Dragonball Z episode 131 title Jijitsuha miraiyori osoroshii!? Trunks no giwaku aired 1992

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Dragonball Z episode 131 title: Jijitsuha miraiyori osoroshii!? Trunks no giwaku aired: 1992.03.11 Number 20 was hiding from Vejiita because he thought that Vejiita was too strong. But when he spotted the others, he said, "If I steal their energy and add it to mine, I can defeat Vejiita." Everyone was having a hard time looking for number 20 because the cyborgs didn't have any "ki" that they could feel. Number 20 was looking at all of the other Z fighters, and decided to go after Piccolo first. He quickly snuck up behind him and grabbed him, covering his mouth. Piccolo couldn't do anything. Number 20 started sucking Piccolo's energy. Then Piccolo used telepathy to call Gohan to him. Gohan felt Piccolo and hurried to him. Just when Piccolo was running out of energy, Gohan came and hit number 20 away. Number 20 was shocked that Gohan had discovered them. Then Vejiita, Kuririn, and Tenshinhan arrived at the scene too. Kuririn gave Piccolo a senzu and Piccolo quickly recovered. Number 20 felt that he still didn't have enough energy to defeat Vejiita. Then Piccolo threw off his hood and cape. He told Vejiita, "Let me do it. Don't interfere." Vejiita replied, "I don't care if you die, but don't give him any extra energy." Number 20 got ready to fight Piccolo. Piccolo used his instantaneous teleportation move to attack number 20. Piccolo sent number 20 crashing into the mountains. Number 20 thought that Piccolo had just gotten lucky. Then number 20 attacked. But Piccolo vanished. Then Piccolo came from behind and hit number 20 again. Number 20 was getting confused. Meanwhile, Trunks arrived at the city and saw the ruins. He thought that everyone had died. His time machine only had enough energy left for his trip back to his own time. Also the time machine wasn't perfect, so he couldn't go back in time a little more. Then he felt the "ki" from the battle. Trunks took off to go to the battle. Piccolo was easily defeating number 20. At home, Goku took the medicine but was still struggling in his bed. Yamucha and Chichi were worried about Goku. Buruma was in the air car with Yajirobe and baby Trunks, heading toward the battle. Yajirobe wanted to go back. Then Trunks flew by the air car. Buruma saw him and accelerated toward the battle. Trunks spotted the large crater that Vejiita had made. He went down and saw the ruins of number 19. But he didn't recognize that cyborg. He didn't understand what was going on. When number 20 tried to reach his hand out to steal Piccolo's energy, Piccolo caught his arm. Then Piccolo sliced off number 20's hand! Then Piccolo threw an energy ball and blasted number 20. Piccolo said, "Are you too weak? Or did we become too strong?" Vejiita told Piccolo to finish number 20 off. Piccolo said that he will. Then Trunks arrived at the scene of the battle. When Piccolo called out Trunks' name, Vejiita noticed that it was the same name as his son. He finally understood the truth about Trunks. Trunks saw number 20 and noticed that something was wrong. Number 20 didn't recognize Trunks. He said that he had no data on him. Number 20 said that he had to go back to the laboratory. Trunks asked, "Who is that? You were fighting him." Vejiita was surprised and said, "What? That's the cyborg that you were talking about." "What!" Trunks said, as he didn't understand what was going on. Piccolo was shocked. "Do you mean that he's not the cyborg!" Dragonball Z episode 132 title: Tsuigeki! Dr Gero Nazono kenkyuujowo sagashidase aired: 1992.03.18 Piccolo pounded number 20. Then Trunks arrived at the scene. Trunks said that he didn't recognize the cyborgs that they were fighting. The Z fighters couldn't believe it. Buruma and Yajirobe arrived in the air car. They saw the cyborg and everyone else. As soon as she saw the cyborg, Buruma said, "Dr. Gero". Number 20 saw the air car and thought of a way to escape. Then he said, "I told you that you would not win. Number 17 and number 18 will come beat you up." Number 20 created an explosion and the air car was caught in it. The Z fighters braced themselves. The air car went crashing down into the mountains. Trunks saved Buruma and baby Trunks. But in the explosion, number 20 escaped. Vejiita was mad that number 20 escaped. When Vejiita tried to go after number 20, Trunks flew to him. Then Trunks got mad and asked, "Why didn't you help them. Your wife and child." Vejiita replied, "I have no interest in them. Get out of the way." Buruma told everyone that number 20 was Dr. Gero himself. She had seen his picture before. Buruma also said that Dr. Gero had been a famous scientist. Meanwhile, number 20 was running away in the mountains using the surroundings to hide. He was running toward his laboratory. Vejiita yelled at Trunks. He said that he had lied, because the cyborgs were different. Then Trunks said that history must have changed because he had come back previously. Piccolo asked Trunks what number 17 and 18 looked like. Trunks said that number 17 was a young boy with long black hair and a scarf around his neck. Number 18 was a cute girl with clothes like Trunks. Trunks said that both had cold eyes and earrings. When Piccolo asked if these cyborgs stole energy like number 19 and number 20, Trunks said that they didn't. He said that they had infinite energy. Meanwhile Goku was struggling on his bed at home. Chichi was crying beside him with Yamucha. Piccolo asked Buruma about Dr. Gero and his laboratory. Buruma said that she didn't know exactly, but she heard that it was somewhere near the southern city. Vejiita wanted to go to the lab before number 20. Since number 20 didn't fly, he said that he can fly and reach the lab before him. Vejiita said that he wanted to fight and defeat the cyborgs. Trunks said that they should destroy the cyborgs before they are activated. "You don't know about the cyborgs," Trunks told everyone. Trunks tried to stop Vejiita. He said that they should wait for Goku. Vejiita said that he was much stronger than Goku now. Trunks said that he was still no match for the cyborgs. But Vejiita went off. Then Trunks went after him after saying, "I don't like him, but I won't let my father die again." After Vejiita and Trunks flew off, Piccolo explained about Trunks. Everyone was shocked. Buruma was a little relieved that Trunks turned out good looking. Piccolo asked everyone to look for the laboratory. He said that they should destroy the cyborgs before they get activated. Piccolo asked Gohan to carry Buruma back to their house. Then Yajirobe struggled to the rocks and asked Gohan to carry him too. Number 20 was running between the rocks. When he got far enough away, he thought that he could fly now. Then he saw Vejiita and Trunks fly above him. He was wondering if they were looking for the lab or if it was just coincidence. Just when he decided that it was just coincidence, the others flew overhead too. Number 20 then hurried for his lab, flying very close to the ground. He said that nobody knew the exact location of his lab, so he would get there first. Gohan was flying back home carrying Buruma, with Yajirobe on his back. But Yajirobe was too heavy and Gohan was flying very slowly. Buruma yelled at Yajirobe and told him to walk. Trunks was flying behind Vejiita. Then Vejiita increased his speed. But Trunks turned himself into a super saiya-jin and followed Vejiita. Dragonball Z episode 133 title: Soshite kyoufuga genjitsuni.. Mezameru 17 gou and 18 gou! [And the fear became reality.. Number 17 and number 18 awaken!] aired: 1992.03.25 Everyone was looking for Dr. Gero's laboratory, which was supposed to near the northern city. Trunks was following Vejiita. He had to stop Vejiita from fighting the cyborgs. Goku had a nightmare about fighting the cyborgs. Goku dreamt that he was getting choked by some weird cyborg. Chichi and Yamucha were nearby, worrying about him. Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn were near the northern city. They had to find the lab before Vejiita and destroy the cyborgs before it gets activated. Trunks still followed Vejiita. Vejiita got mad and said, "Get away from me. You're going to have to fight me to destroy the cyborgs." Trunks said, "Yes. But you don't know the terror of the cyborgs." Gohan was still flying home slowly with Buruma and Yajirobe. Buruma and Yajirobe kept arguing. Yajirobe didn't like Trunks. Gohan said that Trunks was nice for coming back into time and telling everyone about the cyborgs and Goku's disease. Buruma was happy about the way Trunks turned out. After Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn arrived at the northern city, they split up to look for the lab. Kuririn kept complaining that it was so cold. Piccolo told everyone to signal by raising their ki when they discover the lab. Then Kuririn split up the remaining senzu medicine balls. There were six left, so they took two each. Number 20 was running in the forest close to his lab. Then a hunter shot at him, thinking that he was an animal. Number 20 caught the bullet and then blasted the hunter into a tree. Kuririn found the hunter and knew that it must have been number 20. Number 20 was running toward his lab. He saw some wild animals, and blasted them. Kuririn saw the blast, and went to it. Then number 20 caught Kuririn. He fought Kuririn, and easily pounded him. "Your energy is too low," number 20 said and prepared to blast Kuririn. But just before he was about to kill Kuririn, number 20 spotted Piccolo flying by. Then number 20 took off for his lab. Kuririn recovered and followed number 20. Number 20 returned to his lab. It was in a hidden cave on the side of a mountain. Kuririn arrived shortly after number 20 and found the cave. Number 20 punched in the code to the heavy steel door, and went into the lab. Kuririn increased his ki and called everyone. Inside the lab, number 20 activated number 17 and number 18. He didn't really want to. He just hoped that they were "fixed". After number 17 came out of his container he said, "Good morning, Dr. Gero." Since number 17 made a proper greeting to him, number 20 thought that number 17 had been fixed. Then he went to activate number 18. Number 18 also said, "Good morning, Dr. Gero." Number 20 thought that both had been fixed. Number 20 told number 17 and number 18 to kill the Z fighters. Piccolo and Yamucha started to go to the lab to destroy the two cyborgs. Then Kuririn told them that number 20 had already returned. Piccolo, Yamucha, and Kuririn were trying to break down the steel door. Still inside the lab, number 17 took away the remote control that number 20 had been holding. It was the control system to deactivate number 17 and number 18 in case of emergencies. Number 17 said that he didn't want to be put to sleep any more, and broke it. Then number 20 started to argue with number 17. Trunks and Vejiita arrived at the entrance to the lab. They heard number 20 arguing with number 17 inside. Trunks said that they should leave and wait for Goku to recover. But Vejiita blasted the door open. Trunks identified the two cyborgs as the ones that he knew. Dragonball Z episode 134 title: Subetega teokureka!? Goku wo korosu saishuuheiki [Is it too late!? The final weapon to kill Goku] aired: 1992.04.01 Trunks and Vejiita arrived at the entrance to the lab, where the others were already standing. They heard Dr. Gero (number 20) arguing with number 17 inside. Trunks said that they should leave and wait for Goku to recover. But Vejiita blasted the door open. Then Trunks identified the two cyborgs as the ones that he knew. Dr. Gero told number 17 and 18 to hurry up and beat up the Z fighters. But number 17 said that they will do it when they feel like it. Then Dr. Gero got mad. Number 18 walked over to the container with number 16 inside. Number 16 was an infinite power model too, just like number 17 and 18. Number 17 said that number 18 should activate it. But Dr. Gero told number 18 to stop. He said that they should never activate it. Then Dr. Gero tried to stop number 18. But number 18 hit him away. Dr. Gero said that number 16 was a failure and that he might even destroy them and the whole world. Number 17 checked the power level of number 16 and said that he was still stronger. Then number 18 started to activate number 16. When Dr. Gero tried to go stop number 18, number 17 kicked off Dr. Gero's head. Then he jumped on the rolling head and smashed it. The Z fighters were shocked. Then number 17 pointed at Kuririn and asked him to come. Kuririn was very scared. He didn't want to go. But he finally stepped forward. Number 17 just stared at Kuririn, and then turned and walked to the container holding number 16. When number 17 told number 18 to activate number 16, Trunks blasted the entire lab. After the smoke cleared, they saw number 17 and number 18 holding number 16's container. Then they activated number 16. Number 16 was a large cyborg with red eyes. Trunks said to himself that he had never seen a cyborg like that one. When number 16 got up, number 17 asked him about himself. But number 16 remained quiet. Then the three cyborgs flew off to kill Goku. The Z fighters didn't know where the cyborgs were heading. Vejiita got mad that the cyborgs totally ignored him. He tried to go off after them. Trunks flew in front of him and blocked his way. Trunks said that they should wait for Goku. Then Vejiita hit Trunks in the stomach and flew off. Vejiita said that his real enemy was Goku, not the cyborgs. The Z fighters guessed that the cyborgs were heading toward Goku's house. Kuririn remembered that Gohan was flying with Buruma to Goku's house. Then all of the others went after the cyborgs too, because Goku, Gohan, Buruma, and everyone else was in danger. Meanwhile, Buruma, baby Trunks, Gohan, and Yajirobe were resting by a river. Gohan told Buruma that he wanted to hurry. At Goku's house, Goku was still in great pain. Yamucha gave him some more medicine. Chichi was cooking for Goku, thinking that he would be hungry after he recovered. Vejiita was flying through (and destroying) mountains. He was very upset that everyone thought Goku was stronger than him. The three cyborgs were flying toward Goku's house. But number 17 suddenly landed on a road in the mountains. Number 18 asked him what he was doing. Number 17 said that he wanted to enjoy things a little more and that there was no need to hurry. He wanted to ride a car to Goku's house. Number 18 said that number 17 still had some traits of a man (boy). Then number 17 asked number 16 if he felt the same way. But number 16 said that he was not based on any human. He said that Dr. Gero built him up from scratch. So he was very different from number 17 and 18. Then Vejiita landed on the road by the cyborgs. Vejiita told them that he will destroy them all, so they couldn't go to destroy Goku. Number 18 asked number 16 to fight Vejiita. She wanted to see number 16's strength. But number 16 refused. Then number 18 said that she will fight Vejiita. Vejiita said that he will not go easy on her because she was a girl. Dragonball Z episode 135 title: Kawaii kaode chou power!? 18 gou ni shikaku nashi [Super power with a cute face!? No blind spot for number 18] aired: 1992.04.15 Number 18 said that she will fight Vejiita. Vejiita as the super saiya-jin said that he will not go easy on her because she was a girl. Then number 18 attacked Vejiita. But they fought almost evenly. Number 17 commented that Dr. Gero was wrong about Vejiita's power. Gohan was carrying Yajirobe, Buruma, and baby Trunks. Yajirobe kept arguing with Buruma. After a while, number 18 flew off and Vejiita followed her. While they were flying, Vejiita kept firing his energy bolts at her. But number 18 avoided them. Meanwhile, Trunks, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn were flying and looking for the cyborgs and Vejiita. Number 18 landed on a speeding truck on a highway. Vejiita also landed on it and they started fighting. They jumped from car to car and caused a lot of destruction. But the battle between Vejiita and number 18 was still about even. Then they flew back toward where number 17 and number 16 were waiting. Number 16 stopped in the middle of the street. A truck came up behind her. The guy in the truck yelled at her, but she didn't do anything. Then Vejiita fired an energy bolt at number 18. But she jumped out of the way at the last minute. Vejiita's bolt blew up the truck. Maron was windsurfing as Kamesennin was looking at a dirty magazine. Number 18 said, "You're not using all of your strength." Vejiita replied, "Of course not. If I did, I would destroy the entire earth." After number 18 told Vejiita that she was holding back too, Vejiita said, "No need to hold yourself back. Otherwise you will regret it." "Ok," Number 18 said, and attacked Vejiita. She crashed headfirst into Vejiita with great speed, and her forehead hit Vejiita's forehead. The collision caused a cut, and some blood got into Vejiita's eyes. Then number 18 punched Vejiita in the stomach. Vejiita was almost out. Then number 18 hit Vejiita into the mountain wall, creating a deep hole. Trunks and the others finally arrived at the scene of the fight. Trunks asked if Vejiita was all right. Then Vejiita came out of the hole. He got mad and said that the cyborgs were no match for them. Number 17 saw the Z fighters arrive and said that number 18 might not be able to take them all out. So he asked number 16 if he wanted to fight. But number 16 refused. Then number 16 said that he was made to destroy Son Goku. Tenshinhan saw number 17 walking in their direction. Then Trunks asked Vejiita to escape. Number 18 said that they can escape. She said that she would not fight against someone who was running away. But Vejiita said that he would rather die fighting than team up with earthlings or people from planet Namek. Then number 17 arrived and said, "If anyone interferes with the battle between number 18 and Vejiita, I will join in too." "Do you want to continue?" Number 18 asked Vejiita. Just when Vejiita replied "Of course!" number 18 attacked Vejiita. Number 18 and Vejiita kept fighting. Trunks was surprised at how strong Vejiita had become. Piccolo noticed that the match was pretty even. But he also noticed that the cyborg's power level didn't drop, while Vejiita was getting more and more tired as he kept fighting. He said that Vejiita will eventually die. At Goku's house, Goku was still resting in his bed. Number 18 began to catch Vejiita's punches. Then Number 18 hit Vejiita into the rocks. Vejiita got up and attacked number 18, but she avoided him. Then she countered with a heavy kick into Vejiita's left arm, breaking it. Vejiita kneed down in pain and shouted out. Then Trunks yelled out "Father!" and flew off to Vejiita's aid. Dragonball Z episode 136 title: Darenimo yatsurawo tomerarenai.. Z senshi zenmetsuka!? [Nobody can stop them.. Is it the end of the Z fighters!?] aired: 1992.04.22 During the fight, number 18 landed a heavy kick into Vejiita's left arm. The kick broke Vejiita's arm. Vejiita kneed down and shouted out in pain. Then Trunks yelled out "Father!" and flew off to Vejiita's aid. Trunks attacked with his sword. But number 18 blocked it and cracked and chipped the sword. Trunks was shocked. Then number 17 came and hit Trunks away. Trunks crumbled to the ground. Piccolo and Tenshinhan immediately flew to number 17. But number 17 easily took care of them. Number 17 hit Piccolo and he was choking Tenshinhan. Vejiita got mad and tried to go help him. But number 18 grabbed his leg and threw him into Trunks. Kuririn was still watching from the street. He was so scared that he couldn't do anything. Piccolo recovered and attacked number 17 again. But he was no match, and got beaten again. All of the Z fighters except for Kuririn were lying on the ground. Vejiita got up and fought again, but number 18 beat him again. Then she went to step on Vejiita's other arm, and broke it. Number 17 noticed that Vejiita and Trunks had returned from super saiya-jin to normal. They didn't know what it meant because it was not in their data. But number 17 said that it didn't matter. Then number 17 and number 18 flew to Kuririn. Kuririn was very scared. At Kame House, Kamesennin was sleeping in his lawn chair, as Maron was still windsurfing. Then Some guys in a motorboat came and tried to pick up Maron. The turtle protected Maron. Number 17 said to Kuririn, "Don't worry. They aren't dead yet. Hurry up and give them the senzu. It's supposed to make them recover fight? Tell them that if they can train and get stronger, we'll fight them again. See you." Then number 17 and number 18 turned around and walked away. Kuririn couldn't believe it. At Goku's house, Goku was sleeping on his bed. He seemed to be feeling somewhat better. Gohan almost arrived at his home. But Buruma told him to go to her house first. She said that she had to take care of baby Trunks. Yajirobe also wanted to go to Buruma's house. Gohan agreed and flew off in another direction. Number 18 wanted to fly off somewhere else because there weren't any cars passing by where they were. She also said that she wanted some new clothes. So they decided to fly off to a city. Then Kuririn ran up to them and asked them to wait. Kuririn asked what their plans were. Number 17 said, "Well, we have to defeat Son Goku. After that.. We'll think about it later." "Why? Why are you after Son Goku? Dr. Gero is already dead." Number 17 replied, "He's got nothing to do with it. It's just a game." Then number 16 added, "We were built to kill Son Goku." Number 17 said, "Hurry up and give them the senzu. They'll die." Then number 18 went up to Kuririn, kissed him, and said, "Bye." Dragonball Z episode 137 title: Piccolo no ketsui! Totteokino saigono shudan [Piccolo's decision! The very last option.] aired: 1992.04.29 After number 17 and number 18 defeated the Z fighters, number 16 said to Kuririn, "We were built to kill Son Goku." Then number 17 said, "This is just a game. Son Goku is the strongest human. It's just a game to defeat him." Before the cyborgs flew off, number 18 went up to Kuririn, kissed him, and said, "Bye." After the cyborgs left, Kuririn hurried to help the others. He gave them the senzu. After they recovered, Kuririn told everyone about the cyborgs. Piccolo got mad that they were just being played with. Then Vejiita flew off by himself. Trunks tried to go after him, but Piccolo stopped him. Piccolo said, "The shock that he must have felt is pretty big." He also said that Vejiita would be all right by himself. The Z fighters were still shocked about the power of the cyborgs. Tenshinhan said that even Goku wouldn't have a chance. Then Trunks spoke out. "They are a little different from the cyborgs that I knew. The ones I fought against were not that strong. Even I could fight against them." Piccolo told the others to move/hide Son Goku. They would have to start over after Goku recovered. When Kuririn asked what Piccolo was going to do, Piccolo got mad because Kuririn mentioned that they were friends. He shouted, "I'm not your friend!" and blasted everyone. "I'm just using you until I can control the world!" Piccolo said, and flew off by himself. But Kuririn guessed that Piccolo was lying about controlling the world. Kuririn looked at the direction that Piccolo flew off toward, and said that Piccolo probably flew to Kamisama's place. If Piccolo and Kamisama combined together, he would become a super Namek-sei-jin. When Kuririn was on Namek, the old man told him that before Piccolo and Kamisama split, he was a very strong warrior who could fight evenly with Goku and other saiya-jin's. At Kame House a lot of guys came to try to pick up Maron. Then Maron grabbed her suitcase and left with them. Kamesennin said that Maron and Kuririn were probably not a good match. Kuririn, Trunks, and Tenshinhan were flying to Goku's house. Trunks said that it would take about 10 days for Goku to recover with his medicine. At Goku's house, Goku was in pain again. Chichi hurried and gave him some more medicine. Gohan finally arrived at Buruma's house. Buruma's mother invited everyone for cake. But Gohan flew back home right away. Piccolo flew to Kamisama's place. Kamisama remembered about the past. Piccolo and Kamisama were one person. He found out about Kamisama, and wanted to become Kamisama. But since there was some evil in his heart, he couldn't. So Kamisama chased out all of the evil, and that evil became Piccolo Daimaou. Then Piccolo Daimaou tried to take over the world. But he faced little Goku. Goku defeated him and the current Piccolo came out of Piccolo Daimaou. Dragonball Z episode 138 title: Aruku chouhakai heiki! Jinzou ningen ga Goku ni semaru [The walking weapon of destruction! The cyborgs were getting closer to Goku.] aired: 1992.05.06 Piccolo went to Kamisama's place. Kamisama met him, and Piccolo said, "You know why I came." "I know. We were one person. I know what you are thinking about." But Kamisama also said that since Trunks and Vejiita had been defeated by the cyborgs, when Goku recovers the same thing will happen. Then Piccolo said, "This world does not need a Kamisama now. A super Piccolo is needed to defeat the cyborgs." But Kamisama said that he wanted to wait a little more. He said the the future that Trunks had seen might not be what happens, because the past that Trunks had seen had changed slightly. So Piccolo sat down and waited. Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Trunks were flying toward Goku's house. But Tenshinhan flew off to train with Chaozu. He said that he would come back again when the time came to fight again. Trunks was wondering why history had changed so much from the one that he knew. Goku was still sleeping in his bed. Yamucha was reading Goku's martial arts book. Number 17, number 18, and number 16 were flying toward Goku's place. Number 17 spotted a car on the road and flew down. Number 18 wanted to just keep flying, but number 17 said that they had a lot of time and there was no reason to hurry. Two truck drivers were stopping for coffee. Number 17 opened the back of the truck and said that the boxes were in the way. Then number 16 picked up the truck and unloaded the boxes. After putting the truck down, he got into the back. Number 17 got into the driver's seat, and number 18 got into the passenger seat. Number 18 said, "Let's go to Goku's house." But number 18 said that she wanted some new clothes first. The two truck drivers just stood and watched in shock. Vejiita was still very mad and training by himself. He still thought that he was the strongest in the universe. While number 17 was driving the truck slowly down the highway, a motorcycle gang came up to them. The guys tried to pick up number 18. Then number 17 "played" with them. He ran over some of the gang. Then the motorcycle gang got mad and followed the truck. Number 17 drove the truck on the train tracks with the gang following. He drove right at an oncoming train. The gang got scared and jumped. At the last second, number 18 drove the truck off of the tracks. The gang came back with some weapons and stopped the truck. Then number 17 and number 18 got out of the truck. The gang went up to fight them. A guy threw a chain, but number 17 caught it. Then another guy swung an axe at them. But number 18 then split the street with her force. The gang got scared and ran away. Just as the gang escaped, the police came up to the truck. There were two policemen, and they confirmed that the truck was the one that had been stolen. The police put handcuffs on the cyborgs. But the cyborgs clamly destroyed the handcuffs. Then number 18 picked up the police air car and threw it into the mountains. The cyborgs calmly got back into the truck and drove off. Kuririn and Trunks arrived at Goku's house. Chichi opened the door into Kuririn's head, thinking that Gohan had returned. Yamucha saw Trunks and thought that he had defeated the cyborgs. But Kuririn told him that there were 3 other cyborgs, and that they had to go quickly to Mutenroushi's place. When they were loading Goku and some stuff onto the airplane, Gohan came home. Kuririn told them to quickly get onto the plane. Then they flew off. At Buruma's house, Buruma was playing with baby Trunks. Then the phone started to ring. Dragonball Z episode 139 title: Fukitsu na yokan! Buruma ga shiraseta mystery [An evil premonition! The mystery that Buruma brought up] aired: 1992.05.13 The cyborgs were headed toward Goku's house by car, and Piccolo was at Kamisama's place. At Kame House, Chaozu made ramen for Kamesennin, Uron (pig-guy), and the turtle. They all liked it. Chaozu said that he always cooked for Tenshinhan when they were training. Kamesennin asked Chaozu to stay and cook for them. Then Tenshinhan came and said, "Chaozu, let's go!" Kamesennin asked Tenshinhan about the cyborgs. Tenshinhan just said that the cyborgs were still active and that nobody had died yet. Tenshinhan also said that Kuririn and the others would arrive soon, and that they can give the details. Then Tenshinhan and Chaozu left. While they were on the plane headed toward Kame House, Kuririn told everyone about the cyborgs. Kuririn said that they were stronger than what Trunks had said. Then Chichi got some books and told Gohan to study. She said that he shouldn't waste any time. Since Kuririn and the others couldn't think of anything to do to defeat the cyborgs, Trunks suggested that he go back in time and destroy the cyborgs. But the time machine required a lot of energy, and the accuracy was not that great. Also there was no telling if Trunks could return to his original time. Gohan was looking at his books, but he asked what would happen to the cyborgs that were around now if Trunks went back and destroyed the cyborgs. Then Trunks said that there were more than one "futures". He said that the cyborgs would still exist in their time, but wouldn't exist in another "future". He also said that in his future Goku had died. So nothing could change it, even if Goku recovered now. Kuririn said that even if Goku recovered and destroyed the cyborgs, the ones in the future that Trunks came from would still exist. Trunks said that they would. Then Yamucha asked why Trunks had come. Trunks said that he wanted to learn the weaknesses of the cyborgs by watching Goku fight against the cyborgs. He also said that if there was no other choice he wanted to use the time machine to bring Goku into their future. [A flash to Trunks' future.] Trunks was walking though the demolished city. He couldn't stand watching all of the suffering in his miserable world. Trunks said that he must have come back to a different past. Gohan asked why the past had changed so much. Trunks thought that it was because he had come before. But Chichi said that she was happy because Goku would have died if he didn't get the medicine from Trunks. Meanwhile the cyborgs were driving along the highway. When number 18 asked, number 17 said that he didn't know where Goku lived. But number 16 said that he knew where Goku lived and gave the coordinates. It was a location where they could easily fly to in a few minutes. But number 17 said that the "fun" was in going there. Goku had a nightmare. Goku was sleeping on his bed. Number 17 and number 18 arrived to kill Goku. Gohan and Kuririn came in front of Goku's bed to try to protect him. They attacked the cyborgs, but the cyborgs killed them. Then Goku got mad and got out of the bed. Goku attacked the cyborgs. But his punches and kicks went right through them. [Goku was like an image and didn't have a real body.] Then Chichi got in from of Goku's bed. Number 18 grabbed Chichi's neck and snapped it. Goku got really mad and started attacking the cyborgs again. But Goku's swings kept going through them. Then Trunks came. Trunks attacked with his sword, but number 17 turned the sword around and stabbed Trunks. Then the cyborgs went to the Goku that was still sleeping in the bed. Goku started screaming in his sleep. Chichi hurried and gave him some more medicine. Vejiita was training by himself in the rain. He was still very mad. He used his "ki" to create and opening in the clouds, and the sunlight came down onto him. He said that since he was the super saiya-jin, it should make him number one in the universe. He wondered if he had reached his limit. But he said that he would raise himself to any opponent. He said he would defeat the cyborgs. Then he would go defeat Goku. Kuririn called Buruma from the air plane. Buruma told everyone that she had a call from someone that discovered a time machine. Buruma asked if it was the one Trunks had used. But Trunks confirmed that he still had his time machine, miniaturized into a capsule. When Buruma asked how many time machines she had built in the future, Trunks said that she could only build one. Then Buruma sent a picture of the time machine to the air plane via fax. Trunks looked at the picture and said that it was the same time machine that he had used. Dragonball Z episode 140 title: Jaaku no tamago wo hakken! Kyoufu suru Trunks [Discovery of the evil egg! Trunks in fear.] aired: 1992.05.20 Buruma told everyone over the phone about another time machine. When Trunks looked that the picture, he said that it was his time machine. Trunks said that he wanted to go take a look to make sure. Gohan wanted to go too, but Chichi told him that he had to study. Gohan said that he would do it when he got back. Then Trunks and Gohan flew off. Buruma also wanted to take a look, so she also flew off in her air car. While they were flying, Gohan asked Trunks about his future world. Trunks said that the human population had gone down to about ?0,000, and all of the survivors had to hide in an underground hideout. Since Trunks saw that the cyborgs rebelled against and killed Dr. Gero, he thought that the cyborgs were still in the test phase. So Dr. Gero must have had some device to stop the cyborgs. Trunks said that it was a small chance, but it was the only possibility that they had left. Trunks and Gohan arrived at the location of the time machine. Then Buruma arrived in her air car. When she saw Trunks, she asked him how he felt about seeing his "young" mother. Trunks said that Buruma hadn't changed much. Buruma became happy that she would always be "beautiful". Trunks opened up his capsule next to the old time machine. He said that it was the same one. Buruma said that it must be another one. But Trunks rubbed off the greenery from the old time machine. It had the word "hope!" that Trunks had written on it. It was the same time machine as the one Trunks had come in. Trunks and Gohan took a look inside the old time machine. They found some opened shells inside. Buruma said that it was an egg. Then Trunks looked at the data in the time machine's computer. Trunks found out that the time machine had come from 3 years after Trunks in the future. But it had returned to this location 4 years ago. So it had come one year before Trunks had come the first time. Trunks thought that this had caused the history to change. Kuririn arrived at Kame House, and told everyone the story. Since the cyborgs would come looking at Kame House after Goku's house, Uron was very scared. Then Mutenroushi said that he was very strong and could take care of them. But Uron said that he was strong in the past, and now he was just a perverted old man. Meanwhile the cyborgs were in a truck heading for Goku's house, and number 16 was just sitting in the back. He didn't say anything. So number 18 told him to talk. But number 16 just sat there. Then number 17 said that they were close to a city. Number 18 became happy because she could get some new clothes. Trunks turned both time machines into capsules. Gohan told Buruma that the cyborgs were after Goku and that everyone was hiding in Kame House. Then Gohan felt something. He went and found a large shell of some creature. Gohan said that the creature had gotten out. The creature must have come from the egg in the time machine. Trunks felt around inside the shell. He said that not much time had passed since the creature went out of the shell. They looked around. Then they heard something move nearby. Buruma quickly ran to her air car and left. But Trunks and Gohan only found some small animals. Trunks he didn't understand anything about what was going on. Piccolo was still waiting for Kamisama. Then Kamisama said that there was some creature which had come 4 years ago. He felt that something terrible (worse than the cyborgs) was going to happen soon. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan [from Japan: doi@dec-j.co.jp]


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