1 02-24-88 01:49 pcs sweden, neb. DENVER (UPI) _ Two Nebraska men were placed on two

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1 02-24-88 01:49 pcs sweden, neb. DENVER (UPI) _ Two Nebraska men were placed on two years probation Wednesday for the kidnapping and attempted deprogramming of a follower of the Rev. Sun Myung Mon last year. Lawrence G. Whelan, 24, and Jim L. Hilzendeger, 28, both of Omaha, could have been sent to prison for two years and fined $5,000 each. They had pleaded guilty earlier to a charge of third-degree assault in a plea bargain, and charges of second-degree kidnapping, conspiracy and false imprisonment were dropped. Four others charged in the abduction of Unification Church member Britta Adolfsson have pleaded not guilty to the charges. Dennis Whelan, Patrick Kinney, Juduth Kowal and Robert Brandyberry will go on trial March 28. Linda Miller, 34, pleaded guilty last fall to a conspiracy charge in the case and was given a deferred sentence. Adolfsson, 29, was abducted last May 26 as she walked down an east Denver street after her Swedish parents hired Dennis Whelan, 52, an Omaha private investigator, to find their daughter and take her to deprogrammers. The parents became alarmed after learning that the young woman planned to go to South Korea to marry a man she had not met. Adolfsson, 29, was delivered to deprogrammers in Lyons, Kan., but escaped June 2. Lawrence Whelan is the son of Dennis Whelan and Hilzendeger is Dennis Whelan's son-in-law.


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