news about the "monster". They warned everyone to be careful. Cell just laughed and destroyed the TV. There was a young girl and her very young brother hiding under a table. But Cell found them, so they tried to run away from Cell. Piccolo and Tenshinhan were flying around looking for Cell. Since Cell was hiding his ki, Tenshinhan couldn't feel him. Cell was chasing the girl and her brother through the airport. When the girl fell down, Cell jumped for them. Just when Cell stuck his tail into where they had been, the girl and boy disappeared. Kuririn had come and saved them. Kuririn was flying back to Kame House and had just happened to fly by the airport. Kuririn told the girl to escape. Then Cell started to attack Kuririn. Cell was happy that he can get a lot of energy from Kuririn. The girl and boy tried to escape by flying an airplane. Kuririn knew that he couldn't win against Cell. So he used the taiouken. Kuririn jumped to the plane just as it took off. After the blast of the taiouken had cleared, Kuririn tried to look for Cell. But Kuririn couldn't find Cell. Then Cell stuck his tail into the cockpit of the airplane. Cell was on top of the plane! Kuririn flew and tried to knock Cell off, but Cell was too strong. Then Cell hit Kuririn into the wall of the plane. Kuririn's head was stuck and Cell was approaching him. But just then Piccolo and Tenshinhan arrived. So Cell disappeared. Trunks was flying off toward Vejiita. He was thinking about what had happened since he had come to this time. He knew that history had changed because he had come back in the time machine. He thought that he had caused this danger. Trunks said that if his father can go beyond a super Saiya-jin, he can too. Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn looked around the airport, but couldn't find Cell. Cell was holding his ki and hiding in the control tower. Number 17 was driving the truck through the mountains. They were getting close to Goku's house. The road was very bumpy and number 18 was complaining. Number 17 said that it was fun. But number 18 got out of the truck and blasted all of the trees. She cleared the road so it was very smooth. Number 17 complained that the fun was gone now. Number 16 gave a very mean look. [Number 16 did this before in some earlier episodes too. He seems to like nature a lot.] Yamucha, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn flew off in the airplane to look for Cell. In the airplane, Cell wouldn't be able feel them. The ground started shaking at Kame House. Chichi fell down and thought that it was cyborgs. She went upstairs to look for Goku. But Goku wasn't there. Then she looked out the window. She saw Goku training outside. Chichi jumped out the window to go to Goku. Goku had totally recovered. When Goku hugged Chichi, he tossed Chichi very high into the air. Goku had been listening to everyone's story while he was sleeping, so he knew what was going on. Chichi complained that Goku wasn't ready to go fight yet. Goku said that he wouldn't. He said that if Vejiita couldn't win, he couldn't win either. He said that he had to train and go beyond a super Saiya-jin. Dragonball Z episode 147 title: Shugyouwo isoge Saiya-jin! Seishinto tokino heyade.. [Hurry with the training Saiya-jin! The room of spirit and time..] aired: 1992.07.08 Cell wanted to combine with number 17 and number 18 to become a perfect fighting machine. We was going around sucking energy from humans so he can be strong enough to fight everyone. Goku had recovered. But he wasn't going to fight right away. He said that he wasn't strong enough yet. Goku was getting ready to go beyond the super Saiya-jin. He said that it would take one year of training. Goku also said that he knew a place where he could do it in only one day. He told Chichi that he wanted to take Gohan. Chichi didn't want Gohan to go, but she knew that she couldn't stop Goku. So she said that this would be the last time and that after the battle with the cyborgs had ended, she wouldn't let anyone interfere with Gohan's study. Also she wanted Goku to work. Then Goku used his instantaneous teleportation to go to the airplane. Just when Kuririn was saying that he wanted to see Goku, Goku appeared. Everyone in the plane was surprised. Kuririn dove at Goku and hugged him, with tears in his eyes. Gohan was very happy to see his father and his eyes were full of tears too. Goku called Piccolo "Kamikoro-sama". Piccolo told Goku not to combine his names. He told everyone that he would go train with Gohan in the place where they could do one year of training in just one day. Piccolo knew that Goku was talking about the "seishinto tokino heya" (the room of spirit and time) which was at Kamisama's place. Piccolo said that there was nobody who had ever lasted one year in the room. Even Goku in the past had lasted only one month. Goku said that he would take Vejiita and Trunks too. Then Kuririn asked, "With a new very strong enemy, are you scared? Or happy?" Goku answered, "Both." Then Goku and Gohan took off with the instantaneous teleportation. Kuririn was happy that Goku had not given up. Goku and Gohan arrived in the mountains where Vejiita and Trunks were training. Trunks said that Vejiita just stood there at the edge of the cliff and didn't do any training with him. Goku went to Vejiita. Vejiita told Goku to get lost. When Goku told Vejiita about the room, Vejiita agreed to go. But he said that he wanted to go first. Number 18 was going through Chichi's clothes looking for something to wear. But she didn't find anything that she liked. The cyborgs had arrived at Goku's house. Number 16 said that he couldn't feel Goku's power anywhere. But he guessed that Goku would be at either Kame House or Capsule Corporation. So the cyborgs decided to go to Kame House. Cell was going around killing more people at an amusement park. The plane arrived, but Yamucha and the others found that it was too late. Mr. Popo showed Goku and the others to the room. Vejiita asked Goku why he was going to train with them. He said that his final target was Goku. Then Goku said, "This opponent isn't one that one person can defeat." Vejiita said, "You'll regret it later." Vejiita and Trunks went into the room. Trunks said, "The air is thin. Gravity is many times normal." They walked out a little bit. There was nothing there. It was just a white, empty space. Trunks understood why Goku could only last one month before. Yamucha and the others took off in the plane. They couldn't do anything because Cell was hiding his ki. Piccolo said that Cell was getting very strong now. He was thinking that the only way to prevent Cell from combining with number 17 and number 18 would be to defeat the cyborgs. When everyone was resting at Kame House, the cyborgs arrived. Piccolo woke everyone up and they went outside. Piccolo told them Goku wasn't there. Number 17 asked where Goku was. Piccolo said that he wouldn't tell them, and went with the cyborgs to a nearby uninhabited island to fight. He told the others not to come. As they got ready to fight, Piccolo said to number 17, "It won't be as easy as last time." Dragonball Z episode 148 title: Tenwo saku gekiretsu koudan! Piccolo vs jinzou ningen 17 gou [The heaven splitting violent light beam! Piccolo vs Cyborg number 17] aired: 1992.07.15 While Goku and others were at Kamisama's place for their training, the cyborgs arrived at Kame House. Since Piccolo wouldn't tell them where Goku was, Piccolo and the cyborgs went to a nearby island to fight it out. Number 17 said, "If you don't talk, I will kill you this time." Then Piccolo answered, "It won't be as easy as last time." Before the fight began, Piccolo noticed that number 18 and number 16 weren't going to fight. So Piccolo thought that he had a chance. Piccolo raised his ki very high before attacking. Even at Kame House they could feel Piccolo's ki. Everyone was very surprised at how strong Piccolo had become. But Kuririn said that Piccolo could be much stronger. At Kamisama's place, Goku and Gohan felt that Piccolo was going to fight. Gohan wanted to go. But Goku stopped him. Goku said that they weren't strong enough and would just get in the way. It was getting close to the time when Vejiita would come out of the room. Just before Piccolo attacked, number 16 yelled out that it wasn't Piccolo. Number 17 was surprised, and Piccolo attacked. Piccolo got some punches and kicks into number 17, and they started close range fighting. It was an even match. Piccolo had a slight edge and was pounding number 17. Number 17 couldn't believe it. When number 17 had just gotten up from the ground, Piccolo fired a huge energy blast at him. But number 17 flew into the air and avoided it just in time. There was blood coming from number 17's mouth. At Capsule Corporation, Bulma and her father were trying to figure out the secret of number 17. But it was too complicated and Bulma couldn't make the device to stop number 17. Piccolo and number 17 started fighting again. Piccolo started firing energy bolts at number 17. Piccolo missed with most of his shots. Then number 17 deflected on of the shots. Piccolo was surprised. Then they started close fighting again. Number 18 was getting impatient. She yelled at number 17 to hurry up. Number 17 said that his "number 1 in the world" power was nothing like that. Piccolo started firing more shots and all of them missed number 17. Number 17 asked where he was aiming. Piccolo had shot all around number 17 and the energy balls had surrounded number 17. Piccolo said, "You can't escape!" Then Piccolo sent the balls moving all around number 17. The balls centered on number 17 and caused a great explosion. When the smoke cleared, the island had disappeared. But number 17 was in his protective energy barrier. Then they went to another island to continue the fight. Cell was in another city sucking up more energy. Then he felt Piccolo's great ki. He knew that Piccolo must be fighting against number 17. Cell said, "My power is already beyond yours," and immediately flew off toward Piccolo and the cyborgs. Dragonball Z episode 149 title: Konohiwo matteita! Cell kanzentaiheno jokyoku [I have been waiting for this day! The prelude to Cell's perfection.] aired: 1992.07.22 Goku had recovered, but number 17 and Piccolo were already fighting it out. Then Cell felt Piccolo's ki and flew as fast as he could to the island where Piccolo and the cyborgs were fighting. "You have a great power although you're not a cyborg." Number 17 wiped the blood away from his mouth. "I don't care who you are. I just want to know where Goku is." But since Piccolo didn't tell number 17 where Goku was, they got ready to fight again. Number 17 said, "I'll fight for real now." Then they started close range fighting again. Number 17 landed some punches into Piccolo. Then Piccolo said, "You have great speed, but your punches lack power." Number 17 got mad and they continued the battle. Piccolo was landing his punches and kicks too. Goku and Gohan were waiting outside of the room where Vejiita and Trunks were training. They just prayed that Piccolo can last until Vejiita and Trunks finished. Piccolo and number 17 continued their battle and caused a volcano on the island to erupt. Number 18 was wondering how many islands they had to destroy before the battle was over. Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamucha were just waiting at Kame House. Then Kuririn felt Cell approaching them. "I have been waiting for a long time for this day. The day I become complete," Cell was saying, as he was flying toward the cyborgs. At Capsule Corp, Bulma was working hard to build the device to deactivate the cyborgs. Baby Trunks was crying and Bulma's father was trying to calm him down. Yajirobe was complaining to Bulma that she should take care of her baby. Then Bulma finished. She said that now she can completely deactivate the cyborgs. When Bulma held Trunks, he stopped crying. Number 17 and Piccolo's battle continued underwater. Then they flew off and kept fighting. At Kame House, Kuririn got a phone call from Bulma. She told him that there was a special circuit built in to deactivate the cyborgs. She said that she has finished making the device to trigger it. Bulma said that she would bring it right away. Tenshinhan said that if they destroyed the cyborgs, Cell couldn't make himself complete. Then Kuririn remembered number 18 giving him a kiss. Gohan and Goku also felt Cell. But all they could do was wait for Vejiita to finish. Number 17 and Piccolo continued fighting on another island. They kept slugging it out like two heavy-weight boxers. Then number 17 said, "Although our power is the same, there is a difference in stamina. My power will never decrease." Then Piccolo turned around to see Cell standing on rock looking at them. Dragonball Z episode 150 title: Sutemino hangeki oyobazu! Piccolo moetsukiru! [The counterattack with his life wasn't enough! Piccolo had come to an end!] aired: 1992.07.29 Piccolo and number 17 were fighting it out on an island. Then Piccolo turned around to see Cell looking at them. Piccolo was very scared. He was concentrating too much on fighting number 17 that he didn't notice Cell approach. Number 17 didn't know about Cell. He wondered what the monster was. Cell said that the time had come for him to combine with number 17 and number 18. He looked around and spotted number 16. Cell thought that he was just an old model cyborg and decided to ignore it. Cell jumped down from the hill and raised his ki. The spirits of the humans that he had killed started to fly all around him. Piccolo was shocked at Cell's new power. Even number 17 was surprised. Cell started walking toward number 17. He walked past Piccolo and said, "What are you going to do? Attack me if you want to interfere." Then Piccolo asked, "How many people did you sacrifice to raise your power to that level?" Cell just replied, "Sacrifice? They were happy to be a part of me and my power." At Kame House, Kuririn and the others were shocked at Cell's power. Tenshinhan said that there was nothing that they could do now. Kamesennin said that no matter how fast Bulma hurried, it would take over 20 minutes for her to come with the device to deactivate the cyborgs. Then Chichi suggested that someone go to Bulma's place to get it. She commented that everyone had become stupid because they always just kept fighting. Then Kuririn flew off toward Bulma. Tenshinhan said that he would go help Piccolo. Kamesennin told him to stop, but Tenshinhan went. Kamesennin sadly said that he longed for the days when he was the strongest person in the world. He said that Goku was the only one that could help them now. Cell kept walking toward number 17. Then number 17 said, "I don't know who you are, but get lost. I'm playing with him now." Piccolo then told number 17 about Cell's plans. Before number 17 could do anything, Cell started attacking number 17. Cell easily captured number 17 and was about to stick his tail into number 17's body. But Piccolo kicked Cell away. Then Piccolo explained about Cell and his plans. Cell told number 17 and number 18 that they should be happy to combine with him. Then number 16 yelled out to number 17 to escape. He told number 17 that Cell was too strong, and that Cell wanted to destroy the world, not just Goku. Number 17 got upset at number 16's words, saying that he was still the strongest in the world. Then number 17 and Cell started to fight. But Cell was too strong. So Piccolo went to help. But Cell easily hit Piccolo away. Then Cell kicked Piccolo and sent him flying. Number 16 told number 18 that Cell was too strong. He told number 16 to escape by herself because number 17 wouldn't listen. He said that it would be the end of the world if Cell stucked number 17's energy. Cell walked over to Piccolo who was still on the ground. Piccolo then got up and created his largest energy ball ever. He unleashed it at Cell and destroyed half of the island. After the smoke cleared number 18 said that Piccolo had defeated Cell. But number 16 said that Cell was still there, and in fact didn't take any damage at all. Then Cell slowly floated out of the water. Number 17 and number 18 were shocked. Tenshinhan was floating above the island and was shocked at what he saw. He said that the power level was just too different. Cell walked over to Piccolo. Piccolo yelled out, "Escape number 17!" Then Cell hit Piccolo, and Piccolo went flying. When Cell picked up Piccolo, Tenshinhan noticed that Piccolo's neck was broken. Then Cell blasted Piccolo with a powerful energy blast. The cyborgs were shocked that Cell had killed Piccolo. Then Cell threw Piccolo's body into the ocean. Gohan and Goku noticed that Piccolo's ki had disappeared. Mr. Popo started crying. Gohan started to run, but Goku grabbed him and told him to wait. Gohan still struggled to go. Goku said that they could not do anything about it now, and Gohan gave up. Goku was still waiting for Vejiita, and wondered what he was doing. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from Japan: doi@dec-j.co.jp]


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