APne 06/06 0210 Moonie DENVER (AP) -- Britta Adolfsson said Friday she forgives her pare

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APne 06/06 0210 Moonie DENVER (AP) -- Britta Adolfsson said Friday she forgives her parents for hiring deprogrammers to snatch her from the Unification Church, but will never again trust them. "They (her parents) apologized to me. They promised they would never do it again and they asked for my forgiveness," Adolfsson, 29, told a news conference at a Denver Unification Church. "I understand where they're coming from. They really love me and I love them ... but I feel I can't trust them." She said her parents, Tord and Edith Adolfsson, paid thousands of dollars to hire a team of deprogrammers to kidnap her from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church on May 26. The woman said she became a church member about seven years ago after spending a year as an exchange student at a California college. Britta Adolfsson told reporters she was not coerced into becoming a Moonie. She said she joined freely because she embraced their "ideals and ideas" about God and life. Frightened by "a lot of negative publicity" surrounding the Unification Church and rumors that she would marry again in a mass ceremony, her parents, brother and sister, who live in Sweden, hired the deprogrammers, Adolfsson said. "I'm not a kid anymore. I know what I'm doing," she said. "But they (her parents) are simple people ... I feel very sorry for them. They had a lot of confusion and fear. They were worried about me. "I am shocked this happened. I did not feel they (parents) would do this to me. We had a good relationship," she said. She said it was difficult to believe her parents were involved with Dennis Whelan and his son-in-law, Jimmy Lee Hilzendenger, who allegedly plucked her off East 14th Avenue in Capitol Hill as she walked to a morning appointment. When she was pulled into the van Adolfsson said she was sure the five men would rape her. But they drove around for about two hours before arriving at an elegant home with a swimming pool, jacuzzi and horses. There her parents and about seven deprogrammers waited. "I was scared, very upset and angry. I was violated. There was no respect shown for me as a human being," she said. Tuesday morning, Adolfsson escaped through a bathroom window while her captors slept in a Kansas house. A few days later, Whelan and Hilzendenger, private investigators from Nebraska, were arrested, and her parents were detained by police. The Adolfssons, who returned to Sweden on Friday, will not be charged. Whelan and Hilzendenger are free on bond. Last page !


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