APn 05/30 1359 ELN--Candidate Sued SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) -- Werner Erhard and Associat

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APn 05/30 1359 ELN--Candidate Sued SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) -- Werner Erhard and Associates have filed a $5 million lawsuit against a congressional candidate who's opposing Erhard's brother in a Republican primary next month. Erhard is the founder of the est program. His brother, Nathan Rosenberg, is among those opposing Christopher Cox in the primary for the 40th Congressional District seat. The suit claims that criticism of est training by Cox was libelous and slanderous. The lawsuit focuses on statements about est contained in 110,000 brochures mailed to Orange County residents this month and alleged telephone calls by Cox's campaign workers asking voters whether they would support a candidate if he were linked to a "cult" organization. The lawsuit, filed Friday in Orange County Superior Court, is "baseless and groundless," said Bob Schuman, Cox's campaign manager. The brochure quoted a Los Angeles Magazine article as saying that the Chicago-based Cult Awareness Network has called est and other Erhard programs "destructive cults." Cox's mailer is similar to one used in 1986 by the district's incumbent, Rep. Robert Badham. Badham apologized and retracted his statements in 1986 after Werner Erhard and Associates threatened a lawsuit. Last page !


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