For the past three years, I have monitored the Fundamentalist Christian radio and televisi

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For the past three years, I have monitored the Fundamentalist Christian radio and television shows. A number of the ministries and organizations have demonstrated interest in and concern about the New Age and Wicca. Below is a listing of those with whom I have come in contact, either via mail correspondence or through their appearance on radio and television shows. This should not in any way be assumed to be a complete list. If you have names, addresses, or phone numbers to add to the list, please do so. I would appreciate being notified of any other names added to the list so that I can add them to the files. Thank You. Rowan Moonstone CultWatch Response, Inc. P O Box 1842 Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1842 1. B.A.D.D. (Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons) Pat Pulling - Director P O Box 5513 Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 883-6747 (Denver Area Office) Rosmery Loyacano (Director) P O Box 303 Larkspur, CO 80118 (303) 681-2854 Began as anti Dungeons and Dragons, but is now adding Wicca to the list. Considerable upgrading of printing quality over the last 2 years, which probably means they're receiving sufficient contributions to be concerned about. Have published "Law Enforcement Primers" on "Ritual Child Abuse" and "Role Playing Games". Publishes bi-monthly newsletter "Good News from B.A.D.D." Solicits submission of articles dealing with the occult, Satanism, Witchcraft, as well as D&D from its supporters. 2. Bible Believer's Bulletin P O Box 7135 Pensacola, FL 32514 Dr. Peter S. Ruckman Primarily anti-Catholic, pro King James Version Bible. Although they don't like US very much either! 3. CARIS (Christian Apologetics Research & Information Service) P O Box 1659 Milwaukee, WI 53201 Jack Roper, Director Published "An Open Letter to the Witchcraft and Magical Community" a few years ago. Jack Roper is now in the business of providing occult crime information to police and others. His listings are quite extensive. 4. Cavalcade Productions 7360 Potter Valley Road Ukiah, CA, 95482 Produces videos on ritual child abuse. Very expensive. Prices range from $195 for a 25-30 minute tape to $345 for a 19 minute tape. 5. Chick Publications P O Box 662 Chino, CA 91710 Jack Chick, Director Without a doubt the MOST unsympathetic views of the Craft I have EVER heard or seen. Publishes "The Battle Cry" bi-monthly; $2.40/ yr sub. Has much Anti-Catholic literature and such nonsense as "Your Highness" being the proper title for a High Priestess! 6. Christ Deliverance Ministries 13206 Drayton Drive Spring Hill, FL 34609 Irene Park, Director Run by Irene Park, "The Witch that Switched". She's got several little booklets available for $1.50 each, including one on "Seven Witch Masses and Halloween." 7. Christian Counseling Assn.Inc. P O Box 713 Van Nuys, Calif, 91408 (818)780-7500 Dr. Roger Burt, Director Very anti-Wiccan,anti-Pagan activists. 8. Christian Counter Attack P O Box 27101 Columbus, OH 43227 Advertises that it fights "cults, occult, Secular Music, and New Age". Vigorously opposed the "Hands Across America" project. Was also engaged in opposing the "Harmonic Convergence". 9. Church of God Evangelistic Assn. P O Box 1073 St. Ann, MO 63074 Anti-New Age. Some interesting publications on the "Illuminati". Will send you a subscription to "Newswatch Magazine" free for 1 year if you write & ask for it. 10. Cult Awareness Network 2421 West Pratt Blvd. Suite 1173 Chicago, IL 60626 (312) 276-7777 Cynthia Kisser,Director Advertises an "Witchcraft and Satanism" packet of info for $5.00. This organization also has branches all over the country in such locations as Denver and Dallas. 11. Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc., 222 N. Latah St. Boise, ID 83706 Larry M. Jones, Editor 208-377-6606 208-377-6790 (emergencies) Pager # 550 Publishes "File 18" newsletter on cultic and occultic crimes. Publication for "law enforcement personnel and civilian groups working in this area" only. Absolutely TERRIBLE stuff about the Craft. Some improvement in more recent issues. 12. Eagle Forum 1823 W. 102nd. Ave. Denver, CO 80221 Phyllis Schlafly, who is Anti-ERA, runs this organization. "The Forum", their bi-monthly newsletter, is chock full of articles denouncing the "New Age", etc. They offer numerous tapes such as the 20/20 Satanism show, and the Oprah Winfrey show on "Satanic Abuse". The Forum is $10.00/yr. sub. 13. Exodus P O Box 700293 San Antonio, TX 78270 Yvonne Peterson, Director (512)654-8547 Advertises itself as "a group of concerned citizens alerted to the dangers of the occult and who stand ready to assist our community." Much of their literature makes no distinction between Satanism and Wicca. Among those working with them and teaching seminars are Tom Sanguinet, former Wiccan High Priest from the Frost's School of Wicca. (See CARIS "Open Letter to the Witchcraft Community" and clippings on Samhain Seminar in Amarillo, 1981 for further info. on Sanguinet.) Also participating in seminars are Bob North, supposed former Satanic High Priest, and Jerry Rieder, also a "former Satanic High Priest". 14. Free The Masons Ministries (Formerly "Saints Alive") P O Box 1077 Issaquah, WA 98027 Ed Decker, Director Primarily aimed at anti-Masonic and anti-Mormon, but now employs Bill Schnoebelen (aka Christopher Syn), former Wiccan HP of the Alexandrian Trad. 15. In His Palm P O Box 818 Euless, TX 76039 Linda Archer, Director "Former Witch" who speaks to women's Christian organizations & does interviews on Christian Radio shows. Claims that "One of the things you agree to do when you become a Witch is to sacrifice your children to the devil" and tells parents "These people are trying to take your children away from you in the dark, by stealth, against your will. Don't sit there and take it anymore!" Runs a clipping service for Christian anti-pagan ministers. For $15.00, she will send you a packet of newspaper articles on Witchcraft, Satanism, and D&D. 16. Interfaith Council on Cults 2 Harvey St. Hyde Park, NY 12538 914-471-2537 Fr. James J. Lebar, Consultant on Cults, Archdiocese of N.Y. Comunications with this group indicates they know full well the difference between Wicca philosophy and Satanic philosophy BUT, they don't entirely believe in such things as Witches. Seem more concerned with spiritual wellbeing than actions on a physical plane. 17. International Christian Media P O Box 30 Dallas, TX 75221 1-800-351-1212 Marlin Maddoux, Director Christian Media service that produces the daily talk show "Point of View", hosted by Marlin Maddoux. This show is carried on over 200 radio stations in 45 states of the union, and is beamed all over the world via shortwave. It is also carried in South Africa and the United Kingdom via tape delay. Maddoux is VERY good at what he does. He is closely akin in style to Bob Larson, who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show with Laurie Cabot. His guests have included Pat Pulling of B.A.D.D, Linda Archer of IHP, Constance Cumby, and Dave Hunt. 18. Bob Larson Ministries P O Box 36A Denver, CO 80236 303-980-1511 Christian talk show host who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show with Laurie Cabot and Whitley Streiber. Wrote Larson's Book of Cults. 19. Living Faith Ministries 8103 Shiloh Court Austin, TX 78745 Texe Marrs, Director Marrs wrote Dark Secrets of the New Age. Publishes a monthly newsletter on the New Age Movement, free of charge. 20. Media Spotlight Box 290 Redmond, WA 98073-0290 Albert James Dager, Editor and Publisher Publishes many papers on the occult and "cult related topics". Pamphlets include "Dungeons and Dragons", "E.T.- Space Age Messiah?", "Hallowe'en: Its Traditions & Their Origins", "The Origins of Christmas Traditions" and "Is the Anti-Christ Here?". Publications free upon request. 21. National Research Institute (Data Center on the New Age) 3095-D S. Peoria St. Aurora, CO 80014 (303)745-7707 Kathleen Hayes, Director Anti Wicca, anti-New Age. Publishes "The Trumpet" bi-monthly for $15/yr. sub. THIS ORGANIZATION MAY BE DEFUNCT. WE HAVE UNCONFIRMED INFO TO THAT EFFECT. 22. Paul Lund Eagle's Nest Ministries P O Box 9991 Fountain Valley, CA 92728 714-953-1701 Wrote an anti-Wicca tract entitled "Witchcraft or..." Stated goal is to drive all "cult" groups underground again, us most definitely included. 23. Overcomer Ministries Rt. 2, Box 296 Walterboro, SC 29488 Brother R. G. Stair Very anti-Catholic organization which believes that Christians should worship on Saturday, not celebrate Christmas with Pagan practices, etc. Publishes "The Overcomer" newsletter, available for a donation. 24. Phillips Ministries P O Box 354 Rockwall, TX 75087 (214) 722-2140 Phil Phillips ,Director Primarily concerned with occultism in children's toys and cartoons. Publishes "Child Affects" newsletter. Also had available audio and video cassettes dealing with these subjects. 25. Pointe Publications,Inc. 22317 Kelly Rd. E. Detroit, MI 48021 (313) 391-2906 Constance Cumby, Director Organization formed by a Detroit trial lawyer who now engages in writing and speaking against "occultism & the New Age Movement". Publishes the "New Age Monitor" bi-monthly for $24/yr. sub. 26. Southwest Radio Church P O Box 1144 Oklahoma City, OK 73101 (800) 652-1144 David F. Webber, Director Publishes a lot of anti-pagan "information". Has a nationally syndicated Christian radio show which has frequent programs dealing with anti pagan and anti New Age material. Constance Cumby, Samantha Smith, and Dave Hunt are frequent guests. Publishes "The Gospel Truth" monthly. They NEVER take you off their mailing list as far as I can see. 27. Survival Associates P O Box 403 Short Hills, NJ 07078 Herbert Peterson: Director Publishes a listing of over 3,000 "highly active occult and satanic groups , by geographic area, in the United States and Canada. Entire listing available for $35.00 28. Technical Research Institute P O Box 2095 Arvada, CO 80001 Mary Ann Herold, Executive Director Non profit organization which publishes material on cult/occult crimes. Recommended by File 18. 29. Voice of Americanism Glendale, CA 91209 Dr. Stuart McBirnie, Director Normally very anti-communist only, but he has published a pamphlet called "Satanism and Witchcraft: Evil Forces on the March." 30. VOICES in Action, Inc. P.O Box 148309 Chicago, IL 60614 (312) 327-1500 National network that helps victims of incest and sexual abuse. Subscribes heavily to the ritualistic child abuse theory. Networks extensively with Believe the Children, Dr. Catherine Gould, and Sandy Gallant and Dale Griffis. Much bad info on Witchcraft. Other than the info on the Craft, much GOOD work being done here. Need re-educating. 31. Warnke Ministries P O Box 472 Burgin, KY 40422 Run by Mike Warnke, former Satanic High Priest. By far the most sane of these groups. Definitely knows the difference between Satanism and Wicca and admits it! 32. W.A.T.C.H (Watchmen Alert to Cultic Harrassment) Box 12638 El Paso, TX 79913 Sue Joyner, Director Formed a little over 2 years ago. They now have a growing following in the Southwest. Have published "Be Aware: A Handbook to Expose Occult Activity." for $5.00. Now publishes a quarterly newsletter.


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