3 02-20-88 02:53 pps Oregon political group tied to Moon's church PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) A P

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3 02-20-88 02:53 pps Oregon political group tied to Moon's church PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) A Portland-area group that has lobbied on behalf of aid to the Nicraguan Contra rebels and on other political issues has ties to national groups linked to the controversial Unification Church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Drew Davis, president of the Oregon chapter of the American Freedom Coalition, said he was not aware of any connection between the church and the coalition, or his employer, Christian Voice, which calls itself the nation's largest Christian lobby. The coalition was founded last year by the Rev. Robert G. Grant, the president of Christian Voice. The strongly anti-communist coalition has lobbied nationally in support of aid to Nicraguan and Afghan rebels. A spokesman for both national groups, Greg Mueller, denied that either was allied with the Unification Church. However, he said about half of the staff in the coalition's 50 state offices came from a group linked to the church, the American Constituition Committee. Davis, who served four terms in the Oregon House, calls himself a "dyed in the wool Christian" and said he knows nothing about Moon's religion and has no connection to his church. Knight-Ridder newspapers reported last year that the Unification Church had funneled millions of dollars to a variety of American leaders, including some New Right conservatives connected to the freedom coalition. The article said the coalition was aimed at influencing U.S. politics and perhaps developing a new hard-right U.S. political party. The Unifcation Church has been accused of being a cult that brainwashes young people. Its beliefs center on a doctrine of a Korean messiah, who supplants Jesus and unifies the world.


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