APca 05/06 2001 Voting SACRAMENTO (AP) -- A GOP assemblyman brought in a county clerk from

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APca 05/06 2001 Voting SACRAMENTO (AP) -- A GOP assemblyman brought in a county clerk from Oregon and a state representative from Wisconsin on Wednesday to bolster his opposition to Democratic proposals to allow voters to register on election day. "Election-day registration serves only to open the door to corruption," said Assemblyman Richard Mountjoy, R-Arcadia. Mountjoy also said at a Capitol news conference that he will seek reconsideration of his bill to purge a million or more "deadwood" voters from the rolls. The bill drew only four Republican votes last week in the 10-member Assembly Elections Committee, of which Mountjoy is vice chairman. Sue Profitt, county clerk of Wasco County, Ore., said that when Oregon changed to "open registration" in 1975, election offices were flooded on election day by "procrastinators and a lot of unfamiliar faces." "Offices had to gear up with more staff at great expense to the counties. There was no time to verify anything," she said. In 1976, she said, California Gov. Jerry Brown conducted a write-in campaign for president in Oregon. There were charges that busloads of people came across the border into Oregon to register and vote, perhaps several times, then quickly move on. In 1984 the Bagwhan Rajneesh tried to use the open registrations system, bussing in 4,000 "street people" in an effort to take over the Wasco County government. "It boggles my mind to think of the damage that could be done by any group of people in the heavily populated areas of California where neighbors never get acquainted with or recognize each other," she said. Oregon passed an initiative last November repealing election-day registration and establishing a 20-day deadline. John Merkt, a Republican Wisconsin state representative form Milwaukee, said election day registration in that state has led to massive confusion and voter fraud, has weakened the two-party system by doing away with registration drives, and been an "open invitation to voter fraud." California now has a 29-day period between the registration deadline and the election. Several bills to allow election-day voting are pending in the Assembly elections committee. Last page !


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