APne 06/04 1839 Moonie Kidnapping DENVER (AP) -- Two Omaha detectives are free on bond a

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APne 06/04 1839 Moonie Kidnapping DENVER (AP) -- Two Omaha detectives are free on bond after a judge reduced bail on kidnapping charges to $5,000 each. Dennis Whelan, 52 and James Hilzenderger 27, were released Wednesday from the Denver City Jail. The men, charged with second-degree kidnapping, conspiracy and false imprisonment, had been held on $250,000 bond. But Denver Judge Robert Crew Jr. reduced the bond after a two-hour hearing. Crew said the men may not participate in any deprogramming activities and must remain within a 200-mile radius of Omaha. Whelan, reportedly an expert on deprogramming cult followers, and Hilzenderger were arrested last week following the May 26 abuction of Britta Adolfsson, 29, of Sweden from a Denver street. The woman was forced into a van by two men in broad daylight, witnesses told police. Authorities have said Adolfsson's parents, Swedish physicist Tord Adolfsson and his wife, Edith, hired deprogrammers to abduct their daughter because they were concerned about her upcoming wedding this summer to a man in a mass wedding in South Korea. No charges have been filed against the Adolfssons in the case. Britta Adolfsson reportedly has belonged for eight years to the Unification Church, whose members are known as "Moonies" because of their Korean founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, police have said. For a week, Adolfsson had been the object of a search by Denver police with the help of the FBI. But Tuesday morning, she ran from a house in Lyons and flagged down Sgt. Buck Causey of the Kansas Highway Patrol. "She said she had been kidnapped," Causey said. Adolfsson told authorities several men had held her captive at the house, but they apparently fled before police could search the dwelling. The women appeared to have "no physical injuries," as a result of her time in captivity, said Denver District Attorney Norm Early, "but something like this has to affect you emotionally. The terror of being snatched off the street has to be extremely great." Two Denver detectives on Wednesday brought Adolfsson back to Denver where she was staying at a hotel, officials said. Last page !


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