THE ACTORS LIST (S-Z) PART VI of VI Name Movie List - - Sanderson, William Black Moon Risi

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THE ACTORS LIST (S-Z) PART VI of VI =================================== Name Movie List ---- --------------------------------- Sanderson, William Black Moon Rising Blade Runner Circle Man City Heat Last Man Standing Lone Wolf McQuade Mirror, Mirror (1990) Nightmares Raggedy Man Savage Weekend "Lonesome Dove" (mini) "Newhart" Sands, Julian After Darkness Arachnophobia Doctor and the Devils, The Gothic Impromptu Killing Fields, The Murder by Moonlight (TV) Oxford Blues Room with a View, A Siesta Sun Also Shines at Night, The Tennessee Nights Vibes Warlock (1989) Sarandon, Chris Broken Promise (TV) Child's Play (1988) Collision Course Cuba Dog Day Afternoon (S:AAN) Forced March (TV) Fright Night Goodbye, Miss 4th of July (TV) Lipstick Mayflower Madam (TV) Osterman Weekend, The Princess Bride, The Protocol Sentinel, The Tailspin: Behind the Korean Airliner Tragedy (TV) This Child Is Mine (TV) Thursday's Game (TV) Whispers You Can't Go Home Again (TV) Savage, Fred Boy Who Could Fly, The Convicted: A Mother's Story (TV) Little Monsters Princess Bride, The Run Till You Fall (TV) Vice Versa (1988) When You Remember Me (TV) Wizard, The "Morningstar/Eveningstar" "Wonder Years, The" Savage, John All the Kind Strangers (TV) Amateur, The Any Man's Death Bad Company (1972) Beat, The Brady's Escape Caribe Coming Out of the Ice (TV) Deer Hunter, The Eric (TV) Godfather, Part III, The Hair Hotel Colonial Hunting Inside Moves Maria's Lovers Nairobi Affair (TV) Onion Field, The Point of View Salvador Silent Witness (1985) (TV) Turning Point of Jim Malloy, The (TV) "Gibbsville" Savalas, Telly Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (TV) Alice in Wonderland (1985) (TV) Assassination Bureau, The Belarus File, The (TV) Beyond Reason Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Birdman of Alcatraz (S:AAN) Cannonball Run II Cape Fear Capricorn One Cartier Affair, The (TV) Crime Boss Crooks and Coronets Dirty Dozen, The Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission, The (TV) Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission, The (TV) Escape to Athena Fake-Out Family, The (1970) Genghis Kahn Greatest Story Ever Told, The Hellinger's Law (TV) Horror Express House of Exorcism, The Inside Out (1975) Interns, The Kelly's Heroes Killer Force Kojak: The Price of Justice (TV) Land Raiders Lisa and the Devil Mackenna's Gold Marcus-Nelson Murders, The (TV) Massacre at Fort Holman Mongo's Back in Town (TV) Muppet Movie, The My Palikari (TV) On Her Majesty's Secret Service Pancho Villa Pretty Maids All in a Row Redneck Scalphunters, The Scenes from a Murder She Cried Murder (TV) Silent Rebellion Sol Madrid Town Called Hell, A Visions... (TV) "Acapulco" "Kojak" Schallert, William Colossus: The Forbin Project Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway (TV) Death Sentence (TV) Escape (1971) (TV) Friendly Persuasion (1956) Hangar 18 Held Hostage: The Sis and Jerry Levin Story (TV) Hijack (TV) Incredible Shrinking Man, The Innerspace Little Women (1978) (TV) Man on a String (1971) (TV) Partners in Crime (1973) (TV) Pillow Talk Promise Him Anything (TV) Remember When (TV) Tail Gunner Joe (TV) Through Naked Eyes (TV) Twilight Zone - The Movie Will Penny "Blind Ambition" (mini) "Dobie Gillis" "Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The" "Ike" (mini) "Little Women" "Patty Duke Show, The" Scheider, Roy 2010 52 Pick-Up All That Jazz (AAN) Assignment: Munich (TV) Blue Thunder Forth War, The French Connection, The (S:AAN) Jacobo Timerman: Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number (TV) Jaws Jaws 2 Klute Last Embrace Listen to Me Loving Marathon Man Men's Club, The Night Game Russia House, The Seven-Ups, The Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture (TV) Sorcerer Still of the Night Tiger Town (TV) "Love of Life" "Secret Storm, The" Schell, Maximilian Assisi Underground, The Black Hole, The Bridge Too Far, A Castle, The Chosen, The (1981) Cross of Iron Diary of Anne Frank, The (1980) (TV) Freshman, The (1990) Judgment at Nuremberg (AA) Julia (S:AAN) Man in the Glass Booth, The (AAN) Marlene Odessa File, The Pedestrian, The Players Rose Garden, The St. Ives Topkapi Young Catherine (TV) Young Lions, The Schiavelli, Vincent Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, The Amadeus American Pop (voice) Angels Better Off Dead Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Chu Chu and the Philly Flash Cold Feet (1989) Fast Times at Ridgemont High For Pete's Sake Frisco Kid, The (1979) Fury, The (1978) Ghost (1990) Great Gatsby, The (1974) Happy Hooker, The Homer & Eddie Johnny Dangerously Kidco Next Stop, Greenwich Village Night Shift One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Penny Ante - The Motion Picture Playroom Return, The (1980) Seed of Innocence Taking Off Taxi Driver Unmarried Woman, An Valmont Waiting for the Light "Corner Bar, The" "Fast Times" Schlatter, Charlie 18 Again! Bright Lights, Big City Delinquents, The (1989) Heartbreak Hotel "Ferris Bueller" Schuck, John Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Hunter (1971) (TV) M*A*S*H Once Upon a Dead Man (TV) Outrageous Fortune Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home "Holmes and Yo-Yo" "McMillan and Wife" "New Munsters, The" "New Odd Couple, The" "Roots" (mini) "Turnabout" Schwarzenegger, Arnold Commando (1985) Conan the Barbarian Conan the Destroyer Hercules in New York (as Arnold Strong) Jayne Mansfield Story, The (TV) Kindergarten Cop Long Goodbye, The Predator Pumping Iron Raw Deal (1986) Red Heat (1988) Red Sonja Running Man, The (1987) Scavenger Hunt Stay Hungry Terminator II: Judgment Day Terminator, The Total Recall Twins Villain, The (1979) Scofield, Paul Hamlet (1990) Henry V (1989) Man for All Seasons, A (1966) (AA) Scorpio Train, The When the Whales Came Scott, George C. Anatomy of a Murder (S:AAN) Bank Shot Beauty and the Beast (1976) (TV) Bible, The Changeling, The China Rose (TV) Choices (1986) (TV) Christmas Carol, A (1984) (TV) Day of the Dolphin, The Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Exorcist III: Legion, The Fear on Trial (TV) Firestarter Flim Flam Man, The Formula, The Hardcore Hindenburg, The Hospital, The (AAN) Hustler, The (S:AAN) Islands in the Stream Jane Eyre (1970) (TV) Last Run, The List of Adrian Messenger, The Movie Movie Murders in the Rue Morgue, The (1986) (TV) Mussolini: The Decline and Fall of Il Duce (TV) New Centurions, The Not with My Wife, You Don't Oklahoma Crude Oliver Twist (1982) (TV) Patton (AA) People Kill People Sometimes (TV) Petulia Prince and the Pauper, The (1978) Rage (1972) Ryan White Story, The (TV) Savage Is Loose, The Taps They Might Be Giants Yellow Rolls-Royce, The "East Side, West Side" "Mr. President" "Power and the Glory, The" (mini) Seagal, Steven Above the Law Hard to Kill Marked for Death Segal, George Act One All's Fair Black Bird, The Blume in Love Born to Win Bridge at Remagen, The California Split Carbon Copy Cold Room, The (TV) Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, The Endless Game, The (TV) Fun with Dick and Jane Hot Rock, The Invitation to a Gunfighter Killing 'em Softly King Rat Last Married Couple in America, The Lie, The (1970) (TV) Look Who's Talking Lost and Found Lost Command Loving Many Happy Returns (1986) (TV) No Way to Treat a Lady Not My Kid (TV) Owl and the Pussycat, The Quiller Memorandum, The Rollercoaster Russian Roulette Ship of Fools St. Valentine's Day Massacre, The Stick Terminal Man, The Touch of Class, A Where's Poppa? Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (S:AAN) Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, The (TV) "Take Five" Selleck, Tom Bunco (TV) Coma Concrete Cowboys, The (TV) Devil's Rain, The Divorce Wars: A Love Story (TV) Gypsy Warriors, The Her Alibi High Road to China Innocent Man, An Lassiter Most Wanted (TV) Movie Murderer, The (TV) Quigley Down Under Returning Home (TV) Runaway (1984) Sacketts, The (TV) Shadow Riders, The (TV) Superdome (TV) Terminal Island Three Men and a Baby Three Men and a Little Lady Washington Affair, The "Magnum P.I." "Young and the Restless, The" Sharif, Omar Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (TV) Ashanti Baltimore Bullet, The Behold a Pale Horse Bloodline Crime and Passion Doctor Zhivago Fall of the Roman Empire, The Funny Girl Funny Lady Genghis Kahn Green Ice Harem (1986) (TV) Horseman, The Horsemen, The Journey of Love Juggernaut Last Valley, The Lawrence of Arabia (S:AAN) Mackenna's Gold Mayerling (1969) Mountains of the Moon Night of the Generals Oh, Heavenly Dog! Pleasure Palace (TV) Poppy Is Also a Flower, The S*H*E (TV) Tamarind Seed, The Top Secret! (1984) Yellow Rolls-Royce, The "Far Pavillions, The" (mini) Sharkey, Ray Act of Piracy Behind Enemy Lines (TV) Body Rock Du-beat-e-o Heart Beat (1980) Hellhole Idolmaker, The Love and Money No Mercy Ordeal of Bill Carney, The (TV) Private Investigations Rain Killer, The Regina Revenge of Al Capone, The (TV) Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills Some Kind of Hero Who'll Stop the Rain (aka Dog Soldiers) Willie and Phil Wired Wise Guys "Wiseguy" Shatner, William Airplane II: The Sequel Andersonville Trial, The (TV) Babysitter, The (1980) (TV) Barbary Coast, The (1974) (TV) Big Bad Mama Blood Sport (1986) (TV) Broken Angel (TV) Brothers Karamazov, The Crash (1978) (aka Crash of Flight 401) (TV) Devil's Rain, The Disaster on the Coastliner (TV) Go Ask Alice (TV) Horror at 37,000 Feet (TV) Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1972) (TV) Impulse (1974) Incident on a Dark Street (TV) Indict and Convict (TV) Intruder, The (1961) Judgment at Nuremberg Kidnapping of the President, The Kingdom of the Spiders Little Women (1978) (TV) North Beach and Rawhide (TV) Owen Marshall, Counsellor at Law (TV) People, The (TV) Perilous Voyage (TV) Pioneer Woman (TV) Pray for the Wildcats (TV) Secrets of a Married Man (TV) Sole Survivor (TV) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Star Trek: The Motion Picture Vanished (TV) Visiting Hours "Barbary Coast" "Bastard, The" (mini) "For the People" "Inner Space" "Rescue 911" (host) "Star Trek" "T.J. Hooker" "Testimony of Two Men" (mini) Shawn, Wallace Bedroom Window, The Bostonians, The Crackers Deal of the Century First Time, The (1983) Head Office Heaven Help Us Hotel New Hampshire, The Little Sex, A Lovesick Manhattan Micki & Maude Moderns, The My Dinner with Andre Nice Girls Don't Explode Prick Up Your Ears Princess Bride, The Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills She's Out of Control Starting Over Strange Invaders Strong Medicine (1979) We're No Angels (1989) Shearer, Harry Animalympics (voice) Hometown Boy Makes Good (TV) Oscar (1991) Plain Clothes Real Life Right Stuff, The This Is Spinal Tap "Saturday Night Live" "Simpsons, The" (voice) Sheen, Charlie Apocalypse Now Boys Next Door, The Catchfire Eight Men Out Enigma Execution of Private Slovik, The (TV) Ferris Bueller's Day Off Grizzly II - The Predator Lucas Major League Men at Work Navy Seals No Man's Land (1987) Platoon R.P.G. II Red Dawn Rookie, The (1990) Silence of the Heart (TV) Three for the Road (1987) Wall Street Wisdom Wraith, The Young Guns (1988) Sheen, Martin Andersonville Trial, The (TV) Apocalypse Now Atlanta Child Murders, The (TV) Badlands Believers, The Beverly Hills Brats California Kid, The (TV) Cassandra Crossing, The Catch-22 Catholics (TV) Choices of the Heart (TV) Cliff, The Cold Front (TV) Crime Club (1973) (TV) Da Dead Zone, The Eagle's Wing Enigma Execution of Private Slovik, The (TV) Final Countdown, The Firestarter Fourth Wise Man, The (TV) Gandhi Goodbye, Raggedy Ann (TV) Guardian, The (1984) (TV) In the Custody of Strangers (TV) Incident, The (1967) Judgment in Berlin Last Survivors, The (TV) Letters from Three Lovers (TV) Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, The Loophole (1980) Man, Woman and Child Message to My Daughter (TV) Missiles of October, The (TV) Mongo's Back in Town (TV) News at Eleven (TV) Nightbreaker (TV) No Drums, No Bugles No Man's Land (1987) Pursuit (TV) Rage (1972) Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story (TV) Shattered Spirits (TV) Siesta Story of Pretty Boy Floyd, The (TV) Subject Was Roses, The Sweet Hostage (TV) That Certain Summer (TV) That Championship Season Then Came Bronson (TV) Three Days in October Wall Street Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol (TV) "As the World Turns" "Blind Ambition" (mini) "Edge of Night, The" "Kennedy" (mini) Shepard, Sam Baby Boom Bright Angel Country Crimes of the Heart Days of Heaven Fool for Love Frances Paris, Texas Raggedy Man Resurrection Right Stuff, The (S:AAN) Steel Magnolias Short, Martin Big Picture, The Cross My Heart Innerspace Really Weird Tales (TV) Sunset Limousine (TV) Three Amigos! Three Fugitives "Associates, The" "I'm a Big Girl Now" "Saturday Night Live" "SCTV" Siemaszko, Casey American Harvest (TV) Biloxi Blues Breaking In Chase, The (1991) (TV) Miracle of the Heart: A Boys Town Story (TV) Three O'Clock High Young Guns (1988) Sikking, James B. Alpha Caper, The (TV) Astronaut, The (TV) Bay Coven (TV) Coffee, Tea or Me? (TV) Desperado: Badlands Justice (TV) F.B.I. Story - The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One, The (TV) Family Flight (TV) Last Hurrah, The (1977) (TV) Man on a String (1971) (TV) Morons from Outer Space Narrow Margin (1990) Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss (TV) Ordinary People Outland Soul Man Star Chamber, The Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Trouble in High Timber Country (TV) Up the Creek (1984) Woman Called Moses, A (TV) Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy (TV) "Doogie Howser" "General Hospital" "Hill Street Blues" "Turnabout" Silva, Henry Above the Law Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold Alligator Animals, The Black Noon (TV) Bravados, The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV) Bulletproof Code of Silence Contract on Cherry Street (TV) Day of the Assassin Dick Tracy Drive Hard, Drive Fast (TV) Love and Bullets Lust in the Dust Man and Boy Manchurian Candidate, The Manhunt, The (1986) Megaforce Never a Dull Moment (1968) Reward, The (1965) Sharky's Machine Shoot Thirst Violent Breed, The Wrong Is Right Silver, Ron Best Friends (1982) Betrayal (1978) (TV) Billionaire Boys Club (TV) Blue Steel (1990) Dear Detective (1979) (TV) Eat and Run Enemies: A Love Story Entity, The Father's Revenge, A (TV) Fellow Traveller (TV) Garbo Talks Goodbye People, The Lovesick Murder at the Mardi Gras (TV) Oh, God! You Devil! Return of the World's Greatest Detective, The (TV) Reversal of Fortune Silent Rage Silkwood Trapped in Silence (TV) Word of Honor (TV) "Dear Detective" "Mac Davis Show, The" "Rhoda" "Stockard Channing Show, The" Silverman, Jonathan Brighton Beach Memoirs Caddyshack II Challenge of a Lifetime (TV) Girls Just Want to Have Fun Stealing Home Traveling Man (TV) Weekend at Bernie's "Gimme a Break" Sim, Gerald Doctor Jekyl and Sister Hyde Dr. Phibes Rises Again Frenzy King Rat Madwoman of Chaillot, The Oh! What a Lovely War Our Mother's House Raging Moon, The Seance on a Wet Afternoon Whisperers, The Whistle Down the Wind Wrong Box, The Simmons, Gene KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (TV) Never Too Young to Die Red Surf Runaway (1984) Trick or Treat (1986) Wanted Dead or Alive Simpson, O.J. Capricorn One Cassandra Crossing, The Firepower Goldie and the Boxer (TV) Hambone and Hillie Killing Affair, A (1977) (TV) Naked Gun, The Towering Inferno, The "Roots" (mini) Sinatra, Frank Anchors Aweigh Can-Can Cannonball Run II Cast a Giant Shadow Contract on Cherry Street (TV) Detective, The (1968) Devil at 4 O'Clock, The Dirty Dingus Magee Double Dynamite First Deadly Sin, The Four for Texas From Here to Eternity (1953) (S:AA) Guys and Dolls High Society (1956) Higher and Higher Hole in the Head, A Kings Go Forth Kissing Bandit, The Lady in Cement List of Adrian Messenger, The Man with the Golden Arm, The (AAN) Manchurian Candidate, The Miracle of the Bells, The Never So Few Ocean's Eleven On the Town Pal Joey Pride and the Passion, The Robin and the Seven Hoods Some Came Running Step Lively Suddenly Take Me Out to the Ball Game Tender Trap, The That's Entertainment! Till the Clouds Roll By Von Ryan's Express Young at Heart "Dean Martin Presents" "Frank Sinatra Show, The" (1950) "Frank Sinatra Show, The" (1957) Singer, Marc Beastmaster, The Body Chemistry Born to Race Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective (TV) Go Tell the Spartans Her Life as a Man (TV) If You Could See What I Hear Journey from Darkness (TV) Sergeant Matlovich Vs. the U.S. Air Force (TV) Something for Joey (TV) Things in Their Season (TV) Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, The (TV) Watchers II "Contender, The" "Dallas" "Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue" (mini) "Roots: The Next Generations" (mini) "V" Skerritt, Tom Alien Big Bad Mama Big Town, The (1987) Birdmen (TV) Calendar Girl Murders, The (TV) Child in the Night (TV) China Lake Murders, The (TV) Dangerous Summer, A Dead Zone, The Devil's Rain, The Fighting Back (1982) Fuzz Heist, The (1989) (TV) Ice Castles Last Day, The (TV) M*A*S*H Maid to Order Maneaters Are Loose! (TV) Miles to Go (TV) Moving Target (1988) (TV) Opposing Force Parent Trap II (TV) Poker Alice Poltergeist III Red King, White Knight (TV) Rookie, The (1990) Silence of the North SpaceCamp Steel Magnolias Top Gun (1986) Touch of Scandal, A (TV) Turning Point, The (1977) Up in Smoke (1978) Wild Rovers Wisdom "Cheers" "Ryan's Four" Slater, Christian Desperate for Love (TV) Gleaming the Cube Heathers Legend of Billie Jean, The Name of the Rose, The Pump Up the Volume Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream Young Guns II Smith, Charles Martin American Graffiti Buddy Holly Story, The Campus Corpse, The Cotton Candy (TV) Experts, The Herbie Goes Bananas Hot Spot, The (1990) Law of the Land (TV) Never Cry Wolf Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins Starman Untouchables, The Smith, Cotter Bunny's Tale, A (TV) Cameron's Closet Lady Beware Rape of Richard Peck, The (TV) Smith, Kurtwood Christmas Gift, The (TV) Dead Poets Society Deadly Messages (TV) Delos Adventure, The Midnight Hour, The (TV) Oscar (1991) Quick Change Rambo III Renegades, The (1982) (TV) Robocop Staying Alive True Believer "New Adventures of Beans Baxter, The" "Renegades, The" Smith, Lane Air America Between the Lines Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues (TV) Dark Night of the Scarecrow (TV) Death in Canaan, A (TV) Displaced Person, The (TV) Frances Native Son (1986) Network Night Game Over the Edge Places in the Heart Prime Suspect (1982) (TV) Prison Purple Hearts Something About Amelia (TV) Weeds "Kay O'Brien" "V" Smits, Jimmy Believers, The Glitz (TV) Old Gringo Running Scared (1986) Switch (1991) Vital Signs (1990) "L.A. Law" Sommer, Josef Absence of Malice Bridge to Silence (TV) Brotherly Love (1985) (TV) Chances Are D.A.R.Y.L. Dracula's Widow Hide in Plain Sight Iceman Kennedys of Massachusetts, The (TV) Rollover Rosary Murders, The Silkwood Sophie's Choice Sparkling Cyanide (TV) Special Friendship, A (TV) Target Too Far to Go (TV) Witness Yuri Nosenko, KGB (TV) "Doctors, The" Sorvino, Paul Bloodbrothers Brink's Job, The Chiefs (TV) Chiller (TV) Cruising Day of the Dolphin, The Dick Tracy Don't Touch My Daughter (TV) Dummy (TV) Fine Mess, A Gambler, The (1974) GoodFellas I Will, I Will...For Now I, the Jury (1982) It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy (TV) Melanie Off the Wall Oh, God! Question of Honor, A (TV) Reds Stuff, The Tell Me Where It Hurts (TV) That Championship Season Touch of Class, A Urge to Kill Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter "Bert D'Angelo -- Superstar" "Oldest Rookie, The" "Seventh Avenue" (mini) "We'll Get By" Spader, James Baby Boom Bad Influence Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (TV) Endless Love Jack's Back Killer in the Family, A (TV) Less Than Zero Mannequin (1987) New Kids, The Pretty in Pink Rachel Papers, The sex, lies, and videotape Starcrossed (TV) True Colors Tuff Turf Wall Street White Palace "Family Tree, The" Spano, Vincent Alphabet City And God Created Woman (1987) Baby, It's You Black Stallion Returns, The Blood Ties (1986) City of Hope Creator Double McGuffin, The Gentleman Bandit, The (TV) Good Morning, Vietnam High Frequency Maria's Lovers Oscar (1991) Over the Edge Rumble Fish Senior Trip (TV) Spencer, Bud Bull-dozer They Call Me Trinity Trinity Is Still My Name Stack, Robert 1941 Adventures of the Queen (TV) Airplane! Big Trouble Bullfighter and the Lady Bwana Devil Caddyshack II Corrupt Ones, The Dangerous Curves Date with Judy, A Eagle Squadron Fighter Squadron First Love (1939) Good Morning, Miss Dove Great Day in the Morning High and the Mighty, The House of Bamboo Iron Glove, The Joe Versus the Volcano John Paul Jones Mortal Storm, The Most Wanted (TV) Mr. Music Murder on Flight 502 (TV) Nice Girl? Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit (TV) Plain Clothes Strange and Deadly Occurrence, The (TV) Tarnished Angels, The To Be or Not to Be (1942) Uncommon Valor War Paint Written on the Wind (S:AAN) "Falcon Crest" "Most Wanted" "Name of the Game, The" "Strike Force" "Unsolved Mysteries" "Untouchables, The" Stallone, Sylvester Bananas Cannonball Capone Cobra (1986) Death Race 2000 F.I.S.T. Farewell, My Lovely First Blood Lock Up Lords of Flatbush, The Nighthawks Oscar (1991) Over the Top Paradise Alley Prisoner of Second Avenue, The Rambo III Rambo: First Blood Part II Rhinestone Rocky (AAN) Rocky II Rocky III Rocky IV Rocky V Tango & Cash Victory Stamp, Terence Alien Nation Billy Bud (S:AAN) Billy Budd Blue Collector, The Divine Nymph, The Far from the Madding Crowd Genuine Risk Hit, The Legal Eagles Link Meetings with Remarkable Men Mind of Mr. Soames, The Modesty Blaise Sicilian, The Superman II Teorema Term of Trial Thief of Baghdad, The (1978) (TV) Wall Street Young Guns (1988) Stanton, Harry Dean 92 in the Shade Alien Black Marble, The Christine Cisco Pike Cockfighter Cool Hand Luke Cry for Me, Billy Deathwatch Dillinger (1973) Dream a Little Dream Escape from New York Farewell, My Lovely Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers (TV) Fool for Love Fourth War, The Godfather, Part II, The Hostage, The (1967) I Want to Live (1983) (TV) Intruders, The (TV) Kelly's Heroes Last Temptation of Christ, The Missouri Breaks, The Motion & Emotion Mr. North Oldest Living Graduate, The (TV) One from the Heart One Magic Christmas Paris, Texas Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Pretty in Pink Private Benjamin Proud Rebel, The Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins Rancho Deluxe Rebel Rousers Red Dawn Repo Man Ride in the Whirlwind Rip Van Winkle (V) Rose, The Slamdance Stars and Bars Straight Time Two-Lane Blacktop UFOria Where the Lilies Bloom Wild at Heart Wise Blood Young Doctors in Love Zandy's Bride Steiger, Rod Across the Bridge Al Capone American Gothic Amityville Horror, The Back from Eternity Ballad of Sad Cafe, The Breakthrough (1978) Catch the Heat Chosen, The (1981) Cook & Peary: The Race to the Pole (TV) Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, The Cry Terror Desperado: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge (TV) Doctor Zhivago Duck, You Sucker (aka Fistful of Dynamite, A) F.I.S.T. Glory Boys, The Harder They Fall, The Heroes, The (1972) Illustrated Man, The In the Heat of the Night (AA) January Man, The Jubal Kindred, The Last Contract, The Lion of the Desert Lolly-Madonna XXX Longest Day, The Love and Bullets Loved One, The Lucky Luciano Men of Respect Naked Face, The No Way to Treat a Lady Oklahoma! On the Waterfront (S:AAN) Passion and Paradise (TV) Pawnbroker, The (AAN) Run of the Arrow Sergeant, The Unholy Wife, The Waterloo "Jesus of Nazareth" (mini) Stephens, Robert Asphyx, The Cleopatra (1963) Empire of the Sun Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The Travels with My Aunt "Holocaust" (mini) "QB VII" (mini) (TV) Stern, Daniel Blue Thunder Born in East L.A. Boss' Wife, The Breaking Away C.H.U.D. Coupe de Ville Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson, The (TV) D.O.A. (1988) Diner Get Crazy Hannah and Her Sisters Home Alone I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can It's My Turn Key Exchange Leviathan Milagro Beanfield War, The My Blue Heaven (1990) Stardust Memories Weekend War (TV) "Hometown" "Wonder Years, The" (voice) Stevens, Andrew Boys in Company C, The Death Hunt Down the Drain Fine Gold (TV) Forbidden Love Fury, The (1978) Last Survivors, The (TV) Massacre at Central High Miracle on Ice (TV) Night Eyes (aka Hidden View) Oregon Trail, The (1976) (TV) Ranch, The Rebels, The (TV) Red Blooded American Girl Scared Stiff Secrets (1977) (TV) Seduction, The Ten to Midnight Terror Within, The Tusks Women at West Point (TV) "Bastard, The" (mini) "Code Red" "Dallas" "Emerald Point N.A.S." "Once an Eagle" (mini) "Oregon Trail, The" Stewart, James After the Thin Man Afurika Monogatari Airport '77 Anatomy of a Murder (AAN) Bandolero! Bell, Book and Candle Bend of the River Big Sleep, The (1978) Born to Dance Broken Arrow Call Northside 777 Carbine Williams Cheyenne Autumn Cheyenne Social Club, The Come Live with Me Dear Brigitte Destry Rides Again Far Country, The (1955) FBI Story, The Firecreek Flight of the Phoenix Fools' Parade Glenn Miller Story, The Gorgeous Hussy, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Harvey (AAN) Hawkins on Murder (TV) How the West Was Won Ice Follies of 1939 It's a Wonderful Life (AAN) It's a Wonderful World Jackpot, The Last Gangster, The Made for Each Other (1939) Magic of Lassie, The Magic Town Malaya Man from Laramie, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The (1956) Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Mortal Storm, The Mountain Road, The Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (AAN) Murder Man, The Naked Spur, The Navy Blue and Gold Next Time We Love Night Passage No Highway in the Sky No Time for Comedy Of Human Hearts On Our Merry Way Philadelphia Story, The (AA) Pot O' Gold Rare Breed, The (1966) Rear Window Right of Way (TV) Rope Rose Marie (1936) Seventh Heaven (1937) Shenandoah Shootist, The Shop Around the Corner, The Shopworn Angel Small Town Girl (1936) Speed Spirit of St. Louis, The Strategic Air Command Stratton Story, The Take Her, She's Mine Thunder Bay Two Rode Together Vertigo Vivacious Lady Wife vs. Secretary Winchester '73 (1950) You Can't Take It with You You Gotta Stay Happy Ziegfeld Girl "Hawkins" "Jimmy Stewart Show, The" "North and South II" (mini) Stewart, Patrick Codename: Emerald Doctor and the Devils, The Dune Excalibur Hedda Lady Jane Lifeforce "I, Claudius" "Smiley's People" (mini) "Star Trek: The Next Generation" "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" Stiers, David Ogden Accidental Tourist, The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory (TV) Another Woman Better Off Dead Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (TV) Charlie's Angels (TV) Cheap Detective, The Creator Drive, He Said Harry's War How to Murder a Millionaire (TV) Innocents Abroad, The (TV) J. Edgar Hoover (TV) Kissing Place, The (TV) Magic Oh, God! 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Big Picture, The Crazy People Dad Good Morning, Vietnam Grifters, The Hannah and Her Sisters House of Games Iron Maze Misery Narrow Margin (1990) Power (1986) Tequila Sunrise Tin Men Wired Walsh, M.Emmet Abduction of Kari Swenson, The (TV) Airport '77 Back Roads (1981) Back to School Best of Times, The Blade Runner Blood Simple Broken Vows (TV) Cannery Row Catch Me If You Can Civil War, The Clean and Sober Critters Dear Detective (1979) (TV) Escape Artist, The Fast-Walking Fletch Gambler, The (1974) Harry and the Hendersons Hero in the Family (TV) High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane (TV) Invasion of Johnson County, The (TV) Jerk, The Love & Lies (TV) Mighty Quinn, The Missing in Action Murder Ordained (TV) Narrow Margin (1990) Night Partners (TV) No Man's Land (1987) No Other Love (TV) Ordinary People Outlaws, The (TV) Pope of Greenwich Village, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, The Question of Guilt, A (TV) Raising Arizona Raw Courage Red Alert (TV) Rich Hall's Vanishing America (V) Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic (TV) Scandalous Serpico Straight Time Sundown, the Vampire in Retreat Sunset Superdome (TV) War Party Wildcats "Dear Detective" "Sandy Duncan Show, The" Walston, Ray Amos (TV) Angel of Death (TV) Apartment, The Blood Relations Blood Salvage Caprice Crash Course (TV) Damn Yankees Fall of the House of Usher, The (1982) (TV) Fast Times at Ridgemont High From the Hip Galaxy of Terror Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, The I Know My First Name Is Steven (TV) Institute for Revenge (TV) Jerk Too, The (TV) Johnny Dangerously Kid with the Broken Halo, The (TV) O.C. & Stiggs Paint Your Wagon Popcorn (1991) Popeye Private School Rad Red River (1988) (TV) Saturday the 14th Strikes Back Silver Streak South Pacific Sting, The Tall Story This Girl for Hire (TV) "Fast Times" "My Favorite Martian" "Silver Spoons" "Stop Susan Williams" Walter, Tracey At Close Range Batman (1989) Conan the Destroyer Homer & Eddie Mad Bull (TV) Married to the Mob Out of the Dark Raggedy Man Repo Man Something Wild (1986) Timerider Timestalkers (TV) Two Jakes, The Young Guns II "Best of the West" Wanamaker, Sam Aviator, The Baby Boom Competition, The Concrete Jungle, The (1962) Embassy (1985) (TV) From Hell to Victory Heartsounds (TV) I Was a Mail Order Bride (TV) Judgment in Berlin Law, The (TV) Mousey (TV) Our Family Business (TV) Private Benjamin Raw Deal (1986) Running Against Time (TV) Sadie and Son (TV) Sell-Out, The Spiral Staircase, The (1975) (TV) Spy Who Came in from the Cold, The Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Taras Bulba "Holocaust" (mini) Ward, Fred Big Business Carny Catchfire Escape from Alcatraz Florida Straits (TV) Henry & June Miami Blues Noon Wine (TV) Off Limits (1988) Prince of Pennsylvania, The Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins... Right Stuff, The Secret Admirer Silkwood Southern Comfort Swing Shift Timerider Tremors UFOria Uncommon Valor Warden, Jack ...And Justice for All 12 Angry Men All the President's Men Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The Aviator, The Bachelor Party, The (1957) Being There Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Billy Two Hats Brian's Song (TV) Carbon Copy Champ, The (1979) Chu Chu and the Philly Flash Crackers Darby's Rangers Dead Solid Perfect (TV) Death on the Nile Donovan's Reef Dreamer Edge of the City Everybody Wins Face of Fear, The (1971) (TV) Four Seasons, The From Here to Eternity (1953) Godchild, The (TV) Great Muppet Caper, The Heaven Can Wait (1978) (S:AAN) Hobson's Choice (1983) (TV) Journey from Darkness (TV) Judgment (TV) Lieutenant Schuster's Wife (TV) Man on a String (1971) (TV) Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, The Presidio, The Problem Child Raid on Entebbe (TV) Remember When (TV) Run Silent, Run Deep September Shampoo (S:AAN) So Fine Sporting Club, The Summertree Superman II They Only Come Out at Night (TV) Three Kings, The (TV) Used Cars Verdict, The (1982) Wake Me When It's Over What's a Nice Girl Like You...? (TV) "Asphalt Jungle, The" "Bad News Bears, The" "Crazy Like a Fox" "Jigsaw John" "Mr. Peepers" "N.Y.P.D." "Norby" "Wackiest Ship in the Army, The" Warner, David Ballad of Cable Hogue, The Blue Hotel Company of Wolves, The Cross of Iron Desperado (TV) Doll's House, A (1973/II) Frankenstein (1984) (TV) From Beyond the Grave Grave Secrets Hitler's SS: Portrait of Evil (TV) Island, The (1980) Man with Two Brains, The Morgan! Mortal Passions Mr. North My Best Friend Is a Vampire Nightwing Old Curiosity Shop, The Omen, The Providence S.O.S. Titanic (TV) Silver Bears Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Straw Dogs Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1978) Time After Time (1979) Time Bandits Tom Jones Tripwire Tron Waxwork "Holocaust" (mini) "Masada" (mini) Washington, Denzel Carbon Copy Cry Freedom (S:AAN) Flesh & Blood (1979) (TV) For Queen and Country Glory (1989) (S:AA) Heart Condition Mighty Quinn, The Mo' Better Blues Power (1986) Soldier's Story, A Wilma (TV) "St. Elsewhere" Wass, Ted Canterville Ghost, The (1986) Curse of the Pink Panther Fine Gold (TV) I Was a Mail Order Bride (TV) Longshot, The (1986) Oh, God! You Devil! Sheena Sunday Drive (TV) Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, The (TV) "Blossom" "Soap" Wasson, Craig Body Double Bum Rap Carny Four Friends Ghost Story (1981) Go Tell the Spartans Innocents Abroad, The (TV) Men's Club, The Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A Schizoid Skag (TV) "Phyllis" "Skag" Watanabe, Gedde Gremlins 2: The New Batch Gung Ho (1986) Sixteen Candles Vamp Volunteers "Down Home" "Gung Ho" Waterston, Sam Capricorn One Civil War, The Cover Me Babe Crimes and Misdemeanors Dempsey (TV) Eagle's Wing Finnegan Begin Again (TV) Friendly Fire (TV) Generation (1969) Glass Menagerie, The (1973) (TV) Great Gatsby, The (1974) Hannah and Her Sisters Heaven's Gate In Defense of Kids (TV) Interiors Journey Into Fear (1975) Just Between Friends Killing Fields, The (AAN) Lantern Hill (TV) Love Lives On (TV) Mindwalk Rancho Deluxe Reflections of Murder (TV) Room Upstairs, The (TV) September Sweet Revenge (1977) Sweet William Terrorist on Trial: The United States Vs. Salim Ajani (TV) Warning Sign Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name? "Nightmare Years, The" (mini) "Q.E.D." Wayans, Damon Beverly Hills Cop Colors Earth Girls Are Easy Hollywood Shuffle I'm Gonna Git You Sucka Punchline Roxanne "In Living Color" "Saturday Night Live" Weathers, Carl Action Jackson Bermuda Depths, The (TV) Dangerous Ground (TV) Death Hunt Defiant Ones, The (1986) (TV) Force 10 from Navarone Friday Foster Hostage Heart, The (TV) Predator Rocky Rocky II Rocky III Rocky IV "Fortune Dane" "Tour of Duty" Weaver, Dennis Amber Waves (TV) Bluffing It (TV) Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (TV) Dangerous Mission Dragnet (1954) Duel (TV) Duel at Diablo Female Artillery (TV) Forgotten Man, The (TV) Gentle Giant Going for the Gold: The Bill Johnson Story (TV) Great Man's Whiskers, The (TV) Intimate Strangers (1977) (TV) Ishi: The Last of His Tribe (TV) Islander, The (TV) Law and Order (1950) Law and Order (1953) McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.? (TV) Ordeal of Dr. Mudd, The (TV) Ordeal of Patty Hearst, The (TV) Return of Sam McCloud, The (TV) Rolling Man (TV) Stone (TV) Terror on the Beach (TV) Touch of Evil What's the Matter with Helen? Winner Never Quits, A (TV) "Centennial" (mini) "Emerald Point N.A.S" "Gentle Ben" "Gunsmoke" "Kentucky Jones" "McCloud" "Pearl" (1978) (mini) "Stone" Weaver, Fritz Berlin Affair (1970) (TV) Black Sunday (1977) Borgia Stick, The (TV) Captains Courageous (1977) (TV) Creepshow Day of the Dolphin, The Demon Seed Fail-Safe Hearst and Davies Affair, The (TV) Heat of Anger (TV) Hunter (1971) (TV) Jolly Corner, The (TV) Legend of Lizzie Borden, The (TV) Marathon Man My Name Is Bill W. (TV) Nightkill Power (1986) Snoop Sisters, The (TV) Under Siege (TV) Walk in the Spring Rain "Holocaust" (mini) Weller, Peter Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, The Apology (TV) Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Cat Chaser Dusk Before Fireworks (TV) Firstborn Just Tell Me What You Want Kentucky Woman (TV) Killing Affair, A (1988) Leviathan Of Unknown Origin Robocop Robocop 2 Shakedown (1988) Shoot the Moon Silence, The (1975) (TV) Tunnel, The Two Kinds of Love (TV) Women and Men: Stories of Seduction (TV) Wendt, George Dreamscape Fletch Guilty by Suspicion Gung Ho (1986) House Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Jekyll & Hyde...Together Again Masters of Menace My Bodyguard No Small Affair Plain Clothes SpaceCamp Thief of Hearts "Cheers" "Making the Grade" West, Adam Batman (1966) Doin' Time on Planet Earth For the Love of It (TV) Geronimo (1962) Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, The I Take These Men (TV) Mad About You Nevada Smith (1975) (TV) Omega Cop One Dark Night Specialist, The Tammy and the Doctor Young Lady Chatterly 2 Young Philadelphians, The Zombie Nightmare "Batman" "Detectives, The" "Last Precinct, The" West, Timothy Cry Freedom Day of the Jackal, The Edward the King (TV) Murder Is Easy (TV) Oliver Twist (1982) (TV) Pocketful of Rye, A Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1978) "Masada" (mini) Weston, Jack All in a Night's Work Cactus Flower Can't Stop the Music Cuba Deliver Us from Evil (TV) Dirty Dancing Fame Is the Name of the Game (TV) Four Seasons, The Fuzz Gator High Road to China I Love a Mystery (1973) (TV) Ishtar Longshot, The (1986) Mirage New Leaf, A Now You See It, Now You Don't (TV) Rad Ritz, The Short Circuit 2 Thomas Crown Affair, The Wait Until Dark "Four Seasons, The" "Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue" (mini) "Hathaways, The" "My Sister Eileen" Whaley, Frank Born on the Fourth of July Career Opportunities Doors, The Field of Dreams Freshman, The (1990) Ironweed Wheaton, Wil Buddy System, The Curse, The Long Time Gone (TV) Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1987) (TV) Stand by Me Young Harry Houdini (TV) "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Whitaker, Forest Bird Bloodsport (1987) Color of Money, The Downtown Fast Times at Ridgemont High Good Morning, Vietnam Johnny Handsome Platoon Stakeout Vision Quest Whitman, Stuart American Dream, An (1966) Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues (TV) Butterfly Captain Apache Cat Creature, The (TV) City Beneath the Sea (1970) (TV) Comancheros, The Convicts Four Crazy Mama Cuba Crossing Darby's Rangers Deadly Reactor Decks Ran Red, The Delta Fox Demonoid, Messenger of Death Eaten Alive Go West, Young Girl (TV) Guyana: Cult of the Damned Harold Robbins' The Pirate (TV) Invincible Six, The Las Vegas Lady Man Who Died Twice, The (1970) (TV) Man Who Wanted to Live Forever, The (TV) Mark, The (AAN) Mean Johnny Barrows Mob Boss (V) Monster Club, The Murder, Inc. Night of the Lepus Ransom (1977) Revenge! (1971) (TV) Rhapsody Rio Conchos Ruby Run for the Roses Sands of the Kalahari Shock Treatment (1964) Signpost to Murder Story of Ruth, The Strange Shadows in an Empty Room Sweet Dirty Tony Ten North Frederick Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines Treasure of the Amazon, The Vultures When Worlds Collide White Buffalo, The Woman Hunter, The (TV) "Cimarron Strip" "Men from Shiloh, The" Whitmore, James Above and Beyond Adventures of Mark Twain, The (1985) (voice) All My Sons (1948) All the Brothers Were Valiant Asphalt Jungle, The Battleground (S:AAN) Black Like Me Challenge, The (1970) (TV) Chato's Land Deep Six, The First Deadly Sin, The Force of One, A Give 'em Hell, Harry! (AAN) Golden Honeymoon, The Guns of the Magnificent Seven Harrad Experiment, The High Crime I Will Fight No More Forever (TV) If Tomorrow Comes (TV) Killing of Randy Webster, The (TV) Kiss Me Kate Long Riders, The Madigan Mark, I Love You (TV) Next Voice You Hear, The Nuts Oklahoma! Old Explorers Planet of the Apes Serpent's Egg, The Them! Tora! Tora! Tora! Tricks of the Trade (TV) Undercover Man, The (1949) Waterhole #3 Where the Red Fern Grows "Celebrity" (mini) "Hunter" (1984) "Law and Mr. Jones, The" "My Friend Tony" "Temperatures Rising" "Word, The" (mini) Widmark, Richard Against All Odds Alamo, The All God's Children (TV) Alvarez Kelly Backlash (1956) Bear Island Bedford Incident, The Blackout (1985) (TV) Brock's Last Case (TV) Cheyenne Autumn Cold Sassy Tree (TV) Coma Death of a Gunfighter Destination Gobi Domino Principle, The Final Option, The Frogmen, The Garden of Evil Gathering of Old Men, A (TV) Halls of Montezuma Hanky Panky Hell and High Water How the West Was Won Judgment at Nuremberg Kiss of Death (S:AAN) Last Day, The (TV) Law and Jake Wade, The Long Ships, The Madigan Moonshine War, The Mr. Horn (TV) Murder on the Orient Express Night and the City Panic in the Streets Pick-Up on South Street Pickup on South Street Road House (1948) Rollercoaster Run for the Sun Saint Joan Sell-Out, The Street with No Name, The Swarm, The Take the High Ground Talent for Loving, A To the Devil - A Daughter Trap, The (1959) Twilight's Last Gleaming Two Rode Together Vanished (TV) Warlock (1959) Way West, The Whale for the Killing, A (TV) When Legends Die "Madigan" Wilder, Gene Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, The Blazing Saddles Bonnie and Clyde Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex Frisco Kid, The (1979) Funny About Love Hanky Panky Haunted Honeymoon (1986) Little Prince, The Producers, The (S:AAN) Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx See No Evil, Hear No Evil Silver Streak Start the Revolution Without Me Stir Crazy Thursday's Game (TV) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Woman in Red, The (1984) World's Greatest Lover, The Young Frankenstein Williams, Adam Big Heat, The Crashout Fear Strikes Out Glory Guys, The Last Sunset, The North by Northwest Queen for a Day Without Warning Williams, Billy Dee Batman (1989) Bingo Long Traveling All-Star and Motor Kings, The Brian's Song (TV) Carter's Army (TV) Chiefs (TV) Christmas Lillies of the Field (TV) Courage (1986) (TV) Dangerous Ground (TV) Deadly Illusion Empire Strikes Back, The Fear City Final Countdown, The Glass House, The (TV) Hostage Tower, The (TV) Imposter, The (1984) (TV) Lady Sings the Blues Lost Flight (TV) Mahogany Marvin and Tige Nighthawks Number One with a Bullet Oceans of Fire (TV) Out-Of-Towners, The Return of Desperado, The (TV) Return of the Jedi Shooting Stars (TV) Time Bomb (1984) (TV) "Double Dare" "Guiding Light, The" Williams, Robin Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Awakenings (GGN) Best of Times, The Cadillac Man Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses? Club Paradise Dead Poets Society (AAN) Good Morning, Vietnam (AAN) Moscow on the Hudson Popeye Seize the Day Survivors, The Tale of the Frog Prince (TV) World According to Garp, The "Laugh-In" (1979) "Mork and Mindy" "Richard Pryor Show, The" Williams, Treat 1941 Beyond the Ocean Dead Heat Deadly Hero Dempsey (TV) Drug Wars: The Camarena Story (TV) Eagle Has Landed, The Flashpoint Hair Heart of Dixie J. Edgar Hoover (TV) Max and Helen (TV) Men's Club, The Night of the Sharks Once Upon a Time in America Prince of the City Pursuit of D. B. Cooper, The Ritz, The Smooth Talk Sweet Lies Third Degree Burn (TV) "Eddie Dodd" Williamson, Nicol Black Widow (1986) Excalibur Hamlet (1969) Human Factor, The (1979) I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can Return to Oz Robin and Marian Seven Percent Solution, The Venom Wilby Conspiracy, The "Word, The" (mini) Willis, Bruce Blind Date (1987) Bonfire of the Vanities Die Hard Die Hard 2 In Country Look Who's Talking (voice) Mortal Thoughts Return of Bruno, The (V) Sunset "Moonlighting" Wilson, Thomas F. Action Jackson April Fool's Day Back to the Future Back to the Future Part II Back to the Future Part III Windom, William Abduction of Saint Anne, The (TV) Americanization of Emily, The Angry Breed, The Assault on the Wayne (TV) Bridger (TV) Day the Earth Moved, The (TV) Desperate Lives (TV) Detective, The (1968) Escape (1971) (TV) Escape from the Planet of the Apes Fools' Parade Forty-Eight Hour Mile, The (TV) Funland Girls of Huntington House, The (TV) Grandview, U.S.A. Great American Tragedy, A (TV) Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case (TV) Homecoming - A Christmas Story, The (TV) Hour of the Gun House on Greenapple Road, The (TV) Hunters of the Reef (TV) Journey from Darkness (TV) Leave 'em Laughing Marriage: Year One (TV) Now You See Him, Now You Don't Off Sides (TV) Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (voice) Planes, Trains & Automobiles Prescription: Murder (TV) Pursuit (TV) Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours (TV) Rules of Marriage, The (TV) Second Chance (1971) (TV) She's Having a Baby Space Rage Taste of Evil, A (TV) To Kill a Mockingbird U.M.C. (TV) Velvet (TV) "Blind Ambition" (mini) "Farmer's Daughter, The" "Girl with Something Extra, The" "My World and Welcome to It" "Once an Eagle" (mini) "Parenthood" "Seventh Avenue" (mini) Winfield, Paul 83 Hours 'Til Dawn (TV) Angel City (TV) Big Shots Blue City Brother John Carbon Copy Conrack Damnation Alley Death Before Dishonor Gordon's War Green Eyes (TV) Guilty of Innocence: The Lenell Geter Story (TV) High Velocity Horror at 37,000 Feet (TV) Hustle It's Good to Be Alive (TV) King: A Filmed Record...Montgomery to Memphis (TV) Mike's Murder Presumed Innocent R.P.M. Serpent and the Rainbow, The Sister, Sister (1982) (TV) Sophisticated Gents, The (TV) Sounder (AAN) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Terminator, The Twilight's Last Gleaming White Dog Women of Brewster Place, The (TV) "Backstairs at the White House" (mini) "Charmings, The" "Julia" "King" (mini) "Roots: The Next Generations" (mini) "Wiseguy" Winkler, Henry Absolute Strangers (TV) American Christmas Carol, An (TV) Heroes (1977) Katherine (TV) Lords of Flatbush, The Night Shift One and Only, The "Happy Days" (1974) Winslow, Michael Alphabet City Buy & Cell Grandview, U.S.A. Lovelines Police Academy Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Police Academy 3: Back in Training Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Spaceballs Winters, Jonathan Alakazam the Great (voice) Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, The It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Longshot, The (1986) Loved One, The Moon Over Parador More Wild Wild West (TV) Now You See It, Now You Don't (TV) Oh Dad, Poor Dad - Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!, The Say Yes Viva Max! "Davis Rules" "Hee Haw" "Jonathan Winters Show, The" (1956) "Jonathan Winters Show, The" (1967) "Mork and Mindy" "Wacky World of Jonathan Winters" Wise, Ray Journey of Natty Gann, The Race for Glory Robocop Season of Fear Secret Life of Archie's Wife, The (TV) Swamp Thing Taking of Flight 847, The (TV) "Twin Peaks" Wong, Victor Big Trouble in Little China Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart Golden Child, The King Kong (1933) Last Emperor, The Nightsongs Prince of Darkness Shanghai Surprise Son of Kong, The Tremors "San Francisco Mix" Wood, John At Mother's Request (TV) Jumpin' Jack Flash Lady Jane Ladyhawke Purple Rose of Cairo, The Somebody Killed Her Husband WarGames Warren Zevon (V) Which Way to the Front? Woods, James ...And Your Name Is Jonah (TV) Against All Odds Alex and the Gypsy And Your Name Is Jonah (TV) Badge of the Assassin (TV) Best Seller Black Marble, The Boost, The Boys, The (TV) Cat's Eye Cop Disappearance of Aimee, The (TV) Eyewitness (1981) F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood (TV) Fast-Walking Footsteps (TV) Foster and Laurie (TV) Gambler, The (1974) Gift of Love, The (1978) (TV) Great American Tragedy, A (TV) Hard Way, The (1991) Hickey and Boggs Immediate Family In Love and War (1987) (TV) Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel, The (TV) Joshua Then and Now My Name Is Bill W. (TV) Night Moves Once Upon a Time in America Onion Field, The Promise (1986) (TV) Raid on Entebbe (TV) Salvador (AAN) Split Image True Believer Videodrome Women and Men: Stories of Seduction (TV) "Holocaust" (mini) Woodward, Edward Agatha Christie's The Man in the Brown Suit (TV) Appointment, The Breaker Morant Callan Champions Final Option, The Hands of a Murderer (TV) King David Merlin & the Sword Mr. Johnson Uncle Tom's Cabin (TV) Wicker Man, The "Equalizer, The" Wuhl, Robert Batman (1989) Blaze Bull Durham Good Morning, Vietnam Hollywood Knights, The Wyner, George Bad News Bears Go to Japan, The Deadly Messages (TV) Fletch Fletch Lives Islander, The (TV) Law, The (TV) Lucan (TV) My Favorite Year Slaughter (1983) Spaceballs Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, The (TV) "Delvecchio" "Hill Street Blues" "Kaz" "Matt Houston" "Nero Wolfe" "Once an Eagle" (mini) "She's the Sheriff" York, Michael Accident Alfred the Great Cabaret Conduct Unbecoming Dark Mansions (TV) Far Country, The (1990) (TV) For Those I Loved (TV) Four Musketeers, The Great Expectations (1974) (TV) Island of Dr. Moreau, The Justine Lady and the Highwayman, The (TV) Last Remake of Beau Geste, The Lethal Obsession (V) Logan's Run Murder on the Orient Express Night of the Fox Phantom of Death Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth (TV) Return of the Musketeers, The Riddle of the Sands, The Romeo and Juliet (1968) Smashing Time Something for Everyone Success Is the Best Revenge Sword of Gideon (TV) Taming of the Shrew, The (1967) Three Musketeers, The (1974) Till We Meet Again (1989) (TV) Zeppelin "Jesus of Nazareth" (mini) "Man Called Intrepid, A" (mini) "Space" (mini) Young, Burt ...All the Marbles Amityville II: The Possession Back to School Backstreet Dreams Betsy's Wedding Beverly Hills Brats Blood Beach Blood Red Bright Angel Carnival of Blood Chinatown Convoy Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This (TV) Diving In Gambler, The (1974) Great Niagara, The (TV) Hustling (TV) Killer Elite, The Lookin' to Get Out Once Upon a Time in America Over the Brooklyn Bridge Pope of Greenwich Village, The Rocky (S:AAN) Rocky II Rocky III Rocky IV Serpico: The Deadly Game (TV) Summer to Remember, A (TV) Twilight's Last Gleaming Uncle Joe Shannon Woman of the Year (1976) (TV) "Roomies" "You and Me Kid" Young, Robert Adventure in Baltimore All My Darling Daughters (TV) Bride for Sale Canterville Ghost, The (1944) Crossfire (1947) Emperor's Candlesticks, The Enchanted Cottage, The (1945) H. M. Pulham, Esq. Half-Breed, The Honolulu Joe Smith, American Journey for Margaret Lady Luck Little Women (1978) (TV) Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV) Married Bachelor Mortal Storm, The My Darling Daughters' Anniversary (TV) Northwest Passage Paradise for Three Return of Marcus Welby, The (TV) Rich Man, Poor Girl Right to Romance, The Second Woman, The Secret Agent Shining Hour, The Sin of Madelon Claudet, The Sitting Pretty (1948) Spitfire Sporting Blood Stowaway Sworn Enemy They Won't Believe Me Those Endearing Young Charms Three Comrades Three Wise Guys Tugboat Annie Vanished (TV) Western Union "Father Knows Best" "Little Women" "Marcus Welby, M.D." "Window on Main Street" Youngs, Jim Executioner's Song, The (TV) Hot Shot Nobody's Fool Out of Control Wanderers, The You Talkin' to Me? Youngblood "Secrets of Midland Heights" Yulin, Harris Bad Dreams Believers, The Candy Mountain End of the Road F.B.I. Story - The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One, The (TV) Fatal Beauty Greatest Gift, The (TV) James Michener's Dynasty (TV) Kansas City Massacre, The (TV) Melvin Purvis: G-Man (TV) Narrow Margin (1990) Night Rider, The (TV) Parker Adderson, Philosopher Ransom for Alice (TV) Roger & Harry: The Mitera Target (TV) Scarface (1983) St. Ives Steel Trial of Chaplain Jensen, The (TV) Victory at Entebbe (TV) Watched! When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (TV) "WIOU" Zane, Billy Back to the Future Blood and Concrete Case of the Hillside Stranglers, The (TV) Dead Calm Megaville Memphis Belle Zerbe, Anthony Attica (TV) Baja Oklahoma (TV) Child of Glass (TV) Cool Hand Luke Dead Zone, The Farewell, My Lovely First Deadly Sin, The Healers, The (TV) Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1972) (TV) In the Glitter Palace (TV) Independence (TV) KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (TV) Laughing Policeman, The Liberation of L. B. Jones, The Licence to Kill Listen to Me Omega Man, The Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (TV) One Police Plaza (TV) Opposing Force Papillon Priest Killer, The (TV) Private Investigations Question of Honor, A (TV) Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E., The (TV) Rooster Cogburn See No Evil, Hear No Evil She Lives! (TV) Snatched (TV) Steel Dawn They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! Who'll Stop the Rain (aka Dog Soldiers) Will Penny "Centennial" (mini) "Chisholms, The" (mini) "Harry O" "Once an Eagle" (mini) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBMITTING ADDITIONS ==================== I will accept additions in any form you choose, but would be really grateful if you could follow these guidelines: * for each addition, include on a separate line an entry of the form: 'Surname, First Name|Title|Attributes'. The attributes field is used to record details of any award nominations or wins and in most cases will be blank. If you are uncertain about whether to include anything in this field, leave it blank. e.g. Biehn, Michael|Abyss, The| Biehn, Michael|Terminator, The| or Day-Lewis, Daniel|My Left Foot|(AA) * If you know of more than one film with the same title & you know the year, please include the details. e.g. Russell, Kurt|Thing, The (1982)| If you follow these guidelines, it will make it so much easier to maintain the list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLICY NOTE FOR NEW READERS =========================== There are currently six lists (actors/actresses/directors/dead/writers/ composers) posted at regular intervals to this newsgroup. I only maintain the actors and dead lists. The lists are intended to provide useful, upto date references to film and TV appearances in an electronic form. None of them are comprehensive and nor could they ever hope to be (due to the sheer volume of movies being produced). 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