APut 12/11 1042 Sheela-Oregon THE DALLES, Ore. (AP) -- The Oregon attorney general's offi

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APut 12/11 1042 Sheela-Oregon THE DALLES, Ore. (AP) -- The Oregon attorney general's office has gone to court to try to bring Ma Anand Sheela, former secretary to Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, back to Wasco County to submit to a debtor's exam. The Oregon attorney general's office filed a motion in Wasco County Circuit Court Thursday to bring Sheela to The Dalles, at the state's expense, from the Pleasanton Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif. The state wants Sheela to take the exam to determine if she had the resources to pay the $269,353 she owes as part of her plea bargain agreement with Oregon authorities in April 1986. Sheela, 38, served as secretary to the guru at his Rajneeshpuram commune in Wasco County and headed several Rajneeshee corporations before she left the United States and traveled to West Germany in September 1985. She subsequently was arrested there and extradited to the United States to face a variety of state and federal charges, including arson, mass poisoning, attempted murder and immigration fraud. She pleaded guilty to, among other things, participating in a plot to kill the guru's physician with a poison-filled syringe and orchestrating a food-poisoning outbreak that sickened more than 750 people in The Dalles. Sheela was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in a federal penitentiary. As part of a plea bargain deal, she agreed to pay the state $469,353, but only has paid $200,000, state officials said. As part of the agreement, she also agreed to submit to a polygraph examination and a sworn debtor's exam, which the state has tried to obtain for more than a year. An affadavit signed by Assistant Attorney General H. Robert Hamilton that accompanied the state's motion said the state unsuccessfully tried Sept. 1 to perform the debtor's exam at the Pleasanton facility. But, the affadavit said, Sheela refused at the direction of her attorneys to answer any questions. Her attorneys objected to the fact the exam was to be videotaped as well as tape recorded, the affadavit said. Sheela has taken a debtor's exam for the U.S. attorney's office but the state has been unable to obtain a copy of the document, Hamilton said. Lee Ann Baarstad, the Wasco County trial court clerk, said a telephone conference call would be scheduled in late December to allow Circuit Judge John Jelderks, the attorney general's staff and Shela's attorney, Stephen A. Houze of Portland, to discuss how to proceed with the motion. Rajneesh, the self-described "rich man's guru," left the United States in November 1985 after pleading guilty to immigration charges. He now lives in Poona, India.


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