SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Eight boxes of correspondence and memos from the Peoples Temple

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Eight boxes of correspondence and memos from the Peoples Temple commune at Jonestown, Guyana, where 913 people died in a mass suicide 10 years ago, have become available for scholarly review. Among the documents are dozens of scribbled notes from members suggesting methods of taking revenge on people who defected from the group, proposals that included selling them poisoned Christmas candy. The records, unsealed by a court-appointed receiver and deposited recently at the California Historical Society in San Francisco, reveal the bizarre mental states of members of the Peoples Temple. In a group of letters to the Rev. Jim Jones, leader of the religious cult and mastermind of the suicide on Nov. 18, 1978, some members vowed to kill themselves and their children on command. Jones' aides wrote memos to him on how sleep deprivation and Vitamin B complex deficiency are useful tools in brainwashing. After a "suicide drill" at the jungle settlement, one member wrote to Jones: "Sex, drugs, nor wine could take what took place this evening. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go through the process of dying. Just sitting there looking at the line of people, young and old alike, eager to get it over with. I thought of how nice it would be." Most members of the commune swallowed grape drink laced with potassium cyanide a short time after Rep. Leo Ryan, a San Francisco Examiner photographer, two NBC reporters and a temple defector were killed by supporters of Jones in a hail of gunfire at the commune's air strip. Poison was squirted down the throats of children. The new documents also reveal that Jones' wife, Marceline, challenged him during the summer of 1978. When talk of mass suicide became a temple obsession, she pleaded with him in a letter to spare the children. One woman said she would kill herself if Jones, whom she called "Father," wanted it. But she added that she still wanted to "write some short stories, even poetry


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