AP 06/16 0927 Layton SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Larry Layton, a former Peoples Temple member

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AP 06/16 0927 Layton SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Larry Layton, a former Peoples Temple member convicted of aiding in the murder of a congressman, has been returned to jail pending the outcome of his appeal. Chief U.S. District Judge Robert Peckham on Monday revoked Layton's $250,000 bail, granted in March, ruling that Layton lied under oath during post-trial appeal hearings. "We do not take lightly the committing of willful perjury," Peckham said. He said "several untruthful statements" by Layton showed him to be "a man of desperation to avoid his convictions," and that such desperation could lead Layton to flee. Layton's lawyer, Robert Bryan, said he would appeal the ruling. He already is appealing Layton's conviction and Peckham's ruling rejecting a new trial. Layton waved to relatives and friends as he was led to a cell. Peckham sentenced Layton, 41, to life imprisonment after he was found guilty Dec. 1 of conspiracy and aiding and abetting the November 1978 murder of Rep. Leo Ryan and the attempted murder of U.S. diplomat Richard Dwyer on an airstrip in Guyana. Hours after those shootings, the Rev. Jim Jones and 912 of his Peoples Temple followers died in a murder-suicide ritual at their nearby settlement in the South American jungle. The judge on March 27 granted bail to Layton during his appeal, saying Layton had not been a major member of the conspiracy to murder Ryan and Dwyer, and citing Layton's trouble-free record while on bail for the five years between his two trials. But Peckham said Monday that Layton appears "in a different light" after the post-trial hearing. Among other things, Layton testified in that hearing that he never told a defense aide during the trial he had made up a story about being on medication at the time of the shootings, and that he did not tell another defense aide after his conviction that he anticipated a life sentence. In both instances, the defense aides testified the conversations took place, and Peckham said he believed them. Bryan contended the alleged perjury resulted from memory lapses. Last page !


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