=== THE NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY === The National Space Society is a nonprofit, publicly sup

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=== THE NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY === The National Space Society is a nonprofit, publicly supported organization promoting space research, exploration, development, and habitat. Dedicated to building the future now, it is committed to creating a space-faring civilization, encouraging private enterprise, and exploring the space frontier. Its Board of Goverors is headed by Hugh Downs and seats individuals such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Jacques Cousteau, John Glenn, Kathy Keeton, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Shepard, Maria von Braun -- to name a few. Join the National Space Society and you join thousands of others to influence our future in space. You become part of a highly informed group of people in international, national, and private sector space activities. The National Space Society offers you opportunites to help actively advance the space program, network with other members, and express your support. AD ASTRA - This full-color monthly magazine covers all aspects of space and space exploration. AD ASTRA features articles on the U.S. space program, international space activities, commercial space, new technologies and spinoffs, planetary and interplanetary science, astronomy, and current events related to space and the aerospace fields. SPACE HOTLINE - Learn about the latest developments in Congress and at NASA headquarters. If you want the most current information, then the NSS Space Hotline is for you. NSS DIAL-A-SHUTTLE (R) -"Eavesdrop" on live communications between mission control and the orbiting shuttle astronauts, thanks to our exclusive audio-link with NASA. MIR WATCH - View an overhead flyby of the Soviet space station Mir by giving NSS Mir Watch a call. We let you know when the station and its permanent crew are coming to a night sky near you. LAUNCH TOURS - Thrill to a live viewing of a shuttle lift-off during our personally guided Shuttle Launch Tours. Through a special arrangement with NASA, National Space Society members have preferred viewing at Kennedy Space Center for shuttle launches. SPACECAUSE AND SPACEPAC - Get involved in the critical battles affecting our government's space policy! National Space Society is part of a family of space organizations that includes Spacecause, a United States lobbying group, and Spacepac, a political action committee. We inform you of the latest activities on Capital Hill with regular legislative alerts from Spacecuase. PHONE TREE - Be part of the action with the National Space Society Phone Tree, a network of 30,000 people targeting Congress during critical space votes. INTERNATIONAL TOURS - Tour the launch sites, such as the Ariane space facility in Kourou, French Guiana. CHAPTER ACTIVISM - Express your support at the chapter level from anywhere in the world. Chapters are a big part of the National Space Society. We'll tell you where one is in your area or send you our Chapter Starting Kit to help you put together your own. NETWORKING - Meet the primary leaders in the space field by attending the International Space Development Conference or a regional conference sponsored by the National Space Society. As a member, you are entitled to discounted fees. MEMBERSHIP - As a member of the National Space Society, you make an important statement in support of a vigorous, comprehensive space program. Your support makes it possible for us to: * generate public support for the space program * encourage space-related research and development by private industry * maximize government support for developing the space frontier and invigorating the economy * promote and support education efforts that will ensure an adequate talent pool for the 21st century and beyond For information, contact: The National Space Society Membership Departmemt P.O. Box 96651 Washington, D.C. 20077-7475 (202) 543-1900 FAX: (202) 546-4189 NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP When you join the National Space Society, you become part of a highly informed group of people tuned in to the latest developments in international, national, and private sector space activities. You take the first step toward visibly expressing your support for the space program. You help to create a new highway to space and a bridge between worlds. Signing up for membership in the National Space Society visibly declares your support for a space program. It will not happen unless you help it happen. Joining the National Space Society is your first step toward active concern that it does happen. You may use the form below, or you may join on-line. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (source: NSS BBS) ============================================================== Sign me up as a member at the following level: __ $18 Youth/Senior Citizen My age is _____ (under 22, over 64) __ $30 Regular __ $50 Contributing Member __$100 Pathfinder __$250 Explorer __$500 Pioneer __$1000 Settler ----------------------------------------------------------------- METHOD OF PAYMENT __check __Money Order __MstrCard __Visa __AmExp __CitiCorp _____________________________________ Card No. _____________ Name _____________________________________ Exp. Date_____________ Address _____________________________________ ______________________ City State Zip Signature _____________________________________ Phone The National Space Society is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution (except for $10 which is for a subscription to Ad Astra) is tax deductible to the legal limits allowed by law. Non-U.S. residents, please add U.S. $5.00 for postage and shipping. MAIL TO: National Space Society Membership Department P.O. Box 96651 Washington, D.C. 20077-7475


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