NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY BBS (412) 366-5208 FidoNet 1:129/104 This BBS is provided to you co

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NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY BBS (412) 366-5208 FidoNet 1:129/104 This BBS is provided to you courtesy of the National Space Society. While we attempt to deliver the most current and accurate news and information possible, we disclaim any responsibility for guaranteeing absolute accuracy. All information you supply is confidential and, if applicable, is retained on record and used by our headquarters in Washington, D.C. Any information provided to the users of this BBS is solely on an "AS-IS" basis. The user shall not hold the National Space Society, the SysOP Bev Freed, or any other user of this board culpable or liable for any damages -- direct or consequential, or loss of use or profit, or any other event or omission which may be attributed to the use or abuse of the materials provided. In addition, the user shall not hold the National Space Society, the SysOp Bev Freed, or any other user of this board responsible for any damage resulting from the use of a file downloaded from this board. Private messages can be read by the SysOp. Although all attempts will be made to ensure that messages remain private, it is possible that a private message may become public and available for reading by all. Keep this in mind when leaving a private message. Once again, the user shall not hold the National Space Society, the SysOp Bev Freed, or any other user of this board responsible for any damages (real or perceived) from messages residing on this board. Your continued use of this board constitutes acceptance of the above stipulations. Now that that's all over . . . Enjoy the NSS BBS and keep in mind that you are encouraged to investigate and join the National Space Society, a nonprofit organization committed to creating a space-faring civilization, encouraging private enterprise, and exploring the space frontier. SYSTEM Everex Turbo XT - System 1600 - Model B 80 meg Seagate hard drive Evercom 300/1200/2400 bps modem CPG-400 CGA Opus (tm) v. 1.03b BBS TEAM SysOp - Bev Freed, Pittsburgh PA Asst SysOp - Jordan Katz, Washington, D.C. Genius at large - Ken Paul, St. Louis, MO FOCUS AND INTENT The National Space Society's BBS is topic-specific for space science and technology. We focus on one topic and one topic alone. We serve as a means to dispense information quickly to those expressing their interests in the development of space. HOURS OF OPERATION We operate 24 hours a day at 300/1200/2400 bps. SOURCES We collect material from a variety of sources. We do NOT provide any material that is plagiarized or not in the public domain. Besides generating our own reports, we research various publications for the latest news and use various electronic services. LISTING The NSS BBS is listed with Bell Telephone of Pennsylvania as "National Space Society BBS." This is a business listing in the Yellow Pages. LOCAL MAIL Local mail is public and available to all. But bear in mind that any messages left in the Local Mail sections (Areas 1 and 2) remain resident in this system. They are not forwarded to other systems through Net Mail, nor are they echoed to those boards participating in the various echo mail conferences. NSS NET MAIL With the net mail (MATRIX - Mail Area 50) now in operation, we have opened it for use by all NSS members, and NSS members only to send and receive mail using the NSS BBS. The system is also set up to receive continuous mail (crash mail). If you need assistance, don't hesitate to leave a message to Bev Freed. ECHO MAIL You may read any messages in the available ECHO areas and enter any replies. USER STATUS Although our BBS is public, we grant different user privilege levels, the grades of which are determined by NSS membership, validation, and the user's sterling behavior. Inactive users are deleted after 60 days. THE FILES There are many file selections. The contents include releases and articles from NASA, NSS headquarters, NSS chapters, and contractors. We also provide historical and background information. In great demand is our own NSS Space Hotline News. You may request any file listed in the file areas. As for uploads, we do not require any. Also, uploads are restricted to NSS officers, their designates, or chapter members who specifically request upload capability. ON-LINE ACTIVITIES Interactive on-line activities are planned for the future. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The NSS BBS gratefully acknowledges the following: o Stu Turk, SysOp of Sounding Board (412) 363-9937, for his unfailing attention to detail o John Vukovic, SysOp of DEC-USER (412) 469-2468, for all his technical hints, system testing, and encouragement o Paul Kelly, SysOp of First Sanyo Opus (412) 856-1428, for all his great programs o Jason Galanter, SysOp of Transwarp (412) 521-6579, for his great file collection o NASA Spacelink (205) 895-0028, for its public domain material


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