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================================================ ORIGIN OF UPLOAD: SAN DIEGO, CA. CONTRIBUTED BY: David Reynolds / UNARIUS (C) Copyright 1990 Unarius Academy of Science All Rights Reserved. ================================================ NIKOLA TESLA SPEAKS FROM HIGHER SPIRITUAL WORLD re: NEW-AGE ASTROPHYSICS CONCEPTS Clairvoyantly Received (By Mental Transmission) May 24, 1977 Through UNARIUS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Preface - The Superman - Tesla - ``Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night; God said, `Let Tesla be,' and all was light." In 1943, Nikola Tesla changed worlds (died) and returned to the Higher Spiritual Worlds! Tesla, an Advanced Intellect or Cosmic Visionary now serves mankind as the director-leader of the Spiritual Planet devoted to Science. The advanced spiritual souls who live on this planet have evolved beyond the need of a name for their planet, however for the purposes best suited for the Earth people, the name they have given us is Eros - capitol city, Parhelion. The Eroseans have, as their life work, the evolutionary development and guidance of many solar systems and planets, including the Earth. There is renewed excitement in the scientific community about NIKOLA TESLA, one of the most prolific and inspired geniuses of all time. His inventions are the basis of our electronic age and his work has tremendous impact on our daily lives. Yet NIKOLA TESLA is almost unknown to the American public even though he is still working with the Earth people, through psychic and mental guidance, to develop the high-frequency science which he introduced while on Earth! The vast and extensive works and inventions of the great inventive and Infinite Mind of NIKOLA TESLA has not, in the past as yet, been recognized by the earthman. Even though he has given mankind many wondrous devices and benefits, the majority of which were never even patented, yet this blocking by negative forces shall be unleashed and the world shall come to learn and know of this great Soul - truly the most infinite of INFINITE MINDS, who so graciously shares his wisdom with all who will open their minds unto him. He was a modern-day Prometheus who transmuted energy into electricity to spread light over the earth. In a single burst of invention, he created the world of power today; his alternating current generator brought into being our Electrical Power Age, the rock-bottom foundation on which the industrial mass production systems of the entire world depend! It will take many years to ferret out the rest of Tesla's inventive ideas, still hidden in his papers and more than 212 United States patents before the full impact of his genius is realized! The inventions and accomplishments of NIKOLA TESLA have filled several books written by others - yet all that he is now presently doing and achieving on the inner worlds for the benefit of the Earth, dwarfs by far, all that he accomplished when on Earth. Nikola Tesla is very much alive - although he departed his physical body in so-called death in 1943 - and his Consciousness and Wisdom are the guideposts that will indeed save man from destroying himself and the world. Let us heed the words and advice of this, one of the greatest Minds ever to have come to planet Earth. And although he left, yet in Infinite Consciousness such as he has attained, neither time nor space is a limiting factor; Consciousness is an ever-present attunement for which we should all be eternally grateful! A word to those who may question, "Why was not more of this genius and inventive ability of Nikola Tesla, his great inner awareness and visionary ability cosmic-wise, accepted and put to use by mankind?" Let it here be known that he did indeed make all possible manner and efforts to give freely to the earth people his great wisdom and knowledge of his many inventions which he, himself, brought from the inner, higher worlds, but that the negative and destructive forces ever present and working through mankind, served to inhibit, to stop, block and make impossible much that Tesla had or was capable to bring to earth, to be achieved. Yes, it is also true, that a strong effort was even made to block from mankind, his (Tesla's) very name, as the earth people were fearful of one with such an incredible and inconceivable mind - as has been their ways, custom and habit through the ages - "Destroy that which you do not understand!" This transmission forms the first chapter of the book KEYS TO THE UNIVERSE AND THE MIND and was, in effect, written as a rebuttal to the two-hour television program by the earth scientists titled THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE, FROM THE BIG BANG TO QUARKS, aired on May 24, 1977. This TV program was some what of a summation of present-day cosmology and astrophysics, which is totally lacking concepts of the interdimensional science of energy, such as forth-dimensional plasma fields and vortexal mechanics, etc. These concepts are fully articulated in other Unarius texts, such as "THE INFINITE CONCEPT OF COSMIC CREATION", and when properly conceived, will explain some of the false and limited theories now propagated by scientists. REBUTTAL TO THE TV PROGRAM "THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE" MAY 24, 1977 Transmitted by the Giant-Genius, the greatest Scientist-Inventor of all time - Nikola Tesla - head of the hyper-Celestial Dimensions (namely: Planet Eros, a non-physical world) to: Ruth Norman, through Thomas Miller. Nikola Tesla: "We are most anxious also, on behalf of the earthman, to begin his awakening time of the interdimensional cosmic centrifuge and the vital principles which make not only his life possible, but all of life wherever it exists in this great universal structure. It is our purpose and has been far many thousands of years, to awaken him to the scientific analysis of life about him, that he could equate this life on a more realistic basis than one of emotion and illusion. Every earth scientist is very prideful that he does not take the route of the more philosophical pursuits and obtains data selectively and empirically, and then reinterprets and recombines this data on completely objective bases. However, he has yet to take into account the fact that his data-gathering information source might be somewhat faulty or that there is some subjective purpose to interpret the data to bring about a non-scientific analysis; that is, his own mind. "It is in many ways, very dependent upon the same principles which he has laid down for the universal cosmic structures which he has reinterpreted as evolutionary in nature; yet he is, in his own karmic mind, a part of this very same evolutionary system which is, in its proper analysis, a closed-circuit condition between dimensions which he has yet to come upon in his karmic mind and the third dimension; yet he sees the third dimension as a starting place and an ending place, and there is no subsequence of events taking place interdimensionally as far as his own mind is concerned - for the base reason that he has not interpreted these interdimensional energies and concepts into that illusionary frame of reference called the human mind. "As usual, to come to a complete scientific understanding of life about him, we must begin with the atomic structures and the atom-molecule combinations as they present themselves on the surface of the third-dimensional world. It is very important to understand and realize that when the man of science gathers his information purely from fourth-dimensional substructures and superstructures, then he will no doubt come to the base conclusion that all of his scientific comparisons in this day and age have come to naught, except that he has proven his gross ignorance as far as the interpretation he has found to be in his own concepts, valid. Yet, in his future he will come to understand that the atomic structures as they present themselves on the surface of the third dimension, can be likened to the surface of a great soap bubble, and that these atomic structures in their so-called 100 elemental configurations are only the surface appearance to gigantic and well-formed, information-wise, vortexal convolutions and configurations that are streaming into these structures constantly and continually throughout the timeless time. "When the energies are being brought into the third dimension by the vortexal structures or the fourth-dimensional energy forces, harmonically speaking, this atom is associating itself on the base plane rate of bases with all other electromagnetic fields of force in the third dimension as they are presenting themselves to the outside or exterior environment about them. Yet, the scientist is like the one animal or dog chasing his own tail as he interprets life and the associated physical structures on these surface appearances, as they have been referred to as electromagnetic wave structures. "He has yet to be informed of this fallacious concept, that he is gathering the electronic stimuli from these atoms on a pure, reactionary basis and is not viewing this great, creative configuration of the atom in its full intent and full force, but only seeing the substructures or the subharmonics of the great mass of energy convolutions as they are swirling in the great interdimensional cosmos, and into the infinitesimally small wave structures. The relationships that are constantly going on between these atomic structures are very well harmonically attuned to each other, vortexally speaking. "Again, it is a fallacious idea of the earth scientists, that the physical atoms are some kind of a solid ball of fluff or some kind of pinball machine that is bouncing around inside a great, huge, cosmic centrifuge, and there are forces acting and interacting between themselves to create reactionary force vectors and their associated energy transformations, pertaining to the dissipation of thermodynamic emissions - and he again interprets these so-called collisions on a purely karmically - oriented basis and with a reactionary mind. He again thinks this is an objective interpretation, yet is very subjective in nature, as he is still in his own consciousness, paganistic in viewing the dimensional structures about him. "We, in the higher dimensions, do not consider the earthman to be scientific in nature in the least, and that he is totally erroneous in his concepts concerning these harmonic interplays of energy confluxes and convolutions that make the earth dimension possible, only from the force stemming into it by the centrifugal force of the higher electromagnetic lines of force. He is, in his search, vainly attempting to placate his ignorance by suggesting that there are ultimate structures as solid configurations in his own dimensional analysis; yet if he were to be purely scientific in nature, we could easily see that these atomic structures are presenting themselves purely on a wave form basis and that all of the subatomic particulate reactions are on the basis of the positive and negative, phase reversal conditions or in the larger scale, that which we have referred to as the closed-circuit condition between all energy wave forms from the fourth dimension to the third dimension. "The atom is presenting itself in the third dimension just as the sun to all of its planets, and in the same respect, the solar system is being presented to the central sun of this galaxy, on ad infinitum, into the macrocosm. If we were to delve into the microcosm, we would visualize and see the same energy transferences inductively taking place continually through the process of hysteresis, and that these oscillation movements are purely on a transformation basis from one dimension to another, and that this hierarchy of dimensional transferences is taking place purely on the basis of harmonic interplays, and that no energy structure could present itself in a solidarity form unless it had presented itself in the dimensional strata or spectra that it is compatible with. In its dimensional form, it is being presented as a reactionary configuration to all other energy forms making up the dimension around it. "Again, the same fallacy is approached by the scientist when he speaks of the space-time continuum factor, that there is some kind of void between these solid, particulate masses, as he refers to them; that these wave form masses are convoluting within themselves to make up the so-called electronic, protonic, and neutronic substances within the microcosmic or subatomic structures. He has endeavored to explain away the fact that all the oscillatory movements within this subatomic structure are, to all surface appearances, stationary, yet when he approaches the infinitesimally small dimension within the atom, he finds that there is an illusion of this solidarity, and that with the forces acting upon themselves, he does not and cannot find instrumentation to react with the atomic elements within the atoms themselves, and therefore, he refers to them as "mysterious" elements, such as quarks, and in the larger scale of evolution, black holes. Yet the principle is basically the same, that he is searching in the vast hinterland of the fourth dimension for the answers, yet in his own reactionary mind, does not conceive of this dimensional spectrum and therefore, cannot measure it with his so-called scientifically oriented instrumentation or impedimenta, and therefore, he is receiving faulty data and interpreting this faulty data with an equally faulty mechanism, which is the karmic mind. "Until he can truly be objective and understand the fourth-dimensional spectra, he will continually be emersed in the miasma of confusion and frustration in attempting to find the servo-inductive energy transformations that are taking place within all of creation; he will be totally devoid of understanding the true answers to life until he does realize that he is attempting to manipulate the Infinite Creator, and through his own distorted biases, he is trying to release the many guilt mechanisms that he has stored in his psychic structures throughout the many lifetimes when he did use the infinite cosmic centrifuge in a destructive manner, ignorant of the consequence that took place at these various junctions and cyclic movements which he refers to as time, in the past ages. "However, if he is not to realize that he has lived other existences and karmic experiences and episodes, then how is he able to see the true structures of the world about him when he has based the foundation of his beliefs on purely reactionary, paganistic pedestals or foundations? It is totally up to him to eventually arrive at chat evolutionary point when he reverses the polarities of his own biased mind and begins to view the cosmic centrifuge as a result of an enormous force which is pressuring itself into the third dimension as very intelligent information. This information is being brought at this time upon the surface of the Infinite Mind in a finite condition, and the earthman, in his so-called scientific methods, warps and distorts this surface mind of the Infinite Intelligence according to his own mass illusionary past. "The scientist is no different, even if he does think so, than the religionist or the fundamentalist who believes in some fanciful god, who would rain either destruction and fire, hell and damnation, or create a garden of Eden for man, as they are somehow play things within his own mind; yet too, the scientist deifies the very illusionary structures of the atom and he bows down to the substructures of this atomic element and worships at the golden calf of his instrumentation as he has begun to idolize them, just as the religionist idolized the Arc of the Covenant or the various other symbols of a deistic form, such as the cross, as reinterpreted by the Christian descendants as to be somehow holy, yet based purely upon destructive forms and configurations. "So it is with the scientist of this day and time, that he is using the old symbologies of the mass spectral energies as they are being forced into the third dimension by the intelligence of the Infinite Mind. "Again referring to the space-time configuration, we can say that space, as it is presenting itself to the third dimension, is again another illusionary factor to the mind of any person who would be relative to the third dimension. To explain space is to say that it is incorporated into the harmonic substructures of universal movements of the vortexes which are permeating the entire Infinite Intelligence and that this space, (as it presents itself between the third-dimensional bodies, such as suns, planets, asteroids or other atomic elements) is the separating factor, as the third-dimensional suns and planets are centers of the great cosmic centrifuge of energy, and that the great stress fields of force or lines of force are keeping the so-called third- dimensional bodies separated in their atomic positions, reactive to one another, and allow the planets to revolve around their central sun without losing velocity and entering into an orbit which would eventually culminate in their demise into the central emitting, positive polarity body such as the sun. "Space is the actual vortex of the cosmic centrifuge, and that there are great layers of energy bands in this great vortexal movement. The vortexes are concerned with relating to one another purely on a harmonic basis, and when these harmonic interplays interact with each other, new vortexes are formed within the so-called invisible worlds. When this takes place, the third-dimensional world views from the microcosmic side of the centrifuge a force or a line of interpretive pressure. The earth scientist calls them the electromagnetic lines of force which are stemming from every magnet from the fourth dimension, and he can see or measure these lines of force, yet he does not view them as in movement. This is the case, because he does not have the instrumentation to measure this great harmonic interplay of the fourth dimension, and presents it in an equilibrium or stable or quiescent condition from the fourth dimension into the third dimension, and that this equilibrium is so stabilized that space does not seem to have movement. Yet, this is only from the reactionary, third-dimensional mind's point of view, as he is not interpretive in his own consciousness to evaluate this high frequency oscillation from the fourth dimension into the third dimension and vice versa, that these lines of force are moving at such tremendous rates of `speed' - if you will, you can use this word, which is a misnomer in its own evalued relationship to the fourth dimension, as all things are cyclic in form - that the inductive transferences of energy are from this closed-circuit condition and from one dimension to another, and that the third-dimensional mind cannot evaluate these transferences only on the basis of their subatomic or subharmonic reinductiveness, in such elements as heat and light, that these are the subharmonics of the tremendous interchange of the energy from the closed-circuit condition of the positive, dimensional energy spectral bands, to the negative and into the third dimension, which presents the negative side of this relationship, and then reverses the polarities oscillating back into the fourth dimension. "The black hole concept as it has been put forth in recent years, can be likened to this same phase reversal condition from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and vice versa. However, in the so-called black hole concept, the vortex has reversed its entire energy content - not just one or two lines of force as they are interplaying with each other, but the amassment of huge vortexal movements are taking place within this area of the Infinite Intelligence and the third-dimensional element which existed in that space or in that relationship to all other bodies in the third dimension, had reversed its entire polarity pattern and had then evolved into fourth-dimensional spectral bands, relinquishing the third-dimensional atomic spectral energies, emitting the so-called subatomic, subharmonic frequencies, such as light. "It is a fallacious interpretation by the scientists that all light is sucked into this position in space, inasmuch as all of the light that is permeating the third dimension would indeed be dissipated within a matter of seconds if this were so, as all of the force of light gets its energy from the fourth-dimensional vortex, and if a purely objective analysis and concensus could be taken, then all fourth-dimensional vortexes are linked, harmonically speaking, with each other, and all the energy from one vortex would be syphoned off into the controlling or influencing vortex, such as the black hole, and all of the light in the universe would be sucked into this black hole force, as it is the controlling factor within the third dimension at that moment, as viewed by the scientist. Yet, this is not the case; in fact, the oscillation which is taking place is on a purely equilibrium basis, and that the black hole can be considered an evolutionary sun which has evolved into the fourth dimension and no longer is visible to the third-dimensional eye, yet it does leave behind the third-dimensional force field, and that the so-called space surrounding it is now being influenced by this emitter of fourth-dimensional spectral energies. Yet, it has not gone anywhere and is still taking up the so-called space, which the scientist calls a black hole, and that this fourth-dimensional sun is now emitting a reversed, positive-biased frequency to the dimension and is creating in the third dimension, a somewhat warped or distorted configuration in the third dimension. "Yet, there is nothing abnormal about this process, as all suns and planetary bodies go through this same evolutionary process - not the process that has been envisioned in the Hertzsprung-Russell plotting graph, which is the main sequence of evolutionary stars. Stars do not evolve on the basis which has been theorized by the third-dimensional scientist. He sees the wave structures as light entering the earth plane on a distorted path that is being fluctuated from the great and vast lines of force which are the glue of the universal structures and that these subharmonic wave forms as light and heat in their electromagnetic structural bands in their wave lengths and velocities are being alternately impeded and pushed forward, not according to the third-dimensional, fundamental laws as presented by the earthman, yet are gaining velocities well above that of the speed of 186,000 miles per second and impeded well below this figure. "Einstein's interpretation of the constant velocity of light is a misnomer as reevaluated by the scientists about him in subsequent years after his initial postulation. "As we've said, fourth-dimensional vortexal bands, as they are the actual space between the third-dimensional planetary and solar bodies, are keeping these bodies distended or away from each other purely on the frequency bands of the higher dimensional spectrum, not able to be measured in the third dimension. Yet light, as it is gaining its origin in some point in the infinite universe, then replays itself back between each crest of its wave length into its fourth-dimensional origin and gains its force, as it is undulating throughout the plasma of the third-fourth-dimensional closed-circuit condition, as we have stated before. Even though it is now unidirectional or it is arriving at an end source from an original point in so-called space, it is nevertheless continually influenced by this inductive plasma from the fourth-dimensional cosmic centrifuge, and it is continually being influenced by the vortexes which it is coming under the influence of at any particular point in the so-called void of space. In the future time, the physical scientist will develop instrumentation whereby he will be able to measure or plot these great lines of force and he will be able to send a beam of light along this line of force without the necessity to reactively impose a force upon the light wave form, and create the many stresses, which it now does go through, originating from some indiscriminate point in the third-dimensional universe. Yet, it does not flow at a constant velocity as the force behind it comes from its own central original point in the fourth-dimensional vortex, as the very same force is interplaying with all other vortexes in the fourth dimension, and therefore, the light wave form is dependent and interdependent on all other fourth-dimensional convoluting movements, if we can use this word `movement', as in the fourth dimension there is no such displacement of time and space, and therefore, the movement is oscillatory within itself. And just as all wave form structures are amassing themselves from radiating bodies such as suns or even from atoms as they decay from their radioactive substances, they get their information to do this on an evolutionary-scaled basis in the fourth-dimensional, vortex oscillations and that the releasement of energy in its sequential pulses are done so in the regulatory transference from one dimension to another, this energy spectral relationship as a closed circuit or as a movement which now is presenting itself in a time-space relationship to all other energy inductive transferences from their great energy formations we have called vortexes, which is truly the encompassing or all-encompassing element which is surrounding all these atomic wave form structures, and that the amassment of force and information compressed into the third dimension as atoms, suns, planets, or even individuals as human beings is releasing the end result and is not the beginning point of creation at all, but only reinterpreting or reevaluating the fourth-dimensional energy superstructures. "A black body is one evolutionary point in the scale of evolution, as far as all amassments of central vortexes are concerned, and that when they do arrive as planetary bodies or star bodies, at a certain junction they reverse their negative bias into a positive relationship to its own vortex, and that the vortex has itself evolved into higher energy bands and is now flowing its intelligence or pressure or information, or, if you will, force, into its central-most point or the sun. At that moment, the sun does disappear as far as its reaction in light-energy emissions to all other third-dimensional bodies, yet it does leave all of the gravitational or attractive-repulsive forces in its immediate spatial vicinity as it is now relating to all of the vortexes within its immediate harmonic vicinity in a totally positive relationship, and the subharmonics are now reversing themselves and do not display themselves on the surface as light or heat, but as a great gravitational pull or force in the opposite direction, as normally would take place in the third dimension, as interpreted by the physical scientist as gravity, as all bodies are attracted in their relationship to each other. Yet, there is at all times the equilibrium maintenance, or if you will, an equipoise is set up between the vortexes of all bodies surrounding them, and that these can be referred to as dimensional relationships, as spheres within spheres or that the great rope-like network is of an energy plasma. As it is relating to itself and within itself, stresses and forces are relating to all other vortexes in the great lines of force, or you might say that these vortexes have linked themselves up with a vast communication link called electromagnetic lines of force; that they are again relived or are presented on the surface of the third dimension as space. "Now that they have been separated from their original parent source, they express time in the relationship of the communication which is going on between these two or more vortexes; that integrated within the great stress fields of these lines of force is the information-gathering intelligence of the Infinite and that energy is flowing continually into these lines of force as amassments of harmonic bands that are again restructured or regenerated as light and heat, or even as the highly vaulted cosmic rays, which leads us to the most important concept of the fallacious idea that scientists have, and that is the `big bang' theory. "Referring again to the great lines of force, (which in their harmonic interplay are regenerating their own minute vortexes, being in their terminating points evaluated as cosmic rays, and they are immediately traversing so-called space at velocities approaching light), these particles or photonic emissions are being, to the physical eye, created out of nothing; yet this is again like the tail wagging the dog! The relationship is the same with the earth scientist as he now explores the idea that there must be some point of origin where the great and vast universal structures are living or interpreting themselves on the surface of his mind as great masses of star suns and their associated planetary bodies. The `big bang' theory can only come from an infantile mind that has not arrived at the point in the evolutionary scale to objectively analyze scientifically the information which is presenting itself in the third dimension as great wheeling galaxies, spinning on their axis, just as the sun spins on its axis, and that all these star bodies are so-called moving apart at a constant accelerated velocity as evaluated by his instrumentation on Earth - which is our point at this time - that the scientist is clinging tenaciously to his small, little planet and acting as some great deification, explaining away so-called cosmic phenomena as a nonscientific `big bang' which took place some eons ago in the dim past from some primordial ball of gas and primitive atomic energies. "These energies are, in his mind, not intelligent and taking up one little area of space, and that the rest of the infinite space about it has no rhyme or reason for being, or even in his own mind, non-being, for even `non-being' must have some reason to exist or to non-exist. If we wish to go into these bits of rhetoric, we could tear down his much-pedestaled idea that there was, in some distant past, a creation that took place from this amassment of energy. If we were to approach it on a purely scientific basis, creation would not exist at all, as all energy interpretations are taking place simultaneously into an infinite space and into an infinite time, as it would be endless and without approaching any cessation or as in his own mind, a beginning. "As we have stated in our first statements, man is subjectively analyzing all of the information or data he is gathering on a purely reactionary basis, with a karmic mind, which again denotes or connotes the paganistic attitudes that there must be some creation or there must be some beginning point, as there was with his own mind. "He is, just as the religionist, fashioning God in his own image and relegating God or the Infinite Intelligence to begin at some point and end at some point, as this was his own evolutionary relationship to the Infinite Intelligence. As in some point in this great Infinite, he, as a being, began this great and long, expansive harmonic attunement and reassessment and impingements called evolution, or the human evolution, so it is with the great universal structures, that creation did not begin at a point in time devoid of all other creation, but that creation is taking place in an infinite amount of space, in an infinite amount of time - without the necessity for some particular one being to decide this creation would take place or the duration or length of its creating. But that with the amassment of great energy formations and transferences as they are being inducted into the third dimension via their cosmic centrifuge, they are making it possible for all of the suns and all of the planets to maintain their dispensation in their spatial arena in the third dimension. As they are in, as we've said, a closed-circuit condition, it enables them to revolve around each other and keep their velocities at a normal pace according to each other. "Again, if the `big bang' postulant were so and valid with a big bang or explosion, all forces would radiate 360 degrees in their direction, and there would not be any kind of velocity difference from one to the other. Then how is it explained by the scientist that all galaxies have different velocities and that if space is a constant, then by this virtue, all galaxies would have a constant velocity and there would be no differentiation here? "Another point which we could bring up is that if this explosion did take place in the direction as was stated or theorized, then why do galaxies spin on their axis? Or why did they take on this great pinwheel-like condition? - as all gas in the primordial ball would have a velocity expanding at a constant acceleration away from itself and there would be no reason for any atomic elements to be attractive enough to get together to make the great pinwheel or revolving galactic structures. "Now it is postulated by some scientists that the explosion takes place on a periodic basis and that at a certain point in time and space, all of the galaxies that are receding from each other at a constant accelerating velocity stop in their tracks and reverse their direction, to go back into their little egg or shell to begin the `big bang' process over again. Now this is only formed by a childish and infantile mind and we cannot in any way condone this as being scientific in nature. As even the third-dimensional scientist relates, there must be a cause to all effects and that there is a regular pattern in all of creation, that there is no deviation from certain basic laws, such as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum, inertia, etc. With his own theories, he violates his own tenants of perspective and analysis, and he invalidates the true reason for creation and the true reason for his own creation, as there would be no prime purpose or destiny for any oscillating universe to expand and contract in this manner, and does not have intelligent rhyme nor reason for thus existing in this pattern. "Yet, when we expose this invalid concept, there is justification to have compassion as the earthman is only just now breaking out of his own primordial shell and his own just beginnings have made it possible through the wisdom of Infinite Intelligence for him to even ask questions as he peers into this great celestial universe of stars, galaxies and even megagalaxies. The pinwheeled galaxy structures are explained by the great amassment of cyclic wave forms as they are surrounding all of the atomic elements in their molecule combinations built into stars and galaxies, etc., and that the attractive forces of the elements within this galaxy, whether they are large stars or free particles, as presented in gas formations, are attaining their information solely from the energy convolutions and revolutions of the force of the vortex which surrounds it and permeates its very being. And within this vortex are all of the life-form intelligences, residing as humans, animals, plants, etc. "Another point which we can arrive at in our interpretive, objective analysis of the great universal happenings within the universe is the so-called explosion of novas and supernovas, as it immediately suggests the query of what happens to the vortex or the great harmonic interplay which holds all the star suns in their evolving pattern around each other? And why is this energy suddenly dissipated into the galactic region, permeating this galaxy with tremendous amounts of heat and light and energy of the X-ray spectral region? We can say to this that the energies which are released by the exploding sun make up a pattern that justifies itself on the basis of the term, `synchronous movements', which are happening as positive-negative biases within the vortex, have become anti-synchronous in their relationship and there is a nonsynchronous pattern developed within the vortex, and therefore, the third-dimensional sun loses its relationship to its vortex on a purely positive-negative basis. And therefore, the vortex is removed in its closed-circuit, oscillatory condition with its associated third-dimension element, and therefore, an amassment or a tremendous amount of energy is immediately released into the third-dimensional space and into the surrounding vicinity as gas, radio waves, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. "It is interpreted merely on the basis that the star body had suddenly lost its continuity with its fourth-dimensional energy, just as in the case of the atomic bomb releasing its energy in a split fraction of a second. [Vortexes of fourth-dimensional energy concentrate in their center a tremendously compressed nuclei of this energy which would be an atom, or a sun according to the size and complexity of the vortex which so created it. The atomic bomb releases this fourth-dimensional energy-vortex, prematurely and destructively, into the third dimension in one blinding flash or explosion.] It is the same with the novas and supernovas and again is part of the normal process of evolution, in repropagating space with the energies being dissipated into the subatomic structures, such as atoms, neutrons, protons, etc. Yet, in the normal process of evolution, this would not be the case as all evolutionary bodies arrive at the point of no return when they have reached an evolutionary position where they would go into the fourth-dimensional, energy spectral bands, as the black hole configuration. Yet the evolution of this particular star body is cut short as the energies have been reversed by the various interpretive states of consciousness of the minds which are surrounding this particular star body, and that the negative influences are creating out-of-phase relationships with its vortexal super-structure. And the vortex recedes from the third-dimensional negative bands and consequently or subsequently the star arrives at a terminus point in its evolution and so-called explodes or releases thermonuclear expansile energies into the third dimension. "In other words, it has not gone through the degree of evolutionary progression to the point where it could survive in the positively-biased dimension, and therefore, it takes the counterclockwise absorption cycle. All of the energy which it explodes or releases into the third dimension is reabsorbed by the other bodies in the physical universe, to be recycled in their own vortexal relationships, adding to the so-called creation, and which leads us to another fallacious point which the scientist refers to as `entropy'; in other words, the second law or so-called law of thermodynamics, and that is, that all heat is dissipated from energy bodies and that this heat is not reusable in the mainstream of productive creation or energies related to each other, or their atomic reactions and chemically reactive forces. "This is very erroneous in concept, as heat, in itself, is the recycling process wave form for the absorption cycle of the Infinite Intelligence from the dissipation of the fourth-dimensional energies into the third dimension. Heat, in itself, is absorbed by the atomic energies, such as atoms or molecules, and which gives it its so-called temperature. Without temperature or the reactive chemical configurations, there would be no life on any planet, nor would there be life on an intergalactic or galactic scale. Heat is a very necessary form of life in the Infinite Intelligence and is one of the spectral bands or subharmonics of this great cosmic centrifuge. "As heat is then absorbed, it is reevaluated in the absorption cycular maintenance of the Infinite Intelligence and it does reinterpret in this closed-circuit condition, all of the information imposed upon it by its originating source, and it does again have the pressure or the force imposed upon it by its originating parent source, and this reevaluation posed by its parent or originating source does gain the centripetal condition; that is, the force now moves upward from this heat wave form, and in many areas of Infinite Intelligence, this heat or energy wave structure does take on again the cyclic movement or oscillation and again, is reused by the vortex as new oscillation or forces into itself or the originating source. And so there is not the waste or the concept of entropy or loss of energy, as again the third-dimensional scientist is invalidating his own concept of the conservation of energy. "Inasmuch as if space is limited in its factorial condition, and time is also limited, then the dissipation of this entropic condition would not allow the energy to dissipate in its entirety in heat wave structures and that there would be a stopping of movement. As such, if there was a finite condition, then there would be some wall or barrier that would serve the heat waves to form a transverse wave condition and there would be a continuous movement of oscillation and harmonic regeneration of these waves along the infringement or barrier of the finite space, and regeneration would naturally take place again. "How erroneous can the earth scientist be if he cannot justify his own scientific laws and principles? It is only plain to see that with such concepts as the `big bang' theory or the red shift condition or the black hole postulant, the earth scientist is just now beginning to break out of his more rudimentary, barbaric beginning. And when he is enabled to leave the surface of his planet, he will see the justification of all the Unariun concepts and precepts formulated by the great Infinite Minds which have incarnated on the earth plane in this cycle to help man through the dilemma of his evolutionary climb." Ruth Norman: "Dear Brother, to say thank you doesn't begin to tell it. I am sure you know of my deep and sincere and great appreciation for this most marvelous dissertation. I am going to endeavor to see that each and every one of those scientists have a copy of this tremendous information." Nikola Tesla: "We are bringing this information into the third dimension as it is the cycle to do so, as you no doubt felt. It is the time to begin the awakening of these vast matrixes of energies, yet it is important for the scientist of today to begin a new realization, that his science is not as valid as he once supposed it to be. And just as Newton fell to Einstein, so the concepts interpreted by the Einsteinian theory and concepts will fall to the great, universal Unariun concepts. "Again, we must say that Einstein, as he lived the physical life and endeavored to relate to man the more infinite concepts, we must say at this time that it is most difficult indeed to relate fourth-dimensional energy concepts to the third-dimensional minds as they are reversed, as we've said, in their polarities, and there is a complete reversal of interpretation from the fourth dimension to the third dimension. And this was Einstein's problem. "And while we are on the subject, we can say that he was very right in his general theory of relativity, inasmuch as space does become warped by the very presence of its celestial bodies - warped in the sense that the fourth-dimensional vortexal structures are revolving around or encasing the visual atomic structures. Yet we must say that it is not space that is warped, but it is man's viewing of this condition in a warped way; that the physical bodies are taking on their third-dimensional points in space simply because the space around them is infinitely filled with their own vortex. It is as simple as that! "Any warping of space is proved by the bending of light around any celestial body, as proven in 1915, which validated Einstein's first theory, yet the scientist of today fails to incorporate this same concept, as far as light emissions from distant galaxies are being warped and distorted. He refers to it as the red shift, but he does not realized that the wave form which he analyzes is going through many `shifts' before it reaches his eyepiece or his telescope. "The shift can go from the gamma ray region into the radio region before it ever arrives in his telescope, as the force behind it or the parent source, again as we have stated, is being dependent upon the fourth-dimensional plasmic energies as they are inductively transferred from the fourth dimension into the third dimension, maintaining the support for the light to propagate in space. And so there are going to be impedances and forward thrusts given to this wave structure, as it is getting its force from the immediate vicinity of its propagation. "And so therefore, we highly respect Einstein's attempt to bring into the third dimension these concepts, yet we must warn the third-dimensional scientist to not warp and distort this very positive consciousness, which they have succeeded in doing with many of the avant-gardes which came to the earth plane to bring some higher knowledge, whether it be of a philosophical nature or purely on the religious interpretive values, such as Buddha or Jesus. And we can say also that into the scientific communities, there have been minds such as Einstein and Newton, Christian Huyghens and Maxwell, to bring these higher concepts, only to be warped and distorted by the distortions within the karmic and subjective minds of the earthman. "Let us be warned, and in being forewarned we can be forearmed in not allowing the dogmatic points of view to take over the complete spectrum of the scientific world as it is threatening to do. Let us, in our interpretive analysis, continually be aware that in trying to understand the great properties of Infinite Intelligence that we, as humans, are fallible in these subjectivities, and that even in the earth scientist's own mind, he realizes the interpretation of his instruments can very well be erroneous and allows for this factor. Yet, the human element is the greatest factor of all and he does not allow a great enough percentage in this interpretive relationship of the data about him. "So with the continued thrust into the evolutionary scale of life, we will be ever within your questing consciousness, to help intuitively guide you in the right direction into the Infinite Vistas of Immortal Life. Ruth Norman: "I am sincerely appreciative and very grateful. Would you care to give us a name to sign this wonderful dissertation - along with all of you dear Brothers?" Nikola Tesla: "We can give numerous names and we could go down the "Who's Who" of the past, as lending a hand to all advanced information as they are most anxious to bring into the consciousness of their fellowmen this higher awareness, as they are well aware that when on Earth, they misinterpreted many of the empirical data around them. But we can say that this is Nikola Tesla." Ruth Norman: "I'm sure I felt the great urge to have this wonderful information, and we shall endeavor indeed to get it to all of the scientists. FOR MORE INFORMATION: CONTACT THE UNARIUS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE 145 SO. MAGNOLIA AVE. EL CAJON, CA. 92020-4522 (619)447-4170


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