APaz 05/06 1751 Nudist Jailed Kingman (AP) -- Federal immigration authorities say they a

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APaz 05/06 1751 Nudist Jailed Kingman (AP) -- Federal immigration authorities say they are moving ahead with deportation proceedings against a Greek-Canadian nudism advocate currently serving a 43-day jail sentence. Esyedepeea Aesfyza, also known as Zevs Cosmos, was in his second week of incaceration Wednesday in the Mojave County Jail stemming from a contempt of court judgment imposed by Colorado City Magistrate I. McKay Heaton. Cosmos was arrested April 21 in Colorado City and charged with being a public nuisance. Authorities said he was leaving flyers, with nude photographs of himself, in area newspaper boxes. Max Hyatt, assistant district director for investigation in the Phoenix office of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, said that Cosmos had been served with an order to show cause why he should not be deported. Cosmos, who advocates public nudity through his so-called Nudist Christian Church, has the opportunity to post an appearance bond. If he cannot come up with that, he will have to remain in jail, Hyatt said. Hyatt said an order to show cause hearing will be held either in Florence, Ariz., where INS has a processing facility, or in Phoenix. No date was set. In a telephone interview, Cosmos said Tuesday that he had interrupted a hunger strike begun at the time of his arrest, but planned to continue the fast. "I had some granola, raisins and milk and orange," he said. "I do not plan to eat (again) until they let me go or until I pass out," he said, adding that jail officials have placed him in an isolation cell because of his refusal to eat. Cosmos said that if he is not deported, he plans to return to Colorado City, a polygamist community located on the Arizona-Utah border. "I want to hike in the National Nudist Wilderness (officially the Canann Mountain Wilderness Study Area) because it's warm up there," he said. Last page !


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