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Listing of Christian Anti Pagan Publications from the collection of Rowan Moonstone P O Box 1842 Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1842 BACK IN CONTROL CENTER I. UCPD training- Punk Rock & Heavy Metal BOTHERED ABOUT DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS I.. "What Is Ritual Abuse?"- booklet containing articles as follows: A. - "Violent Ritualistic Victimization: an Attack on the Mind Body, and Spirit" by Florangel M. Mendez, NCASA News, Summer 1986 B. - "Symptoms Characterizing Satanic Ritual Abuse Not Usually Seen in Sexual Abuse Cases" by Catherine Gould, Ph.D., 5-23-86 C. - "Children Allege Animal Sacrifices", Anne Pifine, Nevada Appeal, Carson City, Nevada, 8-23-85 D. - "Strange Case-Quartet Guilty of Child Molestation", Charles Postell, Albany (GA) Herald, 6-28-85 E. - "Satanism Haunts Tales of Child Sex Abuse", John Crewdson, Chicago Tribune, 7-29-85 F. - "11 Year-old Girl Testifies In First of Sexual-Abuse Trials", Billy Dragoo, Highlander, Marble Falls, TX, 2-13-86 G. - "Seven Year Sentence Reccommended, Jury Finds", Burnet Bulletin, Burnet, TX, 2-27-86 II. "A Law Enforcement Primer on Fantasy Role Playing Games" containing the following articles: A. - "Dungeons and Dragons" by Darren Molitor, 3-22-85 B. - Press Release From June, 1985 C. - "Teen's Suicide Tied to a Fantasy Game", Manhattan (KS) Mercury, 2-10-85 D. - "Elork Couldn't Help, So Police Rescue Kelf", Cindi Lash, Birmingham News, 5-24-85 E. - "Transcript From Hearing Reveals That Moore Allegedly Fired The Gun That Killed Misty Macon." Bert Spence, Ragland (AL), 10-27-85 F. - "Pulling Believes Game Promotes Violence", Karen Cox, The Times Herald, Newport News, VA, 4-16-86 G. - "Cults Growing Problem Among Nevadans", Dorothy Kosich, Carson City (NV) Appeal, 4-22-86 III. "Dungeons and Dragons: Witchcraft, Suicide, Violence", Mary Dempsey, Pat Dempsey, Pat A. Pulling IV. Good News From B.A.D.D. Newsletter, Jan, 1986 A. - Confuting TSR, Maker of D&D B. - The Foundation of Evidence C. - "The Catalyst" D. - "The Transformation" V. Good News From B.A.D.D. Newsletter, Feb/March 1986 A. - Activities Update B. - "Can Music affect Behavior?" C. - "Can Kids Entertainment Encourage The Occult?" D. - "Quotable Quotes By Some Heavy Metal Rock Singers" VI. Good News From B.A.D.D. - EXTRA Special Issue on Child Abuse VII. Good News From B.A.D.D. Oct/Nov. 1986 A. - "Halloween" B. - Special "The Ouija Board" VIII. Good News From B.A.D.D. Nov/Dec. 1986 A. - Happy Holidays B. - News update C. - "All is Calm? Satan Hit With Lawsuit" D. - "Parents Objections Overruled, School Board Approves Witches Lectures" IX. Good News from B.A.D.D. Oct. 1987 A. - Dear Subscribers B. - Jan. 1987 - Cedar City, Utah, Occult Ritualistic Crime Seminar C. - "What's New in Higher Education for the Talented and Gifted Student" D. - "Police Say 'Ninja' Items Uncovered in Search of Slaying Suspects' Truck" E. - "Teen Devil Cult Spreads Terror" (Nassau County, FL, 12/30/86) F. - "Police Almost Shoot Student" (12/4/86) G. - Dungeons and Dragons Update X. "Dungeons and Dragons and Other Fantasy Role Playing Games" XI. "Witchcraft or Satanism???" A. - Introduction B. - "Witchcraft or Satanism???" C. - Occult Symbols (contributed by W.A.T.C.H. Network) D. - "Occult Definitions and Terms Associated With the Occult" E. - "Is There Adult Occult Involvement in America?" (contains the following articles:) 1. "Satanism Haunts Tales of Child Sex Abuse", by John Crewdson, Chicago Tribune, 7-29-85 2. "Strange Case-Quartet Guilty of Child Molestation", by Charles Postell, Albany Herald, 6-26-85 3. "Murders in the Name of the Devil", Sacramento Union, 4-23-84 4. "Satanists Vandalize Churches", The Christian Enquirer, Jan. 1985 5. "Portsmouth Family Victim of Gruesome Vandalism", by George Shadroui, Virginia Pilot, 6-18-85 6. "Devil Worship Prompts Arrest", The Daily Press, Newport News, VA, 1-8-86 7. "Manson Rejects Chance for Parole", UPI, no date given 8. "6 Fetuses Found in Fire Rubble", The Sacramento Union 7-8-84 F. - "What Could Create an Interest or Curiosity in the Occult (Witchcraft Satan Worship) for Children? Is it Entertainment? Entertainment like heavy metal rock music, Games like Dungeons and Dragons? Occult type music on Television? Occult type movies? (contains the following articles:) 1. "Devil Worship: What's Behind It?" by Mary Flood, Houston Post, 5-15-85 2. "Satanists Blend Into Society", Houston Post, 8-15-85 3. "Horror Videos Damage Kids Minds" by Bill Ferraday, 6-19-84 4. "Satan Worship Called Dangerous, Growing", Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune, 4-27-86 5. "Fad or Fanatic Cult?", by Diana Washington, El Paso Times, 2-16-86 6. "Satan Worship Rituals on the Increase", Battle Cry Publications, June, 1984 7. "Satan Cult Site Found" by Debbie Stone, The Montgomery Journal, 1-3-86 8. "Killing For Thrills", by Eric Hanson, Houston Chronicle, 9-11-85 9. "Youth arrested in Cult Murder Takes Own Life", by Daily Press, Newport News, VA, 7-8-84 10. "2 Ex-Va. Students Quizzed in London About stabbing Deaths", by Tom Sherwood, Washington Post, 6-7-86 11. "Cult Member Lacks Remorse for Torture Death of Thimm", Cheyenne Wyoming State Tribune, 12-17-85 12. "Nine Are Apprehended in area 'Cult' Setting", Centralia Sentinel, Salem, IL, 8-23-84 13. "Teenagers Rock'n'Roll and Satan", by Judith Graffam, Press Enterprise, Riverside, CA, 5-7-86 14. "Man Charged in Stalker Murder", USA Today, 10-25-85 15. "Child Follows Television Movie Example to Commit Suicide", NFD Journal, May/June 1986 16. "Rock Music Videos Filled With Violence", NFD Journal, July/August, 1984 17. "Rock Music Inspires Suicide", NFD Journal, Nov/Dec. 1985 18. "Teacher Shows Porn Suspended With Pay", NFD Journal, Nov/Dec 1985 19. Police Blame Cult Murder On Rock Videos", NFD Journal, Nov/Dec 1985 20. "Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics Cited As Cause In Suicide", UPI, Jan 14, 1986 21. "Groups Unite to Fight Growing Teen Satanism", by Susan Allen, USA Today, 6-17-86 22. "Rock Goes Deeper Into Depravity", NFD Journal 23. "Occult Took Me To Brink Of Death, Priest Tells", by Peter Haran, The Sunday Mail, Australia, 5-19-85 24. "Pulling Believes Game Promotes Violence", by Karen Cox, Daily Press, Newport News, VA, 4-16-86 25. "Steve's Suicide Note Written to a D&D Playmate" 26. "Excerpts Taken From Fantasy Role Playing in State Journal spectrum", by Susan Page, State Journal, Jan, 27, 1985 27. "Dungeons and Dragons: The Occult Goes to School", by Bob Elmer, The Olympia News, Olympia, WA, 2-18-81 28. "Cult Movement Growing: Outcome Bears Watching" by Georgia Anne Geyer, El Paso Times, 9-22-85 29. "Some Common Signs of Deviant Pagan and Satanic Practices", Denver Magazine, 2/1985 30. "Occult Holidays Listing", by Dale W. Griffis, Ph.D. 31. "Monroe Officials Link Teen Death to Satanism", by Joe Swickard, Detroit Free Press, 2-20-86 32. "Satan Bible Feud Linked To Slaying", by Susanne Burks, Albuquerque Journal, 4-22-86 G. - Lyrics to rock songs including the following 1. "Possessed" by Venom 2. "The Oath" by King Diamond 3."Disciples of Hell" by Ingwie Malmsteen H. - Listing of Informational Sources CHICK PUBLICATAIONS I. Tracts A. The Hunter (drugs) B. Dark Dungeons (Role Playing Games) C. Satan's Master (Witchcraft) D. The Trick (Halloween) E. Poor Little Witch (Witchcraft) F. Angels? (Rock Music) II. The Battle Cry, July/Aug, 1986 A. Witches Are Coming Out of Their closets B. Satan's 8-Point Plan To Destroy Your Church C. Letters Responding to Closet Witches D. Famous Church Has Many Ex-Witches E. Any "Good Witch" is a Bad Witch III. The Battle Cry, Sept/Oct, 1986 A. Can Anyone Leave Satanism and Live? B. Halloween: Kids' Treat or Pagan Trick? C. Witches Praying in the Room! D. Witchcraft-Not MY Kids! E. Police Agree to HUSH Crime-Satanism Link F. Halloween, Should your Child Celebrate? G. D&D Cartoon Sponsors Bow To Threat of Boycott IV. The Battle Cry, March/April, 1987 A. Pastors Forced to Cope With Occult Activity B. Rise of the Cults and Demise of America C. Police Beginning to Accept Satanism as Crime Motive D. Rock Music Beating Drum For Satanism V. The Battle Cry, Sept/Oct. l987 A. Major Newspapers Announce: "Christ Is In The World" B. A Message From Jack Chick: "One Giant Coven in the Last Days" C. Halloween: Kid's Treat or Pagan Trick? D. Tract Text of "The Poor Little Witch" E. Interview with Dr. Rebecca Brown VI. The Battle Cry, Nov/Dec. l987 A. Twenty Teens Leave Coven, Area "Turned Upside Down" B. Witches Visited My Church C. Modern Wicca: Whitewashed Wickedness, Coming out of the Broom Closet D. "Innocent" School Game Teaches Communication With Demons E. Schools Ban Jesus: Welcome Winnie The Witch F. Conference Trains Police on Occult Crimes VII. The Battle Cry May/June, 1988 A. Witches Not Satanists" Protests Witch of Salem B. Picasso Painting Again through Brazilian Channeler" CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS AND RESEARCH INFORMATION SERVICES I. The Coming World Religion II. Book List III. Occult Philosophy & Mystical Experience IV. An Open Letter To the Witchcraft and Magical Community CHRISTIAN COUNTER ATTACK I. We Are The World Analysis CHURCH OF GOD EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION I. Newswatch Magazine, Nov. 1986 "Spiritual Transformation Into The New Age Movement", Part 1, 20 pp. II.Newswatch Magazine,Jan. 1987" Spiritual Transformation Into The New age Movement(White Horse of the Apocalypse)part 2. pp.20 III. Newswatch Magazine,July 1987," The Coming crash and the 666 System," Part 1. pp.20 IV. Newswatch Magazine, Aug. 1987," The Coming Crash and the 666 System,part2." pp 20 THE EVANGELIST- Oct 1984, I."Halloween, Whose Celebration is It? Jeff Pollard,pp6 EAGLE FORUM I. The Fourm Newsletter of Eagle Forum Jan-Feb. 1987 A.World Instant Doesn't Pack Big Mac Arena/S. Smith B.World Instant in Springs Finds Foes/ Kate Bryant C.New Mexico New Agers Term WIC Big Success/P. MacPherson D.Modern Day Satanism Signs E.The Witch That Switched/Jayne Schindler II.The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, Summer 1987 A.Windstar Wanderings by. Tony Caputo B.WIC Year-Enders 'til 1999, by Samantha Smith C.All Day Schools Conference is Successful by Jean Becker D.Ma Bell Short Distance To Mind Control, By Annetta Miller E.Wow!Karmas Reversed,Chakras Get Cleansed In Montana,July4 III. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, Fall, 1987 A.Male Culture Questioned in Fem Book, by. Samantha Smith B.Denver New Age Prophecy conference Features Webber, by Pauline MacPherson C.Halloween Parade Off, by Rebecca Jones IV. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, Jan-Feb. 1988 A. Holistic Health: New Age "Healing" and Christianity Clash By Samantha Smith B. New Age Marketing V. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, March-April, 1988 A. Satanism was Fatal to N. J. Teenager B. What's Wrong With New Age Thinking? VI. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, May-June, 1988 A. MacLaine's Baca Grande Center Flops B. LToys, Television ,Movies Sell Occult to Our Kids C. Smoky Hills High School to counsel Satanists D. Satanism in Denver Schools VII. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, August, 1988 A. John Denver, New Age Super- Salesman / Samantha Smith VIII. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum, Winter 1988 A. New Age Goes to College/ Samantha Smith B. New Age Workshops Held at Red Rocks College/Terry Mattingly C. New Age State Fair Attempts to Raise Some consciousness/ Dick Foster IX. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum- Feb/March 1989 A. Why New Age in Co?/Carl Raschke B. Salvation Army loses to Witch/ X. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum April/May 1989 A. Witchcraft in Health Care/ Samantha Smith B. New Agers New Aim for Grocery Shoppers C. Satanism Spreading in West Germany D. Witches Claim no Devil Worship XI. The Forum Newsletter of Eagle Forum A. Occult in the Classroom/ McKenna Dunross B. New Age Learning: Edu-Kinesthetics /Samantha Smith C. Turmoil in the Toybox/ David Lewis EXODUS MINISTRIES I. Editorial Comment" Satanic Influence in Rock Music"/Michael Eckert II." The Satanic Ritual" III."The Abuser, First a dog, Then a child?" /Suzy Fuchini IV." Cult Movement Growing: Outcome Bears Watching"/ Georgie Anne Geyer V.Pro Family Forum Alert, Sept. 1985 D&D VI. Satanic Symbols VII. Exodus Newsletter, Oct. 1986 "Halloween" VIII. Exodus Newsletter, Feb. 1987 A. " Satanic Crime in San Antonio" B." Deliverance From The Power of Satan" C." Exodus News" D." Alice Cooper Concert Review" IX. Exodus Newsletter, Jan. 1988 A." The Occult Exposed" B.Exodus S.A. Announces the D.D.T. Club( Devil Defeating Teens) C. What's Happening Calendar of Events D." Statement of Purpose" E." Remember the Children" FAITHFUL WORD MINISTRIES I. What's Wrong With Halloween? / Russell K. Tardo II. The Shocking Truth about Christmas/ Russell K. Tardo III. Women In the Ministry? / Russell K. Tardo JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES I. Awake ! Magazine, Aug 22, 1986 A.The Mystery Behind The Occult B.The Fascination of the Occult C.Solving The Mystery D.The Demons Controlled Me LIVING TRUTH MINISTRIES I. Flashpoint Newsletter Nov. Dec. 1987 A. A Special Message for Faith Contenders/ Texe Marrs B. New Age Music Sweeps the U.S.A. C. Does your Pastor Know About the New Age Threat? D. Global Mind Link Planned for Dec. 31, 1987 E. Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) Deliverer or Captor? F. The Force Loves You! G. Worshipping Another Jesus: A Course in Miracles II. Flashpoint Newsletter- June/July 1988 A. Satan Wants you to Take His Mark B. The New Age Invasion of Public Schools C. Mega Forces New Available D. Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Crystal Powers E. Satanism Explosion Grips U.S. III. Flashpoint Newsletter- Aug. Sept. 1988 A. ARK Launched to Rescue Our Kids B. Is New Age Music Harmless? C. The Frightening Reality of New Age Occultism in Our U.S. Armed Forces IV. Flashpoint Newsletter- Oct/Nov. 1988 A. Will Christians go Through the Tribulation Period? B. New-Age "Global Mind -Link" Planned C. Zondervan Takes Prompt Action D. Is Dukakis a New Ager? V. Flashpoint Newsletter Jan/Feb/March 1989 A. Why I Am In This Ministry VI. Flashpoint Newsletter- April/May/June 1989 A. Ravaged by the New Age B. New Age Occultism in Our Classrooms NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE I.The Trumpet,Dec.8, 1986 A. From Healing, Peace, Harmony to Massive Genocide/Kathleen Hayes B. WIC Will Fail; Christian Persecution to Result/Kathleen Hayes C. World Instant of Cooperation: Occultic Event/K. Hayes & L.L. Alexander D. Hubbard; futurist With Strange Wision for the World/K. Hayes E. Armies of the Invisible Encourage Arguelles/K. Hayes F. New Agers Seek To Impact Media/D.L.Carney II.The Trumpet Feb. 1987 A. WIC Draws Mixed Reactions:Success In Dispute/K. Hayes B. Misconceptions About Christianity Fuels Hostility/K. Hayes C. Visualization's Occultic Roots Incompatible With Christianity/P. Lashwood D. Those Unwilling to Share Will Face the Sword of Cleavage, Christ in the World to Save it- Creme/K. Hayes E. Creme- Early Occult Experiences Have Guided Him/K. Hayes F. Dass: you Have No Choice But To Serve Forces/Angela Perry G. Guidestones Implicate New Age, Masonic Lodge/K. Hayes H. John Denver: From Folk Singer to "Enlightened" New Age Philosopher/K. Hayes I. "Out On A Limb" Goes Too Far Overboard/S. Welbon J. Voight Claims Hopis Chose Him to Deliver Prophecy/D.L. Carney K. Superman Forgoes Nationalism for Global disarmament/D.L. Carney L. Fact or Fiction? Plans in Motion for World Government/Barbara Hanna & Janet Hoover M. Point: Renicarnation/Karma: Counterpoint/ Salvation/Heaven by Gordon R. Lewis N. Chiropractor Disputes Legitimacy of Iridology: Origin Occultic by Glenn Holtgren III.The Trumpet,July, 1987 A. Pagan Rituals to Mark Ceremony: New Agers to surrender Planet Aug 16- 17, Kathleen Hayes B. "Deception Reeks of Demonic Influence' D. L. Ramsey C. "Crystal Planting to be part of 'Sacred' Rituals" D.L. Carney C. "What in God's Name Will They Do Next?" Kathleen Hayes E. "Solar God, Quetalcoatl, Object of Pagan Worship", K. Hayes F. " The Horned God Pan is Patron Of Witches", Kathleen Hayes G. "Arguelles Aug. 16-17 Vision Channeled by Spirits", D.L. Carney H. "144,000 High Priests, Priestesses to be Used", Kathleen Hayes OVERCOMER MINISTRIES I. Nov. 1987 Issue A.To the Overcomer family and friends/ Bro. R. G. Stair B. God's Will For You/ Bro. Stair C. Your Letters Are An Encouragement to Us/ letters D. God Begins to Intervene/John W. Trescott II.Dec. 1987 Issue A. To the Overcomer Family and Friends / Bro. G. R. Stair B. The Churxh Will Go Through the Tribulation/ Bro. Stair C. When Was America's First"Christmas"/Tom Tiede D. God Begins to Intervene/John Trescott III.Jan, 1988 Issue A. Nobody Knows!!! /Brother Stair B. The Alleged Knights of Columbus Oath, also the Oath of the Jesuits/ Bro Bill Singleton C. The Roman Catholic Church- " The Mother Church? or as Revelation calls it... The Mother of Harlots !!!!"/Bro. Stair D. Prophecy: Shaking the Nations/ Lance Lambert IRENE PARK MINISTRIES I.Seven Pagan High Masses and Halloween II.Witchcraft Idolatry and Indian Ways III.Modern Paganism IV.The Witch That Switched V. Witchcraft and Voodoo( puppets) VI. Modernized Paganism ( freemasonry) SOUTHWEST RADIO CHURCH I.The gospel Truth, Oct. 1984," Trick or Treat: The History of Halloween" 6 pp. II.The Gospel Truth,Jan,1987,"New age Pentecost"/David F. Webber 6 pp. III.The Gospel Truth, Feb. 1987,"Satan's Attack Against America" /N.W. Hutchings, 6 pp. IV." Demonism and angelic traffic in the Last Days", N.W. Hutchings, 51 pp. UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF GOD Newsletter: The News of the Watchmen, Aug. 1987 I.Mother God- Report from Concerned Christians, P O Box 22920, Denver, CO 80222 VOICE OF AMERICANISM I.Satanism & Witchcraft, Evil forces on the March/S. McBirnie VOICES IN ACTION I. Ritual Crime Scene Clues II. Symbols Associated with various aspects of the occult III.Definitions- Satanism and Witchcraft IV. Sabbats/Festivals, Paganism, Witchcraft & Satanism V. Symptoms of Ritualistic and Sexual Abuse VI. Resources for Survivor's of Ritual Abuse list VII. Dymanics of Counter Religions VIII. Characteristics of Schools in whic Satanic Ritual Abuse Occurs WARNKE MINISTRIES NEWSLETTER I. 4th quarter, 1986 Combatting Satan on the Front Lines II. 1st. Quarter, 1987 The Fight Goes On WATCH NETWORK I. "Be Aware!, A Handbook for the Purpose of Exposing Occultic Activity." ( this handbook contains the following articles and sections) A. The Philosophy and Practice of Satanism\Warnke Ministries B. Glossary of Terms\WATCH Network C. What are some of the Lures or Enticements into the Realm of the Occult?\WATCH Network D. Satanic Ritual Calendar\Passport Magazine E. How Can a Person Involved in the Occult be Helped? F. Some "Door Openers" Into the Occult G. Runes H.Violent Ritualistic Victimization: An Attack on the Mind, Body,and Spirit/Florangel Mendez I. Common Signs of Preschool Abuse\ Dr. Gould J. Heavy Metal: A Weighty Police Problem\ by Carole Allen- Baley and David W. Balsiger, from Biblical News Service. K.Reference Books Listing( Includes" Drawing Down the Moon") L. Related Newspaper articles( contains the following) 1. "Police Believe in Violent Cults" A.S. Ross/ San Francisco Examiner, Sept. 29, 1986 2. "Shadows of Satanism" / Frank Ahlgren Jr., El Paso Herald-Post, Nov. 20, 1986 3. "Detectives Investigate Claims of Satanists' Human Sacrifices" /Diana Washington, El Paso Times, Nov. 20, 1986 4. "How the Specter of Satanism Led to L.A. Uproar In Child Care"\Ivan Sharpe, San Francisco Examiner, Sept. 29, 1986 5. "Child Abuse Cults: How Real?"\ A.S. Ross, San Francisco Examiner, Sept 29, 1986 6. "Boy Guilty In Fantasy Game Murder"/ AP, Ft. Lauderdale Times, Nov. 21, 1986 7. "Suicide and Satanism" \ Chris Wood in Halifax (no pub. ref. given) 8. "Satanism Seen In Murder" \ Carol Deptolla Barker and Barbara Krolak, Monroe Michigan, Feb. 1986 9. "Satan cult Site Found" \ Debbie Stone, Montgomery Journal, Jan. 3, 1986 10. "Satan Worship Rituals On the Increase" (no reference) 11. "Teen Satanists Trash Corpses. They Leave Cemetary in Total Chaos" \Liz Penn, Sun. Jan 13, 1987 (no pub. given) 12. "Satanic Bibles In Public Libraries" \Rev. Roger Hudson, Update, July-Aug. 1985 M. Music in the Eighties, Related News Articles, pictures, and Rock Lyrics( contains the following) 1. "Police Link Satan Site, Heavy Metal Rock Music", Jaleh Hagigh, The Montgomery Journal, Jan.9, 1985 2. "Trial Told, 'Eddie Made Him Do It'"\ Michael Smee (no pub ref. given) 3. "Music of the Eighties" excerpted from "The Record" 4. "Teenagers, Rock'N'Roll, and Satan"\ Judith Graffam, The Press Enterprise, May 7, 1986 5. "Teens, young Adults Agree in Survey,Lyrics Have Bad Effects" \Bill Holland, Billboard Magazine, Feb. 1, 1986 6. "Music Has cause for Shame"\George Will, Washington Post, no date given 7. "Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics Cited As Cause in Sucide" UPI, Jan 14, 1986 8. "Related Rock Lyrics" (contains the following) a. "The Oath" by King Diamond b. "Disciples of Hell" by Ingwie Malmsteen c. "Possessed" by Venom d. "Leatherbound"


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