Videotapes in the files of Rowan Moonstone 1. 20/20 'THE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS' MAY 1985 Re

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Videotapes in the files of Rowan Moonstone 1. 20/20 "THE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS" MAY 1985 Reporter: Tom Jarrell Guests: James Troiano - charged with murder of Gary Lauwers Ricky Kasso - charged with murder of Gary Lauwers Mike Warnke - ex Satanist & Christian commedian Sandi Gallant - SFPD Dale Griffis - Ret. Police Chief - Tiffin Ohio Chris Edmonde - Detroit D.J. - specialist in back masking Scott Waterhouse - convicted murder of Giselle Coty, Maine Moe Ouellette - Maine State police detective Joe Coty - father of Giselle Michael Westcott - Asst. AG - Coty case Anton La Vey - Church of Satan Dr. Boyd Stevens - SF Chief Med. Examiner Dr. Lawrence Pazder - author Michelle Remembers 2. OPRAH WINFREY 6-24-86 - "WITCHCRAFT" Guests: Laurie Cabot - Witch of Salem and head of WLPA Dora Ruffner - Witch Joseph Marquis - former "Satanist" and Illuminati Whitley Streiber - author of Cat Magick Bob Larson - Christian talk show host and evangelist 3. GERALDO RIVERA FALL 1986 - "WITCHCRAFT" Guests: Selena Fox - Circle Sanctuary Don Frew - COG Lady Sabrina - Our Lady of Enchantment Marion Weinstein - Author Positive Magick Whitley Streiber - Author Cat Magick Carole Bulzone - owner of Enchantments in NYC 4. EVENING NEWS KWTV OKC. OK 10-30-86 - "HALLOWEEN AND WITCHES" Guests: Lady Phoenix (Dallas) Isian Trad. Lady Lathina (Norman) Georgian Trad. 5. OKC EVENING NEWS 1987 - KTVY "DISCIPLES OF DARKNESS" Reporter :George Tomek Guests: Dr.Thomas Radecki - Nat'l Coalition on T.V. Violence Dr. David Miller - OU Hist Dept. Rev. Bruce Spires - Christian Assembly - OKC Sean Sellers - Convicted murderer OKC special projects undercover detective Dr. Michael Anderson - Westminster Pres. Church 6. OKC NEWS - HALLOWEEN 1987 Guests - Curt Autrey interviews Letitia Ness - Georgian Witch 7. PEOPLE ARE TALKING - WBZ-TV, BOSTON 10-30-87 - "HALLOWEEN" Guests: Joan Hake Robie - co-author of Halloween and Satanism Laurie Cabot - Witch of Salem and head of WLPA Rev. Russell Ely - Pastor Salem Christian Assembly Christine Dumas - Co-Chair - WLPA 8. LIFETIME - SPRING 1988 - "ALTERNATIVE HEALING METHODS" Guests: Dr. Robert Buckman Tamara James - Wiccan Church of Canada 9. EVENING NEWS (Okla. City - KTVY) MARCH 18, 1988 - SATANIC CULT IN CLEVELAND Guest: Larry Nelson - Warnke Ministries 10. OPRAH WINFREY SHOW - ASH WEDNESDAY - "SATANIC WORSHIP" Guests: Micheal & Lilith Aquino - Temple of Set Lauren Stratford - author Satan's Underground Johanna Michaelson - author The Beautiful Side of Evil Larry Jones - File 18 Tom Wedge - author The Satan Hunter 11. TALK OF THE TOWN - 6-21-88 - "SATANISM" Guest - Arthur Lyons - Author Satan Wants You! 12. LARRY KING LIVE - JUNE 1988 "SATANISM" Guests: Larry Kahaner - author Cults that Kill Arthur Lyons - author Satan Wants You! 13. SALLY JESSE RAFAEL - FALL 1988 - "SATANISM" Guests: Peter Gilmore - Satanist Michael Harismides - Witch Jim Sellickman - Occult Shop Owner Arthur Lyons - Author Satan Wants You! Paul Michael Valentine - Church of Satanic Liberation 14. GERALDO RIVERA SPECIAL- "DEVIL WORSHIP, EXPOSING SATAN'S UNDERGROUND" OCT. 22, 1988 Guests: Anton La Vey - Church of Satan "Spike" - Kansas City heavy metal fan "Joe" - Louisiana Satanist "Kim" - former Colorado Satanist "Lou" - former Satanist King Diamond - heavy metal musician Melissa Earnest - Douglas Co., GA, convicted murderer Ricky Kasso - murderer Det. Paul Hart, Jefferson Township, NJ, P.D. Thomas Sullivan Sr. - father of T. Sullivan Jr. Fr. James Lebar - Interfaith Coalition on Cults Ozzy Osborne- heavy metal musician Sean Sellers- convicted murderer Tom Wedge - investigator, author of The Satan Hunter Theron "Pete" Roland - convicted murderer Penny Baert - Pete Roland's mother Zeena La Vey - daughter of Anton LaVey Dr. Michael Aquino - HP, Temple of Set Roy Masters - minister Rose Allen & Betty Herbert - Louisiana farmers with mutilated animals "Joseph" - former U.S. Army Intelligence Dep. Ed Albanoski - Santa Clara Sheriffs Office (presidio inspector) Kaleb Kellum - alleged Satanic victim Sandra Kellum - Kaleb's mother Judy Smith - mother of alleged Satanic abuse victim Suzanne Streif & Cathleen Sorenson - Believe the Children Sandee and Larry Polsly - Believe the Children Maury Terry - author, The Ultimate Evil Charles Manson - convicted murderer Nickolas Schreck - Satanist Henry Lucas - convicted murderer Richard Ramirez - the "Night Stalker" Boyd Rice - white supremecist Prentice Saunders - SFPD Charles Gervais - convicted murderer Ted Gunderson - former FBI agent Jay - victim of Bob Berdella (KC) "Joe" - male prostitute Albert A. Rierderor - Kansas City, KS, Prosecutor Carol Coe - Jackson County legislator Det. Lee Orr - K.C. Kansas PD "Sharon" - former KC Satanist Paul Howell - father of missing boy in KC Hariett Sandess - mother of James Ferris, missing in Det. Michael McKee - Kansas City, MO, P.D. Cheryl Horton - alleged Satanic "breeder" Sandy O'Connell - alleged satanic "breeder" Lauren Stratford - author Satan's Underground Jacquie Balodis - founder "Overcomer's Victorious" "Donna" - former Satanist Wayne Van Kampen - Bethesda PsychHealth Inst., Denver Bennet C. Braun M.D. - Rush Medical Center, Chicago George B. Greaves Ph.D. - Ridgeview Inst., Smyrna, GA Richard P. Kluft M.D. - Temple Univ. School of Medicine D. Corydon Hammond Ph.D. - Univ. of Utah School of Medicine 15. COLORADO SPRINGS EVENING NEWS KRDO CHANNEL 13 OCT. 1988 Guests: "Michael" -ex-Satanist Wayne Van Kampen - Bethesda PsychHealth Inst., Denver Sgt. Michael Minzee - El Paso County, CO, Sheriff's Dept. Tracey & Mark - Christian evangelists 16. DENVER EVENING NEWS- CHANNEL 7 KMGH OCT 1988 Guests: Father Richard Alear- Priest/exorcist- NY Linda Blood - Former Church of Satan HPS Cindy Clark - adolescent therapist Colo Springs Pagans - "Soltahr", "Shadow", "Redhawk", and voice of Gerald 17. OKC EVENING NEWS- HALLOWEEN 1988- KTVY- CHANNEL 4 "SATAN'S GRIP" Reporter- George Tomek Guests: Gerald & Rowan - "Second Class" Witches Marie Bridgman - Satan fighter Ministries Rev. Bruce Spires - Minister Christian Assembly Mel Cape - Philadelphia Assembly of God, Edmond, OK Sheryl McAdams - former "Satanist" 18. OKC EVENING NEWS - HALLOWEEN 1988 "A LEAP OF FAITH" Reporter - Kathy Walsh Guests - Coven Amber Moon - Georgian Marti Stewart - Sparrowhawk Village Carol Parrish - Pastor - Church of Light Charles Pass - Sparrowhawk resident Gary Eastman - Channeler of "Abi" Bobbie Roberts - Universal Light Center - OKC 19. FALL 1988 - UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - "SON OF SAM" Guests: Maury Terry - author, The Ultimate Evil Terry Gardner - Ex-Lt., Ward Co. Sheriff's Dept. Capt. Gerard L. Buckhout (Ret.) - Greenburgh P.D. John Santucci - Queens D.A. 2 unidentified residents of NYC 20. GIDEON OLIVER - April 1989 Subject: Ritualistic Murder and Satanic Cults 21. EVENING NEWS (Okla. City, OK - KTVY) - MATAMOROS Reporter: Patty Suarez and Rebecca Aguilar Guests: Oran Neck - Customs Agent Kathy Walsh - reporter Ernesto Pichardo - Santero Priest Dr. Carl Raschke - cult expert - Denver Jim Mattox - Tex. Atty. Gen James Kilroy - father of murder victim 22. GERALDO RIVERA 5-2-89- "OF DRUGS, DEATH, AND THE DEVIL" (Matamoros killings) Guests: Bill Huddleston - friend of Mark Kilroy, murder victim Gwen Huddleston - Mother of Bill and friend of Kilroy Oran Neck - U.S. Customs agent Ted Gunderson - former FBI agent "David" - Satanic cult expert and former member, now working in the S.W. with victims of satanic abuse Joseph "Doc" Marquis - former "Satanic" high priest Lt. George Gavito - Cameron County Sheriff's Office, Principal Investigator Jim Mattox - Texas Atty. Gen. Nacho Garza - Mayor of Brownsville, Texas Tony Zabaleta - Prof. at Texas Southmost Univ., Teacher of Sara Aldrete


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