DOCTOR WHO EPISODES Updated by Jim Thomas of RSVP BBS FIDO #425 (415) 659-9169 Last Update

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DOCTOR WHO EPISODES Updated by Jim Thomas of RSVP BBS FIDO #425 (415) 659-9169 Last Update March 17, 1985. Please send additional info to RSVP BBS...Jim William Hartnell (1963-1966) 28 Stories / 133 Episodes 1st Season: A - An Unearthly Child (Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton & Barbara B - The Daleks Wright) C - The Edge of Destruction D - Marco Polo E - The Keys of Marinus F - The Aztecs G - The Sensorites H - The Reign of Terror 2nd Season J - Planet of Giants K - The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Susan leaves) L - The Rescue (Vicki) M - The Romans N - The Web Planet P - The Crusade Q - The Space Museum R - The Chase (Stephen Taylor)(Ian and Barbara leave) S - The Time Meddler 3rd Season T - Galaxy Four T/A- Mission to the Unknown U - The Myth Makers (Katrina) (Vicki leaves) V - The Dalek Masterplan (Katrina and Sara both die) W - The Massacre (Dodo Chaplet) X - The Ark Y - The Celestial Toymaker Z - The Gunfighters AA - The Savages (Stephen leaves) BB - The War Machines (Polly and Ben Jackson) (Dodo leaves) 4th Season CC - The Smugglers DD - The Tenth Planet Patrick Troughton (1966-1970) 21 Stories / 119 Episodes EE - The Power of the Daleks FF - The Highlanders (Jamie) GG - The Underwater Menace HH - The Moonbase JJ - The Macra Terror KK - The Faceless Ones (Ben and Polly leave) LL - The Evil of the Daleks (Victoria Waterfield) 5th Season MM - The Tomb of the Cybermen NN - The abominable Snowmen OO - The Ice Warriors PP - The Enemy of the World QQ - The Web of Fear (Brigadier as Col.) RR - Fury From the Deep (Victoria leaves) SS - The Wheel in Space(Zoe) 6th Season TT - The Dominators UU - The Mind Robber VV - The Invasion (First Unit Story) WW - The Krotons XX - The Seeds ofDeath YY - The Space Pirates ZZ - The War Games (Jamie and Zoe leave) Jon Pertwee(1970-1974) 24 Stories / 128 Episodes 7th Season AAA- SpearheadFrom Space (Liz Shaw) BBB- The Silurians CCC- The Ambsadors of Death DDD- Inferno (Liz Shaw leaves) 8th Season EEE- Terror of the Autons (Jo Grant) FFF- The Mind of Evil GGG- The Claws of Axos HHH- Colony in Space JJJ- The Daemons 9th Season KKK- Day of the Daleks LLL- The Curse of Peladon MMM- The Sea Devils NNN- The Mutants OOO- The Time Monster 10th Season PPP- The Three Dctors (Pertwee, Troughton, & Hartnell) QQQ- Carnival o Monsters RRR- Fontier in Space SSS- Planet of the Daleks TTT- The Green Death(Jo leaves) 11th Season UUU- The Time Warrior (Sara Jane Smith) WWW- Invasion of the Dinosaurs XXX- Death to the Daleks YYY- The Monster of Peladon ZZZ- Planet ofthe Spiders Tom Baker (1974-1981) 41 Stories / 172 Episodes 12th Season 4A - Robot (Harry Sullivan) 4C - The Ark in Space 4B - The Sontaran experiment 4E - Genesis of the Daleks 4D - Revenge of the Cybermen 13th Season 4F - Terror of the Zygons (Harry Leaves) 4H - Planet of Evil 4G - Pyramids of Mars 4J - The Android Invasion 4K - The Brain of Morbius 4L - The Seeds of Doom 14th Season 4M - The Masque of Mandragora 4N - The Hand of Fear (Sarah leaves) 4P - The Deadly Assassin 4Q - The Face of Evil (Leela of the Sevateem) 4R - The Robot of Death 4S - The Talons of Weng-Chiang 15th Season 4V - Horror of Fang Rock 4T - The Invisible Enemy (K-9) 4X - Image of the Fendahl 4W - The Sunmakers 4Y - Underworld 4Z - The Invasion of Time (Leela & K9 leaves)(K9 Modell II) .pa 16th Season (6 Segments of Key of Time) 5A - The Ribos Operation(Lady Romanadvoratrelundar) 5B - The Pirate Planet 5C - The Stones of Blood 5D - The Androids of Tara 5E - The Power of Kroll 5F - The Armageddon Factor 17th Season 5J - Destiny of the Daleks (Romana regenerates) 5H - City of Death 5G - The Creature From the Pit 5K - Nightmare of Eden 5L - The Horns of Nimon 5M - Shada (Unfinished) 18th Season The Leisure Hive 5N - Meglos 5Q - Full Circle (Adric) 5R - State of Decay 5P - Warrior's Gate (Roana & K-9 leave) 5S - The Keeper of Traken 5T - Logopolis (Tegan Jovenka & Nyssa of Traken) Peter Davison (1981-1984) 20 Stories/74 Episodes 19th Season 5V - Castrovalva 5Z - Four to Doomsday 5W - Kinda 5Y - The Visitation 5X - Black Orchid 6A - Earthshock (Adic dies) 6B - Time Flight 20th Season 6C - Arc of Infinity 6E - Snakedance 6D - Mawdryn Undead (Turlough) (Black Guardian Episodes) 6F - Terminus (Nyssa leaves) 6G - Enlightenment 6H - The King's Demons (Kamelion) 21st Season 6J - Th Five Doctors (Davison w/Doctors 1-4 + Companions) - Warriors from the Deep - The Awakening - Frontios - Ressurection of the Daleks(Tegan leaves) - Planet of Fire (Turlough leaves) - The Caves of Androzani (Perpugilliam Brown) Colin Baker (1984- ) - The Twin Dilemma (Lt Hugo Land) 22nd Season - Attack of the Cybermen - Vengeance on Varos - Mark of Rani - The Two Doctors (C. Baker & Troughton) - Time-Lash - Revelation of the Daleks 23rd Season (delayed for 18 months)


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