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Airport '79, The| Akira Kurosawa's Dreams|Dreams (1990)| Akira Kurosawa's Dreams|Konna Yume wo Mita| Albert R.N.|Spare Man| Alex and the Gypsy|Love and Other Crimes| Alex|A Idade Major| Alfie Darling|Oh Alfie| Ali: Fear Eats the Soul|Angst essen Seele auf| Alias Nick Beal|Contact Man, The| Alien Contamination|Contamination| Alien Thunder|Dan Candy's Law| All Is Possible in Granada|Todo es Possible en Granada| All Lies|Alles Luege| All Mine to Give|Day They Gave Babies Away, The| All You Need Is Cash (TV)|Rutles, The (TV)| Alone Among Women|Allein unter Frauen| Alphabet Murders, The|ABC Murders, The| Alpine Fire|Hoehenfeuer| Always & Forever|Immer & Ewig| American Soldier, The|Amerikanische Soldat, Der| Amityville 3-D|Amityville III: The Demon| Amityville 3-D|Amityville: The Demon| And the Little Prince Said|Petit Prince a Dit, Le| And the Pursuit of Happiness|God's Country| And the Ship Sails On|E la Nave Va| Andy Warhol's Dracula|Blood for Dracula| Andy Warhol's Dracula|Young Dracula (1974/I)| Andy Warhol's Frankenstein|Flesh For Frankenstein| Angel Farm|Anglard| Angel and the Woman, The|Ange et La Femme, L'| Angel of Fire|Angel de Fuego| Angel with a Trumpet|Angel with the Trumpet, The| Animal, The|Animal, L'| Anna Boleyn|Deception (1920)| Anna Goeldin, The Last Witch|Anna Goeldin, Letzte Hexe| Anne of Avonlea (TV)|Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (TV)| Anti-Extortion Woman, The|Minbo No Onna| Any Number Can Win|Melodie en Sous-Sol| Ape Man, The|Lock Your Doors| Apple Trees|Apfelbaeume| Appointment with Venus|Island Rescue| April Fool's Day|Slaughter High| Arab Friend, The|Amico Arabo, L'| Archipelago (1992/I)|Archipel| Archipelago (1992/II)|Archipielago| Arena, The (1973)|Naked Warriors| Arousers, The|Kiss from Eddie, A| Arousers, The|Sweet Kill| Arrival of Averill, The|Averills Ankommen| Arrow, The|Freccia Nel Fianco, La| Arthur the King (TV)|Merlin and the Sword (TV)| As in Heaven|Svo A Jordu Zvo A Himni| Ask for the Moon|Chiedi la Luna| Aspern Papers, The|Papeles de Aspern, Los| Assassin, The (1952)|El Alamein (1952)| Assassin, The (1952)|Venetian Bird| Asylum|House of Crazies| At the End of the Night|Am Ende der Nacht| Atlantic Ferry|Sons of the Sea| Atomic Man, The|Time Slip| Ator, The Fighting Eagle|Ator| Attack of the Swamp Creature|Blood Waters of Dr. Z| Attack of the Swamp Creature|Zaat| Au Revoir Les Enfants|Goodbye Children| Au Revoir, Mon Amour|Hoyat Gwan Tsoi Loi| August|Aout| Aurora (TV)|Qualcosa di Biondo (TV)| Autumn Moon|Qiuyue| Babette Goes to War|Babette s'en va-t-en Guerre| Back at the Front|Willie and Joe Back at the Front| Backstreet Dreams|Backstreet Strays| Bad Blood (1934)|Mauvaise Graine| Bad Blood (1987)|Mauvais Sang| Bad Blood (1987)|Night Is Young, The| Bad Man, The|Two-Gun Cupid| Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession|Bad Timing| Bagdad Cafe|Out of Rosenheim| Ballad of Ren-Ham, The|Ballata di Ren-Ham, La| Ballerina (1956)|Rosen fuer Bettina| Bambole!|Four Kinds of Love| Bamboo Saucer, The|Collision Course (1968)| Banacek (TV)|Detour to Nowhere (TV)| Bananas Boat, The|What Changed Charley Farthing?| Band of Outsiders|Bande a Part| Barabbas|Barabba| Baron Blood|Torture Chamber of Baron Blood, The| Barretts of Wimpole Street, The (1934)|Forbidden Alliance| Bat Hunt|Vinatoarea de Lilieci| Battle Hell|Yangtse Incident| Battle of Austerlitz, The|Austerlitz| Battle of Neretva, The|Bitka na Neretvi| Bay Coven (TV)|Strangers in Town (TV)| Bay of Saint Michel, The|Operation Mermaid| Bay of the Angels|Baie des Anges, La| Beach of Lost Children, The|Plage des Enfants Perdus, La| Bear, The (1989)|Ours, L'| Beatlemania|Beatlemania, The Movie| Beatrice (1988)|Passion Beatrice, La| Beatrice (1988)|Passion of Beatrice, The| Beauties of the Night|Belles de Nuit| Beautiful But Dangerous|Donna Piu Bella del Mondo, La| Beautiful Story, The|Belle Histoire, La| Because You are a Woman|Yojaranun Iyumanuro| Behind the Scenes: A Portrait of Pierre Guffroy|Envers du Decor: Portrait de Pierre Guffroy, L'| Being, The|Easter Sunday| Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla|Boys from Brooklyn, The| Beloved, The|Sin| Best Intentions, The|Goda Viljan, Den| Better Late Than Never (1982)|Whose Little Girl Are You?| Betty Blue|37.2 Degrees le Matin| Between Us|Coup de Foudre| Between Us|Entre Nous| Beware the Holy Whore|Beware of a Holy Whore| Beware the Holy Whore|Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte| Beware! The Blob|Son of Blob| Bewitched (1987)|Stregati| Beyond Good and Evil|Oltre Il Bene E Il Male| Beyond the Door|Beyond Obsession| Beyond the Door|Secret Beyond the Door, The (1982)| Beyond the Limit|Honorary Consul, The| Beyond the Stars|Personal Choice| Bible, The|Bibbia, La| Big Black Pill, The (TV)|Joe Dancer (TV)| Big Blue, The|Grand Bleu, Le| Big City, The (1937)|Skyscraper Wilderness| Big Deal on Madonna Street|Big Deal| Big Deal on Madonna Street|Soliti Ignoti, I| Big Dipper, The|Karlsvognen| Big Girls Don't Cry...They Get Even|Stepkids| Big Man, The|Crossing the Line| Big Operator, The|Anatomy of a Syndicate| Big Silence, The|Grande Silence, La| Big Silence, The|Grande Silenzio, Il| Big Town After Dark|Underworld After Dark| Big Wednesday|Summer of Innocence| Biggles: Adventures in Time|Biggles| Billy Rose's Jumbo|Jumbo| Birdmen (TV)|Escape of the Birdmen (TV)| Birgit Haas Must Be Killed|Il Faut Tuer Birgit Haas| Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, The|Bitteren Traenen der Petra von Kant, Die| Black Barons, The|Cerni Baroni| Black Cat, The (1934)|House of Doom, The| Black Christmas|Stranger in the House (1975)| Black Magic (1944)|Meeting at Midnight| Black Milan|Milan Noir| Blackout (1954)|Murder by Proxy| Blade Master, The|Ator the Invincible| Blind Date (1959)|Chance Meeting| Blind Date (1984)|Deadly Seduction| Blonde Sinner|Yield to the Night| Blonde, The|Bionda, La| Blood Church|Fallen Angels| Blood Feud (1979)|Revenge (1979)| Blood Rage|Nightmare at Shadow Woods| Blood Tide|Red Tide, The| Blood of Fu Manchu, The|Against All Odds (1968)| Blood of Fu Manchu, The|Kiss and Kill| Blood of Heroes, The|Salute of the Jugger| Blood of Heroes, The|Salute to the Jugger| Blood of Others, The (TV)|Sang des autres, Le (TV)| Bloodbrothers|Father's Love, A| Bloodline|Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline| Blown Kiss|Vozdusniy Potzelui| Blowup|Blow-Up| Blue Angel, The (1930)|Blaue Engel, Der| Blue Beach|Playa Azul| Blue Danube Waltz|Kek Duna Keringo| Blue Note|Note Bleue, La| Bluebeard (1962)|Landru| Boarding School|Passion Flower Hotel| Boat, The|Boot, Das| Body Count|11th Commandment, The| Body, The|Corpo, O| Bohemian Life|Vie de Boheme, La| Boiling Point|3-4X Jugatsu| Bolero (1981)|Uns et les Autres, Les| Bolero (1981)|Within Memory| Bones|Parker| Bootleggers (1974)|Bootleggers' Angel| Borges Tales, Part I|Cuentos De Borges I| Boy Ten Feet Tall, A|Sammy Going South| Boys from St. Petri, The|Drengene Fra Sankt Petri| Brain, The (1969)|Cerveau, Le| Branches of the Tree, The|Shakha Proshakha| Brats|Felalom| Breaking the Sound Barrier|Sound Barrier, The| Breakout (1959)|Danger Within| Bret Maverick (TV)|Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace (TV)| Bride Wore Black, The|Mariee Etait En Noir, La| Bridge Across Time (TV)|Arizona Ripper| Bridge Across Time (TV)|Terror at London Bridge (TV)| Broken Lullaby|Man I Killed, The| Brotherly Love (1969)|Country Dance| Brother|Bratan| Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson|Buffalo Bill and the Indians| Buick, The|Buicken| Bulldog Jack|Alias Bulldog Drummond| Bunny Caper, The|Games Girls Play, The| Bunny Caper, The|Sex Play| Burden of Proof, The (TV)|Scott Turow's The Burden of Proof (TV)| Buried Alive (1990/I)|Edgar Allan Poe's Buried Alive| Burke and Hare|Horrors of Burke and Hare| Burn!|Queimada!| Burn, Witch, Burn!|Night of the Eagle| Burning Love|Brandende Liefde| Butterfly Affair, The|Popsy Pop| Butterfly Wings|Alas De Mariposa| C.A.T. Squad (TV)|Stalking Danger (TV)| C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf (TV)|Python Wolf (TV)| Caged Heat|Renegade Girls| Call Him Mr. Shatter|Shatter| Candidate for a Killing|Candidate per un Assassino| Captain Estrada's Widow|Viuda del Capitan Estrada, La| Captain Fracassa's Journey|Viaggio di Capitan Fracassa, Il| Captain Sirocco|Masked Pirate, The| Captain Sirocco|Pirati di Capri, I| Captain's Paradise, The|Paradise (1953)| Career Opportunities|One Wild Night| Carmen (1984)|Bizet's Carmen| Casanova & Co.|Sex on the Run| Casanova's Return|Retour de Casanova, Le| Case Against Ferro, The|Police Python 357| Case of the Red Monkey, The|Little Red Monkey| Cash Academy|Sup de Fric| Cash|For Love or Money (1933)| Cash|If I Were Rich| Castle of Fu Manchu, The|Assignment Istanbul| Castle of Terror, The|Castle of Blood| Cat Women of the Moon|Rocket to the Moon| Catch My Soul|Santa Fe Satan| Catchfire|Backtrack (1990)| Catwalk, The|Passarelle, La| Cauldron of Blood|Blind Man's Bluff (1992)| Cauldron of Blood|Blind Man's Bluff| Cauldron of Blood|Children of Blood| Censorship Has No Access to My Memory|Senzuru K Pamjati Ne Dopuskaju| Center Stage|Ruan Ling-Yu| Cesar and Rosalie|Cesar et Rosalie| Challenge, The (1982)|Sword of the Ninja| Charlots Return, The|Retour des Charlots, Le| Che Ora E?|Quelle heure est-il?| Cheaters, The (1945)|Castaway, The (1945)| Chekist, The|Tchekiste| Child of Man, The|Cilveka Berns| Child on the Open Road|Kinder der Landstrasse| Child's Play (1992)|Kinderspiele| Children Thief, The|Voleur d'Enfants, Le| Children of Chaos|Enfants du Desordre, Les| Children of Paradise|Enfants du Paradis, Les| Chimes at Midnight|Falstaff| Chinese Adventures in China|Tribulations d'un Chinois En Chine, Les| Chinese Roulette|Chinesisches Roulette| Chloe in the Afternoon|Amour l'Apres-Midi, L'| Choice of Arms|Choix des Armes, Le| Chopping Mall|Killbots| Chosen, The (1978)|Holocaust 2000| Christ Stopped at Eboli|Eboli| Christmas Miracle in Caufield, U.S.A. (TV)|Christmas Coal Mine Miracle, The (TV)| Christmas Tree, The|When Wolves Cry| Christmas Vacation '91|Vacanze di Natale '91| Christmas Visitor, The (TV)|Bushfire Moon (TV)| Circle of Deceit|Faelschung, Die| Circle of Deceit|False Witness (1981)| Circle of Love|Ronde, La (1964)| Circle of Power|Brainwash| Circle of Power|Mystique| Circle of Power|Naked Weekend, The| Circle of Violence (TV)|Circle of Violence: A Family Drama (TV)| Circle, The|Vicious Circle, The| City Girl (1930)|Our Daily Bread (1930)| City for Sale|Ville a Vendre| Clairvoyant, The|Evil Mind, The| Clash of Loyalties|Al-Mas' Ala Al-Kubra| Clean Slate|Coup de Torchon| Climate for Killing, A|Row of Crows, A| Clinton and Nadine (TV)|Blood Money (1988) (TV)| Close Friends|Amiche del Cuore, Le| Clouds|Nuvem| Clowns, The (TV)|Clowns, I (TV)| Club Extinction|Dr. M| Club Life|King of the City| Club Virginia Orchestra|Orquesta Club Virginia| Club, The|Players (1980)| Cockfighter|Born to Kill (1974)| Code Name: Emerald|Emerald| Code Name: Foxfire (TV)|Slay It Again, Sam (TV)| Code Name: Trixie|Crazies, The| Cold Moon|Lune Froide| Colonel Redl|Oberst Redl| Colossus of Rhodes, The|Colosso di Rhodi, Il| Colt .45|Thundercloud| Comeback, The (1978)|Day the Screaming Stopped, The| Comics 2, The|Comiche 2, La| Coming-Out Party, A (1961)|Very Important Person| Confession to Laura|Confesion A Laura| Confession, The (1970)|Aveu, L'| Confessional, The|House of Mortal Sin| Confessions of a Lady Cop (TV)|Other Side of Fear, The (TV)| Confidentially Yours|Vivement Dimanche| Conformist, The|Conformista, Il| Congress Dances|Kongress Tanzt, Der| Conquered City|Captive City, The (1962)| Conquest (1937)|Maria Walewska| Contempt|Mepris, Le| Contest Girl|Beauty Jungle, The| Convoy (1992)|Caravana| Cool Million (TV)|Mask of Marcella| Coonskin|Streetfight| Cop on the Beat (TV)|Return of Joe Forrester, The (TV)| Cop-Out|Stranger in the House (1967)| Corky|Lookin' Good| Corpse Vanishes, The|Case of the Missing Brides, The| Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride|Satanic Rites of Dracula| Count Max|Conte Max, Il| Count Max|Il Conte Max| Country Years, The|Annees Campagne, Les| Courage (1984)|Raw Courage| Courageous Mr. Penn|Penn of Pennsylvania| Court Martial|Carrington, V.C.| Cows|Vacas| Cracking Up|Smorgasbord| Crash (1978) (TV)|Crash of Flight 401 (TV)| Crash of Silence|Mandy| Craze|Infernal Idol, The| Crazy Underwear|Mutande Pazze| Creature Wasn't Nice, The|Spaceship| Creature|Titan Find| Creditors|Fordring Sagare| Creepers|Phenomena| Cria!|Cria Cuervos| Crime Busters|Two Supercops| Crimson Cult, The|Crimson Altar, The| Crimson Cult, The|Curse of the Crimson Altar| Crise est Finie, La|Finie la Crise| Crisis (1945)|Kris| Crooks and Coronets|Sophie's Place| Crossed Lines|Gluchy Telefon| Crossed Swords (1978)|Prince and the Pauper, The (1978)| Crucible, The (1957)|Witches of Salem, The| Cry in the Dark, A|Evil Angels| Cry of the Lizard|Cri du Lezard, Le| Cry of the Owl, The|Cri du Hibou, Le| Cry of the Penguins|Mr. Forbush and the Penguins| Crystal Nights|Kristallines Nichtes| Cuba Crossing|Assignment: Kill Castro| Cuba Crossing|Kill Castro| Cuba Crossing|Mercenaries, The| Cuba Crossing|Sweet Violent Tony| Cuban Rebel Girls|Assault of the Rebel Girls| Cuban Rebel Girls|Attack of the Rebel Girls| Cup Final|G'Mar Giviya| Cursed Medallion, The|Night Child| D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill (TV)|Conspiracy to Kill (TV)| D.A.: Murder One (TV)|Murder One (1969) (TV)| Daddy Nostalgia|Daddy Nostalgie| Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.|Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.| Damned the Day I Met You|Maledetto il Giorno Che t'Ho Incontrato| Dance in the Night|Ghamis Zekwa| Dance of the Dwarfs|Jungle Heat| Dangerous Liaisons 1960|Liaisons Dangereuses, Les| Dangerous Moonlight|Suicide Squadron| Daniele Cortis|Elena| Danielle Steel's 'Changes' (TV)|Changes (TV)| Danielle Steel's 'Fine Things' (TV)|Fine Things (TV)| Daniya, Garden of the Harem|Daniya, Jardindel Harem| Dark Eyes|Oci Ciornie| Dark Obsession|Diamond Skulls| Dark Odyssey|Passionate Sunday| Dark Woods|Bois Noir, Les| Dark at Noon, or Eyes and Lies|Oeil que ment, L'| Daughters of Darkness|Rouge aux Levres, La| Davy Crockett, Indian Scout|Indian Scout| Day for Night|Nuit Americaine, La| Day in October, A|Dag I October, En| Day in October, A|Dag I Oktober, En| Day of the Animals|Something Is Out There (1977)| Day of the Woman|I Spit on Your Grave| Day the Hot Line Got Hot, The|Hot Line (1969)| Days to Remember|Verliebten, Die| Dead Man Out (TV)|Dead Man Walking (1989) (TV)| Dead On: Relentless II|Dead On| Deadliest Sin, The|Confession (1956)| Deadline in Seven Days|Zhamgedeh Yot Or| Deadly Eyes|Night Eyes (1982)| Deadly Eyes|Rats, The| Deadly Mantis, The|Deadly Praying Mantis, The| Deadly Trap, The|Death Scream (1971)| Dear Detective (1977)|Dear Inspector| Death Collector|Family Enforcer| Death Dimension|Freeze Bomb| Death Dimension|Kill Factor, The| Death Game|Seducers, The (1977)| Death Scream (1975) (TV)|Woman Who Cried Murder, The| Death in Venice|Morte a Venezia| Death on a Rainy Sunday|Mort un Dimanche de Pluie| Deathdream|Dead of Night (1972)| Deathdream|Night Andy Came Home, The| Deathstalker II (V)|Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans (V)| Debauched Life of Gerard Floque, The|Vie dissolue de Gerard Floque, La| Decline of the American Empire, The|Declin de l'Empire Americain, Le| Deep Red|Hatchet Murders, The| Deep Red|Profondo Rosso| Deep in the Heart|Handgun| Delta Pi|Mugsy's Girls| Demi-Paradise, The|Adventure for Two| Demon|God Told Me To| Denial|Loon| Desert Attack|Ice Cold in Alex| Desert Patrol|Sea of Sand| Despair|Despair - Eine Reise ins Licht| Destructors, The (1974)|Marseille Contract, The| Devil Within Her, The|I Don't Want to Be Born| Devil and Daniel Webster, The|All That Money Can Buy| Devil by the Tail, The|Diable Par la Queue, Le| Devil in the Flesh (1946)|Diable au Corps, Le (1946)| Devil in the Flesh (1986)|Diable au Corps, Le (1986)| Devil's Own, The|Witches, The (1966)| Devil's Wanton, The|Faengelse| Devil's Wanton, The|Prison (1949)| Devil's Widow, The|Tam Lin| Diabolique|Diaboliques, Les| Diary for My Loves|Naplo Szerelmeimnek| Die! Die! My Darling!|Fanatic| Dirty Affair|Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak| Dirty Knight's Work|Trial by Combat| Dirty Money|Flic, Un| Dirty Money (1978)|Argent des Autres, L'| Disaster in Time (TV)|Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (TV)| Divine Comedy, The|Divina Comedia, A| Divorce - Italian Style|Divorzio all'Italiana| Do You Remember Love (TV)|Macross: Do You Remember Love? (TV)| Dock Brief, The|Trial and Error| Doctor In Clover|Carnaby, M.D.| Dog's Life, A|Vita da Cani| Dominique|Avenging Spirit| Dominique|Dominique is Dead| Donkey Skin|Peau d'Ane| Door-to-Door Maniac|Five Minutes to Live| Dorian Gray|Secret of Dorian Gray, The| Dorm That Dripped Blood, The|Death Dorm| Dorm That Dripped Blood, The|Pranks| Double Life of Veronique, The|Double Vie de Veronique, La| Double Negative|Deadly Companion| Down the Long Hills (TV)|Louis L'Amour's Down the Long Hills (TV)| Dr. Alien|I Was a Teenage Sex Mutant| Dr. Alien|I was a Teenage Sex Maniac| Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde|Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde| Dracula's Dog|Zoltan, Hound of Dracula| Dream in the Abyss, A|Sueno en el Abismo, Un| Dreaming About You|Anoche Sone Contigo| Dressed to Kill (1946)|Sherlock Holmes in Dressed to Kill| Driving Me Crazy|Trabbi Goes to Hollywood| Drums|Drum, The (1938)| Duck, You Sucker|Fistful of Dynamite, A| Duck, You Sucker|Giu la Testa| Dude Water Winner|Loch Pobeditel Vody| Dulcimer Street|London Belongs to Me| Dust of Angels|Shaolin Ye, An La!| Eaten Alive|Death Trap (1976)| Eaten Alive|Death Trap| Eaten Alive|Horror Hotel| Eaten Alive|Legend of the Bayou| Eaten Alive|Starlight Slaughter| Ebony White Man, The|Blanc d'Ebene| Echoes of Paradise|Shadows of the Peacock| Effi Briest|Fontane Effi Briest| Einbrecher, Der|Cambrioleur, Le| Einbrecher, Der|Flagrant Delit| Elephant Gun|Nor the Moon by Night| Elisa, My Life|Elisa, Vida Mia| Ellery Queen (TV)|Too Many Suspects| Elusive Corporal, The|Caporal Epingle, Le| Embryo|Created to Kill| Emigrants, The|Utvandrarna| Encino Man|California Man| End of Old Times, The|Konec Starych Casu| End of the World in Our Usual Bed in a Night Full of Rain, The|Night Full of Rain, A| Enid Is Sleeping|Over Her Dead Body| Enormous Changes at the Last Minute|Trumps| Equinox (1992)|Isimeria| Erosion|Erozio| Erste Recht des Kindes, Das|Aus dem Tagebuch einer Frauenaerztin| Escape 2000|Turkey Shoot| Especially on Sunday|Domenica Specialmente, La| Europa Camping|Europa Kemping| Europa Europa|Hitlerjunge Salomon| Even Dwarfs Started Small|Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen| Every Man for Himself|Sauve Qui Peut La Vie| Every Man for Himself|Sauve Qui Peut| Every Morning of the World|All the Mornings of the World| Every Morning of the World|Tous les Matins du Monde| Everybody's Fine|Stanno Tutti Bene| Evil Dead II|Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn| Ewok Adventure, The (TV)|Caravan of Courage (TV)| Excess Baggage|Bulto, El| Exorcist III, The|Exorcist III: Legion, The| Experiment in Terror|Grip of Fear, The| Exposure|High Art| Extreme Close-Up (1973)|Sex Through a Window| Eye for an Eye, An (1966)|Talion| Eyewitness (1981)|Janitor, The| Facts of Murder, The|Maledetto Imbroglio, Un| Falcon's Gold (TV)|Robbers of the Sacred Mountain (TV)| Fallen from the Sky|Sprung aus den Wolken| Falling in Love Again|In Love| False Reports|Faux Rapports| Family, The (1970)|Violent City| Famine '33|Holod '33| Fan-Fan the Tulip|Fanfan la Tulipe| Fan-Fan the Tulip|Soldier of Love| Fantomas Against Scotland Yard|Fantomas| Farewell Sweet War|Uova di Garofano| Farewell, Friend|Honor Among Thieves| Faro Document (TV)|Faroe-dokument 1979| Fast Charlie, The Moonbeam Rider|Fast Charlie and the Moonbeam| Fast Company (1938)|Rare-Book Murder, The| Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid|Zeisters| Fat Man and Little Boy|Shadowmakers| Favorite, The|Intimate Power| Favorite, The|Nuit du Serail, La| Fear (1955)|Paura, La| Fear of Fear (TV)|Angst vor der Angst (TV)| Fearless Vampire Killers or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck, The|Dance of the Vampires| Fearmaker, The|House of Fear (1989)| Fellini Satyricon|Satyricon| Fellini's Casanova|Casanova (1976)| Fellini's Roma|Roma| Femmes Fatales|Calmos| Fenced In|Alambrado| Ferdinando, Man of Love|Ferdinando, Uomo d'Amore| Few Days with Me, A|Quelques Jours Avec Moi| Field of Honor (1988)|Champ d'Honneur| File on Thelma Jordon, The|Thelma Jordan| Final Option, The|Who Dares Wins| Find the Lady|Call the Cops!| Finger of Guilt|Intimate Stranger, The (1956)| Fire Over Africa|Malaga (1954)| Fire Within, The|Feu Follet, Le| First Desires|Premiers Desirs| First Name: Carmen|Prenom Carmen| Fish Soup|Zuppa di Pesce| Fistful of Dollars, A|Per un Pugno di Dollari| Five Girls and a Rope|Wuge Nuzi He Yigen Shengzi| Flagrant Desir|Certain Desire, A| Flame Over India|Northwest Frontier| Flesh Will Surrender|Delitto di Giovanni Espiscopo, Il| Flesh and the Woman|Grand Jeu, Le (1954)| Flight #90: Disaster on the Potomac (TV)|Florida Flight 90 (TV)| Flight Into France|Fuga in Francia| Flood Tide|Above All Things| Fly High Run Far - Kae Byok|Kae Byok| Flying|Dream to Believe| For Love or Money (1963)|Three on a Match (1963)| For Love or Money (1963)|Three-Way Match, The| For Sacha|Pour Sacha| For Your Love Only (TV)|Reifepruefung, Die (TV)| For a Few Dollars More|Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu| Forbidden Games|Jeux Interdits| Forbidden Street, The|Britannia Mews| Forbidden Sun|Bulldance| Forbidden World|Mutant| Fore Play|President's Women, The| Forgotten by God|Raminerea| Fortune in Diamonds|Adventurers, The (1952)| Forty-Ninth Parallel|49th Parallel| Forty-Ninth Parallel|Invaders, The| Forty-Second Street|42nd Street| Four Days of Naples, The|Quattro Giornate di Napoli, Le| Four Desperate Men|Siege of Pinchgut, The| Fourth Man, The|Vierde Man, De| Fox and His Friends|Faustrecht der Freiheit| Fox and His Friends|Fist Right of Freedom| Frantic (1958)|Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud| Frantic (1958)|Elevator to the Scaffold| Frantic (1958)|Lift to the Scaffold| Frazers of Cabot Gove, The|Island Story, An| French, They Are a Funny Race, The|Carnets du Major Thompson, Les| Fresh From Paris|Paris Follies of 1956| Freud's Leaving Home|Freud Flyttar Hemifran| Freud|Freud: The Secret Passion| Frida - Straight from the Heart|Frida - Med Hjertet I Handen| Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe|Fried Green Tomatoes| Friend of Vincent, A|Ami de Vincent, L'| Friends for Live|Amici per la Pelle| Friends for Live|Woman in the Painting, The| Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics|Crazy Horse| Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics|She Drives Me Crazy| Frightened Bride, The|Tall Headlines, The| Frightening Women, The|Unheimlichen Frauen, Die| From South to South|Au Sud du Sud| From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler|Hideaways, The| Frontier, The|Frontera, La| Full Moon|Luna Llena| Funeral Home|Cries in the Night| Funeral, The|Zazambo| Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family, The|Wilderness Family, Part 2, The| Fuss Over Feathers|Conflict of Wings| Future Cop (1985)|Trancers| Galaxy of Terror|Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror| Galaxy of Terror|Planet of Horrors| Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The|Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il| Gardens of Scorpions|Sady Skorpiona| Gas-s-s-s|Gas-s-s-s...or, It May Become Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It| Gaslight (1939)|Angel Street| Gates of Power|Stairway to the Sea| Gathering of Old Men, A (TV)|Murder on the Bayou (TV)| George White's Scandals (1935)|George White's 1935 Scandals| Georgia Peaches, The (TV)|Follow That Car (TV)| German Guy Sexy! The Story of Ilona and Kurti|Deutsches Mann Geil! Die Geschichte von Ilona und Kurti| Germany Nine Zero|Allemagne Neuf Zero| Germany in Autumn|Deutschland im Herbst| Get Out Your Handkerchiefs|Preparez Vos Mouchoirs| Getaway, The (1979)|Derobade, La| Getting Even|Hostage: Dallas| Ghost Goes West, The|Fantome a Vendre| Ghosts on the Loose|Ghosts in the Night| Gift, The (1982)|Cadeau, Le| Ginger and Fred|Ginger e Fred| Girl Who Came Late, The|Daydream Believer| Girl from Lorraine, The|Provinciale, La| Girl on a Motorcycle|Naked Under Leather| Girlfriends, The (1957)|Amiche, Le| Girls of the White Orchid (TV)|Death Ride to Osaka (TV)| Give Her the Moon|Caprices de Marie, Les| Gleaming the Cube|Brother's Justice, A| Go to the Light (TV)|Go Toward the Light (TV)| Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, The|Angst des Tormannes beim Elfmeter, Die| God Walks Backwards|Isten Hatrafele Megy| Gods of the Plague|Goetter der Pest| Going Places (1974)|Valseuses, Les| Going Steady (1979)|Lemon Popsicle II| Going to the Chapel (TV)|Wedding Day (TV)| Gold of Naples, The|Oro di Napoli, L'| Goldberg Variations|Goldberg Variacok| Goldbergs, The|Molly| Golden Coach, The|Carrosse d'Or, Le| Golden Coach, The|Carrozza d'Oro, La| Golden Rendezvous|Nuclear Terror| Gone Are the Days (1963)|Purlie Victorious| Gone with the West|Bronco Busters| Gone with the West|Little Moon and Jud McGraw| Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff|Shaming, The| Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff|Sin, The| Good Morning Beijing|Beijing Nizao| Good Night, Michaelangelo|Brown Bread Sandwiches| Good Wife, The|Umbrella Woman, The| Good to Go|Short Fuse| Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The|Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo, Il| Goodbye, Boys|Do Svidaniye, Malchiki| Gospel According to St. Matthew, The|Vangelo Secondo Matteo, Il| Gospel According to Vic, The|Heavenly Pursuits| Gotham (TV)|Dead Can't Lie, The (TV)| Grand Highway, The|Grand Chemin, Le| Grand Illusion|Grande Illusion, La| Grass Is Singing, The|Killing Heat| Gravy Train, The|Dion Brothers, The| Great Battle, The|Battle Force| Great Battle, The|Greatest Battle, The| Great Day on the Beach, The|Den Store Badedag| Great Gilbert and Sullivan, The|Story of Gilbert and Sullivan, The| Great Santini, The|Ace, The| Great Smokey Roadblock, The|Last of the Cowboys, The| Great Train Robbery, The (1979)|First Great Train Robbery, The| Great War, The|Grande Guerra, La| Greatest Love, The|Europa '51| Greed in the Sun|Cent-Mille Dollars Au Soleil| Green Cockatoo, The|Four Dark Hours| Green Room, The|Chambre Verte, La| Greta's Years|Anos de Greta, Los| Gridlock (TV)|Great American Traffic Jam, The (TV)| Growing Pains|Bad Manners| Guest, The|Caretaker, The| Guilty of Innocence|Coupable d'Innocence| Gun Crazy (1949)|Deadly Is the Female| Gypsy Girl|Sky West and Crooked| H.E.A.L.T.H.|Health| Hail Mary|Je Vous Salue, Marie| Hail Mary|Je vous salue Marie| Halloween 5|Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers| Handle with Care (1977)|Citizen's Band| Handle with Care (1977)|Great American Citizens Band, The| Hands of a Murderer (TV)|Sherlock Holmes and the Prince of Crime (TV)| Happiness Cage, The|Mind Snatchers, The| Happy Birthday!|Happy Birthday, Turke!| Happy Days|Stchastlivye Dni| Happy Mother's Day, Love George|Run, Stranger, Run| Happy New Year (1973)|Bonne Annee, La| Happy New Year (1973)|Happy New Year Caper, The| Hard to Handle (1986) (V)|Hard to Handle: Bob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers (V)| Harem, The (1968)|Harem, L'| Haunted Strangler, The|Grip of the Strangler| Have a Wonderful Life|Ha Ett Underbart Liv| Hawaiians, The|Master of the Islands| Hawks and the Sparrows, The|Uccellaci e Uccellini| Hayfever|Hofeber| Hazel's People|Grass Was Green, The| Head On|Fatal Attraction (1980)| Head Over Heels (1955)|A Coeur Jole| Head Over Heels|Chilly Scenes of Winter| Headstrong|Bille en Tete| Heart of Glass|Herz aus Glas| Heart of Stone, A|Coeur en Hiver, Un| Heartbreakers (1992)|Rompecorazones| Heathers|Lethal Attraction| Heaven Only Knows (1947)|Montana Mike| Heaven or Hell|Himmel oder Hoelle| Hell Raiders of the Deep|Sette dell'Orsa Maggiore, I| Hell in Korea|Hill in Korea, A| Hello Down There|Sub-A-Dub-Dub| Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man|Adventures of a Young Man| Hercules II|Adventures of Hercules, The| Hercules in New York|Hercules - The Movie| Hercules in New York|Hercules Goes Bananas| Here Come the Tigers|Manny's Orphans| Hero, The (1972)|Bloomfield| Heroes (1992)|Bayani| Heroes in Hell|Eroi all'Inferno| Hex|Shrieking, The| Hey, You Wild Geese|Oy Vi Gusi| Hidden Lens|Obiettivo Indiscreto| Hidden Room, The|Obsession (1949)| Hideaway, The|Mov og Funder| Hideout, The (1961)|Planque, La| High Commissioner, The|Nobody Runs Forever| High Heels (1972)|Scoundrel in White| High Heels (1991)|tacones lejanos| High School Confidential!|Young Hellions| High Tide (1991)|Alta Marea| High and Dry|Maggie, The| Highway Patrolman|Patrullero, El| Highway Pick-Up|Chair de Poule| Highwayman, The (1987) (TV)|Terror on the Blacktop (TV)| His Name Was King|Lo Chiamavano King| His Young Wife|Miserie del Signor Travet, Le| Hollywood|Joligud| Holy Terror (1977)|Alice, Sweet Alice| Holy Terror (1977)|Communion (1977)| Home at Seven|Murder on Monday| Homework (1990)|Tarea, La| Honeycomb|Madriguera, La| Honeymoon (1987)|Lune de Miel| Honeymoon Deferred|Due Mogli Sono Troppe| Honeymoon in Bali|My Love For Yours| Honor Roll|Tableau d'Honneur| Hoosiers|Best Shot| Horror Castle|Virgin of Nuremberg, The| Horror Planet|Inseminoid| Hospital Massacre|X-Ray| Hot Bubblegum|Lemon Popsicle III| Hot Rod Girl|Hot Car Girl| Hot Rods to Hell|52 Miles to Midnight| Hotel for Women|Elsa Maxwell's Hotel for Women| Hothead|Coup de Tete| House That Cried Murder, The|Bride, The (1974)| House by the Lake, The|Death Weekend| House of Intrigue, The|Londra Chiama Polo Nord| House of Usher (1960)|Fall of the House of Usher (1960)| How Does the Minister Know?|Ho Sap El Ministre?| How Funny Can Sex Be?|Sessomatto| How to Be a Spy Without Even Trying|Honorable Stanislas, Agent Secret, L'| Howling III|Howling III: The Marsupials| Howling IV: The Original Nightmare|Howling IV| Human Monster, The|Dark Eyes of London| Hunting for a Pimp|Okhota Na Sutenera| Hyenas|Hyenes| Hyper Sapien|Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star| I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar|J'entends Plus la Guitare| I Come in Peace|Dark Angel (1990)| I Don't Kiss|J'Embrasse Pas| I Love You All|Je Vous Aime| I Wake Up Screaming|Hot Spot (1941)| I am Twenty|Mne Dvadstat Let| I'll Never Forget You|House in the Square, The| I've Heard the Ammonite Murmur|Anmonaito No Sasayaki Wo Kiita| IP5: The Island of Pachyderms|IP5: L'Ile aux Pachydermes| Ice-Capades Revue|Rhythm Hits the Ice| Identification of Desire|Identifikatsia Zhelanii| Identification of a Woman|Identificazione di una Donna| If Looks Could Kill (1991)|Teen Agent| If They Tell You I Fell|Si Te Dicen Que Cai| If This Be Sin|That Dangerous Age| If the Shoe Fits|Stroke of Midnight| Illicit Interlude|Sommarlek| Illicit Interlude|Summer Interlude (1951)| Images of the World and the Inscription of War|Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des Krieges| In Heaven as on Earth|Sur La Terre Comme Au Ciel| In a Year of 13 Moons|In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden| In the Country of Juliets|Au Pays des Juliets| In the Devil's Garden|Assault (1971)| In the Devil's Garden|Tower of Terror| In the Name of the Father and the Son|Au Nom de Pere et du Fils| Incorrigible, The|Incorrigible, L'| Independent Life, An|Samostoiatelnaia Jizn| Indiscretion of an American Wife|Stazione Termini| Indiscretion of an American Wife|Terminal Station| Indochina|Indochine| Infernal Trio, The|Trio Infernale, Le| Inferno, The (1962)|Cortile Cascino| Informers, The|Underworld Informers| Inheritance, The (1947)|Uncle Silas| Inheritance, The (1976)|Eredita Ferramonti, L'| Inn of the Frightened People|Revenge (1971/I)| Inn of the Frightened People|Terror from Under the House| Innocent Affair, An|Don't Trust Your Husband| Innocent, The (1976)|Innocente, L'| Inside Out (1975)|Golden Heist, The| Inside Out (1975)|Hitler's Gold| Instant Justice|Marine Issue| Intimate Encounters (TV)|Encounters in the Night (TV)| Invisible Wall, The|Muro di Gomma, Il| Iron Curtain, The|Behind the Iron Curtain| Iron Eagle II|Iron Eagle II: The Battle Beyond the Flag| Isadora|Loves of Isadora, The| Island Claws|Night of the Claw| Island of Desire|Saturday's Island| Island of the Burning Doomed|Island of the Burning Damned| Island of the Burning Doomed|Night of the Big Heat| Isle of Forgotten Sins|Monsoon (1943)| It Happened at Lakewood Manor (TV)|Ants (TV)| It Happened at Lakewood Manor (TV)|Panic at Lakewood Manor (TV)| It Lives Again|It's Alive II| It Rains on Our Love|Det Regnar Par Var Kaerlek| It Takes a Thief|Challenge, The (1960)| It's Not the Size That Counts|Percy's Progress| Italian Brigands|Brigante, Il| Italian Connection, The|Manhunt (1973)| Ivory Hunter|Where No Vultures Fly| Jack London|Adventures of Jack London, The| Jack London|Life of Jack London, The| Jackals|American Justice| Jackpot!, The (1992)|Totale!, La| Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough|Once Is Not Enough| Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls (TV)|Valley of the Dolls (1981) (TV)| Jana and Jan|Jana und Jan| Jaws 3-D|Jaws III| Jayne Mansfield Story, The (TV)|Jayne Mansfield: A Symbol of the 50's (TV)| Je T'aime|Zsotem| Jean Galmot, Adventurer|Jean Galmot, Aventurier| Jennifer (1978)|Jennifer (The Snake Goddess)| Jennifer (1978)|Jennifer the Snake Goddess| Jericho|Jerico| Jigsaw (1949)|Gun Moll (1949)| Jigsaw (1971) (TV)|Man on the Move| John's Wife|Femme de Jean, La| Johnnie Mae Gibson: FBI (TV)|Johnnie Gibson F.B.I. (TV)| Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More|And So They Were Married (1944)| Johnsons, The|Johnsons, De| Joker, The|Farceur, Le| Jolly Bad Fellow, A|They All Died Laughing| Journey (1972)|1972| Journey of Hope|Reise der Hoffnung| Journey, The (1992)|Viaje, El| Joyless Street|Freudlose Gasse, Die| Joysticks|Video Madness| Judge and the Assassin, The|Juge et l'Assassin, Le| Judgment at Nuremberg|Judgement at Nuremberg| Judgment in Stone, A|Housekeeper, The| Judith|Conflict (1966)| Jules and Jim|Jules et Jim| Juliet of the Spirits|Giulietta degli Spiriti| Juliette de Sade|Mademoiselle de Sade e i Suoi Vizi| Juno and the Paycock|Shame of Mary Boyle, The| Jury of One|Testament, Le| Jury of One|Verdict (1974)| KGB Agents Also Fall in Love|Los de la KGB Tambien se Enamoran| Kenny Rogers as The Gambler (TV)|Gambler, The (1980) (TV)| Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III - The Legend Continues (TV)|Gambler III: The Legend Continues, The (TV)| Key, The (1983)|Chiave, La| Keys to Paradise, The|Cles du Paradis, Les| Kick or Die|No Hard Feelings| Kicking the Moon Around|Millionaire Merry-Go-Round| Kicking the Moon Around|Playboy, The| Kill the Referee|A Mort L'Arbitre| Killers Come in Paris|Gli Assassini Vanno in Coppia| King of Chess, The|Kei Wong| King of Hearts|Roi de Coeur, Le| King of Kong Island|Kong Island| Kings of the Road|Im Lauf der Zeit| Kingston (TV)|Kingston: The Power Play (TV)| Kingston (TV)|Newspaper Game, The (TV)| Kipps|Remarkable Mr. Kipps, The| Kismet (1944)|Oriental Dream| Kiss the Other Sheik|Oggi, Domani, Dopodomani| Knack, and How to Get It, The|Knack, The| Knight Moves|Face to Face (1992)| Krakatoa, East of Java|Volcano| La Femme Nikita|Nikita| Lacemaker, The|Dentelliere, La| Lady Dracula|Legendary Curse of Lemora| Lady Dracula|Lemora, The Lady Dracula| Lady Liberty|Mortadella| Lady in Red, The|Guns, Sin and Bathtub Gin| Lady of the Evening|Gun Moll (1975)| Land of Desire, The|Ship Bound for India, A| Land of Desire, The|Skepp Till Indialand| Land of Faraway, The|Mio in the Land of Faraway| Language of Foxes, The|Lengua de los Zorros, La| Lapse of Memory|Memoire Tranquee| Last Bridge, The|Letzte Bruecke, Die| Last Date|Laatste Sessie, De| Last Days of Man on Earth, The|Final Programme, The| Last Days, The|Ultimi Giorni, Gli| Last Frontier, The (1956)|Savage Wilderness| Last Harvest, The|Ultima Siembra, La| Last Metro, The|Dernier Metro, Le| Last Movie, The|Chinchero| Last Season, The|Derniere Saison, La| Last Summer, The (1992)|Az Utolso Nyaron...| Last Ten Days, The|Last Act, The| Last Ten Days, The|Letzte Akt, Der| Last Year at Marienbad|Annee derniere a Marienbad, L'| Latest News of the End of the World|Nowyje Swedenija O Konze Sweta| Lauderdale|Spring Break USA| Lauderdale|Spring Fever USA| Laura (1979)|Laura, les Ombres de l'Ete| Law Is the Law, The|Loi c'est la Loi, La| Law and Order (1942)|Billy the Kid's Law and Order| Leap Into the Void|Salto Nel Vuoto| Legacy, The (1979)|Legacy of Maggie Walsh, The| Legend of Frenchie King, The|Petroleuses, Les| Leopard, The|Gattopardo, Il| Let's Make Up|Lilacs in the Spring| Let's Trash the Poor|Hay Que Zurrar a los Pobres| Lethal Obsession|Joker, Der| Lieutenant Nun, The|Monja Alferez, La| Life Begins in College|Life Begins at College| Life Is a Bed of Roses|Vie est un Roman, La| Life and Nothing But|Vie et Rien d'Autre, La| Life in the Food Chain|Age isn't Everything| Life is Like a Cucumber|Affengeil| Life of Mozart, The|Mozart| Life on a String|B'an Zhou Bian Chang| Light Across the Street, The|Lumiere d'en Face, La| Lightning Over Water|Nick's Movie - Lightning Over Water| Like Water for Chocolate|Como Agua Para Chocolate| Limit|Limite| Lionheart (1991)|A.W.O.L.| Lisa (1962)|Inspector, The| Lisa and the Devil|House of Exorcism, The| Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones|Listen Up| Little Devil, The|Piccolo Diavolo, Il| Little Fires|Piccoli Fuochi| Little Kidnappers, The (1953)|Kidnappers, The| Little Malcolm|Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuch| Little Malcolm|Little Malcolm and His Struggle Aginst the Eunuchs| Little One, The|Mala| Little Sharks|Kleine Haie| Little Sister, The (TV)|Forbidden (1984) (TV)| Little Sister, The (TV)|Tender Age, The (TV)| Little Theatre of Jean Renoir, The (TV)|Petit Theatre de Jean Renoir, Le (TV)| Little Thief, The|Petite Voleuse, La| Littlest Horse Thieves, The|Escape from the Dark| Live a Little, Steal a Lot|Murph the Surf| Live a Little, Steal a Lot|You Can't Steal Love| Lola (1969)|Twinky| Lola Montes|Lola Montez| Lonelyhearts (1958)|Miss Lonelyheart| Long Ago Tomorrow|Raging Moon, The| Long Live the Hobos|Que Viven Los Crotos| Long Winter, The|Largo Invierno, El| Longest Hundred Miles, The (TV)|Escape from Bataan (TV)| Longest Night, The (1991)|Noche Mas Larga, La| Longest Yard, The|Mean Machine, The| Look See...|Ecoute voir...| Looking Forward|New Deal, The| Loose Shoes|Coming Attractions| Loss of Innocence|Greengage Summer, The| Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, The|Verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum, Die| Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck, The (TV)|Act of Passion (TV)| Lost in Alaska|Abbott and Costello Lost in Alaska| Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage, The (TV)|Love Boat: A Summer Cruise, The (TV)| Love Is Colder than Death|Liebe ist kaelter als der Tod| Love Is When You Make It|Bel Age, Le| Love Is a Funny Thing|Homme Qui Me Plait, Un| Love Letters (1983)|My Love Letters| Love Songs|Paroles et Musique| Love and Anarchy|Film d'Amore e d'Anarchia| Love and Fear|Paura e Amore| Love and Larceny (1960)|Mattatore, Il| Love and the Midnight Auto Supply|Midnight Auto Supply| Love at First Sight|Liebe auf den ersten Blick| Love at the Top (1974)|Mouton Enrage, Le| Love in Germany, A|Liebe in Deutschland, Eine| Love in the City|Amore in Citta| Love in the Time of Hysteria|Solo Con Tu Pareja| Love on the Ground|Amour par Terre, L'| Lovely Way to Die, A|Lovely Way to Go, A| Lovemakers, The|Viaccia, La| Lover, The|Amant, L'| Lovers (1991)|Amantes| Lovers and Liars|Travels with Anita| Lovers and Liars|Trip with Anita, A| Lovers of Lisbon, The|Amants du Tage, Les| Lovers of Montparnasse, The|Montparnasse 19| Lovers, Happy Lovers!|Knave of Hearts| Lovers, Happy Lovers!|Lover Boy (1954)| Lovers, Happy Lovers!|Monsieur Ripois| Lovers, The (1959)|Amants, Les| Loves of Three Queens|Amante di Paride, L'| Loves of Three Queens|Face That Launched a Thousand Ships, The| Love|Lyubov| Lucky Break|Golpe de Suerte| Luminous Moss|Hikarigoke| Lunch Wagon|Come 'n' Get It| Lunch Wagon|Lunch Wagon Girls| Lunettes d'Or, Les|Occhiali d'Oro, Gli| Luxury Girls|Fanciulle di Lusso| Mad Love|Hands of Orlac, The| Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome|Mad Max 3| Madame X (1929)|Absinthe| Madhouse Mansion|Ghost Story (1974)| Maedel vom Montparnasse, Das|Petite de Montparnasse, La| Mafia Junction|Super Bitch| Mafu Cage, The|Cage, The (1978)| Mafu Cage, The|My Sister, My Love| Magdalene|Silent Night| Magic Mountain, The|Zauberberg, Der| Making Contact|Joey (1985/II)| Mako: The Jaws of Death|Jaws of Death, The| Malady of Love, The|Mal d'aimer, Le| Malaga (1960)|Moment of Danger| Malaya|Alien Orders| Male Companion|Monsieur de Compagnie, Un| Malice in Wonderland (TV)|Rumor Mill, The (TV)| Malicious|Malizia| Malizia 2000|Malizia 2 Mila| Malpertuis: The Legend of Doom House|Malpertuis: Histoire d'une Maison Maudite| Maltese Falcon, The (1931)|Dangerous Female| Mama Turns 100|Mama cumple cien anos| Mama|Mum| Man Betrayed, A|Wheel of Fortune| Man Bites Dog|C'est Arrive Pres de Chez Vous| Man Called Noon, The|Lo Chiamavano Mezzogiorno| Man Who Lived Again, The|Man Who Changed His Mind, The| Man Who Loved Women, The (1977)|Homme Qui Aimait les Femmes, L'| Man Who Wanted to Live Forever, The (TV)|Only Way Out Is Dead (TV)| Man and Two Women, A|Homme et Deux Femmes, Un| Man and a Woman, A|Homme et une Femme, Un| Man from Hong Kong, The|Dragon Flies, The| Man in Love, A|Homme Amoureux, Un| Man in a Cocked Hat|Carlton-Browne of the F.O.| Man of Africa|Kigusi Story| Man of My Life, The|Homme de Ma Vie, L'| Man with Connections, The|Pistonne, Le| Man with Nine Lives, The|Behind the Door| Man with a Million|Million Pound Note, The| Manhunter (1986)|Red Dragon: The Pursuit of Hannibal Lecter| Mania|Flesh and the Fiends, The| Manon of the Spring|Manon des Sources| Marat/Sade|Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade, The| Marat/Sade|Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade,The| March Comes in Like a Lion|Sangatsu No Raion| Margaret Bourke-White (TV)|Double Exposure (1989) (TV)| Marianne and Juliane|Bleierne Zeit, Die| Marie|Marie: A True Story| Mark of the Hawk, The|Accused (1957)| Marriage of Maria Braun, The|Ehe der Maria Braun, Die| Marry Me! Marry Me!|Mazel Tov ou le Marriage| Marrying Man, The|Too Hot to Handle (1991)| Mask, The (1961)|Eyes of Hell| Mask, The (1988)|Maschera, La| Maxie|Free Spirit| May Fools|Milou En Mai| McGuire, Go Home!|High Bright Sun, The| McNaughton's Daughter (TV)|Try to Catch a Saint (TV)| Meal, The|Deadly Encounter (1975)| Medium, The|Medium Rare| Meet the Applegates|Applegates, The| Melodrama (Love and Freedom)|Melodrama (Szabadsag Es Szerelem)| Men, The (1950)|Battle Stripe| Men... (1985)|Maenner| Menage|Tenue de Soiree| Merchant of Four Seasons, The|Haendler der vier Jahreszeiten, Der| Meridian (V)|Kiss of the Beast (V)| Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence|Furyo| Miami Supercops|Deux Super Flics| Midnight (1934)|Call It Murder| Miracle of the Wolves, The|Miracle des Loups, Le| Miracle, The (1948)|Ways of Love| Mirror, The|Zerkalo| Misadventures of Mr. Wilt, The|Wilt| Misfit Brigade, The|Wheels of Terror (1987)| Mishima|Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters| Mississippi Mermaid|Sirene du Mississippi, La| Mistress for the Summer, A|File Pour l'Ete, Une| Mobsters|Evil Empire, The| Mohammad, Messenger of God|Al-Risalah| Mohammad, Messenger of God|Message, The| Moments (1979)|Each Other| Money (1992)|Thune, La| Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear|Monkey Shines| Montreal Sextet|Montreal Vu Par...| Moon 44|Intruder (1989)| Moon in the Gutter, The|Lune Dans le Caniveau, La| More Than a Miracle|C'Era Una Volta| Morgan!|Morgan - A Suitable Case For Treatment| Most Important Thing: Love, The|Important C'est d'Aimer, L'| Most Wonderful Moment, The|Momento Piu Bello, Il| Mother (1992)|Mayrig| Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven|Mutter Kuesters Fahrt zum Himmel| Mountain, The (1990)|Berg, Der| Mozart Story, The|Wen die Goetter lieben| Mr. Arkadin|Confidential Report| Mr. Flow|Compliments of Mr. Flow| Mr. Hulot's Holiday|Vacances de M. Hulot, Les| Mr. Moto in Danger Island|Danger Island (1939)| Ms. 45|Angel of Vengeance (1981)| Ms. Don Juan|Don Juan 73| Murder Will Out|Voice of Merrill, The| Murder With Mirrors (TV)|Agatha Christie's 'Murder With Mirrors' (TV)| Murder by Phone|Bells (1980)| Murder by Phone|Bells| Murder in Three Acts (TV)|Agatha Christie's 'Murder in Three Acts' (TV)| Muriel|Muriel ou le Temps d'un Retour| Murmur of the Heart|Dearest Heart| Murmur of the Heart|Souffle au Coeur, Le| My American Grandson|Shanghai Jiaqi| My Best Friend's Girl|Femme de Mon Pote, La| My Daughter Belongs to Me|Meine Tochter gehoert mir| My Dear Tom Mix|Mi Querido Tom Mix| My Father the Hero|Mon Pere Ce Heros| My Father the Hero|Mon Pere, ce Heros| My Life Is Hell|Ma Vie est un Enfer| My Life as a Dog|Mitt Liv Som Hund| My Mother's Castle|Chateau de ma Mere, La| My New Partner|Ripoux, Les| My Night at Maud's|Ma Nuit Chez Maud| My Sons|Musuko| Mystery of Kasper Hauser, The|Every Man for Himself and God Against All| Mystery of Kasper Hauser, The|Jeder fuer sich und Gott gegen alle| Mystery of Oberwald, The|Mistero di Oberwald, Il| Mystery of the Amber Room, The|Spur des Bernsteinzimmers, Die| Naked Truth, The|Your Past Is Showing| Nameless Star|Mona, Etoile Sans Nom, L'| Nate and Hayes|Savage Islands| National Lampoon Goes to the Movies|National Lampoon's Movie Madness| Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, The|Navigator, The (1987)| Necessary Love|Amore Necessario, L'| Necromancy|Witching, The| Ned Kelly|Ned Kelly, Outlaw| Nelson Affair, The|Bequest to the Nation, A| Neptune Factor, The|Neptune Disaster, The| Neptune Factor, The|Underwater Odyssey, An| Netchaiev is Back|Netchaiev est de retour| NeverEnding Story, The|Unendliche Geschichte, Die| New Land (1991)|Terra Nova| New Land, The|Nybyggarna| Next Summer|Ete Prochain, L'| Night Ambush|Ill Met by Moonlight| Night Creatures|Captain Clegg| Night Creature|Out of the Darkness (1978)| Night Digger, The|Road Builder, The| Night Eyes (1990)|Hidden View| Night Fighters|Terrible Beauty, A| Night Flight from Moscow|Serpent, The| Night Is My Future|Music in Darkness| Night Is My Future|Musik i moerker| Night Sun|Sole Anche di Notte, Il| Night Warning|Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker| Night Warning|Momma's Boy| Night and Day|Nuit et Jour| Night of the Cyclone|Perfume of the Cyclone| Night on Fire|Brandnacht| Night, The|Notte, La| Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A|Mayfair Bank Caper, The| Nightmare Circus|Terror Circus| Nightmare Honeymoon|Deadly Honeymoon| Nightmare Hotel|It Happened at Nightmare Inn| Nightmare in Chicago|Once Upon a Savage Night| Nightmare in Wax|Crimes in the Wax Museum| Nights of Cabiria|Cabiria| Nights of Cabiria|Notti di Cabiria, Le| Ninth Configuration, The|Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane| Nitti (TV)|Frank Nitti: The Enforcer (TV)| No Highway in the Sky|No Highway| No Place Like Homicide!|What a Carve Up!| No Way Out (1972)|Big Guns| Nocturne to Rosario|Nocturno a Rosario| North|Nord| Nostalgia for Death|Haimwee Naar de Dood| Not Quite Paradise|Not Quite Jerusalem| Nothing But Lies|Rien Que Des Mensanges| Nothing But Lies|Rien Que Des Mensonges| Notorious Gentleman|Rake's Progress, The| Novices, The|Novices, Les| Now, Voyager|1942| Nowhere Man|Muno No Hito| Nowhere to Hide (1987)|Fatal Chase| Nude Bomb, The|Return of Maxwell Smart, The| Oak, The|Chene, La| Oasis, The (1984)|Savage Hunger| Oddball, The|Zebre, Le| Oedipus Rex|Edipo Re| Off Limits (1988)|Saigon| Official Story, The|Storia Official, La| Old Curiosity Shop, The|Mr. Quilp| Old Dracula|Vampira| Old Lady Who Wades in the Sea, The|Vieille Qui Marchait Dans la Mer, La| Older Model|Modelo Atiguo| Oldest Profession, The|Plus Vieux Metier du Monde, Le| Olly, Olly, Oxen Free|Great Balloon Adventure, The| Olvidados, Los|Young and the Damned, The| On Guard|Affut, L'| On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who...|Chastity Belt, The| On a Moonlit Night|In Una Notte di Chiaro di Luna| On the Night of the Fire|Fugitive, The (1939)| Once Arizona|Einamal Arizona| Once Upon a Time in China II|Wong Fei-Hung II| Once Upon a Time in China|Wong Fei-Hung| Once Upon a Time in the West|C'era una Volta il West| Once a Thief|Zongheng Sihai| One Deadly Summer|Ete Meurtrier, L'| One Full Moon|Nos Ols Leuad, Un| One Summer Love|Dragonfly| One Wild Moment|Moment d'Egarement, Un| One Woman or Two|Femme ou Deux, Une| Only Girl, The|Heart Song| Only Girl, The|Ich und die Kaiserin| Only Girl, The|Moi et l'Imperatrice| Open City|Roma, Citta Aperta| Open Doors|Porte Aperte| Operation Conspiracy|Cloak Without Dagger| Operation Crossbow|Great Spy Mission, The| Operation Disaster|Morning Departure| Operation Snafu|On the Fiddle| Orchestra Rehearsal|Prova d'Orchestra| Orpheus|Orphee| Other Eye, The|Andere Blick, Der| Other Side, The|Alli Opsi, I| Ourselves Alone|River of Unrest| Out of Order|Abwaerts| Outback|Wake in Fright| Outcry, The|Grido, Il| Outpost in Malaya|Planter's Wife| Ox, The|Oxen| P.O.W. The Escape|Behind Enemy Lines (1986)| Paisan|Paisa| Palermo Connection, The|Dimenticare Palermo| Palermo Connection, The|To Forget Palermo| Panic in the Parlour|Sailor Beware! (1957)| Pantaloons|Don Juan (1957)| Papal Audience|Udienza, L'| Parade, The (TV)|Hit Parade (TV)| Paranoia (1968)|Orgasmo| Paratrooper, The|Red Beret, The| Paris Awakens|Paris s'eveille| Paris Does Strange Things|Elena and Her Men| Paris Pick-Up|Monte-Charge, Le| Paris Seen By...20 Years After|Paris Vu Par...Vingt Ans Apres| Parts: The Clonus Horror|Clonus Horror, The| Party Girls|Party Incorporated| Party's Over, The|Zitti e mosca| Passante, La|Passante du Sans-Souci, La| Passenger, The|Profession: reporter| Passenger, The|Professione: reporter| Passion d'Amore|Passion of Love| Passion d'Amore|Passione d'Amore| Passion of Anna, The|Passion, A (1969)| Passionate Friends, The|One Woman's Story| Pastime|One Cup of Coffee| Pauline at the Beach|Pauline a la Plage| Peking Blonde|Blonde from Peking, The| Pelle the Conqueror|Pelle Erobreren| Perceval|Perceval le Gallois| Perfect Strangers (1984)|Blind Alley (1984)| Persecution|Terror of Sheba, The| Personal Column|Pieges| Personal Column|Snares| Phantom India (TV)|Inde Fantome, L'| Phantom Lovers|Fantasmi a Roma| Pick-up Summer|Pinball Pick-up| Pick-up Summer|Pinball Summer| Pickup on 101|Where the Eagle Flies| Pigeons|Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker, The| Pilot, The|Danger in the Skies| Pimpernel Smith|Mister V| Pirate, The (1984)|Pirate, La| Place Called Today, A|City in Fear (1972)| Place in the World, A|Lugar en el Mundo, Un| Plague (1978)|M3: The Gemini Strain| Plague Sowers, The|Di Ceria Dell'Untore| Plague, The (1992)|Peste, La| Platinum High School|Trouble at 16| Playtime (1960)|Recreation, La| Police Story (1985)|Jackie Chan's Police Force| Police Story (1985)|Jackie Chan's Police Story| Police Story (1985)|Police Force| Pope Joan|Devil's Imposter, The| Pope Must Die, The|Pope Must Diet, The| Portrait from Life|Girl in the Painting, The| Portrait in Smoke|Wicked as They Come| Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories (TV)|I Posed for Playboy (TV)| Postmistress, The|Postiere, La| Pot Bouille|House of Lovers, The| Practice Makes Perfect|Cavaleur, Le| Pray TV (1980)|K-GOD| Prince of Absence, The|Tavollet Hercege, A| Prisoner of the Desert|Captive du Desert, La| Prisoners of the Sun|Blood Oath| Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The|Elizabeth and Essex| Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The|Elizabeth the Queen| Private Popsicle|Lemon Popsicle IV| Probe (TV)|Search (1972) (TV)| Programmed to Kill|Retaliator, The| Project M7|Net, The| Promoter, The|Card, The| Proud and the Beautiful, The|Orgueilleux, Les| Province, The|Provincie, De| Psychiatrist: God Bless the Children, The (TV)|Children of the Lotus Eater| Psycho-Circus|Circus of Fear| Psychomania (1963)|Violent Midnight| Public Enemy Number One|Ennemi Public Numero Un, L'| Public Woman, The|Femme Publique, La| Punctured Life|Vie Crevee, La| Purple Noon|Plein Soleil| Pyx, The|Hooker Cult Murders, The| Queen of Sheba, The (1952)|Regina di Saba, La| Queens, The|Fate, Le| Queens, The|Sex Quartet| Querelle|Querelle - Ein Pakt mit dem Teufel| Quest for Fire|Guerre du Feu, La| Quest, The (1986)|Frog Dreaming| Question of Adultery, A|Case of Mrs. Loring, The| Quick, Let's Get Married|Seven Different Ways| Quiet Place to Kill, A|Paranoia (1969)| Quince Tree Sun, The|Sol del Membrillo, El| Q|Q: The Winged Serpent| Q|Winged Serpent, The| Rage of Angels (TV)|Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels (TV)| Railway Bar|Bar Des Rails| Raise the Red Lantern|Dahong Denglong Gaogao Gua| Rape Squad|Act of Vengeance (1974)| Rape Squad|Act of Vengeance| Rape of Innocence|Dupont-Lajoie| Ravishing Idiot, The|Ravissante Idiote, Une| Raw Meat|Death Line| Rawhide (1951)|Desperate Siege| Reason to Live, a Reason to Die, A|Massacre at Fort Holman| Rebel Storm|Rising Storm| Reckoning, The|Matter of Honour, A| Red Balloon, The|Ballon Rouge, Le| Red Desert|Deserto Rosso, Il| Red Fairground|Voros Vurstli| Red Kisses|Baisers Rouges| Red Riding Hood|Cannon Movie Tales: Red Riding Hood| Reflections in a Dark Sky|Riflessi in un Cielo Scuro| Reflections in a Mirror|Otrazheniie V Zerkale| Reign of Terror|Black Book| Rejuvenator, The|Rejuvenatrix| Return of Captain Invincible, The|Legend in Leotards| Return of Dracula, The|Curse of Dracula, The| Return of Martin Guerre, The|Retour de Martin Guerre, Le| Return to the Promised Land|Veratarts Avedyats Yergir| Return, The (1980)|Alien's Return, The| Reunion in France|Mademoiselle France| Revenge (1991)|Myest| Revenge of the Dead|Night of the Ghouls| Riders of the Storm|American Way, The| Right Bank, Left Bank|Rive Droite, Rive Gauche| Ring of Passion (TV)|Countdown to the Big One| Ring of Treason|Ring of Spies| Ringer, The|Gaunt Stranger, The (1952)| Rising to the Bait|Brocken, Der| Ritual, The (TV)|Riten (TV)| Road Warrior, The|Mad Max 2| Road to the Racetrack, The|Kyongmachang Kanungil| Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday (TV)|Vendredi Ou la Vie Sauvage (TV)| Rocco and His Brothers|Rocco e i Suoi Fratelli| Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force|Power Blade Warrior: Taken by Force| Roma, Citta Libera|Notte Porta Conseglio, La| Romantic Age, The|Naughty Arlette| Room in Town, A|Chambre en Ville, Une| Room, The (TV)|Basements (TV)| Rosie: The Rosemary Clooney Story (TV)|Rosie (1982) (TV)| Roundabout|Un Tour de Manege| Royal Hunt, A|Narskar Oxota| Ruby and Oswald (TV)|Four Days in Dallas| Run for the Roses|Thoroughbred (1978)| Run of the Arrow|Hot Lead| Running Hot|Lucky 13| Rust|Ryd| S/Y Joy|S/Y Gladjen| Sabotage|Woman Alone, A| Saboteur, Code Name Morituri, The|Morituri| Sailor of the King|Single Handed| Salami, Salami|Jamon, Jamon| Sam Hill: Who Killed Mr. Foster? (TV)|Sam Hill: Who Killed the Mysterious Mr. Foster? (TV)| Sam's Enough|Sam Suffit| San Francisco International (TV)|San Francisco International Airport (TV)| Sand Screens|Ecrans de Sable| Sanders|Death Drums Along the River| Santa Claus|Santa Claus: The Movie| Saraband|Saraband for Dead Lovers| Sardine: Kidnapped|Sardinia Kidnapped| Sarge (TV)|Badge or the Cross, The (TV)| Sartana|Se Incontri Sartana Prega Per la Tua Morte| Satan's Brew|Satansbraten| Satan's Satellites|Zombies of the Stratosphere| Satisfaction|Girls of Summer| Sauvage, Le|Lovers Like Us| Sawdust and Tinsel|Naked Night, The| Scampolo, ein Kind der Strasse|Peu d'Amour, Un| Scampolo, ein Kind der Strasse|Um einen Groschen Liebe| Scandal in Sorrento|Pane, Amore e...| Scared Stiff (1945)|Treasure of Fear| Scarface (1932)|Scarface, the Shame of the Nation| Scarlet Letter, The (1972)|Scharlachrote Buchstabe, Der| Scarlett O'Hara War, The (TV)|Moviola (1980/I) (TV)| Scene of the Crime (1986)|Lieu du Crime, Le| Scent of a Woman|Profumo di Donna| School for Unclaimed Girls|House of Unclaimed Women| School for Unclaimed Girls|Smashing Bird I Used To Know, The| Scorpio Eats Gemini for Breakfast|A Korpio Megeszi Az Kreket Reggelir| Scream of Fear|Taste of Fear| Search and Destroy|Striking Back| Searching for Our Class|Uribanul Chasubnida| Season for Love, The|Morte Saison des Amours, La| Sebastian Star Bear: First Mission|Beertje Sebastiaan: De Geheime Opdracht| Second Breath|Deuxieme Souffle, Le| Second Chance (1976)|Si c'etait a Refaire| Second Face, The (1982)|Zweite Gesicht, Das| Secret Face, The|Gizli Yuz| Secret Weapons (TV)|Secrets of the Red Bedroom (TV)| Secret, The (1990)|Segreto, Il| See No Evil|Blind Terror| Seed of Innocence|Teen Mothers| Seekers, The (1954)|Land of Fury| Senator Was Indiscreet, The|Mr. Ashton Was Indiscreet| Sensations|Sensaciones| Senso|Wanton Contessa, The| Sensualita|Barefoot Savage| Sentinel, The (1992)|Sentinelle, La| Separate Bedrooms|Chambre a part| Separate Rooms|Notre Histoire| Separate Tables (1983) (TV)|1983| September 30, 1955|24 Hours of the Rebel| September 30, 1955|9/30/55| Sequoia|Malibu (1934)| Sergeant Ryker|Case Against Sergeant Ryker, The (TV)| Sergeant, The|Goruban| Serpico: The Deadly Game (TV)|Deadly Game, The (1976)| Seven Beauties|Pasqualino Settebelleze| Seven Days' War|Bokura No Nanoka-Kan Senso| Seventh Target, The|Septieme Cible, La| Sex Kittens Go to College|Beauty and the Robot, The| Seychelles|Seszele| Shadow Riders, The (TV)|Louis L'Amour's The Shadow Riders (TV)| Shag|Shag: The Movie| Shalimar|Deadly Thief| Shark!|Maneater (1970)| She's Dressed to Kill (TV)|Someone's Killing the World's Greatest Models (TV)| Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon|Secret Weapon (1942)| Shining Star|That's the Way of the World| Shipwrecked Children|Enfants Du Naufrageur, Les| Shipwrecks|Naufraghi sotto costa| Shoeshine|Sciuscia| Shoot First|Rough Shoot| Shoot Loud, Louder...I Don't Understand|Spara Forte, Piu Forte, Non Capisco| Shoot the Piano Player|Tirez Sur le Pianiste| Shoot to Kill (1988)|Deadly Pursuit| Shoot to Kill (1992)|Disparen A Matar| Shop on Main Street, The|Shop on High Street, The| Signs of Life (1968)|Lebenszeichen| Signs of Life (1989)|One for Sorrow, Two for Joy| Silence (1991)|Tishina| Silent Country|Stilles Land| Silent Lovers, The (TV)|Moviola (1980/II) (TV)| Silent Thrush, The|Shisheng Huamei| Silent World, The|Monde du Silence, Le| Silk Road|Dun Huang| Silver Stallion|Un-Ma Nun O Giannun Da| Simple Story, A|Histoire Simple, Une| Simple Story, A|Storia Semplice, Una| Sin of Harold Diddlebock, The|Mad Wednesday| Sin of Innocence (TV)|Two Young People| Sins of the Fathers (1986) (TV)|Fathers and Sons (1986) (TV)| Sisi/Last Minute|Sissi und der Kaiserkuss| Sister of Satan|Revenge of the Blood Beast, The| Six Million Dollar Man, The (TV)|Cyborg: The Six Million Dollar Man| Sixteen|Like a Crow on a June Bug| Sky Above Paris, The|Ciel de Paris, Le| Skyjacked|Sky Terror| Slap, The|Gifle, La| Slasher, The (1953)|Cosh Boy| Sleeping Beauty (1987)|Cannon Movie Tales: Sleeping Beauty| Small Change|Argent de Poche, L'| Small Town Girl (1936)|One Horse Town| Smart Alec|Movie Maker, The (1986)| Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman|Smash-Up| Smoke Screen|Palais Royale| Snow and Fire|Neige et Le Feu, La| So Close to Life|Nara Livet| So Evil, My Sister|Psycho Sisters| Soft Skin|Peau Douce, La| Soldier of Orange|Soldaat van Oranje| Sombra, the Spider Woman|Black Widow, The (1947)| Some Girls|Sisters (1989)| Some May Live|In Saigon, Some May Live| Something to Hide|Shattered (1972)| Sometimes a Great Notion|Never Give an Inch| Somewhere Near Conakry|Quelque Part Vers Conakry| Somewhere in the East|Undeva in Est| Somewhere, Someone|Quelque Part, Quelqu'un| Son of Dracula (1974)|Young Dracula (1974/II)| Son of the River|Hijo del Rio| Song of Life|Lied vom Leben, Das| Southern Cross, The|Cruz del Sur, La| Spaced Out|Outer Touch| Spaceship to the Unknown|Flash Gordon (1936)| Sparkling Cyanide (TV)|Agatha Christie's 'Sparkling Cyanide' (TV)| Sparrow's Fluttering, The|Frullo Del Passero, Il| Spider's Stratagem, The|Strategia del Ragno, La| Spider's Web (1989)|Spinnennetz, Das| Spirits of the Dead|Histoires Extraordinaires| Spirits of the Dead|Tales of Mistery| Spirits of the Dead|Tre Passi Nel Delirio| Spitfire (1942)|First of the Few, The| Spring Symphony|Fruehlingssymphonie| Springtime in Italy|E Primavera| Spy in Black, The|U-Boat 29| Square Dance|Home Is Where the Heart Is (1987/II)| Square Dance|Home is Where the Heart Is| Squeaker, The (1937)|Murder on Diamond Road| Squeeze, The (1980)|Rip-Off, The (1980)| St. Helens|St. Helens, Killer Volcano| St. Phanourios' Pie|Phanouropitta| Stacking|Season of Dreams| Stairway to Heaven|Matter of Life and Death, A (1946)| Star Knight|Knight of the Dragon, The| Star Trek: The Motion Picture|Star Trek - The Motion Picture| Star of India|Stella dell'India| Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (TV)|Starflight One (TV)| Stark: Mirror Image (TV)|Stark II (TV)| Starry Night|Notte di stelle| State of Things, The|Stand der Dinge, Der| Station, The|Stazione, La| Stationmaster is on Fire - The Movie, That Is!, The|Stinsen Brinner - Filmnen, Alltsa!| Stay as You Are|Cosi Come Sei| Still Only This Forest|Jeszcze Tylko Ten Las| Stolen Children, The|Ladro di Bambini, Il| Stolen Kisses|Baisers Voles| Stony Island|My Main Man from Stony Island| Story of Adele H, The|Histoire d'Adele H, L'| Story of Piera, The|Storia di Piera, La| Story of Qiu Ju, The|Qiu Ju Da Guansi| Story of Taipei Women, The|Yanzhi| Story of Women, The|Affaire de Femmes, Une| Story of a Love Affair|Cronaca di un Amore| Story of a Love Story|Impossible Object| Story of a Love Story|Impossible Objet, L'| Story of a Woman|Storia di una Donna| Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, The|Uncle Harry| Strange One, The|End as a Man| Strange Ones, The|Enfants Terribles, Les| Strange Shadows in an Empty Room|Blazing Magnums| Stranger in Between, The|Hunted (1952)| Stranger in Our House (TV)|Summer of Fear (TV)| Stranger, The (1991)|Agantuk| Strangers (1953)|Journey to Italy| Strangers: The Story of a Mother and Daughter (TV)|Strangers (1979) (TV)| Streetchild|Gossekind| Streets of New York|Abe Lincoln of Ninth Avenue, The| Streetwalkin'|City Streets (1984)| Stunts|Who is Killing the Stuntmen?| Submission|Scandalo| Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me|Une Belle Fille Comme Moi| Sudden Terror|Eyewitness (1970)| Sugar Hill|Zombies of Sugar Hill, The| Sugarfoot|Swirl of Glory| Suicide's Wife, The (TV)|New Life, A (1979) (TV)| Sullivans, The|Fighting Sullivans, The| Summer|Rayon Vert, Le| Summer City|Coast of Terror| Summer Guest, The|Nyaralo, A| Summer Interlude (1989)|Comedie d'ete| Summer Strolls|Promenades d'ete| Summer of Mrs. Forbes, The|Verano de la Senora Forbes, El| Summer with Monika|Monika| Sunday Boy, The|Zondagsjongen, De| Sunday in the Country, A|Dimanche a la Campagne, Un| Sundays and Cybele|Dimanches de Ville d'Avray, Les| Sunflower|Girasoli, I| Super Fuzz|Super-Snooper| Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise|Susan Lenox| Suspicion, The (1991)|Verdacht, Der| Swann in Love|Un Amour de Swann| Sweet Emma, Dear Bobe - Sketches, Nudes|Edes Emma, Draga Bobe - Vazlatok, Aktok| Sweet Revenge (1977)|Dandy, the All American Girl| Sweet Sugar|Chaingang Girls| Sweetheart|Toutes Peines Confondues| Swept Away...by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August|Swept Away| Swept Away...by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August|Travolti da un Insolito Destino nell' Azzuro Mare d'Agosto| Swimming Pool, The|Piscine, La| Swimming with Tears|Afureru Atsui Namida| Swindle, The|Bidone, Il| Swindle, The|Swindlers, The| Swingin' Along|Double Trouble (1962)| Sword of Gideon (TV)|Vengeance (TV)| Sword of Lancelot|Lancelot and Guinevere| Swordsman in Double-Flag Town, The|Shuang-Qi-Zhen Daoke| Symptoms|Blood Virgin, The| Taking Care of Business|Filofax| Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story, The (TV)|Flight, The (TV)| Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story, The (TV)|Taking of Flight 847, The (TV)| Tale of Five Women, A|Tale of Five Cities, A| Tale of the Unextinguished Moon, The|Povest Nepo-Gashennoy Luny| Taming of the Shrew, The (1967)|Bisbetica Domata, La| Target of an Assassin|Long Shot, The (1976)| Target: Harry|How to Make It| Taxi! (1932)|1932| Tenderness|Neha| Terminal Exposure|Double Exposure (1987)| Terror House|Terror at Red Wolf Inn| Terror House|The Folks at Red Wolf Inn| Terror in the City|Pie in the Sky| Terror is a Man|Blood Creature| Terror on a Train|Time Bomb (1953)| Test of Love, A|Annie's Coming Out| Thank You All Very Much|Touch of Love, A| Thank You Very Much|Domo Arigato| Thanks for Life|Merci la Vie| That Hamilton Woman|Lady Hamilton (1941)| That Man from Rio|Homme de Rio, L'| Theorem|Teorema| There are No Men Left|Ya No Hay Hombres| There are Sandy Beaches Too|Ir Ten Krantai Smeleti| These Are the Damned|Damned, The (1962)| They Came from Within|Parasite Murders, The| They Came from Within|Shivers (1975)| Thick Skinned|Peaux de Vaches| Thin Air|Body Stealers, The| Thing From Another World, The|Thing, The (1951)| Third Generation, The|Dritte Generation, Die| Third Man on the Mountain|Banner in the Sky| Third Solution, The|Russicum| Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1959)|39 Steps, The (1959)| Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1978)|39 Steps, The (1978)| This Angry Age|Barrage Contre la Pacifique| This Angry Age|Sea Wall, The| This Can't Happen Here|Sant Haender Inte Haer| This Rebel Breed|Three Shades of Love| Thistle, The|Distel, Die| Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies|Monte Carlo or Bust| Those Fantastic Flying Fools|Blast Off| Those Fantastic Flying Fools|Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon| Thou Shalt Not Kill (1961)|Objecteur, L'| Thousand and One Nights, A|1001 Nights (1945)| Threat, The (1977)|Menace, La| Three Men and a Cradle|Trois Hommes et un Couffin| Three Ring Circus|Jerrico, the Wonder Clown| Three Sisters (1992)|A Harom Nover| Three Strange Loves|Thirst (1949)| Three Strange Loves|Toerst| Through a Glass Darkly|Sasom i en Spegel| Ticket to Taj Mahal|Biletas Iki Taj Mahal| Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!|Atame| Tigers in Lipstick|Wild Beds| Tight Little Island|Whiskey Galore| Time Lost and Time Remembered|I Was Happy Here| Time for Loving, A|Paris Was Made for Lovers| Time to Die, A (1983)|Seven Graves for Rogan| Time to Kill (1990)|Tempo di Uccidere| Tintorera|Tintorera - The Silent Death| To Catch a Spy|Catch Me a Spy| To Dorothy a Son|Cash on Delivery| To Joy|Till Glaedje| To Kill a Priest|Complot, Le| To Love and Live|Amar Y Vivir| To Save Nine|Decimo Clandestino, Il| Todd Killings, The|Dangerous Friend, A| Together?|I Love You, I Love You Not| Tom Brown's School Days (1940)|Adventures at Rugby| Tombs, The|Tumbas, Las| Tonight at 8:30|Meet Me Tonight| Tonight's the Night (1987) (TV)|Game of Love, The (TV)| Too Beautiful for You|Trop Belle Pour Toi| Too Pretty to Be Honest|Trop Jolie Pour Etre Honette| Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism, The|Castle of the Walking Dead| Toto the Hero|Toto le Heros| Touch Me Not|Hunted, The (1974)| Touched by Love|To Elvis, With Love| Towards Evening|Verso Sera| Town Called Hell, A|Town Called Bastard, A| Town Like Alice, A|Rape of Malaya| Traces of Smoke|Rooksporen| Tracker, The (TV)|Dead or Alive (TV)| Transatlantic Tunnel|Tunnel, The (1934)| Transparent Woman|Mujer Transparente| Travis McGee (TV)|Travis McGee: The Empty Copper Sea (TV)| Triple Echo|Soldier in Skirts| Trouble for Two|Suicide Club, The (1936)| Trout, The|Truite, La| Truly Madly Deeply|Cello| Truth or Dare|In Bed with Madonna| Truth, The|Verite, La| Tschaikowski|Tchaikovsky| Tug of Love|Etincelle, L'| Tune in Tomorrow...|Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter| Turkish Delight|Turks Fruit| Turning Point of Jim Malloy, The (TV)|Gibbsville: The Turning Point of Jim Malloy (TV)| Turning Point of Jim Malloy, The (TV)|John O'Hara's Gibbsville (TV)| Twin Bracelets|Shuang Cho| Twist of Fate (1954)|Beautiful Stranger| Twisted Obsession|Mad Monkey, The| Two (1988)|Deux| Two English Girls|Deux Anglaises et le Continent, Les| Two Nights with Cleopatra|Due Notti con Cleopatra| Two Women|Ciociara, La| Two of Us, The|Nous Deux| Two of Us, The|Vieil Homme et l'Enfant, Le| U-Turn|Kleisti Strophi| U.M.C. (TV)|Operation Heartbeat (TV)| Ugetsu Monogatari|Ugetsu|| Ultimate Thrill, The|Ultimate Chase, The| Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The|Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les| Undeclared War, The|Guerre Sans Nom, La| Under Satan's Sun|Sous le Soleil de Satan| Under Satan's Sun|Under the Sun of Satan| Under Suspicion (1981)|Garde a Vue| Under Ten Flags|Sotto Dieci Bandiere| Undercovers Hero|Soft Beds and Hard Battles| Undercovers Hero|Soft Beds, Hard Battles| Unidentified Flying Oddball|Spaceman in King Arthur's Court, A| Uninhibited, The|Pianos Mecanicos, Los| Unsane|Tenebrae| Until the End of the World|Bis ans Ende der Welt| Up in the Cellar|Three in the Cellar| Utopia|Atoll K| Utopia|Robinson Crusoeland| Vacation from Marriage|Perfect Strangers (1945)| Vagabond (1985)|Sans Toit Ni Loi| Vaghe Stelle dell' Orsa|Sandra| Vampire in Paradise, A|Vampire au Paradis, Un| Vault of Horror|Tales from the Crypt, Part II| Venetian Woman, The|Venexiana, La| Verdict Against Anna Leschek|Verurteilt: Anna Leschek| Veronika Voss|Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss, Die| Very Private Affair, A|Vie Privee, La| Via Padova 46|Scocciatore, Lo| Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story (TV)|Victims for Victims| Victory|Escape to Victory| Vindicator, The (1986)|Frankenstein '88| Violent Cop|So No Otoko, Kyobo Ni Tsuki| Violent Stranger|Man in the Shadow (1957/II)| Violette|Violette Noziere| Virgin Spring, The|Jungfrukallan| Vogues|Vogues of 1938| Voice in the Wilderness, The|Dzayn Barborah| Voice of the Turtle, The|One for the Book| Voice, The|Voix, La| Voyage, The|Viaggio, Il| Voyager|Homo Faber| Wages of Fear, The|Salaire de la Peur, Le| Waiting for the Flood|Aitsu| Walerjan Wrobel's Homesickness|Heimweh des Walerjan Wrobel, Das| Walking a Tightrope|Equilibristes, Les| Walter and June|Loving Walter| Wanted|Onskas| War Cat|Angel of Vengeance (1987)| War and Youth|Senso To Seishin| War of the Wildcats|In Old Oklahoma| Warlords of the 21st Century|Battletruck| Warrior's Rest|Repos du Guerrier, Le| Warriors and Prisoners|Guerriers et Captives| Warriors, The (1955)|Dark Avenger, The (1955)| Warriors, The (1955)|Dark Avenger, The| Warsaw - Year 5703|Warszawa| Water Babies, The|Slip Slide Adventures| Waterfront Women|Waterfront (1950)| Way Ahead, The|Immortal Battalion, The| Way to Cheong Song, The|Cheongsonguro Ganunkil| Way to the Stars, The|Johnny in the Clouds| We Are in the Navy Now|We Joined the Navy| We Will All Meet in Paradise|Nous Irons Tous au Paradis| We Will All Meet in Paradise|Pardon Mon Affaire, Too!| Wedding Night - End of the Song|Hochzaitsnuecht| Wedding, The (1992)|Dugun - Die Heirat| Wedlock|Deadlock (1991)| Week's Vacation, A|Semaine de Vacances, Une| Well-Made Marriage, The|Beau Mariage, Le| What You Never Wanted to Know About Women|Was Sie Nie ueber Frauen Wissen Wollten| What a Night!|Nottataccia| What? (1973)|Diary of Forbidden Dreams| Wheeler Dealers, The|Separate Beds| Wheels of Fire|Desert Warrior (1984)| Wheels of Fire|Vindicator (1984)| When Ladies Meet (1941)|Strange Skirts| When Strangers Marry|Betrayed (1944)| When We Were Repressed|Quando Eravamo Repressi| Where the Boys Are '84|Where the Boys Are (1984)| Where the Hot Wind Blows|Legge, La| Where the Hot Wind Blows|Loi, La| Whirlpool (1981)|Pour la Peau d'un Flic| White Buffalo, The|Hunt to Kill| White Nights (1957)|Notti Bianche, Le| White Sheik, The|Sceicco Bianco, Lo| White Sister (1973)|Bianco, Rosso e...| White Wedding|Noce Blanche| Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?|Too Many Chefs| Who Wants to Sleep?|Liebeskarussell, Das| Who'll Stop the Rain|Dog Soldiers| Whore|If You Can't Say It, Just See It| Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?|Warum laeuft Herr R. Amok?| Wife, Mother, Murderer (TV)|Wife, Mother, Murderer: The Marie Hilley Story (TV)| Wild Game (TV)|Wildwechsel (TV)| Wild Pair, The|Devil's Odds, The| Wild Side, The|Suburbia| Wild Strawberries|Smultronstaellet| Wild and the Willing, The|Young and Willing (1962)| Wildfire|Wildfeuer| Wind of Emptiness, The|Kamin Ounaynoutian| Windmills of the Gods (TV)|Sidney Sheldon's Windmills of the Gods (TV)| Window Shopping|Golden Eighties| Wings of Desire|Himmel ueber Berlin, Der| Winter Cherries|Zimniaya Vishnia| Winter of Our Discontent, The (TV)|John Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent (TV)| Winter's Tale, A (1992)|Conte d'hiver| Wish You Were Here|Too Much (1987/I)| Without Apparent Motive|Sans Mobile Apparent| Without Fear or Blame|Sans peur et sans reproche| Without a Clue|Sherlock and Me| Wives (1938)|Under Suspicion (1938)| Wolf Larsen|Larsen, Wolf of the Seven Seas| Wolf Larsen|Legend of Sea Wolf| Woman Is a Woman, A|Femme est une Femme, Une| Woman Next Door, The|Femme d'a Cote, La| Woman from Africa, The|Africana, L'| Woman in Flames, A|Flambierte Frau, Die| Woman in Question, The|Five Angles on Murder| Woman in the Dunes|Suna No Onna| Woman in the Moon (1929)|By Rocket to the Moon| Woman in the Moon (1929)|Frau im Mond| Woman in the Moon (1929)|Girl in the Moon| Woman in the Moon (1988)|Donna della Luna, La| Woman in the Rain, A|Mujer Bajo La Lluvia, Una| Woman of the River|Donna del Fiume, La| Woman with Red Boots, The|Femme aux Bottes Rouges, La| Woman's Devotion, A|Battle Shock| Women in Skirts|Donne Con Le Gonne| Wonder Years|Wunderjahre| Wonderful Life|Swinger's Paradise| Wonderful Times|Epoque Formidable, Une| Wonderful to Be Young!|Young Ones, The| World Within, World Without|Mahaprithivi| Wrong Move, The|Falsche Bewegung| X - the Man with the X-Ray Eyes|X| X, Y and Zee|Zee and Co.| X, Y and Zee|Zee and Company| Years of the Big Heat, The|Ta Chronia Tis Megalis Zestis| Yonta's Blue Eyes|Udju Azul Di Yonta| Young Girls of Rochefort, The|Demoiselles de Rochefort, Les| Young Sherlock Holmes|Pyramid of Fear| Your Turn, My Turn|Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille| Your Witness|Eye Witness| Zandy's Bride|For Better, For Worse (1974)| Zazie|Zazie Dans le Metro| Zentropa|Europa| Zero for Conduct|Zero de Conduite| Zigzag|Zig-Zag| Zombie High|School That Ate My Brain, The| Zombie and the Ghost Train|Zombie Ja Kummitusjuna| Zwischensaison|Hors Saison| ffolkes|Assault Force|


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