A Credo For The National Space Society Humankind is destined to evolve from an Earth-Boun

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A Credo For The National Space Society Humankind is destined to evolve from an Earth-Bound to a Multi- planet species; The 21st Century will usher in a new age of Discovery in which the human intellect will extend terrestrial life throughout the Inner Solar System; Advancing technologies will facilitate economic travel beyond Earth orbit and "Living off the Land" utilizing indigenous resources on the Space Frontier; The next steps in space involve establishing a "Bridge between Worlds" and Lunar and Martian Bases that will evolve into increasingly self-sufficient, high-tech communities on the cutting edge of humanity; Technological challenges critical to 21st Century space settlement include: economic transport between Earth and Low Earth Orbit, orbital space ports circling the Earth, the Moon, and Mars, reliable deep-space cargo and human transport (with cycling spaceships to Mars), robotic processing of extraterrestrial resources, and automated closed-ecology biospheres; The Space Frontier's unlimited potential eliminated Malthusian limits to human aspirations; All of the diverse peoples of our home planet should participate in the upward and outward evolution of terrestrial life, but America should lead the exploration and settlement of the Solar System based on its magnificent heritage from the previous Age of Discovery, its frontier tradition, its rich gene pool, it technical preeminence, and its exponentially growing four trillion dollar economy. Vigorous new societies based in individual initiative and social diversity will evolve above the Earth's nationalistic boundaries and provincial disputes; Decentralized privet investment, development, and system operation will contribute to the economic development of the Inner Solar System; Young people must be inspired and prepared for exciting careers in Space Sciences, Engineering and Extraterrestrial Operations; Through these steps, plus unforeseeable breakthroughs from future research, we will gain a new insight into the role of intelligence in the cosmos, and our descendants will reach the stars. Written By Tom Paine, Santa Monica, California, 1/16/1989.


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