WP 10/16 AROUND THE NATION; 3 Charged in Fatal Beating Of AROUND THE NATION; 3 Charged

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WP 10/16 AROUND THE NATION; 3 Charged in Fatal Beating Of AROUND THE NATION; 3 Charged in Fatal Beating Of Group Leader's Daughter. PORTLAND, Ore. - Three people have been charged with murder in the death of the 8-year-old daughter of the founder of a controversial youth group. Authorities said the girl, Dayna Lorea Broussard, was beaten to death. Meanwhile, her grandfather, Eldridge J. Broussard Sr., who described himself as a bishop of the youth group, the Ecclesia Athletic Association, said it was in "God's plan" that she should die. The Los Angeles-based group, which represents itself as an athletic training center for underprivileged children but whose critics have called a church, was founded by Eldridge J.Broussard Jr., a former college basketball star at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore. He has denied the group is a cult. Constance Zipporah Jackson, 37, and Fredrick Paul Doolittle, 28, both of Los Angeles, and Willie K. Chambers, 35, of San Diego, were charged with murder after Chambers and three other Ecclesia staff members took the girl's body to a fire station Friday and an autopsy showed she had been beaten to death. Friday night, Clackamas County authorities took 53 children into protective custody from a farm used by Ecclesia. The elder Broussard, who said his son left Los Angeles for Oregon after learning of Dayna Broussard's death, said she was among Ecclesia children in Oregon for a vacation. But he also said they were being trained for work and sports. He said he did not know whether children at the farm were beaten for disciplinary reasons.


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