AN ATHIEST'S SUNDAY BRUNCH ( file CHURCH PYTHON ) Transcribed from Monty Python's +quot;Co

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**** AN ATHIEST'S SUNDAY BRUNCH ( file CHURCH PYTHON ) **** **** Transcribed from Monty Python's "Contractual Obligations" Album **** **** by R. "Gumby" Preston ( KL791C@GWUVM.BITNET ), May 1986 **** **** uploaded to CMS January 1987 **** (Sound: Church bells, lots of them, ringing.) Man: I wish those bloody bells would stop. Wife: Oh, it's quite nice dear, it's Sunday, it's the church. M: What about us atheists? Why should we 'ave to listen to that sectarian turmoil? W: You're a lapsed atheist, dear. M: The principle's the same. The Mohmedans don't come 'round here wavin' bells at us! We don't get Buddhists playing bagpipes in our bathroom! Or Hindus harmonizing in the hall! The Shintus don't come here shattering sheet glass in the shithouse, shouting slogans- W: All right, don't practice your alliteration on me. M: Anyway, when I membership card and blazer badge back from the League of Agnostics, I shall urge the executive to lodge a protest against that religious racket! Pass the butter knife! W: WHAT?? M: PASS THE BUTTER KNIFE!! (pause) THANK YOU! IF ONLY WE HAD SOME KIND OF MISSILE! W: 'OLD ON, I'LL CLOSE THE WINDOW. M: WHAT?! W: I SAID, I'LL CLOSE THE WINDOW! (Sound: Window closing, bells get faint, but are still there) M: If only we had some kind of missile, we could take the steam out of those bells. W: Well, you could always use the number 14-St. Joseph-the-somewhat- divine-on-the-hill ballistic missile. It's in the attic. M: What ballistic missile would this be, then? (Sound: Bells begin to get increasingly louder) W: I made it for you, it's your birthday present! M: Just what I wanted, 'ow nice of you to remember, my pet. 'ERE! W: WHAT? M: THOSE BELLS ARE GETTING LOUDER! W: WHAT? M: THOSE BELLS ARE GETTING LOUDER!! W: THE BELLS ARE GETTING LOUDER! OOOH, LOOK! M: WHAT? W: THE CHURCH, IT.. ITS COMING CLOSER! ITS COMING DOWN THE 'ILL! M: WHAT A LIBERTY! W: ITS TURNING INTO OUR LANE! WELL, YOU BETTER GO PUT IT OUT OF IT'S MISERY. M: WHERE'S THIS MISSILE, THEN? W: IT'S IN THE ATTIC. PRESS THE BUTTON MARKED CHURCH! M: 'OW DO I AIM IT? W: IT AUTOMATICALLY HOMES IN ON THE NEAREST PLACE OF WORSHIP! M: BUT THAT'S ST. MARKS! W: IT ISN'T NOW, LOOK!! OH, ITS OP'NING THE GATE. M: WHAT? USE THE MEGAPHONE! W: IT'S OP'NING THE GATE!! 'HURRY UP, ITS TRAMPLING OVER THE AZALIAS! (Sound: Missle launch, explosion, bells diminish) M: Did I 'it it? W: Yes, right up the aisle. M: Well I've always said, There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he really doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not. **** end of CHURCH PYTHON ****


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