1 03-01-88 10:16 aps ill., texas, n.j. SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI) _ A controversial church has d

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1 03-01-88 10:16 aps ill., texas, n.j. SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI) _ A controversial church has disbanded in the wake of the death of the 10-year-old son of one of its members of untreated juvenile diabetes, a church elder has confirmed. The so-called No-Name Fellowship in Spokane had formed in 1981 and boasted about 40 adult members, but it decided recently it would no longer meet. "We are not meeting any longer," Elder Mark Roloff said Monday. "I just don't have any more to say to you than that." Spokane County Sheriff's Detective Jim Hansen has been investigating the Dec. 20 death of Aaron Norman, son of church members Bob and Judith Norman. The boy died of juvenile diabetes at his suburban Mead home, and the couple's 8-year-old boy has been placed in foster care. The county prosecutor plans to review reports from the sheriff's department to determine if criminal charges should be filed. The fellowship, which was founded by former college football star Doug Klever in Champaign, Ill., had been called a destructive cult by the National Cult Awareness Network in Chicago. Church leaders reportedly told members how to live their lives, how to dress, where to work and what to eat, and some children were allegedly subjected to excessive discipline. Because church leaders have stressed the power of prayer, the Normans did not take their son to a doctor before his death. Church officials have contended that the Normans had no idea their son was seriously ill. The boy was spanked on the advice of church leaders a day before he died, but the spanking was not a factor in his death. The group, which was dubbed the No-Name Fellowship because it has no official name, claimed about 200 adult members in churches in Spokane, Champaign, Plano, Tex., and Passaic, N.J. The status of the other churches was not immediately known. Elders of the Spokane church reportedly have moved to Champaign.


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