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AMERICAN FAMILY FOUNDATION (Cults) (AFF) P.O. Box 336, Weston, MA 02193 (617) 893-0930 Guy Ford, V.Pres.-Operations Budget: $130,000. Educational organization "seeking to understand and ameliorate the problems caused to individuals, families, and society at large by people and groups that employ unethical forms of social influence." Reports on legal, medical, psychological, and social issues raised by cultism. Publications: (1) Cult Observer (news magazine), monthly; (2) Cultic Studies Journal, semiannual; also publishes special reports and catalog. Section Heading Codes: Public Affairs Organizations (09) BEREAVEMENT CENTER (Children) (BC) Westchester Jewish Community Services, 141 N. Central Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 (914) 949-6761 Oscar Rabinowitz, Exec.Dir. Founded: 1979. Staff: 3. Children and adolescents between the ages of ten and 18 who have recently lost a parent. Aims are to: facilitate the normal process of mourning in children and adolescents; provide an arena of self-help and support to members who often feel alone in dealing with the death of a parent. The program is an offshoot of the Young Widows and Widowers of Westchester Jewish Community Services in New York. Children meet weekly to discuss problems; parents meet concurrently, but separately, in an adjoining room. Children discuss recollections of the death itself, the funeral, feelings of guilt and sadness, the family's often altered financial status, remarriage of the surviving parent and acquisition of new siblings, and health of the remaining parent. Conducts training program for professionals and agencies interested in starting similar programs for bereaved children. Also offers support groups for widows and widowers, families of victims of Alzheimer's disease, for those who have a child in a cult, and for children with life-threatening illnesses. Center currently operates on a local level but may expand in the future. Publications: Widow/Widowers of Westchester (newsletter), monthly. Formerly: (1983) Bereaved Children's Program. Section Heading Codes: Social Welfare Organizations (07) CHRISTIAN FAMILY RENEWAL (CFR) Box 73, Clovis, CA 93613 (209) 297-7818 Dr. Murray Norris, Pres. Founded: 1970. Members: 200,000. Staff: 11. Christians concerned with problems of the modern family. Promotes Christian solutions to problems in business, politics, and education counseling. Sponsors home study programs in Christian counseling and nutrition. Has established the Valley Christian University, which attempts to teach Christian answers to contemporary problems. Holds annual seminar and offers university courses on and off campus. Maintains library of 6000 volumes. Computerized Services: Information service listing local agencies and individuals who will help with counseling. Telecommunications Services: National Pregnancy Hot Line for young women with pregnancy problems. Divisions: African Emergency Relief; Demonstration School; National Pregnancy Hot Line; Valley Christian University. Publications: (1) Up With Families (newsletter), quarterly; (2) Valley Christian University Newsletter, quarterly; (3) Hot Line Directory, periodic; also publishes books, and pamphlets on pornography, homosexuality, satanism, and abortion. Affiliated With: American Life Lobby. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) CHRISTIAN LITERATURE AND BIBLE CENTER (Mission) (CLBC) 1006 Oak Cliff Dr., Toccoa, GA 30577 (404) 886-7734 Rev. Andrew J. Losier, Founder & Pres. Founded: 1952. Budget: $25,000. Directors: 7. Missionaries: 7. Distributes free Christian literature in over 50 languages; conducts Bible correspondence courses using audio cassette recordings. Operates Faith Bible College and Seminary in Nigeria. Sponsors direct missionary work in Africa and nations worldwide. Conducts research and educational programs and youth camps. Maintains library of 7000 master tapes and cassettes. Publishes Kingdom of Righteousness Under God, Know Your Bible Rightly Divided, Memoirs of Africa, One World Government Under Satan, Bible lessons, booklets, and a textbook on biblical survey (in English). Computerized Services: Personal computer publications. Convention/Meeting: semiannual mission conference. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) CHRISTIAN RESEARCH (CR) P.O. Box 385, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 (501) 253-7185 Gerda Koch, Dir. Founded: 1958. Staff: 1. Nonmembership. Works to serve those who do not trust the media or the U.S. educational system, both of which the organization believes are "controlled." Distributes Christian literature; produces tracts; conducts and encourages Bible research and study. Emphasizes obedience to God and His Word; upholds the Constitution as it was originally written but advocates subjugation to God's law, not man's, if the two should conflict. Opposes Zionism, Communism, income taxation, and the United Nations; supports historical revisionism regarding the Holocaust. Maintains library of 900 books and booklets; bestows awards. Publications: Facts for Action, semiannual; has published Satan Dispelled and For More Light (books). Formerly: Pro-American Books. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CRI) Box 500, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693 (714) 855-9926 Dr. Walter Martin, Pres. Founded: 1960. Staff: 33. Christian scholars, ministers, missionaries, and laymen working in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. Through information relayed by member researchers, strives to counteract what the institute perceives to be threats against the Christian faith. Disseminates information on secular and theological trends. Plans to implement Project Retrieval in order to provide Christian schools with Christian alternatives to secular, cultic, and occultic beliefs through the aid of computers and microfilm. Offers seminars. Maintains 4000 volume library of materials on Christian apologetics and history, cults, the occult, philosophy, and psychology. Publications: (1) the Insider (newsletter), monthly; (2) Forward (magazine), 3/year. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) CULT AWARENESS NETWORK (Cults) (CAN) P.O. Box 608370, Chicago, IL 60626 (312) 267-7777 Reginald M. Aley, Exec.Dir. Founded: 1974. Members: 10,000. Budget: $100,000. Local Groups: 54. Educational organization of volunteers interested in freedom from mind control. Offers information and counsel to persons concerned about destructive cults. Seeks to understand tactics of mind control in order to provide protection from those persons who take advantage of people through mind control and coercive persuasion. Opposes deceptive recruitment, fraudulent solicitation of funds, illegal immigration, child abuse and neglect, trafficking in drugs, smuggling, and using unpaid or lowly paid labor working long hours to staff lucrative businesses. Serves as a national referral network for concerned families to religious, legal, and medical sources. Conducts educational programs and seminars; participates in radio and television programs; sponsors support groups for former cult members; offers audiovisual aids. Sponsors workshops for rehabilitative counseling to persons in the mental health field. Provides speakers; maintains data bases; bestows awards; compiles statistics. Operates library of ten-year history of media clippings and books dealing with anti-cult literature. Publications: News, monthly. Formerly: (1986) Citizens Freedom Foundation. Convention/Meeting: annual conference, with seminars - usually October. 1987 Oct. 31-Nov. 2, Kansas City, MO; 1988 Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Pittsburgh, PA. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) FOCUS (Cults) (AFF) c/o Steven Hassan, P.O. Box 686, New Town Branch, Boston, MA 02258 (617) 964-6977 Steven Hassan, Coordinator Founded: 1979. Members: 375. Former members of destructive cult groups including such organizations as Moon's Unification organization, Church of Scientology, the Way International, Hare Khrishna, and Rajneesh. Purposes are to collect and disseminate information about destructive cults; give personal support to: those still "trapped" in a cult and looking for a way out, as well as to those thinking about joining; provide counseling and personal support to "victimized" families and individuals; educate the public on the dangers of mind-control technology. Holds seminars on mind-control cults; initiates federal government investigations; conducts monthly discussion groups in several major U.S. cities; compiles and distributes kits of essential information on cults to interested persons. Hopes to establish formal rehabilitation facilities and to initiate lawsuits. Maintains collection of documents and news clippings. Publications: Newsletter, irregular. Affiliated With: Citizens Freedom Foundation. Formerly: (1980) Ex-Members Against Moon; (1984) Ex-Moon. Convention/Meeting: annual. Section Heading Codes: Public Affairs Organizations (09) INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM FEDERATION (Cults) (IFF) P.O. Box 392, Lathrup Village, MI 48076 (517) 738-7496 Edward M. Mielock, Pres. Founded: 1975. Members: 5300. Staff: 2. Regional Groups: 60. Individuals united to aid what the federation regards as victims of "destructive" cults and to provide support to victims' friends and families. (According to IFF, a cult is destructive when it uses mind control and psychological coercion to gain and hold converts.) Conducts educational campaign stressing the nature and dangers of "destructive" cults; teaches ways to prevent conversion of susceptible individuals. Maintains library; bestows awards; operates speakers' bureau. Computerized Services: List of destructive cults; bibliography of books on destructive cults. Affiliated With: Citizens Freedom Foundation (parent). Formerly: (1979) Individual Freedom Foundation. Convention/Meeting: annual - always October. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) JEWS FOR JEWS (Jewish) (JJ) P.O. Box 6194, Surfside, FL 33154 (305) 931-0001 Rabbi Rubin R. Dobin, Chm. Founded: 1970. Members: 10,000. Budget: $25,000. Jewish individuals united to fight the conversion of Jews by Christian missionaries and cult groups. Strives to strengthen Jewish identity and to heighten awareness of what the group views as the danger of missionaries and cults. Provides information on therapy and exit counseling for Jews who have been converted wishing to return to the Jewish faith. Conducts seminars and workshops for families dealing with conversion from Judaism. Offers computerized services. Bestows awards; compiles statistics; maintains speakers' bureau. Publications: (1) Information Kit on Jewish Identity, quarterly; (2) Fact File of Cults and Missionaries, annual. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11) PROJECT YEDID (Cults) (PY) c/o Jewish Community Center, 5700 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215 (301) 542-4900 Molly Koch, Dir. Founded: 1980. Staff: 6. Works to prevent young people, particularly young Jews, from becoming involved in cults. Serves as information clearinghouse on cults and acts as resource center. Provides counseling services and early prevention seminars for parents of young children. Presents cult recruitment techniques seminars for high school and college students; conducts weekly discussion groups for high school students as part of an outreach program. Maintains speakers' bureau. Publications: Newsletter, irregular. Also Known As: Project Friend. Section Heading Codes: Religious Organizations (11)


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