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51/150: 1990 Paramount Press Release - General Season 4 TNG info Name: Omega Man #1 @5282 Date: Thu Oct 03 18:00:26 1991 From: Klingon Empire (Austin/Rio Grande Valley, Texas) From: brown%vidiot.UUCP@cs.wisc.edu (Michael L. Brown) Subject: ST:TNG Press blurb from 1990 Organization: Vulcan Science Academy, Tau Ceti Sector [OM's note: Mike Brown posted this old press release from 1990. Since this hasn't been distributed over any network previously to my knowledge, here it is in its entirety for your enjoyment!] CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 1989-90 - `STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION' BECOMES ONE OF THE TOP TEN HOUR-LONG DRAMAS ON TELEVISION Since its premiere in 1987, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" has been rewriting the rules of syndicated television. Gone are the days when a series, simply by virtue of the fact it is not on ABC, CBS or NBC, is doomed to low ratings, secondary talent and low budget production values. This coming season, some of the most anticipated programs are being featured on the Fox Television Network, cable or in syndication, and with the stellar ratings the show garnered last year, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is on the top of that list. In 1988, critically-acclaimed actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg joined "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as a recurring guest star and started a trend among actors. Whoopi opened the door for a host of high-caliber performers, looking to fine-tune their artform with the show's talented ensemble cast. Last season,the Enterprise played host to such guest stars as "L.A. Law's" Corbin Bernsen and Jennifer Hetrick, "Dear John's" Harry Groener, Dwight Schultz, formerly of the "A Team," and Saul Rubinek, who stars in the upcoming feature film "Bonfires of the Vanities." Also unheard of for a syndicated show, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" out- performs many network primetime television shows. As a matter of fact, as of May 1990 sweep period, the series broke into top 10 hour-long television dramas (Source: NTI). To get an idea of how "Star Trek: The Next Generation" ranks in the ratings compared to hour-long network programs, consider the following: o During the May 1990 sweep period, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" ranked among the top 10 network drams in every key adult demographic, as well as among teens. o "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is the #2 network hour among men 18-34, men 18-49 and men 25-54, second only to "L.A. Law," while outdelivering that much-heralded "Twin Peaks" by as many 1.7 million viewers. o "Star Trek: The Next Generation" pulled rank in the key women demo- graphics as well, placing #6, #7 and #9 respectively among women 18-34, women 18-49 and women 25-54. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" surpassed such network powerhouses as "Dallas," "Murder, She Wrote" and "China Beach." o "Star Trek: The Next Generation" ranked an impressive #5 among network dramas in the hard-to-reach teen category, beating "21 Jump Street," "Life Goes On" and "Booker." Series Creator Gene Roddenberry with Rick Berman and Michael Piller are executive producers of "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION." The series is produced by the Network Television Division and distributed by the Domestic Television Division of Paramount Pictures, a Paramount Communications company. SHOW DESCRIPTION Dated near the beginning of the 24th century, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" takes place approximately 85 years after the journeys of Kirk, Spock and the original Starfleet crew. The series, moving boldly into its fourth season, continues to follow the voyages of the new Starship Enterprise and lives of her crew as they journey to explore strange new worlds. BIOGRAPHIES FOR "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENEATION" PATRICK STEWART, an accomplished Britich actor and former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, stars as the revered and experienced Starship Captain Jean-Luc Picard. A veteran of numerous theatre productions and BBC television presentations, Stewart has appeared in the feature films "Excalibur" and "Dune," and was most recently cast in the soon-to-be-released Steve Martin film "L.A. Story." JONATHAN FRAKES stars as the Enterprise's executive officer and second-in- command, Commander William Riker. Prior to "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Frakes starred in the television movie-of-the-week "The Nutcracker" and the television miniseries "North & South" (Parts I and II). His other credits include recurring roles on televison's "Falcon Crest," "The Doctors," "Bare Essence" and "Paper Dolls." During the third season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Frakes made his directorial debut with an episode of the series entitles "The Offspring." GATES McFADDEN is the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher, who is in charge of the medical units aboard the Enterprise. McFadden, who has had an extensive acting career on the New York stage, also worked with Jim Henson for several years, serving as director of choreography and puppet movement for his film "Labyrinth." This year, Gates can bee seen in the film "Taking Care of Business," which co-stars Charles Grodin and Jim Belushi, and the British television production of "Beyond the Groove," starring David Rappaport. LeVAR BURTON plays the blind Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, who "sees" by the use of a prosthetic device worn over his eyes. Burton won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Kunte Kinte in the miniseries "Roots." He has also been featured in the telefilms "Battered," "One In a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story" and the "The Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones." Along with his role on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Burton is the host and one of the producers of PBS's highly-acclaimed children's series "Reading Rainbow." In recognition of his efforts on the series, he recently received a Producer's Emmy in the category of Outstanding Children's Television Series. Also, this year Burton will be honored for his contribution of the entertainment industry with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. WHOOPI GOLDBERG, in a recurring guest star role, plays Guinan, the alien humanoid hostess of "Ten Forward," the ship's lounge. Goldberg feature film credits include her Oscar-nominated role in "The Color Purple," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Burglar," "Fatal Beauty" and, most recently, a highly-acclaimed performance in Paramount's "Ghost," co-starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Goldberg also guest-starred on the television series "Moonlighting," which earned her an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Dramatic Series. MARINA SIRTIS plays Counselor Deanna Troi, the half-human, half-Betazoid Starfleet counselor, possessing a special form of telepathic ability. Ms Sirtis was featured in the films "Death Wish III" and "The Wicked Lady." She has also appeared in television in "Hunter," "Call Me Sister" and "Sherlock Holmes." During "Star Trek: The Next Generation" third-season hiatus, she filmed the feature "One Last Chance" in England for the BBC. BRENT SPINER plays Lieutenant Commander Data, an android possessing superior strength and a phenomenal memory. Spiner has appeared on Broadway in "Big River," "Sunday in the Park with George" and "The Three Musketeers." For television, he has made guest appearance in "Cheers," "The Twilight Zone," "Night Court" and "Hill Street Blues." MICHAEL DORN plays Lieutenant Worf, the only Klingon aboard the Enterprise, and one of several Klingons who, having graduated from the Starfleet Academy, have been assigned to Federation Starships. Dorn's series experience is extensive, having spent three years as a regular on "CHiPs." Michael has guest-starred on several major television series, most notably "Hotel," "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest." His feature film credits include "Demon Seed," the original "Rocky" and "Jagged Edge." The NAACP recently honored Dorn with an Image Award nomination for his performance on an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" entitled "The Emissary." WIL WHEATON plays Wesley "Wes" Crusher, the Enterprise's brilliant 18-year- old ensign. Wheaton won critical praise and recognition for his role as Gordie in the Rob Reiner film "Stand By Me." Other film credits include "The Last Starfighter" and "The Buddy System." For television, he has guest-starred on "St. Elsewhere," "Highway to Heaven" and "Family Ties," and last year co- starred with Loretta Swit in "My Father Can't Be Crazy," an ABC After School Special. Wheaton recently hosted a video commissioned by NASA and the AIAA, which will be shown to junior high school students nationwide, aimed at portraying careers in science as exciting and rewarding. Series Creator Gene Roddenberry with Rick Berman and Michael Piller are executive producers of "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION." The series is produced by the Network Television Division and distributed by the Domestic Television Division of Paramount Pictures, a Paramount Communications company. Read:(1-150,^51),? : 52/150: Official Paramount TNG schedule - thru "The Unification" Name: Omega Man #1 @5282 Date: Thu Oct 03 18:01:34 1991 From: Klingon Empire (Austin/Rio Grande Valley, Texas) From: brown%vidiot.UUCP@cs.wisc.edu (Michael L. Brown) Subject: Latest ST:TNG Air Schedule (as of 9/13/91) Organization: Vulcan Science Academy, Tau Ceti Sector 101. 9/21/91 201 Redemption II 102. 9/28/91 202 Darmok 103. 10/05/91 203 Ensign Ro 104. 10/12/91 204 Silicon Avatar 105. 10/19/91 205 Disaster 106. 10/26/91 206 The Game 107. 11/02/91 207 Unification: Part I 108. 11/09/91 208 Unification: Part II The date is the first date of satellite uplink. Paramount's official 'week of' is two days later. Stardates will be added when known. -- harvard\ att!nicmad\ spool.cs.wisc.edu!astroatc!vidiot!brown Vidiot ucbvax!uwvax..........!astroatc!vidiot!brown rutgers/ INTERNET:vidiot!brown%astroatc.UUCP@spool.cs.wisc.edu ftms!brown@uu2.psi.com


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