APma 05/28 1444 MA--Pornography Charge WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) -- A high school teacher on

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APma 05/28 1444 MA--Pornography Charge WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) -- A high school teacher on leave from his duties has pleaded guilty to charges of taking nude photographs of young girls. Harold L. Hartman, 40, of Auburn pleaded guilty Tuesday in Worcester Superior Court to 10 counts of posing or exhibiting a child in a state of nudity. Judge Robert V. Mulkern scheduled sentencing for Friday. Hartman is on leave from math and science teaching at Shrewsbury High School to work on an educational traning project for Digital Equipment Corp. He was accused of taking the photographs of 10 girls between the ages of 4 and 17 using a two-way mirror and a hidden camera, according to a report read by Assistant District Attorney John P. Haran at a hearing Tuesday. The offenses took place between June 1981 and October 1986, according to the indictment. Haran said Hartman told parents to bring the girls to his studio for modeling pictures or photographs for a gymnastic book he said he was assembling. While the girls changed clothes in a dressing room, Hartman photographed them through the mirror, Haran said. He said Hartman also told the girls to practice poses in the nude in the dressing room and he photographed them while they were posing. Haran said three of the girls became suspicious "because they thought they heard the clicking of a camera." State and Auburn police raided Hartman's house on Oct. 26, 1986, and seized photographs of the girls. Four of the girls testified at the sentencing hearing. "I thought he was my friend, but he was not really my friend," one said. "This will affect me for a long time, not just now." Dr. Martin L. Fisch, a psychologist from Mountain Lakes, N.J., said he treated Hartman while the defendant visited his parents, who live in New Jersey. The psychologist said he believed Hartman would not survive in jail and he urged that the defendant be allowed to serve some sort of community service as a jail sentence. Hartman's lawyer, Conrad W. Fisher, said a local psychologist and several teachers will testify on Hartman's behalf at Friday's sentencing. Last page !


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