This is the National Space Society's Space Hotline, update - Space Day, July 20, 1989. At

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This is the National Space Society's Space Hotline, update - Space Day, July 20, 1989. At 10 am this morning President George Bush on the steps of the National Air and Space Museum commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission which landed the first men on the Moon. He went on to stress the need to look forward, and that in the 21st century peoples of all nations will leave the Earth for voyages of discovery and exploration. He stated that now is the time to commit ourselves to a sustained program of human exploration of the solar system and the permanent settlement of space. "Our goal is to establish the US as the preeminent space fairing nation, from the voyages of Columbus to the triumph of the Moon itself...." He implied that space exploration is a worth-while venture from an economic stand point by stating the Apollo program paid down to Earth dividends, and the human exploration of the Moon would have been a bargain at twice the price. "Apollo is the best return on investment since Leonardo DiVinci bought his first sketch pad." In his speech, he announced his long range vision as the completion of the Space Station Freedom in the 1990s, a permanent return to the Moon at the turn of the century, and then the human exploration of Mars. Each mission will succesively build upon the next. He added that the future of the space program lies within the hands of Congress and ultimately in the hands of the public. It is President Bush's intention that the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 should be celebrated not in Washington, DC, but on the fully operational Space Station Freedom. He went on to add that the space station will serve as a bridge to the solar system and our own fragile Earth. "International initatives are need to seek new solutions to global environmental problems, and Mission to Planet Earth is an important initiative in our national space program. The Space Station Freedom is the necessary next step for sustatined human exploration." The President charged his "right hand man" Vice President Dan Quayle and his National Space Council to work out the specific time frame, milestones and resources needed to return to the Moon permanently and go on to explore Mars. He closed his speech by saying the dream of reaching new stars and exploring new worlds will be realized not in his generation or even his childrens generation, but we must begin with this generation. "We can't make the next great leap for mankind tomorrow unless we take the single step today." The NSS mourns the death of a valued and visionary member of the Board of Directors, George A. Koopman, president and co-founder of the American Rocket Company. Mr. Koopman died Wednesday of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. He was forty-four years old. AMROC officials affirmed that preparations for the company's first space launch, scheduled for August 14, 1989, will continue as planned. James Bennett, AMROC's vp for External Affairs, said "This represents an enormous loss to AMROC. Koopman was a true space pioneer, not only by virtue of his key role in founding and sustaining AMROC, but also his long support of and participation in organizations such as the National Space Society. The realization of George Koopman's dream of creating affordable access to space will be his memorial." Koopman's family has requested that in lieu of flowers, contributions to one of several charitable organizations be made. NSS has been selected and will set up a trust fund in his name to continue the visionary goals he pioneered. Contributions will be excepted by the NSS to the George A. Koopman Memorial Fund. This has been the National Space Society's Space Hotline updated SpaceDay, July 20th, 1989.


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