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Is it some top-secret underground operation in an area known for its legends about Area 51 and alien bases? Is it an underground generator? Water? Wind? Or is, as some claim, "the voice of God" demanding attention? The Phoenix Foundation was recently asked to conduct an investigation by dozens of people whose lives are being torn apart by a throbbing, pulsating noise that results in severe headaches, nausea, illnesses and even broken marriages. There's no doubt "The Sound" is real. Dana Hougland, an acoustic engineer with the firm of David L. Adams Associates, Inc. of Denver, brought her equipment to Taos in response to a plea for help from Catanya Saltzman and her husband, Bob, who contacted the Phoenix Foundation. Hougland, who said her interest was sparked by Catanya's detailed records of the sound, identified it as being some sort of powerful pulse of 17 hertz, with overtones up to 70 hertz. The Environmental Protection Agency has ruled these frequencies "psychoactive", meaning they have pronounced and harmful biological effects. The story of "The Sound" reeks with drama. The Saltzmans have received telephone threats warning them to "back off" and "don't stick your nose into something that's none of your business." The Taos News has also received anonymous threats. Marriages have been ruined because some people hear it - or feel it - and others don't. The normal range for human hearing begins at about 20-30 hertz, but women and children are more sensitive to these frequencies - and to higher frequencies - than men, according to video display terminal and other studies. Hougland is very skeptical that the sound is related to underground Page 1 activities at nearby Los Alamos National Laboratory, about 56 miles away. "That would be a world record," she said, citing the distance a sound travels through any medium but open water before it dissipates. The sound is low and the waves so elongated, she said, that some people can feel it vibrating inside their chests. "Other constant sound exposure with pure-tone components" - like prolonged traffic noise or the sound one hears flying inside a jet - often result in complainst of discomfort and illness similar to those reported in several cities in New Mexico and now in other states, such as Michigan and Texas. The most apparent culprits, Hougland says, are a local sewage treatment plant, power lines spanning the Rio Grande Gorge, large underground machinery, large tunnels or mine shafts through which wind and/or water is moving in large volumes at high speeds. But that fails to explain similar sounds in far-off locations. "I'm not ruling anything out," she said. "It would take an awful lot of energy to transfer the sound waves out of the ground and through the air." Attempts to pinpoint a source, even with triangulation methods, have been fruitless. Also, Hougland is skeptical about natural sources because the sound wasn't noticed until suddenly in about June 1991. "I'm sure the sound is there," she said. "There is a legitimate problem here to be l;ooked at. But we're not dealing with something horribly bizarre her4e. It's probably a very common source." Others aren't so sure. "We've been inundated with people claiming there are aliens running around in underground bases," Catanya said. "But I do not believe in UFOs and aliens." Yet the possibility cannot be overlooked entirely. Catanya and most of her Taos neighbors are not familiar with the claims of people like Bill Hamilton who claim extraterrestrials are living in huge underground bases near Groom Lake, Nevada, not far from Taos. When I placed an overlay of a map pinpointing The Sound locations over a map of alleged underground alien bases, they matched almost precisely. The bizarre events at Groom Lake have been widely reported in People Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Taos News and elsewhere. Groom Lake is said to be a testing ground for alien craft piloted by human pilots working with extraterrestrials. It is known to be where the Stealth bomber and fighter were developed and tested and where a new, saucer-shaped craft is being flown. Another possibility - just as coinspiratorial - is that the government is developing some kind of powerful, extremely low frequency "mind control" weapon and testing it on an unwitting population. An Air Force lieutenant at Kirtland Air Force Base guardedly acknowledged that the Air Force was well aware of the complaints - and wanted to know why we wanted to know more. The sound is hauntingly familiar to the Woodpecker Signal, a psychoactive Soviet pulse beamed worldwide at 10 hertz that disrupted global communications, aircraft flights, and even - some say - the weather. It was the same signal beamed at the US Embassy in Moscow since 1963 that caused a dramatic increase in birth defects and cancer among embassy personnel. Two ambassadors in a row died of cancer and a third, Walter Stoessel, left with bleeding eyes. President Kennedy authorized Operation Pandora, a top-secret Page 2 investigation. The report is still top-secret. The Phoenix Foundation, through the Freedom of Information Act, has obtained once-classified documents from the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) that prove beyond a doubt that the United States has developed this technology as a weapon "to mold human behavior in a manner consonant with national plans." The judge in the Judas Priest "subliminal music" trial a few years back cited a litany of CIA use of "mind control" to influence national elections, but those written comments never made it into the mainstream press - or any news medium for that matter, until now. Catanya Saltzman, 44, who is leading efforts to identify the source of this puzzle, first heard it in May 1991 in her home eight miles south of Taos. "In the middle of the night, it woke me up and I started running all over the house for a place to get away from it, but I couldn't," she said. "At first, I thought somebody was digging a well or something." Her husband, Bob, a photographer, couldn't hear anything at first, then "snapped to it", he said. "Once you've heard it, it's all over for you." The sound has been noted over a wide area - from Tres Piedras on the west to U.S> Hill on the east, and from 10 miles south of to a few miles north of Taos. It is heard at all times of the day, but mostly during the night and early morning hours. Coincidentally perhaps, that is the time of day when the most intense activity is observed at Groom Lake. Power lines were the first suspect, but when electricity was cut off in the area due to a faulty transformer, the sound continued. "The military conspiracy is the only one which I haven't entirely ruled out," Bob Saltzman said. To those who are affected by it, it isn't funny. "People are suffering from this," said Catanya. "It's real. Your concentration is thrown off. My hands shake. It's hard to put words together . . . " "The hostility that's been directed at us is coming from people who can't hear it and don't want to know about it. It's like ostriches sticking their heads in the sand." The written threat to "back off" was published in the June 18, 1992 edition of the Taos News weekly newspaper: "Stop snooping where you don't belong as far as 'the sound' is concerned. Someone may end up getting hurt, so you'd better cease before it's too late. We mean business. Don't pry into matters that don't concern you. You may find something you don't want to know. Beware." Editor Jess Williams said the unsigned, typed letter with no return address bore an Albuquerque postmark (common on internal Taos mail) and could be either a joke or a serious warning to either the Saltzmans or to the Taos News. Hougland's firm has worked on sound insulation on 2,000 homes around Denver's Stapleton Airport and recent modifications of the city's Boettcher Concert Hall. She said the 17-hertz signal carries a "rising harmonic" reaching 70 hertz. She said she, too, could plainly hear the sound. She said a similar problem in Alabama was traced to a large ventilation fan in an underground mine. Pumps on sewage equipment can also emit vibrations in the sub-hearing range. Michael Valerio, water resource engineer for Taos, said no recent additions have been made to the plant that could possibly explain the noise. He also hears it at his home two miles from the plant. Page 3 State Environment Department environmentalist Juan Ortega visited the area twice. He also heard it, but is baffled for an explanation. U.S. Bureau of Land Management geologist Vickie Daniels said she and her two children can hear the pulse from their home on the west side of the Rio Grand Gorge. She has searched in vain for the cause, and does not believe it is a natural phenomenon. Neither the Bureau of Land Management nor the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has equipment suitable to test for the source of the sound. "My hearing's very poor," said Sally Howell, 79, who lives near the center of Taos, "but for maybe a year and a half I've been feeling these weird vibrations in different parts of my body - right where the ribs come together, inside my ears and headaches." Paul Loumena and Alexandra Lorraine, owners of the Laughing Horse Inn, stay in a motel two nights a week just to escape the terror. "My theory," Loumena says, "is the noise is above us and the town is in a swale. Either that, ort the background noise of the town keeps us from hearing it (when we stay at the motel)." He suspects high- tension power lines. Jon Samuelson, assistant to the vice president of external relations at Plains Electric Transmission and Generation Cooperative in Albuequerque, discounts that. The last change in area electricity transmission was when a new 345-kilovolt line was built across the Rio Grand Gorge in 1981. K.C. Grams, of Taos' south side, said her husband doesn't hear anything, but she does. She replaced her home heat pump - but the sound continued, even from 15 miles away. She first suspected a neurological problem. When during a function at her child's school, another mother asked if she heard the hum, she said, "My jaw dropped. I almost cried. It was very heartening . . . It's very hard to describe, especially a sound that many people don't hear. All I can say is that it affects me like scraping fingernails against the blackboard. It's very irritating." "The Sound" has been reported in Albuquerque and in several other northwest New Mexico cities. Schatzie Hubbell and her husband, of Santa Fe, are among several who are trying to sell their home and flee the state. The Hubbles are going to Arizona. "The most common theory we've heard is, 'Jesus is making this sound to wake you up,'" said Bob Saltzman. A Los Alamos resident, Helen F. Stanbro, suggests a medical cause. "The description of the symptoms accompanying the sound ("jaw joint pain, nausea, vertigo") immediately suggest an inner ear problem (infection? Meniere's disease? Temporomandibular joint inflammation - TMJ?)" "In the case of the man who described the sound as 'pulsating - louder and softer - like a slow heartbeat', it alarms me to think that it is very likely to be exactly that: such audible carotid bruits are not uncommon and may signal serious condition s such as arteriovenous fistula, carotid artery disease or even impending stroke." Tom Ladig of Taos suggests wind: "Out by the Stakeout Restaurant (site of the Saltzman occurence) there are power poles running roughly east-west along the main access road. These poles are set quite far apart and have dual lines well above the trees. Also, there exists a perpendicular set of poles running roughly north-south in the vicinity." "What may happen Page 4 is that the wind causes the wire to vibrate between the poles. Air in turn is set in motion with waves radiating outwards at (for this system) subsonic frequencies. "A secondary phenomena must alkso be happening. Waves from different pole-line sets merge over distance and either reduce or add to their amplitudes. This would account for the energy to rise and fall in intensity over time but still be subsonic." This past May, Albuquerque TV station KOB-Channel 4 broadcast a news brief about an underground geo-thermal shaft at Los Alamos which was built to probe into the earth's hot inner core. Some suspect that. "I live up at the Tierra Blanca," said Peggy S. SParks, "and have for 50 years. The noise out here is real, fairly recent in origin and irritating as hell." "I only hear the noise at night, when the world is quiet. However, I had gotten to be quite an insomniac until I started using a fan or humidifier to block the saound out. "I have spent hours outside at night trying to pinpoint the source of the sound. By the process of elimination, the only projects in the last year or so that could create sound of this magnitude is the generator/pump at the golf course or the apparatus on top of Picuris Peak." What is that "apparatus"? No one knows, beyond it being some sort of radio transmission tower, perhaps for cellular phone transmissions. J.C. McLoughlin of Talpa puts forth one of the most bizarre theories: "I interviewed 'Moonhawk', a spiritual feminist. She says that deep within the Picuris Mountains, a spaceship full of immortals from Uranus has lain buried for some 10,000 years. This is true; Moonhawk told me so. I'm not making this up. "The atmosphere of Uranus is composed of frigid clouds of ammonia, methane and other gases toxic to earthly life. Moonhawk says the aliens are digging their way up from their hundred centuries' hiding; the basso profundo we hear are from their vast excavating machines, and their emergence is at hand. "Not to worry, though, for these are feminist aliens, Moonhawk says, come to obliterate the patriarchy. "The Space Feminists are going to pour forth from their hole like a horde of ammonia-quaffing killer hens from hell, to rid the world of wars, oppression, meat-eating, social injustice, Republicans, tourism-based economic inequality, suction-cup Garfields, airport extensions, golf courses and all the other plagues visited upon long-suffering humanity by the ancient ruling cabal of European males. "Welcome to the UFO - Universal Feminist Order." Oh, well! Rose Woodell of Llano Quemado: "I, too, am hearing and feeling a low-frequency vibration dating back several months. "When I leave the Taos Valley my physical discomfort (such as headaches, nausea, disorientation, etc.) disappear. I had previously thought it might be some sort of fallout from the Los Alamos area or a chemical spray. "Could it be aliens? Nah, we'd be sending them foreign aid." Secret Military Studies September 18, 1990 - A tight lid of secrecy has been clamped on U.S. military studies of biological effects of electromagnetic field Page 5 (EMF) radiation. The Phoenix Foundation, through years of research, has accumulated a large database of information dealing with the biological effects of EMF and is the only civilian non-profit research group in America specifically chartered to explore the effects of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic energy. Over the past two months, the Foundation has released dozens of documents from its files pertaining to the effects of EMF on residents living near high-voltage power transmission lines. "The time has come," says Foundation Executive DirectorJim Moore, "to push this issue into the public consciousness. For too many years the research has been classified 'for reasons of national security' and has been used for advanced weapons research.' The Foundation claims to have evidence that Americans may have been used as guinea pigs in nationwide "mind control" experiments involving electromagnetic fields. Adds Paul Brodeur, staff reporter for The New Yorker and author of several books, including "The Zapping of America": "Surely, if the questions that should have been asked about the various applications of electromagnetic radiation continue to go unasked about future applications, this nation will one day be faced with a public health disaster of monumental and perhaps irreversible proportions." The Phoenix Foundation claims that the reason that EMF health effects continue to be denied is because the military and electronics industry are in close cooperation over what to make public about EMF biological studies. As an example, the Foundation cites a report entitled "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radio- waves and Microwaves) -Eurasian Communist Countries," prepared for the Defense Intelligence Agency by the Army Medical and Information Agency (you can order a copy of Report No. DST-181 0S- 074-76). This report was issued in March 1976 as a classified document. Most of its contents, 26 pages, were declassified in November of that year after Barton Reppert, of the Associated Press, wrote letters to the Pentagon requesting that it be made public under the Freedom of Information Act. The Pentagon agreed, apparently to help win increased Congressional funding for electronics warfare systems. After acknowledging in a summary section that microwave exposure standards in Communist countries ^'remain much more stringent than in the West," the report warned, "If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavora ble effects on industrial output and military functions." The DIA report presents the rationale that "the Eurasian Communist countries could, on the other hand, give lip service to strict standards, but allow their military to operate without restriction and thereby gain the advantage in electronic warfare techniques and the development of anti-personnel applications." Much of the declassified portion of the document is filled with obviously deliberate, but unintentionalIy comic, contradiction, misinterpretation and omission, the Phoenix Foundation claims. For example, the first page of the summary says that "Eurasian Communist countries are actively involved in evaluation of the biological significance of radiowaves and microwaves," while the next page declares: "no significant research and development has been identified that could be related to work in this field in the People's Republic of China, North Korea and North Vietnam.^' The Soviet Union, in contrast, was not even mentioned in this paragraph. Page 6 The entire middle section of the report, entitled "Biological Significance of Radiowaves and Microwaves," turns out to be little more than a general review of well-known studies conducted by Communist scientists from 1968 to 1975. Yet in its final paragraph of a section entitled "Trends, Conclusions, and Forecast", the authors reveal their most signifcant omission. Virtually alI of the work whose usurpation by the Communists they are suggesting, and whose potentially disastrous consequences they are describing, was originally conducted by Allen Frey, published in the medical literature of the United States, and financed by the Office of Naval Research. That paragraph states: ^No Eurasian communist research activity has been identified which can be clearly or directly related to any military offensive weapons program. However, soviet scientists are fully aware of the biological effects of low-level microwave radiation which might have offensive weapons application. Their internal sound perception research has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel; it could be used equally well as an interrogation tool. The Soviets have also studied the psychophysiological and metabolic changes and the alterations of brain function resulting from exposure to mixed frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. One physiological effect which has been demonstrated is heart seizure. This has been acomplished experimentally in frogs by synchronizing a pulsed ultra-high-frequency microwave signal of low-average power density with the depolarization of the myocardium and beaming the signal at the thoracic area. A frequency probably could be found which would provide sufficient penetration of the chest wall of humans to accomplish the same effect. Another possibility is the alteration of the blood-brain barrier. This could allow neurotoxins in the blood to cross. As a result, an individual could develop severe neuropathological symptoms and either die or become seriously impaired neurologically. The next paragraph is even more chilling: ^The potential for the development of a numberofanti-personnel applications is suggested by the research published in the USSR, East Europe and the West. Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intercranially can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities." (In the spring of 1973, Dr. Charles C. Sharp and some colleagues at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research conducted an experiment in which the human brain received a message carried to it by a pulsed microwave transmission. Sitting in an anechoic chamber - a room with absorbent walls designed to prevent microwave reflection - Dr. Sharp was able to recognize spoken words that were modulated by an audiogram - a graphic representation of the sound waves that humans can hear - and that were then sent into the chamber at a microwave frequency of about two gigahertz.) Later in the DIA report, the authors predict that the Soviets will continue to use internal sound perception, perceptual distortion and other psychophysiological effects, and that "the results of these investigations could have military applications if the Soviets develop methods for disrupting or disturbing human behavior." A smalI portion of this DIA report remains classified. It clearly indicates that the US has been in volved in the development of such weapons for some years: ^A study published in 1972 by the U.S. Army Page 7 Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center, titled "Analysis of Microwaves for Barrier Warfare^, examines the plausibility of using radio frequency energy in barrier-counterbarrier warfare. It discusses both anti-personnel and anti-materiel effects for lethal and non-lethal applications for meeting the barrier requirements of delay, immobilization and increased target exposure. The report concludes that: a. It is possible to field a truck-portable microwave barrier system that will completely immobilize personnel in the open with present-day technology and equipment. b. There is a strong potential for a microwave system that would be capable of delaying or immobilizing personnel in vehicles. c. With present technology no method could be identified for a microwave system to destroy the type of armored materiel common to tanks." (NOTE: A television producer has told me that a friend of his who was in a band, went to the Gulf to entertain the troops. Inflight, their sound equipment was lost, but the military pulled up with a truckload "of the most sophisticated sound equipment I have ever seen in my life." When band members started to photograph the truck, they were stopped by military guards who told them it was a highly- classified piece of equipment and could not be photographed. Other sources have told us they were puzzled when the Army placed powerful speaker systems throughout the desert - "but no sound came out of them." An estimated 20,000 Gulf War veterans are now suffering from the same symptoms one would find in the victims of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation - aching teeth, jaws, joints, chronic fatigue syndrome, destroyed immune system, etc. Still other sources tell us that this top-secret ELF "barrier weapon" was used against Manuel Noriega in Panama; the "loud rock music" blared at Noriega's hideaway was just a cover to mask the real purpose of this powerful new weapon.) A bit later in the same report, the authors reveal that the U.S. Army Medical Research Laboratory at Fort Knox, Kentucky conducted tests on microwave burns, using human guinea pigs: ^They have produced third-degree burns on human skin with twenty watts per square centimenter in two seconds, with frequencies of approximately two Gigahertz.^ More than ten years ago, a CIA analyst suggested the same thing when asked to review Project Pandora, the still-secret investigation into the Soviet microwaves beamed at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Dr, Milton M. Zaret wrote: ^The primary emphasis of Soviet-bloc research on the biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is concerned with induced neuro-physiological or behavioral aberrations. These may be either inhibitory or excitatory; the primary locus of action may be in either the peripheral or central nervous system, and the effects may be reversible or irreversible. Super-imposed upon these three sets of variable are the concepts of thermal vs. non-thermal effects, the role of continuous versus pulsed waveform, and the degree of wavelength specificity. Although the various reports appear, at first glance, to represent a Page 8 confused and conflicting mass of data, a logical, orderly and meaningful pattern can be evolved in evaluating their data. The basic factors which must constantly be borne in mind are (1) that microwave radiation is electromagnetic in nature, (2) that the nervous system functions as an electronic network normally shielded or protected from spurious fields and (3) that when extraordinary electromagnetic fields are created around neural elements this can produce functional or organic neurological anomalies. Zaret pointed out that Soviet research showed pulsed fields (such as those which appear around power lines) were more effective than continuous radiation in affecting nervous system pathways. "For non-thermal irradiations, they believe that the electromagnetic field induced by the microwave environment affects the cell membrane, and this results in an increase of excitability or an increase in the level of excitation of nerve cells. With repeated or continued exposure, the increased excitability leads to a state of exhaustion of the cells of the cerebral cortex. This results in the Sechenov inhibition effect which is manifested by the elimination of positive conditioned reflexes or behavior.^ This is the same result found in studies of the effects of power line fields on human cell samples. One hesitates to quote such a source as the National Enquirer, but the response this article elicited from the Department of Defense warrants it. On June 22, 1976, the tabloid reported that since 1973 the Advanced Research Projects Agency had been sponsoring a program to develop a machine that could read minds from a distance by deciphering the brain^s magnetic waves. A scientist involved in the program had declared that the ultimate goal of his work was to exercise control over the brain. According to the article, scientists were studying various aspects of the problem at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center at Moffett AFB in California. The amazing thing is that on November 19, 1976, in a letter published in Paul Brodeur's "The Zapping of America^ and written by Robert L. Gilliat, Assistant General Counsel for Manpower, Health, and Public Affairs for the Department of Defense, the government confirmed such a machine actually exists: "As indicated in my letter of November 12, information which I have received from the Advanced Research Projects Agency is to the effect that the so-called 'brain wave' machine, which was the subject of the National Enquirer article . . . is not capable of reading brain waves of anyone other than a willing participant in the laboratory efforts to develop thatvparticularvdevice. Its technical limitations, I am told, do not permit any long range use. I have no reason to doubt that information." What assurances do Americans have that this will ONLY work on willing participants? The implications are staggering. It is technologically possible that the entire power grid of the nation could be used not only as a means of mind control "in a manner consonant with national plans" (as put in a top-secret document submitted to the Warren Commission in 1964 by former CIA Director Page 9 Richard Helms), but could also be used as a national tool of surveillance. Is it unreasonable to believe that efforts continued - and possi- bly even succeeded - to utilize this weapon over long ranges and on unwilling participants? An intriguing report that links these effects to those power densities "that exist in a typical urban environment" was recently compiled by William Bise, director of the Pacific Northwest Center for the Study of Non- Ionizing Radiation, in Portland, Oregon. Entitled "Radio-frequency Induced Interference Responses in the Human Nervous System," the report describes preliminary experiments conducted on ten human volunteers - five men and five women -between July 1975 and June 1976. According to Bise, these experiments, conducted without controls, showed that "biological interference responses in the human nervous system can be elicited not only by pulse-modulated but by continuous wave radio-frequency at power densities substantially below those levels that exist in a typical urban environment." Four of the male volunteers, subjected to irradiation by electric fields of only 65-90 microvolts per meter, experienced short-term memory impairment, followed by concentration inhibition and by irritability, and three of the women volunteers expressed apprehension and mild irritation during the course of the tests. In the final section of his report, Bise suggested that since approximately five percent of the urban population of the U.S. was believed to be living in an environmental power density averaged over several radio bands of about two volts per meter, his findings indicated that "a meaningful risk factor for the general population appears to exist." He then concluded that "since radio-frequency in the environment continues to increase at a phenomenal rate, there is a need for further clarifying research of radio-frequency effects on biological systems." The importance of this research, claims the Phoenix Foundation, is in the similarity of its effects to those found from power line radiation. Dr. Zaret was likewise concerned about the Soviet "woodpecker signal" that interrupted communications worldwide (New York Times, October 30, 1976), not because of its interference with radio and telecommunications, but because of its potential threat to human health: "The broadband signal is being pulsed at an on -off rate of ten times per second. When I analyzed the soviet literature for Project Pandora back in the 1960s, it was very clear that such an encoding impressed onto carrier wavelengths could have a central- nervous-system effect. In the case of the present signal, I would not be surprised to find that the on-off code at a repitition rate of ten per second could have an effect on the brain's inherent alpha rhythm. So whetever purpose the Russians may have for continuing this transmission, the potential effect in human beings from altering their alpha rhythm cannot be discounted." Powerline radiation pulses at 60 times per second, a sixth-level harmonic of the brain waves - same as six octaves higher. The biological and cellular effects are the same, according to study after study after study. As this article went to press, in the September 1992 issue of The Omega Report ($15/year-The Phoenix FOundation, P.O. Box 92008, Nashville, TN 37209), we continued to receive reports from around the nation about the same or similar ELF "sounds". The latest reports come from Burbank and San Anselmo, CA, near Hamilton Air Force Base. Page 10 If any of you have information or knowledge about similar effects or activity in that area (or any other) that may be related to ELF military experiments, please tell us. We are trying to map the locations of these incidents by computer. Before it becomes illegal to do so (I face a potential $1 million fine and imprisonment under a propsoed FDA law), I would like to give you a number of health approaches (natural, non-drug) that MAY help combat the effects of this warfare in which we are the guinea pigs. Exposure to ELF radiation will, among other things, weaken the immune system and can cause skin problems, as well as the other problems mentioned by Taos residents in this article. For skin problems, I recommend - on the advice of a doctor who does not prescribe drugs - citricide (a concentrated cirtric acid), lay off coffee and use cooler water in your bath (for skin problems). You might also want to consider alpha- or delta-wave brain relaxation tapes (not subliminal tapes) that will counteract the theta-wave effect of ELF radiation. Our research indicates there may be a link between ELF radiation and AIDS - as it destroys the immune system. We have testified in federal court as an expert witness on this issue and will be doing so again in a court case in Springer, Mississippi in October 1992. By all means, consult your physician before taking any remedies. Even vitamins, if over-used, can cause damage. We hope to have a special report in the next issue on what you can do to combat ELF radiation effects. Please note: ELF radiation is non-ionizing - unlike nuclear radiation - so its effects are different. If you are one of the growing number of Americans whose health is being seriously jeopardized by "The Sound", please let us know. The Phoenix Foundation P.O. Box 92008 Nashville, TN 37209 FAX: 615-269-9881 GLOBAL VILLAGE BBS: 615-297-0533 -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have comments or other information relating to such topics as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page. Thank you for your consideration, interest and support. Jerry W. Decker.........Ron Barker...........Chuck Henderson Vangard Sciences/KeelyNet -------------------------------------------------------------------- If we can be of service, you may contact Jerry at (214) 324-8741 or Ron at (214) 242-9346 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11


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