06/13/87 AP 06/13 0020 Italy-Cult ROME (AP) -- Police arrested two women from a religiou

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06/13/87 AP 06/13 0020 Italy-Cult ROME (AP) -- Police arrested two women from a religious cult that refuses to bury the dead after finding two decomposed corpses in their house near Rome, newspapers reported Friday. The mummified bodies of Assunta Piergirolami, who died 10 years ago at the age of 50, and of her husband, Nello Maggi, who died last February at the age of 61, were found lying wrapped in white sheets on a bed in what the newspapers called the "house of horrors." On Thursday, police arrested Maggi's 65-year-old sister, Lina Maggi, and her 66-year-old friend, Lola Fagioli, on charges of concealing corpses and abandoning the two dead people, who had been ill before their deaths, the reports said. The women, who are undergoing psychiatric examination, face possible sentences of up to 11 years in prison. "We did not bury the bodies because God did not want it," Lina Maggi was quoted as saying after her arrest at the house in the Rome suburb of Acilia. The bedroom where the bodies were found was filled with Christian and Jewish religious symbols, including a large crucifix, several stars of David, a curtain inscribed with religious writings and an empty cradle, the reports said. Police also found blue capes decorated with stars in the cellar of the house and said church members may have worn them during ritual celebrations, newspapers said. The religious group also refuses any form of medical treatment, the reports said. Police reportedly were investigating other people who allegedly belong to the church and are looking for other unburied corpses. SUBMITTED BY PBRYANT.


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