C O L O R A D O M O U N T A I N C O L L E G E PRESS RELEASE 10/3/89 ****************

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C O L O R A D O M O U N T A I N C O L L E G E PRESS RELEASE 10/3/89 **************** TESLA BULLETIN BOARD SERVICE **************** (719) 486-2775 Data (719) 486-0133 Voice **************************************************************** A new Electronic Bulletin Board Service has been installed for those interested in the research, life and times of Nikola Tesla. The TESLA Bulletin Board Service (TESLA BBS) has been installed on the Colorado Mountain College Timberline Campus BBS system. The TESLA BBS is open to the public and users who have access to personal computers or terminals with modems that support 300/1200/2400 baud transmission. The TESLA BBS can be reached at (719) 486-2775. The system operates with 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity. (8,1,n) The TESLA BBS was formed to encourage an open exchange between individuals and groups conducting research into the work and theories of Nikola Tesla. The BBS also hopes to be of service to those interested in coordinating activities and establishing joint programs for the advancement of the reputation and name of Nikola Tesla. The initial text files which have been loaded onto the TESLA BBS relate to recent research, proposed projects, and the theory of the Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power. All files are available as ASCII text files and may be downloaded and read with the "type" or "browse" command on any MS-DOS or PC-DOS computer or used with any word processing software on other types of computers that will read ASCII text files. Future capabilities will include the use of the system for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and circuit simulation of Tesla Coils and other high voltage devices. Researchers, Writers, and Journalists are encouraged to submit the results of technical and historical research to the TESLA BBS for posting as text files on the board. Files that authors wish to upload can be sent after making arrangements with the System Operators (SysOps). This can be done by posting an Electronic Message on the TESLA BBS using the E-MAIL option or by calling (719) 486-0133 for voice communication. TIMBERLINE CAMPUS


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