1 05-29-87 09:41 aed Moon follower abducted for deprogramming DENVER (UPI) _ The Swedi

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1 05-29-87 09:41 aed Moon follower abducted for deprogramming DENVER (UPI) _ The Swedish parents of a 29-year-old woman arranged for her abduction so she could be deprogrammed from the influence of the Unification Church, according to a detective who has interviewed the parents. Authorities are searching for Britta Adolfsson, who was abducted from a sidewalk Tuesday and forced into a van. Two private investigators from Omaha, Neb., _ Dennis Whalen, 51, and Jim Hilzendegor, 27, _ were held today under a $250,000 bond each for investigation of first-degree kidnapping. Police Capt. James Fitpatrick said Adolfsson's parents flew to the United States from Sweden last week to hire the investigators to find their daughter and take her to deprogrammers. The parents became alarmed after learning she planned to go to South Korean next month to marry a man she has not met, the detective said. "She was going to be shipped out of the country and they were afraid they'd never see her again," Fitzpatrick said. "They're very worried about her mental health." A Denver spokeswoman for the Unification Church could not confirm a mass marriage by church founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, was planned next month. Critics say Moon's church is a cult in which followers are brainwashed. Deprogrammers are people who try to free members from the hold of alleged cults. Fitzpatrick said the woman's parents, Tord and Edith Adolfsson, have been in contact with the deprogrammers but may not know exactly where their daughter is. Fitzpatrick said he decided not to arrest the parents because "they are my best lead back to the victim and they are assuring me she is all right." Hilzendegor was arrested Wednesday after he was spotted driving through the parking lot of police headquarters while the Adolfssons and Whalen were inside talking with detectives. Whalen also was taken into custody at that time. "We're praying the police will find Britta," said Peggy Yujiri, who described herself as a missionary for the Unification Church in Denver. "We would like her to do what she wants to do. We want her to be free and to make a free choice about her life." Yujiri said the missing woman also is a missionary in the church and had been working on a conference of Christian clergy. The spokeswoman said Britta Adolfsson lived in a church house in Washington, D.C., before moving to Denver about a year ago.


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