Dragonball Z episode 123 title Goku no shin hissatsuwaza!? Mitekure orano shunkan idou air

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Dragonball Z episode 123 title: Goku no shin hissatsuwaza!? Mitekure orano shunkan idou aired: 1992.01.15 Vejiita asked Goku, "How did you survive planet Namek's explosion?" Then goku told his story. After the fight he went to Freeza's spaceship. But it was damaged and couldn't fly. He thought that he was going to die. Then Goku spotted a small egg shaped spaceship and hurried to it. It was still functioning so Goku escaped just when the planet was exploding. Vejiita said that the other spaceship belonged to one of the other bad guys. Goku was unconscious as the spaceship crashed on some other planet. Goku met some weird aliens. Vejiita said that it was the planet Yardrat. Vejiita said that the aliens on Yardrat weren't strong, but had some strange powers. Goku told everyone that he had learned a new move, instantaneous teleportation. But he can only go to a place where a person existed because he needs to "feel" them to teleport. Goku gave a demonstration of his new move by going to Kame House, taking Mutenroushi's sunglasses, and coming back in an instant. Kame House was over 10,000 km away. [Mutenroushi = Kamesennin ?] Then Goku tried to remind everyone of the place and time that their enemy was supposed to show up. But Goku had forgotten. Fortunately Piccolo had remembered. It was 3 years in the future, May 12 at 10AM on some island near the south pole. Piccolo said that only people with self confidence should come. Buruma suggested that they should destroy the cyborgs before they came. She said that they should kill Dr. Gero, the scientist that was going to create them. Then they wouldn't have to fight later. But Vejiita and Goku told her that they wanted to fight. Then Tenshinhan, Yamucha, and Kuririn said that they wanted to fight too. Buruma said that they were wrong, but she also said that she will join them. Vejiita told Goku that someday he will defeat Goku, and flew off. Then Tenshinhan and Chauzu went off together. Goku asked Piccolo to train with him and Gohan. Piccolo said that he would. But Kuririn and Yamucha refused, saying that they will train on their own. Goku told Buruma to have a strong baby, and flew off. Buruma didn't know what he was talking about. Then Yamucha mistakenly thought that Goku was suggesting that Buruma and he get married. Kuririn returned to Kame House to train with Mutenroushi. But Mutenroushi was only interested in looking at porno magazines, now that he had his sunglasses back. Vejiita told Buruma's father to build him a machine like the one Goku used in his 100 G's training. But Vejiita asked for 300 G's. Chichi yelled at Goku for trying to bring Gohan into this fighting mess. Chichi wanted Gohan to study. She had bought a lot of study materials for him. Chichi was only concerned with her son's education and not about what happened to the world. Then Goku tapped Chichi on the shoulder (very lightly). But it sent her crashing through the wall, tree, and rocks. Chichi finally agreed. But she said that after three years, she will not let Gohan do any more fighting. So everyone began their training.. Dragonball Z episode 124 title: Koete yaru.. Goku wo! Sentou minzoku Saiya-jin no ou aired: 1992.01.22 Yamucha was training outside, near Vejiita's machine. Yamucha took a peek inside. Vejiita was working out with 300 G's. He was fighting against flying robots that Buruma's father had built. When Vejiita got beaten up, he recovered and fought again. Then Vejiita let out a tremendous amount of energy and destroyed all of the robots. At night Yamucha snuck into Vejiita's machine and turned the power to 300 G's. When the machine reached that level, Yamucha could not stand any more. He used all of his energy to struggle to the control panel to turn the machine off. Buruma's mother said that she liked Vejiita and missed him because he was training all the time. Buruma commented that he was just one maniac from a species of battling creatures. Vejiita was training again. He unleased all of his energy toward one of the battling robots. Then the machine exploded. Buruma and Yamucha went to the ruins. Vejiita was injured but still alive. Then Buruma yelled at him. She said that he could have killed them all. Vejiita stood up, but fell right away. Buruma ran to him and held him. Vejiita tried to stand on his own, but couldn't. Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo were training in some mountains. Goku used his immediate teleportation move to avoid some of the attacks. Then when Gohan attacked Goku, Goku easily defended himself and pounded Gohan and said that his moves were too slow. Vejiita was on a life support system in Buruma's house. Vejiita said, "I will pass Goku. I will for sure." Then he had a dream. Vejiita was running. In front of him he saw Goku. He also saw Trunks. He tried to fight them, but they both became super Saiya-jin. Vejiita couldn't turn himself into one and Goku and Trunks disappeared away from him. Vejiita then had another dream. He was a little Saiya-jin boy on their home planet. His father told him that he could be the strongest in the universe. He said that he might even be able to become the legendary super Saiya-jin. When Vejiita woke up, Buruma was sleeping on a desk by his side. Vejiita hadn't fully recovered, but he continued his training. He went up to 400 G's. Yamucha saw this and decided to leave to train somewhere else. While Vejiita was training, Buruma yelled at him over the visual phone because he hadn't fully recovered. Then Vejiita yelled back. "Do you want to live longer than three more years?" After Buruma replied that she wanted to Vejiita said, "Then shut up!" Dragonball Z episode 125 title: Menkyo kaiden? Goku no aratanaru shiren aired: 1992.01.29 A wild boar was chasing after Chichi, who was coming home carrying two large bags of groceries. Chichi finally ran to a cliff and forced the wild boar to go over the cliff. On the way home, Chichi saw the neighbors driving home in a car. Both the husband and wife were in the car looking very happy. Goku and Gohan came home. Goku said, "Let's take shower," to Gohan and they just started to take off their clothes. Then they threw their clothes onto the table and started to walk out to take a shower. Chichi was watching all of this and got mad. She yelled and said that Goku just did his training and didn't do anything for the home. Then Chichi told Goku and Piccolo to get a driver's license so they can take her shopping, and also learn some common sense. Otherwise she said that she wouldn't give them any food. Goku and Piccolo wore "normal" clothes and went to the driving school. They even wore shoes. Piccolo also wore a baseball cap. A very old man was assigned as Goku's teacher and a young woman was assigned as Piccolo's teacher. The woman spoke softly, but when she got into the car to show Piccolo how to drive, she became wild and drove very fast. Buruma and her mother were talking about Vejiita and his training. Since Buruma's mother liked Vejiita, she was sad that he trained so hard that he never came out of the machine. Buruma's father commented that Vejiita was training using 400 G's. Gohan was studying at home. Chichi was happy to see her son studying. After Chichi left, Gohan's dragon came to get him. Gohan snuck out of the window and went to see Goku and Piccolo. The old man kept telling goku about the accelerator and brake. But Goku was having problems. The old man said that he had never seen anyone as bad as Goku. When they were driving, the old man told Goku to cut the steering wheel. So Goku really cut it (broke it off). [In Japanese, "handle wo kiru" = "turn the steering wheel". But it also sounds like "cut the steering wheel".] Piccolo was doing a little bit better in his driving. He was driving slowly and cautiously. Then goku came up and passed him by. Piccolo got mad and started racing against Goku. Eventually they crashed into each other. The instructors then gave Goku and Piccolo one last chance with a road test. It was raining that day. They were driving very slowly on a mountain road and they were following a school bus full of kids, who made fun of them. Then some rocks and mud started to fall down onto the bus from the mountain. The school bus started to fall off over a cliff because of the force of the rocks. Goku and Piccolo both flew out of their cars and saved the bus and kids. The old man said that they have such strong powers so they don't need a license. Goku and Piccolo went home without a license. Then three years went by. Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo took off for the battle. Dragonball Z episode 126 title: Kehaiwo motanu satsujinki. Doitsuga jinzouningenda!? aired: 1992.02.05 The three years had passed since Trunks came and warned them about the cyborgs and the dark future. Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo were flying to their destination. While they were flying, Piccolo asked Goku how he honestly felt about the upcoming battle. Goku said he didn't know because he hadn't seen their enemy yet. Piccolo said that he had confidence that he would win. But Goku told Piccolo not to try too hard, because the dragonball would be gone if he died. Then they met Kuririn, who was also flying. Kuririn said that Gohan had became bigger. [Gohan doesn't look much bigger to me. - H.Doi] But Kuririn wasn't very happy. He said that he was worried because he wasn't a super saiya-jin like Goku. Then they arrived at the island. It was a big island, with a large city in it. Since there were so many people in the city, they had to lure the cyborgs away before the battle. They were trying to sense the cyborgs, but they only sensed Yamucha and Tenshinhan. Then they landed on a hill outside of the city. They were surprised when they saw Buruma holding a baby. [Buruma had short hair and looks much better than before. - H.Doi] When Gohan asked if Buruma and Yamucha had gotten married, Yamucha said that they hadn't. He also said that they will be surprised when they find out who the father of the baby was. But Goku went up to the baby and called him Trunks and said that his father was Vejiita. Buruma was surprised because Goku had guessed perfectly. Tenshinhan said that he left Chauzu behind, because he said that Chauzu couldn't handle the upcoming battle. When Goku told Buruma that she should not be there, Buruma said that she will return after she takes a peek at the cyborgs. There were 30 minutes left until the cyborgs were supposed to arrive. They were all waiting at the top of a hill, looking down at the city. Gohan was playing with the baby. Then Piccolo felt someone coming their way. It was Yajirobe in a sky car. He brought something for Goku. Then Yajirobe left right away, because he wasn't stupid enough to fight. It was past 10:00 but they couldn't feel the enemy at all. Then there was an explosion. Yajirobe's sky car had exploded. They saw two cyborgs flying down into the city from the explosion. But they couldn't feel any "ki". Then Gohan said that since they were cyborgs, they didn't have any "ki" to feel. They all decided to go down into the city and to actually "look" for the cyborgs because they couldn't feel them. Gohan went to look for Yajirobe who fell into the ocean. They split up and went into the city, but it looked just like a normal city. Also they didn't know the cyborgs looked like. Two mysterious creatures were walking around in the city. There was a fat, Chinese type (number 19) and a tall, old man type (number 20). Number 19 beat up two people. Number 20 was standing in the street. Then a man in a car came by and started yelling at the number 20. Number 20 walked over to the car and started to take the engine apart. Then he pulled the man out of the car and choked him. A young woman was nearby, saw this, and screamed. Yamucha heard the scream. Number 20 and number 19 felt Yamucha's power. They said it was much higher than the average human and thought that it was Goku. When Yamucha arrived, he couldn't find the cyborgs. The cyborgs saw Yamucha and figured out that it wasn't Goku. They had some data and concluded that it was Yamucha. Then they went to attack Yamucha. Number 20 used just one hand to close Yamucha's mouth (before he could yell and warn the others) and picked him up from the ground. A truck came by and crashed into a gasoline station because Yamucha and number 20 were in the middle of the street. Everyone saw the explosion and knew that something must be happening. Number 20 was sucking the energy out from Yamucha. Yamucha couldn't do anything to fight back. Then number 20 used his other hand and stabbed Yamucha through the heart. Dragonball Z episode 127 title: Reiketsu 20 gou no akugyakuhidou! Goku ikarino chouhenshin aired: 1992.02.12 Yamucha was getting beaten up by number 20. Number 20 had one hand grabbing Yamucha's face, and another through his body. When number 20 drew his hand out of Yamucha's body, a lot of blood came dripping out. Tenshinhan, Goku, Piccolo, Kuririn all saw the explosion and flew to the location where Yamucha was getting beaten. Goku got really mad when he saw number 20. Number 20 threw Yamucha's almost dead body away. Then Goku told Kuririn to take Yamucha to the cliff because he had left the medicine balls there. Kuririn carried Yamucha and flew off. Piccolo asked the two creatures if they were cyborgs. Number 20 then questioned why they knew. He was also surprised that Goku and the others were expecting them. Then they got ready to fight. Goku said, "Wait, let's go to a place where there are no people around." The cyborgs agreed. Then number 20 used the laser beams from his eyes and fired in all directions. In a matter of seconds, a large portion of the city around them was destroyed and in flames. Goku got mad and hit number 20, knocking off his hat. Then number 20 stopped shooting. Number 20 calmly said, "I wanted to create a spot without any people." Goku got mad and said, "Follow me!" Number 20 said, "Sure, choose your own place of death, Son Goku." Goku was surprised that Cyborgs knew his name. Number 20 said that he knew the names of everyone else too. Then Goku flew off. The cyborgs and the others also followed Goku. On the cliff outside of the city, Gohan, Kuririn, Yamucha, and Buruma were watching. They saw everyone take off. Yamucha said that he had to warn everyone. He said that the cyborgs suck the power out. Kamesennin and the pig-guy [don't know his name] were watching TV in Kame House. Chauzu was just sitting by himself. Then there was an interruption for a special news bulletin. It reported about the city. Chauzu became worried. But Kamesennin said that because Goku was there from the beginning, they should easily win. Gohan said that they had to go follow everyone. But Yamucha didn't want to go. He said that they were too strong. He felt their power once and almost died. But Gohan and Kuririn went. "You don't know the terror and horribleness of the cyborgs," Yamucha said. Then he also flew off, saying that he won't fight and that he was going just to watch. Goku was still flying and looking for a place to fight. Number 20 got tired of flying and went down on a island. Everyone else went down too. Tenshinhan noticed that Goku was sweating and breathing hard. He couldn't believe that Goku would get so tired just by flying. Goku asked the cyborgs why they knew about them. Number 20 told them that Dr. Gero had created a spy robot and were spying on Goku ever since he was little. They had spied on the earlier battles [from Dragonball], the fight against piccolo, and the fight against vejiita. They wanted to defeat Goku because he had destroyed the Red Ribbon Army. Then Goku asked if they had spied on the battles on planet Namek. Number 20 said he didn't need to. He said that they could predict how much Goku could have improved. Goku smiled and said, "You lost. You didn't investigate the most important thing." Then Goku turned himself into a super saiya-jin. Number 20 was surprised. But he said that the power level was still not high enough to defeat them. He said number 19 can defeat Goku. Then Goku attacked the cyborgs. Dragonball Z episode 128 title: Goku, double shock! Yamaito tekino hasamiuchi aired: 1992.02.19 When number 20 saw Goku turn into the super saiya-jin, he was surprised, but he still said, "Even number 19 can defeat you." Then Goku attacked. Goku fought against number 19. Goku was too fast and too powerful for number 19. It looked like Goku could easily defeat number 19. But number 19 kept fighting even though he took a beating. Meanwhile at Kame House, Maron came looking for Kuririn. She said that she finally realized that she loved Kuririn. Kamesennin told her that he was out fighting against the cyborgs from the remnants of the red ribbon army. But Maron didn't understand what he was talking about. Then Kamesennin told Maron the story about little Goku and the fight against the red ribbon army. [from the Dragonball TV series] They thought that Goku had defeated them all, but Dr. Gero survived and created the cyborgs that they were fighting now. After Kamesennin's story, Maron said that she still didn't understand. Gohan, Kuririn, and Yamucha felt Goku's power as they were flying toward the scene. But they didn't feel the cyborgs' power. Goku was still pounding number 19, but Goku started breathing hard. Number 20 commented that number 19 will run out of energy soon if he kept taking that much of a beating. Goku was much much more powerful than they had ever imagined. Gohan, Kuririn, and Yamucha arrived. They saw the fighting and were amazed at Goku's power. But Gohan and Piccolo noticed that Goku was rushing things too much. Then Yamucha said that the cyborgs sucked the power from their opponents. Goku threw number 19 to the ground. They thought Goku had won. But number 19 got up from the rubble. Since he was a cyborg, he didn't feel any pain. Then Goku blasted number 19 with a large energy bolt. Number 19 smiled when he saw the bolt coming. Number 19 just stuck his hand up and sucked all of the energy from the bolt. Number 19 got revived and went to fight Goku. Number 20 commented that number 19's power level had gone up to its highest ever. Kuririn noticed that Goku was looking very weak. Number 19 was now landing punches into Goku. Then he hit Goku toward the ground. Goku recovered and landed smoothly. Then Goku went to shoot his energy bolt again. But Piccolo yelled at Goku not to shoot. Piccolo knew that it would only make the opponent stronger. Goku was struggling. Then Gohan realized that Goku was suffering from the heart disease that Trunks had told them about it. Dragonball Z episode 129 title: Vejiita tsuyoshi! Mezameru super saiya-jin no chi aired: 1992.02.26 In the fight against number 19, Goku was getting beaten. Gohan realized that Goku must be getting sick from the heart disease that Trunks had told them about which was caused by some virus. Kuririn said that Goku should have fixed it with the medicine that Trunks had given him a long time ago. Then Kuririn threw one senzu medicine ball to Goku. Goku ate it and recovered a little. Number 19 attacked again and landed punches into Goku. Then Gohan said that in the three years Goku had been healthy and there was no sign of the virus, so he didn't take the medicine. Number 19 kept pounding Goku. Then Goku turned back into his normal self from a super saiya-jin. Number 19 started to choke Goku and suck the energy into his body. Everyone tried to fly to Goku. But number 20 got in between them and said, "I won't let you move another centimeter." Then Piccolo challenged number 20. Number 20 quickly shot laser beams from his eyes and Piccolo fell to the ground. Number 19 was still sucking energy out from Goku. Then something hit him and knocked him away. It was Vejiita. Vejiita said, "I will be the one to defeat Goku." Piccolo got up. He had been acting to try to find an opening. He said that number 20's laser beams weren't enough to defeat him. Vejiita threw Goku's body to Piccolo. Gohan said that he will carry Goku back, but Yamucha said that he will do it. He said that he was the weakest one of them. Then Yamucha flew off and carried Goku back home. Number 20 told number 19 not to go after Goku. He said that they can save the fun for last. Buruma was on the cliff with Yajirobe on the island with the burning city. Yajirobe was playing with Trunks. Buruma still wanted to go see the cyborgs so she insisted that Yajirobe go with her. Yajirobe didn't want to, but he finally agreed to just take a peek. Buruma and Yajirobe went off on the air car with Buruma driving. Kuririn said that they shouldn't fight. He said that Trunks told them that they had all died in the battle without Goku. But Piccolo said that not everything will go according to the way that Trunks had seen. He said that history was changing, because of Trunks coming back in time. Number 19 told number 20 that he wanted to fight Vejiita. Number 20 said ok, but then he will get to fight everyone else and get their energy. Number 19 said that he knew Vejiita's strength. But Vejiita said that their data was too old. Then Vejiita turned himself into a super saiya-jin. Everyone was shocked. Vejiita told everyone about the fierce training that he went through. After the 450 G training at Buruma's house, he went to space to train. Vejiita trained against meteors. But there was one huge meteor that pounded Vejiita. Vejiita realized his limits. Then the super saiya-jin inside him woke up. He said that he was now stronger than Goku. Number 19 and Vejiita started to fight. Number 19 shot his lasers at Vejiita, but it didn't phase him. Then Number 19 went to attack Vejiita. Dragonball Z episode 130 title: 20 gou no futeki na warai.. Dr. Gero no himitsu aired: 1992.03.04 Number 19 and Vejiita started to fight. Number 19 went to attack Vejiita who had turned into a super saiya-jin. Vejiita just let number 19 slap him around. Vejiita didn't hit back. Then Vejiita said, "Is that all? You're lucky that you're a cyborg and can't feel pain." Vejiita calmly attacked number 19. Vejiita easily pounded number 19. Everyone was surprised how strong Vejiita had become. Even number 20 was shocked and started to sweat. Then number 19 recovered and they fought some more in mid air. After Vejiita pounded number 19, he started to bleed [cyborgs can bleed?]. Then Vejiita pounded number 19 into the ground. Number 19 was still in the large crater created by Vejiita's blast. When Vejiita went to look him over, number 19 grabbed onto Vejiita's hand. He started to suck the energy from Vejiita and said, "I won't let you go." Vejiita was still calm. He said, "Don't let go." Then Vejiita started to kick number 19 in the face. Vejiita let number 19 suck the power, but he kept pushing harder and harder on number 19's face. Then number 19's hands came off! Vejiita ripped number 19's hands off of his arms. Then Vejiita looked at number 19's hands (that were still attached to Vejiita's arms) and found out where the cyborgs sucked the power. Number 19 was now trembling in fear. Vejiita slowly walked up to number 19. Number 19 climbed out of the crater and tried to run away. Vejiita went up into the air and blasted number 19 with one super blast saying, "This is super Vejiita's big bang attack." Number 19 was blasted into pieces. [We get to see his head rolling.] Buruma and Yajirobe were in the air car flying toward the battle. Buruma saw the smoke and knew that that must be the location of the battle. Yajirobe didn't want to go and they started arguing. Then baby Trunks started crying. Everyone was still in shock. They were surprised by Vejiita's strength. But then number 20 said, "You still can't win." Vejiita replied, "He [number 19] took a lot of power from me. If you want to beat me, now it the time." Then number 20 said, "No matter how strong you have become, you can't beat the cyborgs," and flew off to hide in the mountains. Number 20 thought that Vejiita must be hiding something else because he sounded like he wanted to fight right then. After number 20 left, Vejiita asked Kuririn for a senzu [medicine ball]. But Kuririn hesitated. Then Piccolo told Kuririn to give Vejiita one. After eating the senzu and regaining his strength, Vejiita said, "Don't get in my way. Go home and drink some milk," and flew off. Piccolo noticed that Vejiita was really strong and also was a genius in fighting. He said that since Vejiita had lost a lot of power to number 19, he would have lost had he fought number 20 there. Then Piccolo also said that Vejiita might have passed Goku. They (Gohan, Kuririn, Tenshinhan) all wanted to watch the battle. Piccolo warned them not to fight because number 20 was still too strong. He told them to call out when they spotted number 20. Number 20 was hiding in the mountains. Vejiita couldn't find him because he couldn't sense the cyborgs. So Vejiita got mad and decided to blast all of the mountains away. Vejiita created a large energy ball and threw it. Then number 20 saw the huge energy ball coming. He hurried to the ball and sucked all of the energy. Number 20's power really went up. Then he laughed and ran away. Vejiita went after him, but number 20 was too fast. Number 20 was hiding and didn't want to face Vejiita. He thought that he had to return to the lab. However, he said that didn't want to go back. Then number 20 spotted Gohan, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo in the mountains. Number 20 then decided that he will suck all of their energies before fighting Vejiita. Then he thought that he could defeat Vejiita. -- Hitoshi Doi, International Open Systems Engineering doi@jrd.dec.com Japan Research and Development Center decwrl!jrd.dec.com!doi Digital Equipment Corporation Japan doi@decvax.dec.com


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