Article 120 of Subject Re Monty Python - Premise + Conclusion Date 12 Jul 8

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Article 120 of Path: pasteur!ames!apple!oliveb!mipos3!omepd!davidl From: (David Levine) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: Monty Python - Premise & Conclusion Message-ID: Date: 12 Jul 89 13:59:03 GMT References: <> <> Sender: news@omepd.UUCP Organization: BiiN Information Systems, Hillsboro, Oregon Lines: 29 In-reply-to:'s message of 7 Jul 89 21:41:37 GMT P: Morning, Mrs. Premise! C: Morning, Mrs. Conclusion! P: Busy day? C: Busy?! Just spent four hours burying the cat! P: FOUR HOURS to bury a cat? C: Oh yes, it wouldn't keep still... wriggling about, howling... P: We're going to have the budgie put down. C: Is it very old then? P: No, we just don't like it. C: How do they put budgies down anyway? P: Well, I've just been reading a big book about how to put your budgie down. It seems you can either hit them with the book or shoot them *there*, just above the beak. C: Mrs. Essence flushed hers down the loo. P: Oh, that's dangerous! They breed in the sewers! And soon you get huge flocks of evil-smelling soiled budgies flying out of people's lavatories and infringing their personal freedoms! Personal freedom infringed? Ring Slater Nazis, or, if closed, the Department of Foreign Affairs. David D. Levine BBBBBBBBB IIII IIII NNN NNNN TM Senior Technical Writer BBBB BBBB iiii iiii NNNN NNNN BBBBBBBBB IIII IIII NNNNNNNNN UUCP: ...[!uunet]!tektronix!biin!davidl BBBB BBBB IIII IIII NNNN NNNN MX-Internet: BBBBBBBBB IIII IIII NNNN NNN ARPA: <> P.S. Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, is not on the Net.


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