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Skeptic Tank!

°°°±±±²²² Rusty n Edie's BBS ²²²±±±°°° ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ» Ί This program is brought to you with the blessings Ί Ί of Rusty n Edie's BBS and it's Users. Ί Ί Ί Ί We have the largest collection of Public Domain Software Ί Ί and the largest collection of Adult GIFS & Programs Ί Ί Ί Ί OVER 12 GIGS!!! 112 LINES!!! Ί Ί Ί Ί Call 1 216-726-2620 Ί Ί 300 / 1200 / 2400 Ί Ί or Ί Ί Call 1 216-726-3589 Ί Ί U.S. Robotics Dual Standard 14.4k V32 Compatible Ί Ί or Ί Ί Call 1 216-726-3619 Ί Ί Hayes V-Series V42 9600 / 19200 Ί Ί or Ί Ί Call 1 216-726-3620 Ί Ί CompuCom SpeedModem 9600 /19200 Ί Ί Ί Ί Accessible Via Connect-USA Node RNEBBS Ί Ί Accessible Via Starlink Node: 4909 Ί Ί Ί Ί WE ARE THE FRIENDLIEST BBS IN THE WORLD! Ί ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ


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